said that, it meant that what had just happened would be dismissed, so he said “fine, fine” with his mouth, looking like So he said, “Fine, fine,” looking as if he was helpless.

While their side was quiet, Shu Yu’s side had developed to the point where the young master was not satisfied with Shu Yu’s service and asked the shop manager to dismiss him.

Because the young master was deliberately trying to embarrass Shu Yu, his voice was raised, causing many people to stop and look.

This also included the dessert shop where You Ning was.
Most of the people who came there had nothing to do, and hearing the action over there, they stretched their necks, asking the people around them about what was going on in order to satisfy their gossiping hearts.

“What’s going on?”

“I’m not sure, I heard him say he wanted an employee dismissed.”

“Ugh? I know that little brother, he’s a student at A University and works there part-time.
He’s very handsome!”

“What’s the point of being handsome? Won’t he still get dismissed by the rich man because he is dissatisfied?”

“You’re so annoying! I think that person is deliberately making things difficult, I really feel bad for that student ……”

As it turned out, being rich was still remarkable, and when faced with a temporary worker who could only partially increase sales and the prince of the head office, the shop manager’s choice did not exceed the expectations of the people eating melons.
He spoke to Shu Yu in a low voice, urging him not to take it too hard and promising to introduce him to a friend’s shop when the opportunity arose so that he could continue working.
The girls in the shop felt angry but they didn’t dare to confront the young master for fear of losing their jobs too, so they could only glare at him secretly.

If this were in a novel or a TV series, the young master would be cannon fodder and would get slapped in the face in minutes.

But the reality was that Shu Yu left the shop under the young master’s smug gaze, his back straight and his stride unruffled, as if he were always so resilient and invulnerable to the elements.
It made the people who were watching feel favorable towards him.

Lin Yuan kept as quiet as a chicken from the moment someone in the dessert shop talked about the situation on Shu Yu’s side, and watched all of You Ning’s expressions in passing.

You Ning, of course, duly enacted his anger at the injustice that had befallen Shu Yu and his heartache when Shu Yu left without saying a word, but his butt never left his chair, and he ate all the cake he ordered.

Lin Yuan: ‘……I’m confused!’

Although Lin Yuan thought it was a bit strange that You Ning hadn’t stepped in to help Shu Yu, he didn’t ask You Ning why, he didn’t want their conversation to go back to that Shu Yu again.

You Ning looked at the empty plate, his gaze was lax, and his mood was low—this portion was too small!

He said softly to Lin Yuan, “If you have something to do, go ahead; I’ll wait for my mom from here, it might take a while.”

“Oh ……” Lin Yuan then remembered that You Ning was accompanying his mother to shop, so he probably didn’t step in because he didn’t want his mother to find out about his relationship with Shu Yu.
Lin Yuan’s thought for awhile, and then he simply got up and said, “Okay, I also have to buy movie tickets to give to my goddess, so I’ll leave first.”

“Mm.” You Ning watched him leave.
Watching his boyfriend being bullied had put him in a good mood, so he ordered several more desserts that he hadn’t tried yet, looking very eager to try them.

Once Lin Yuan left You Ning’s range of vision, he immediately took out his mobile phone and called Xiang Yang, excitedly saying, “Brother Yang, you may still have a chance ……”

As Shu Yu took the elevator downstairs, he did not take today’s dismissal to heart, or, in other words, he was not surprised by what happened today, he had experienced it back in his previous life.

And the only reason he let the incident repeat itself was because of Lu Anlan.
He knew that Lu Anlan was in this shopping center today and would see him getting dismissed.
In his last life, it was from that moment that Lu Anlan had less contact with Xiang Yang’s group.

Furthermore, a small men’s clothing shop was not a place he would stay for long.

When the elevator reached the ground floor, Shu Yu got out and looked at the salary the shop manager had transferred to him on his mobile phone, and then left the shopping center building.

Outside Yuncheng Shopping Center was a large square.
Not far away was a movie theater, and Shu Yu soon arrived.
He bought two tickets for tomorrow’s movie; the main character of the movie was played by an actor that Lu Anlan liked.

After buying the tickets, he flipped to the chat screen with his boyfriend, thought about it, and put his phone back in his pocket.

Because he remembered that tomorrow was Xiang Yang’s twentieth birthday, and Xiang Yang would definitely invite You Ning to attend it; before today, You Ning had not mentioned having plans or anything like that for tomorrow.

Although he hadn’t seen You Ning today, he had noticed that Lin Yuan was following him.
He guessed that in his last life, Lu Anlan, who was also in the shopping center, had discovered Lin Yuan stalking him.
Lin Yuan had probably badmouthed him, and Lu An Lan decided to leave their circle.

He remembered very clearly that in his last life, Lu Anlan did not go to any party, but had spent the whole day working with him.

He wondered if Xiang Yang had invited his little boyfriend yet.

Shu Yu put the movie tickets away, the corners of his mouth curling up into a pleasant smile.
He was looking forward to Xiang Yang’s party because he was confident that his little boyfriend would cancel the party that he had originally promised to attend, all for him.


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