“We’ve got a tip-off, there’s an underground transaction about to take place in Area X.
The arrest operation will start at eleven o’clock in the evening, codenamed ‘Shark Hunt’.”


In the bustling city at night, a silent arrest was made, and it ended without anyone knowing.

A group laughed at the fact that some people had slipped and fallen into the lake, and it was hard to tell if they would be able to retrieve them later.
Those who fell into the lake were furious and yelled how they’ll be the ones to fall into the lake next time.

The people on the shore laughed and were amused.

But then they couldn’t laugh any more, it was like the police had dog noses, they could find them wherever they were hiding.

But that didn’t say much about the cops’ abilities, it only told them one thing: there was an undercover police officer on their team! That undercover agent was revealing their whereabouts to the police.

Bai Xiaoshu was scared out of his wits when he heard the internal comments about who looked like an undercover agent.
The burly man who brought him in looked at him and started laughing at his cowardice, saying that he was so scared that he looked like a woman, as if he was going to cry the next minute.

–God knows how much Bai Xiaoshu wanted to cry!

He had been knocked unconscious and dumped on the boat, he hadn’t been able to take his notebook and pen with him, and there was nothing he could do to change his situation or get himself out of it.
He couldn’t stand it any longer, not because of these truly brutal and cold-blooded criminals, but the resentment in the eyes of the children he had sold.

For the first time, he regretted everything and wanted to go back.
He did not want to stay in this book world any longer.


You Ning was lying on the sofa in the living room, cuddling his cat and watching Bai Xiaoshu’s situation with Jiang Chi.

You Ning had asked his cat to find out more about Bai Xiaoshu and found out that this person was originally quite interesting.
He was also a writer of online novels, but his books never became popular.
Later, he learned to plagiarize, and he copied none other than “Silver Wolf”.
After copying, his works finally became popular.
But what was not his, no matter how much he changed it, would never be his own.
He was soon scolded by his readers and could not continue writing.

Later, he also held a grudge against the author of Silver Wolf for this, and ran to every new chapter to make malicious comments.
Later, the author made a major change and changed the novel beyond recognition.
He used this opportunity to pull in the readers who were already discontented with the overhaul, to scold and abuse the author together.
However, the author was so big-hearted that no matter what the readers said, he just didn’t change it back, and in the end, actually finished it.
Because of that incident with the author, the overhauled work became a hit, reaching a height that he could not touch.

He felt extremely speechless, it made no sense that such a book could be a hit.
Later, he transmigrated into this book and got Bai Xiaoshu’s golden finger, incidentally, he found out he had a golden finger of his own— a pen to rewrite the plot.
He was so proud that he thought this was God’s chance for him to surpass the author, and was just like many book wearers who were “plot fixers”.

But in the end, he was still ashamed.
He scolded the author, and was jealous of him, but he still had to use that pen to make a full copy of the plot as it was written by the author.

Even if he was given the best golden fingers, he was still living as the biggest loser.

Having said that, the evidence and information that You Ning and Jiang Chi came up with could not be explained to anyone else out in the open, but if there was an undercover police officer around, the evidence and information would even have a reasonable outlet.

Jiang Chi didn’t want to take any credit, after all, he was still a criminal in his last life.
It was enough that he just wanted all these people to be brought to justice.
And now, as long as Su Fu and Chen Yao did not reveal it to others, then he would not be involved.

In this life, he just wanted to watch his Yingying grow up peacefully and quietly.
That was also part of his deal, and he would go peacefully when the time came.

The black cat switched the screen, the police officers chatting on the other side of the living room couldn’t see this, they just thought You Ning and Jiang Chi were watching the incident of the police saving a hundred children from a crime syndicate some time ago.

The footage the black cat put on was live, and it was of Zhou, who had escaped last time— the man who had killed Jiang Yingying in the last life and gutted and sold her organs.
He had been arrested and brought to justice today.
He was caught in bed with a woman, and arrested at the hotel with his uncle, one of the owners of the crime syndicate.

The woman’s face flashed across the screen; it was Jiang Chi’s ex-wife.
Bai Xiaoshu’s plan to follow the plot seemed to have worked, successfully making Jiang Chi’s ex-wife hook up with Zhou.

The uncle looked disdainful as he was arrested, as if he knew he’d be out of the police station tomorrow.
Chen Yao personally escorted him and sneered, “Old bastard, what’s with the beautiful dream that you’ll be fine tomorrow? I’m telling you, you’re going to jail this time!”

