“Knock knock—” There was someone at the door so Yue Feng restrained the ruthlessness in his eyes, got up from the sofa and went to open the door.

“Brother,” outside the door stood a boy the same age as An Yuanguang.
He smiled and revealed two tiger teeth.
He looked sunny and did not look like he grew up under hardship at first glance, “Are you used to it? I heard from the marshal that there are many beasts on that planet, did you encounter any?”

He lost the smile and his expression turned to one of concern.

Yue Feng’s hand was still on the door, his face remained expressionless as he just watched the boy and then lowered his eyes and said, “Yes, but it’s not a fond memory.
I don’t want to mention it.”

“Oh…” After ten years, the originally close brothers had become estranged due to time and distance.
A hint of embarrassment from trying to draw each other closer and ending in failure appeared on Yue Cheng’s face.

Yue Feng did not invite him into the room, nor did he say a word to him, which made him not want to stand here.
He looked at his brother, who was a head taller than him, and said: “Brother? Won’t you let me in? We’ve been apart for so long, I think you should…”

“No.” Yue Feng coldly refused.
His left hand held his forehead while his right hand still rested on the door, his expression uncomfortable, “I’m a little uncomfortable, I want to rest for a while.”

“Oh …… then, okay, we’ll talk when we get back.” Yue Cheng glanced at Yue Feng again, then left the door to the room.

Yue Feng closed the door without any hesitation.
In his last life, he had made a mistake of indulging and trusting in his younger brother.

A lot could change in ten years.

You Ning, who was in the next room, heard the commotion.
He looked at An Yuanguang, who was already sleeping peacefully, and called the cat out for him to stroke.
However, he couldn’t go on after a couple of strokes, he felt like it didn’t feel right.

The black cat looked at its master in grievance.
In the past, its master would not touch him less than ten times, but he only touched it twice this time! It felt like it was losing its position as his cutest pet.

Damn it! It was that archangel’s fault!

You Ning understood his pet’s expression, and felt speechless.
He picked it up and threw it under An Yuanguang’s blanket.
The black cat’s hair was so soft that even in his sleep, An Yuanguang’s hand unconsciously took the whole cat into his arms the moment he touched it, rubbing his face on the cat’s back with satisfaction.

You Ning looked at An Yuanguang as he rubbed his chin and said to himself, “A trader who doesn’t understand love, yet clearly loves someone…”

An Yuanguang’s pheromones were thick and light at times because he was coming of age and his estrus was coming up.

In his last life, he used inhibitors when his estrus came up.
Yue Feng hadn’t gotten the answers he needed and wouldn’t bind An Yuanguang with responsibility, as they hadn’t found anything else to do for the time being, they gave him inhibitors.

An omega emits strong pheromones when in heat, so Yue Feng didn’t approach An Yuanguang and only his parents took care of him.
Therefore, Yue Feng didn’t hear An Yuanguang call his name when he was in distress; he wanted him, he needed him.
But Yue Feng did not know.

The An couple heard him, but they only took it as a sign of An Yuanguang’s excessive dependence on Yue Feng.
Yue Feng had pampered An Yuanguang so much that he would cry and ask Yue Feng to blow on him even when he got a small bloodless cut from a tiny leaf.
Although the inhibitor worked, An Yuanguang’s health was poor so he developed a fever after taking it.
His body was uncomfortable, so he naturally thought of his brother coming to coax him.

But his brother didn’t come, he would have an Omega who was worthy of him in the future.

Ever since they had returned from the deserted planet, the An couple would always be surrounded by people, some they knew and some they didn’t.
There were those who came to flatter them, those who were envious, and those who were jealous.
They were originally average Imperial citizens, and Father An was just a very ordinary guard in the palace, they were not good at socializing, and they didn’t want to be surrounded by so many people because of their Xiao Guang.

They didn’t want their child to be an object of ridicule, they didn’t want Xiao Guang to be criticized and ridiculed.

But they couldn’t hide him for the rest of his life and never let him come into contact with society.
Even if they knew that Yue Feng would protect him in the future, he would have his own life, he would have to run the Empire, and he could not watch over their child for them all the time.

But knowing was one thing, doing was another– they were reluctant.

The couple first refused the admission letter from the head guard of the palace.
The head guard did not say that they were ungrateful or anything like that, but simply explained the situation at the academy in detail, saying that An Yuanguang could attend classes alone or with other students, that the school was a good environment and that the teachers were very kind…he spoke as if he knew Xiao Guang’s situation.

