han that of ordinary people, it did not mean that he was demented; he could feel sympathy or other malice from others, and was even more sensitive to emotions than ordinary people.

Yue Feng was someone of status so they did not mention it, hoping that Yue Feng would understand their pain and still get along with Xiao Guang as before.

Yue Feng did as they wished and got along with An Yuanguang like before, but not exactly the same, besides taking care of him, he would also pamper him.

Although this desolate planet seemed dangerous, half of it was full of resources from the irradiation of the sun-like planet, and the group had nothing to worry about when it came to their living needs.
In addition, those occasional beasts were also natural training grounds for Yue Feng.

Whenever he was tired, there was the little tail leaning over him and humming in his ear, lulling him to sleep.

He grew stronger and taller, becoming a powerful Alpha, while An Yuanguang, who was two years younger than him and an Omega, could only reach his shoulders.
Yue Feng only needed to reach out slightly and he could crash into his arms.

But as they grew older, a problem soon came up – estrus.

They had been on this deserted planet for ten years, and An Yuanguang was already seventeen.
Every time Yue Feng got closer to him, he could smell his pheromones, and the smell was too tempting for him.
It took a lot of effort for him to restrain himself from forcibly marking this Omega he had grown up with.

At that time, he did not know why he found the smell so tempting, nor did he know exactly why he was desperately trying to restrain himself.

And for a while, he stopped taking An Yuanguang with him when he went out.
An Yuanguang thought he had offended his brother angry, and whenever Yue Feng went out, he would sit at the entrance of the cave and wait for him, waiting motionlessly and only getting up when he saw Yue Feng’s figure returning at dark.

An Yuanguang was a stubborn child, and even though his parents tried to get him back in the cave and explained that Yue Feng was not angry with him, he would still sit at the entrance of the cave.

At that time, neither of them knew whether An Yuanguang was simply dependent on Yue Feng.

Whenever Yue Feng saw An Yuanguang stand up happily after seeing him, and then fall straight forward because he had been sitting for too long, his heart would suddenly tremble – for he knew that An Yuanguang was waiting for him.

After that, Yue Feng no longer avoided An Yuanguang, he was willing to make an effort to restrain himself, and did not want to see Xiao Guang lose his smile because of his distancing.
And, he also had to confront the issue of his estrus.

It’s been ten years and still no one had found them, they could be on this planet for another decade, or more.

They had no inhibitors.
So there would only be one option when the time came.

The An couple had obviously considered this too, and they had no objections, or rather no other options.
They couldn’t stand by and watch their child suffer, not to mention the fact that His Highness the Prince was a very good man.
If that incident had not occurred, such a person would never have been able to mark their family’s Xiao Guang.

Just after the family had accepted such a future, and Yue Feng had begun to see Xiao Guang as his Omega, the rescue came ten years too late.

The General of the First Imperial Legion brought a warship to the small desolate planet, and he, along with several ministers accompanying him and all the soldiers, knelt before Yue Feng with tears in their eyes, saying, “Please return to the palace, Your Highness.”

An Yuanguang hid behind Yue Feng, one hand clutching Yue Feng’s clothes uneasily and his eyes also looking at those people in armour with vigilance.

The warship was huge and An Yuanguang was both scared and curious.
He was holding Yue Feng tightly, as if he knew something would change the moment they stepped onto the battleship, or as it was just a subconscious action because he was emotional.

The battleship had a room for Yue Feng, and one for An Yuanguang.
As the hero credited with saving the Crown Prince, Father An’s position was also instantly elevated by several ranks.
But the An couple did not feel joy, they were filled with bewilderment and trepidation, as well as a hint of unease about the future.

An Yuanguang did not go to the room that had been arranged for him; he followed Yue Feng into his room and followed him into his room at the palace.
No one raised any objections, and Yue Feng was also relieved.

But he felt relief too soon.

On returning to the palace, Yue Feng had a a lot to learn and was scheduled for classes every day.