The man returned Chen Yao’s sneer with extreme confidence.
Little did he know that he had really fallen into the deep mud of the lake this time, and he would not be able to get out no matter how hard he tried to fish himself out.

Jiang Chi looked on and said to You Ning, “Let’s delete memories of me when Yingying turns twenty.
Let them all forget about me.”

“?” You Ning looked at him in confusion, “Delete memories?”

These humans were really interesting, Lu Anlan asked him for a puppet, Jiang Chi asked him to delete Jiang Yingying and Chen Yao’s memories about him.

You Ning leaned back on the sofa and stroked his cat, “What, you no longer have greed? The years will pass in the blink of an eye and she’ll be twenty before you know it.”

Jiang Chi lowered his eyes and said, “You’ve already helped me enough.
Any more, and I don’t know what more I have to give.
I chose all this myself, and I should bear everything alone.
They shouldn’t have to grieve for me, or even …… waste their lives.”

You Ning chuckled, not saying whether he agreed or disagreed, only smoothing the soft fur on the black cat’s back over and over again.

But Jiang Chi couldn’t be at ease until he got an answer, so he pursued, “Can’t you?”

You Ning still did not answer, but asked, “What is love anyway? Why can it make one go so far?”

Jiang Chi was silent for a moment and replied, “If there is a day when you would willingly give something, like your life, for someone, then it must be love.
Maybe it’s friendship, maybe it’s family affection, it’s all love.”

You Ning shrugged, it seems that he would never have love in his life.
He then smiled, “Thanks for your answer, I will give you a surprise as a reward, don’t be too touched then.”

“……” A gift from a demon, that didn’t sound particularly delightful.


The arrests continued and became more and more violent, and the group began to disintegrate as the important heads were caught.

However, even if the group was scattered, the money earned over the years had to be divided up.
Once it was sorted out, the amount calculated was mind-boggling.
This was a huge fortune, whoever got it could build a kingdom of his own.
He could hide for a few years, then build a big legitimate company, he’d no longer need to live a life of spilling blood, that is the real peak of life ah!

But it wasn’t one person having this dream, several of the group’s seniors were having the same dream.
So a civil war was inevitable.

There were many examples of criminal gangs turning against each other and fighting over the uneven distribution of dirty laundry.
The police made excellent use of the opportunity and wiped out the group of blood-sucking sharks while they were fighting to the death.

The central government broadcast this news continuously for a week, and the people cheered! At the same time, countless parents of trafficked children shed tears.
They had always longed and hoped that their children would return home to them.

As for Bai Xiaoshu, he used his undercover diary to describe how he had obeyed the arrangement to sell children many times for fear of losing his life and failing in his mission.
He was obviously a hero who should have been honored, but to his surprise, became a sinner because of those crimes.

He pleaded not guilty when he was brought to court, insisting that he was an undercover agent and had not betrayed anyone.
At his words, his colleagues who had worked with him were filled with disappointment.
He had been undercover for a long time and got immersed in his role, he had gone from being a righteous policeman to a ruthless human trafficker.

The undercover diary and Bai Xiaoshu’s recordings submitted by Su Fu were all confirmed to belong to Bai Xiaoshu and were not falsified in any way, while the criminals who worked with Bai Xiaoshu also identified him as a human trafficker like them.
The evidence was so overwhelming that there was no room for him to argue.

In the courtroom, Bai Xiaoshu was dumbfounded when he heard that the evidence was not falsified.
When the judge’s hammer sounded, he suddenly shouted frantically, “No, it’s not me! Someone must have taken my pen, someone has taken my pen! He’s changed the plot!!! He changed the plot that was mine! Ahhh …… I’m the main protagonist, I’m not the villain! I’m not!”

The judge and jury shook their heads helplessly, this person was mad.

“Yeah, I’m the one who took his pen and notebook.” You Ning said, “It’s best if you don’t touch things like that.
Once you touch it, you won’t be you anymore.”

You Ning burned the pen and notebook in front of Su Fu and Chen Yao, muttering, “I don’t even have the power to change the world without permission, so how can a mere human think he could do so……how ridiculous.”

Chen Yao sighed in relief as he watched the two items being destroyed.
From the day he and Su Fu followed Bai Xiaoshu to his house and confirmed that the crash had actually happened, they knew that these things should never be kept.