The couple hesitated for a moment before agreeing.
They assumed that Yue Feng had sent the head guard, otherwise, no one knew what Xiao Guang liked and what he needed.

The school was indeed very good.
Mother An was so worried that she picked him up and took him to school every day.
An Yuanguang went in and out of school at times when all the other students were still in class or had already left after class, a privilege the school had specially given.

The teachers were indeed just as the head guard had said, they were very patient and friendly to An Yuanguang.
It was impossible to get An Yuanguang to fit in all at once, but it was possible to take things slowly like this, and Mother An put her mind at ease that An Yuanguang liked it here too.

But they thought too simply.

For one person to have special privileges in such a big school, how could the other students not find out and pay attention?

Within a few days, the whole Art College knew that a special new student called An Yuanguang had come in.

Rumour had it that he was the Omega His Highness lived with on the deserted planet; that he calls His Highness “brother”, and His Highness treats him even better than the young prince; so, was he His Highness’ Omega? Doesn’t His Highness have a fiancé? Was he more desirable than young master Xu? He’s not much, he’s just cute; What, he’s a fool! No wonder His Highness takes care of him, but he’s a lucky fool to be taken care of like that ……

A fool? The first time An Yuanguang heard someone call him that, he asked the person “what is a fool” and the other person laughed out loud.
He didn’t understand why the other person suddenly laughed, but he knew it was at him.

After that, he hardly ever spoke to the other students at school.
But he could still hear what they were saying.

“No way, His Highness really said something about not wanting to be engaged to young master Xu? I feel sorry for young master Xu, losing to a fool.”

“That can’t be helped, His Highness has rather peculiar tastes.”

“Could it be that when on the deserted planet, His Highness…did that, so he just wants to be responsible? After all, it would be too degrading to marry An Yuanguang.”

“It’s not just a loss of value.
I’ve also heard that he is infertile, so how will he have heirs if he marries him?”

“I mean, doesn’t anyone else think His Highness is a bit pervert? –I’m just saying, don’t tell anyone else.
Isn’t he a pervert when he’s with a mentally immature Omega with a mind of a child? To be honest, I think the future of our Empire is doomed if His Highness does get together with An Yuanguang…”

‘No no no!’ An Yuanguang hid in the corner alone, desperately shaking his head, ‘Brother is not a pervert! Brother is the best person! Why do you say that about him?’

At first, An Yuanguang did not understand, but after hearing more, he understood that it was because of him.
It was because of him that Yue Feng was questioned by his future subjects.

Therefore, when Yue Feng asked him about it later, he said that he would not be unhappy as long as he could still go and play with Yue Feng.
In fact, he was so unhappy just hearing that little prince calling Yue Feng, “brother”.
Not to mention the fact that there would be another Omega around Yue Feng who would want to be coaxed by him when he cried and blown when he was hurt.

But no one wanted him near Yue Feng, including his parents.
They said that he should not bother him much in future, that Yue Feng was very busy and would not have time to play with him, that he had to be a good boy and learn to grow up.

–Or else Yue Feng will find you annoying and he will slowly hate you.

An Yuanguang heard the implication outside his parents’ words.
He was scared, he didn’t want his brother to hate him and ignore him.
So he started lying.

The An couple didn’t want to say this to their child either, they knew that Yue Feng was important to An Yuanguang, but they had to think beyond that.
Yue Feng was now the Crown Prince of the Empire and would soon be the new King, although there was shelter and glory in being around him, there would also be danger.
They were just ordinary people and did not want to get involved in the maelstrom.

The only way the family would be safer was to keep as far away from Yue Feng as possible.
It was selfish to think that way, but they had done their duty as best they could for the past ten years.

Unfortunately, they did not know that they had been caught up in this unseen whirlpool the moment they returned with Yue Feng.

When Yue Feng turned twenty, the palace threw a banquet in his honour.
He invited many ministers and their families and, of course, An Yuanguang’s family.

An Yuanguang, who had not seen him for a long time, went happily and prepared a gift for him, a painting he had made.

But the party was so crowded that he saw Yue Feng, but he didn’t dare to go up to him as he was surrounded by many people.
Yue Feng also saw him, but there was always someone between them, constantly whispering some dispensable nonsense in his ears.