When he returned to his chambers one day, An Yuanguang told him that he had to move out of his brother’s bedroom and could not sleep in the same room as him.
As soon as Yue Feng heard this, he knew that someone had said something behind his back; he did not agree and said that he did not need to listen to anyone else’s words.

An Yuanguang obediently stayed that night, but when Yue Feng returned the next day, An Yuanguang had left anyway, having been picked up by his parents.

When he went to the An family, they called him “Your Highness”.
For the past ten years, they had only called him that for the first two years on the planet.
Upon hearing this, Yue Feng knew that what could change, had changed.

And there was still something he had to do on the Capital planet.

Yue Feng entered the Military Academy, and if nothing happened, would become the new king of the Empire after graduation.
At the same time, he kept an eye on An Yuanguang and found that he had been placed in the best art academy in the Empire.

There, An Yuanguang learned to paint, that was his new hobby, and his talent was so good that even the professor praised him repeatedly.
On hearing this news, Yue Feng could not help but imagine An Yuanguang carefully holding his brush and sketching out world after world.

He thought of An Yuanguang when he was tired, he thought of An Yuanguang when he couldn’t hold on, he thought of An Yuanguang late at night and before he fell asleep.
He knew that his feelings for An Yuanguang had unknowingly changed.
It wasn’t a sense of duty that made him want to take care of An Yuanguang for the rest of his life, but a desire to mark him and make him truly his Omega.

It was love, and love required mutual consent.
But did An Yuanguang, who was different from ordinary people, know what love was? Did he know how to respond?

Yue Feng was caught in a tangle.
At the same time, an Omega, whom clamined to be his fiancé, appeared.
Yue Feng found it baffling at first, but then he remembered that he did have an Omega fiancé, the youngest son of the commander of the First Legion.
It was a verbal agreement with his father when he was still alive.

Yue Feng didn’t feel anything for that Omega, nor could he smell the pheromones that others said all Alpha’s couldn’t stand.
He just wondered, did An Yuanguang know that he had a fiancé? Would he feel jealous?

The more Yue Feng thought about it, the more he felt his heart beating extremely fast.
Although Xiao Guang could not say he loved him, he could judge and test him.
If he could prove a point, even if it was only a point, he was determined to take it to the next step, no matter how many people would object.

He could not wait, and after meeting that general and his son, went to the An family’s house.

An Yuanguang was painting in his room at the time, and was obviously happy to see Yue Feng coming.
Unlike his parents, he still intimately called him “brother”.
At the sound of his voice, Yue Feng’s expression softened and all the discomfort and fatigue he had felt since his return was swept away.

He chatted with An Yuanguang for a while, before asking after a lot of deliberation, “Xiao Guang, would you be unhappy if I live with another Omega in the future?”

An Yuanguang first nodded and then shook his head as he asked rhetorically, “Is it like my mum and dad?”

Yue Feng’s hand on his knee clenched into a fist, “Mmm.”

An Yuanguang lifted his head, looked at the ceiling for a moment, and then slowly asked, “Then can I still come and play with you later?”


An Yuanguang patted his chest reassuringly and smiled again, “That’s enough, I won’t be unhappy if I can still play with Brother.”

The light in Yue Feng’s eyes dimmed.
An Yuanguang went back his his painting, humming the same tune that he often used to lull Yue Feng to sleep, holding his brush and drawing on the canvas.

Yue Feng stared at him and finally stroked his hair, saying that he had come in a hurry today and had forgotten to bring a present, so he would have it delivered tomorrow.

An Yuanguang nodded obediently and watched Yue Feng leave the room.

After the door was closed, An Yuanguang still had a smile on his lips, but his eyes were full of mist.
Xiao Guang was a good boy, a good boy can’t be selfish, can’t get in the way of his brother’s happiness, can’t make him get questioned because of him …… If he wasn’t good, his brother wouldn’t want him anymore.
No one liked bad children.

At seventeen years, An Yuanguang finally learned to lie, and Yue Feng failed to see through the first lie he told for several years.

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