But when he and Su Fu sneaked into Bai Xiaoshu’s house in the middle of the night and knocked the man unconscious, they searched for the pen and notebook but didn’t find them, and Bai Xiaoshu did not have them on him either.

Chen Yao looked at the mass of ashes in front of him and raised his head to ask, “How can we confirm that what you destroyed was Bai Xiaoshu’s pen and notebook?”

Jiang Chi frowned at him, and Chen Yao turned towards Jiang Chi and said, “Don’t, I just have a reasonable doubt.”

The corners of You Ning’s mouth curled as he smiled, “Of course you can doubt whether it is true, then what will you do?”

Chen Yao looked at You Ning’s carefree and slightly provocative look, feeling both speechless and headachy.
He glanced at Su Fu, his eyes seemed to say, ‘So you like this kind of wildcat’.

Su Fu ignored Chen Yao’s look and answered You Ning’s question, “You’ll be put under close surveillance.”

You Ning lowered his head, resting his face on his arm, and smothered a laugh, as Su Fu’s old fashioned trick had amused him.
There was still a smile in his eyes when he raised his face.
“Okay, I’m fine with that.”

“It’s just that ……” Chen Yao didn’t think that was secure and was about to continue when Jiang Chi stopped him.

“There is no need to suspect him, and you don’t need to.” Jiang Chi said.

“??” Chen Yao didn’t understand at all, but didn’t continue out of trust in Jiang Chi.

Instead, You Ning said, “Officer Chen, it would be impossible for you and the entire C City police force to catch me if I really did something.
You should be glad that I don’t have the same hobbies and interests as Bai Xiaoshu.”

“……” No matter how Chen Yao heard it, he felt that You Ning’s statement was dangerous and he sounded like a standard villain.

But Su Fu, who was beside him, stared at You Ning thoughtfully, thinking about the seemingly joking statement.

Chen Yao and Su Fu had come to ask about the pen and notebook, and now that they had the answer, they decided to leave, they had a lot of follow-up work to do.

Chen Yao called out the team guarding Jiang Chi’s house before returning to the police station.

They had been secretly monitoring Jiang Chi’s house from the night Chen Yao confirmed Bai Xiaoshu’s special ability, and only came out of the shadows the next day.

That night, Bai Xiaoshu had been home all day and no one had entered, and the team also said that neither You Ning nor Jiang Chi had gone out that night, but were playing chess with Jiang Chi’s daughter in the living room.
This meant that there was no way You Ning could have made any moves that night.

And the next day, the team were directly at Jiang Chi’s house, even if they went out, they would have been followed, so You Ning had even less chance of getting Bai Xiaoshu’s stuff.

So the question is, when did You Ning get Bai Xiaoshu’s stuff, and how did he get it?

If what he burned was real, then he must have gotten it before, so what was that in Bai Xiaoshu’s hand? Could it be that all this was planned by You Ning? What about the purpose? What was the benefit of doing so?

Chen Yao only felt that this young boy, who looked so innocent and beautiful on the surface, was like a cloud of mist, making it hard for people to see clearly.

The big case had not yet been completely settled, and the summer holidays were already over.

Jiang Yingying was starting junior high school, she and Chen Xiaoxing had occasionally contacted each other during the summer days, and they happened to be in the same secondary school, with their grades, they expected to be placed in the same class.

“What would you like to eat?” Jiang Chi asked You Ning who was sitting on the sofa, the demon had not been inside his body since the last time he had taken the information to Su Fu.

You Ning was chatting with Su Fu and didn’t even raise his head, saying “whatever”.

Jiang Chi didn’t ask any more questions, but went to prepare dinner.
This demon’s answer couldn’t be taken casually, he was very picky about his food, picky about the ingredients, picky about the taste, picky about the appearance, and won’t move his chopsticks if he doesn’t like the slightest thing.

Last time, You Ning said that he had gone to bribe Su Fu, and Su Fu said that he wanted to have a date with You Ning after those people were caught.

You Ning had actually been waiting for it for a long time, but the superintendent still had a lot of things to do lately, so he didn’t have the time to take him out.

That being the case, the little incubus had no choice but to take the initiative to find him.

You Ning glanced at Jiang Chi, who was busy in the kitchen, and arranged to meet Su Fu after dinner.
He was waiting for his dinner when he received a transaction payment– Lu Anlan’s soul from the last world had arrived.

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