An Yuanguang had to sit alone in the corner and wait for people to reduce before he gave out his gift– his parents were also surrounded by people and were socialising.

Just as An Yuanguang was getting bored, someone sat down on the sofa seat next to him.
It was a very good looking man holding a glass of wine and smiling at him.
An Yuanguang was a polite boy, and when the man smiled without malice, he said “hello” to him.

The other man seemed to be sweetened by his voice and made a somewhat exaggerated gesture, which made An Yuanguang laugh.

The man spoke in a soft and pleasant voice, saying that his name was Joyce and that he was the son of the second army commander.
He complimented An Yuanguang on how good his pheromones smelled.
An Yuanguang did not know what his pheromones smelled like, but he still said thank you for the compliment.

Later, the man also complimented him on his painting, saying that he had done a good job and that Yue Feng would like it very much.
An Yuanguang quite liked this man, he was different from all the students at his school and was willing to talk to him.

Joyce also quite liked An Yuanguang, he looked cute, and had a good nature, even the pheromones were so to his liking.

But the two didn’t like each other in the same way.

Later, Joyce frequently appeared before An Yuanguang.
An Yuanguang didn’t know what a routine was, didn’t know what a trick was, and he foolishly just thought it was a “real coincidence” as Joyce put it, and was surprised every time.

The two became more and more close and the An couple soon noticed it.
They confronted Joyce but didn’t know what to ask.
Instead, Joyce graciously admitted that he was dating An Yuanguang, and that they had only started dating after asking him and getting his “liking”.

The An parents instinctively felt that Joyce had deceived their son, who doesn’t understand anything.
However, they got the same answer from An Yuanguang.
The couple didn’t know what to say, or whether to oppose or agree, they were at a loss too.

Joyce doted on An Yuanguang, no matter what childish request he made, he would agree to it and would even be childish with him.
He would buy anything An Yuanguang liked and give him whatever he looked at.

An Yuanguang was very happy during the days he dated Joyce, but Yue Feng, who had been watching An Yuanguang, only felt like some poison had been sprinkled on his heart, he was so pained that he could hardly breathe.

The relationship went well and over time, the An couple began to lean towards acceptance from their initial dilemma.

Later, on one of Joyce’s birthdays, he invited An Yuanguang to his place.
An Yuanguang got up early in the morning to prepare a cake for him, but he didn’t know how to make it, so his mother taught him over and over again, and it took him a whole day to make a decent one.

He held the cake and smiled happily.
His parents really felt that their Xiao Guang was really in love with Joyce at that time.

The birthday party was over by the time An Yuanguang arrived, but Joyce didn’t blame him.
An Yuanguang apologized and then explained that he was too stupid to make the cake, so it took his mother a day to teach him.
Joyce listened intently, his heart beating hard.
He watched the young man in front of him present the birthday cake carefully, looking forward to seeing him happy.

He finally couldn’t resist carrying An Yuanguang into the bedroom after he finally finished his speech, and marked him.
An Yuanguang didn’t cry so much that night, only hugging Joyce and calling out “brother”.

Joyce thought that was the little one’s term of endearment for him and he happily obliged.

But soon after, he heard An Yuanguang call Yue Feng the same “brother” as he did exactly the same as that night.
Joyce couldn’t believe it, An Yuanguang was using him as a substitute! He doted on him with all his heart and soul yet he wasn’t even the person that he really liked!

The An couple were furious when Joyce broke up with An Yuanguang.
An Yuanguang just stared blankly at his back as he left, as if he wanted to cry and didn’t know if he should.

It wasn’t long before Joyce married another Omega.
On the day of his wedding, An Yuanguang’s heat also happened to arrive.
Inhibitors were less effective on an Omega who had already been marked.

By the time the estrus period ended, An Yuanguang’s body had become even weaker and the doctor immediately said he only had a few years to live.

As the doctor said, An Yuanguang only lived to the age of twenty-three, dying two years earlier than the doctor had predicted.

“Poor little guy.” You Ning stroked An Yuanguang’s blonde hair and a soft white light was sent into his body, “I like you so I’ll give you a gift.
Consider it your luck that I rarely come across good food like you.”

After doing so, You Ning tilted his head, suddenly annoyed, who was influencing him? Why was he becoming more and more soft-hearted? He was acting more like angels who liked to give things to humans at every turn.

‘Heh, angels!’ You Ning’s face darkened.

But he did not take back what he had given An Yuanguang.

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