“Xiao Guang, I will not let you get hurt this time, and I will not let you leave me.”

‘Hmm? What is this situation?’ You Ning, who had followed along, rubbed his chin and looked at the man with all sorts of emotions tumbling in his eyes and his unconscious client beneath him, he felt that things were not simple.

This one called Yue Feng seemed to be.…reborn?

You Ning looked at his hands, he was pretty sure he hadn’t involved the man on the side.
So was this, this man’s strange encounter?

Could there be such a coincidental encounter in the world? You Ning didn’t think so.
He suddenly remembered something, and a playful smile appeared on his lips.

You Ning had stayed in Jiang Chi’s world for decades, and the marriage that he said could not bind him lasted for decades, or rather, until the end of Su Fu’s life.

He thought he would get bored and leave, but he didn’t.
He had eaten every kind of dish that Su Fu cooked for decades, but surprisingly he didn’t get tired of it; when Su Fu turned fifty, that aspect in their life also began to slowly diminish, but surprisingly, he didn’t feel hungry and need to find other sources; when Su Fu turned eighty, there was nothing of his handsomeness left, but he surprisingly didn’t resent him for being ugly either.

It was all strange, but You Ning still felt that he did not love him.
After all, he neither felt sad nor shed tears for Su Fu when he died.
He didn’t sacrifice anything for Su Fu, as Jiang Chi had said, nor did he even think of saving him.

However, there was a little bit of discomfort.
Yeah, he was just uncomfortable.

“Is that so? Isn’t It because you couldn’t bear it?” The fake cat asked him this.

You Ning looked at the fake cat with slight anger, “Yes, or else what? Incubi can’t love.”

The fake cat said again, “All right, master.
You don’t need to get angry.”

He and the black cat were standing in front of Su Fu’s grave at that time, surrounded by the cold winter wind.
For the first time, You Ning wasn’t interested in the fake cat’s expression when it called him master again.

He was in a bad mood when he returned to his and Su Fu’s home from the cemetery, and he blamed the fake cat who had questioned him.

So the fake cat was turned away from his door that night.

But the empty house and familiar scenes evoked memories of the past, which made the little incubus uncomfortable.
Because of this discomfort, he activated the summoning formation the next day.
He wanted to retrieve Su Fu’s soul so that he could stay with him until he got used to it.

But he didn’t summon him, and the fake cat disappeared without a trace.

You Ning was furious.
Wasn’t he a demon? Human souls could disappear when he wanted them to, and they could stay when he wanted them to.
Lu Anlan could stay for seven days after his death because he sent the black cat to mark him as food, giving him time to stay.

But the formation he had drawn with his own hands only gave him a cloud of air.

What did this mean? It meant that Su Fu was not human at all!

On the third day after Su Fu’s “death”, You Ning had not yet left that world, perhaps he was too lazy to move, or perhaps he was waiting for something.

On the fourth day, his black cat came back, it was his original cat.

When it came back, it immediately cried out to You Ning, saying how mean the archangel had been, how he had set it up, and kicked it away when it was no longer of any use.

After crying, it cautiously asked its master who had won the love game he had with that archangel.

Archangels, memory-sealing love games, pretending to be a cat …… The truth was incredible!

“Win?” You Ning sneered as Yue Feng exited the room, “Trying to win what? My heart? An incubus doesn’t have a heart.
Aren’t we in another world, come back if you can!”

Despite what he said, You Ning couldn’t deny that, after his anger had passed, he was glad that Su Fu wasn’t human, and that there was still a chance for them to meet again.
But after thinking about it like that, he would become furious again, why should he feel happy to meet someone who had played tricks on him?

What the author has to say.

Interstellar ABO, double rebirth.

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