When Su Fu opened his eyes, he was surrounded by a dazzling holy light.
It was the same here all year round, it was either a holy white light or dazzling gold, something that would become boring after a long stay, only those who came here for the first time would find it stunning.
Those who have stayed there for a long time prefer the overall style of Hell– dark purple skies, with occasional splendid fireworks, it gave an unspeakable allure.

Su Fu left his palace and went to one of the archangels next door and one of his few close friends.

Jones’s sanctuary was as lively as ever, full of good looking saints and angels.
They walked through the gardens and silvery laughs rang out every now and then.

And the reason why they liked to come to this archangel’s sanctuary was that ……

“Oh my! Is that the Lord? Did I really see him?”

“I, I think I saw him too ……”

“I’ve been waiting for over 100 years! I’m definitely going to get in the front row today! No one will be able to steal the headline from me!”

“Oh, aren’t you the one with the cool persona? Did you go crazy?”

Jones saw that his garden had suddenly become more lively and guessed that the someone thw flowers were waiting for had finally arrived.
He took a jug of wine from the maid, and headed in the direction of the man who had just stepped into the hall.

Su Fu was a legend in Hell but most of the demons didn’t know much about him now, after all, they would first worship their own great demons first.
On the angelic side, however, Su Fu’s fame was very high.
He was also a legend there, and the object of worship and affection of many angels.

Unfortunately, the archangel was always out of reach, so they had to settle for the next best thing.
They spent their days at his best friend’s place, hoping that they will be able to see him when he comes to talk to his friend or something.

In addition, Jones was the opposite of Su Fu.
While Su Fu was cold-faced and unapproachable, Jones loved to have a good time and was very friendly and hospitable.

So one of the unanswered questions in Heaven was, how did Lord Su Fu become good friends with Lord Jones?

Jones came to meet Su Fu alone, so the flowers who were squatting in the garden only saw him but could not do much more.

Su Fu entered the inner hall of Jones’ sanctuary where they were finally alone.
He sat down and Jones poured him a cup of wine.

Jones had long, beautiful blonde hair and a face that was more delicate than most female angels; he was the classic human image of an angel, a noble beauty that did not distinguish between gender.

But that didn’t change the fact that he was also a single dog for thousands of years.

“Old Fu, what’s going on?” Jones sat across from Su Fu, his eyes filled with gossip and the nobility of his face disappeared, “Did you catch that little incubus?”

Su Fu didn’t say anything, he took a sip of his wine before he started talking about his pursuit and the wager with You Ning.

As Jones listened, his azure eyes gradually widened and his expression finally became one of complete wide-eyed horror.

“Wait-“ he couldn’t stand it any longer and held out his hand for Su Fu to pause, “What do you mean I taught you that? Old Fu, you have to speak with conscience.
When did I teach you to pretend to be a cat? I clearly told you to give him a fluffy pet!”

Heh, this was really the black bellied angel he knew.
His act as a cat was discovered, angering the little incubus and making his pursuit for his wife unsuccessfully.
Now he was throwing the pot on his back.

Jones looked at his longtime friend with a blank face, and his longtime friend also looked at him in silence.

Eventually, Jones lost the battle and asked, “So? Why did you come to see me? You want me to play the bad guy so that you pop up as a hero to save a beauty?”


“Fine, fine, I’ll get serious.” Jones rubbed his chin, pondered for a moment, and gave his friend a tip, “Since he’s angry right now, you need to let him get it out of his system, or he’ll be hurt if he holds it in, right? Let him abuse you until he loses his anger, or until he starts to feel distressed about it.”

“What do you think? Perhaps he’ll feel distressed from abusing you, then wouldn’t that mean he has you in his heart? Why would it hurt if he thinks he can’t love and doesn’t have a heart? Wouldn’t that make him realise that he actually loves… eh? Eh–“ Jones pointed his finger at Su Fu’s back as he hurriedly left, his eyes filled with the shock and desolation of being used and then abandoned, “I …… want to explode! It’s so hard!”

The back of his best friend eventually disappeared through the entrance to the inner sanctum.
Jones looked at the everlasting holy light, propped a hand on his chin, an evil smile suddenly appeared on his face, “Too boring indeed! I’ll go out and have some fun too, see what that incubus is really like, and then …… humph, who let you use me and throw me away!”


You Ning let An Yuanguang get a good night’s sleep, and by the time An Yuanguang woke up, You Ning had just finished playing a handful of holographic games of this world.
The Interstellar World was one that You Ning hadn’t been to before, and he was curious about this world, at least the games were much more fun than the previous two worlds.

“Cat!” An Yuanguang rubbed his eyes and was pleasantly surprised to find himself holding a black cat in his arms.
The black cat was probably pleased by An Yuanguang’s appearance and it licked his hand haughtily.

“It’s so comfortable, the fur is so nice to touch, did you raise it?” An Yuanguang hadn’t had a pet before, he was weak and with the ten years on a deserted planet, every animal he saw was ferocious, his family wouldn’t let him have one at all.

You Ning stretched out at the end of the bed and turned back towards An Yuanguang, “Do you like it? I can let you keep it for a few years.”

“Love it!” An Yuanguang’s eyes widened with simple joy in them, but soon he frowned again, “But you like it too, right? You’ve raised it for so long, I can’t steal it from someone else ……”

“It’s called foster care, not robbing, it’s not yours, and you can’t take it away.
If something is yours, it can’t be stolen by someone else either.” You Ning had the experience of raising a child in his last life, and he was quite decent with educating children.

An Yuanguang nodded his head as if he understood.

You Ning then told him that because of the trading system, he needed to do everything himself and the trader just needed to watch.
An Yuanguang did not understand this part, but said that he would do anything to make Yue Feng stop feeling sad.

You Ning stroked his forehead and didn’t explain to him anymore.

“That’s it, got it?” You Ning entered An Yuanguang’s body, manipulated his hand and waved it in front of An Yuanguang’s eyes, “If you want to say anything to me, you can say it in your mind and I can hear it.
You can also move when I’m willing to give the body back to you.
If I’m too lazy to do something, I’ll tell you how to do it and you do it instead, got it?”

“Okay, I will remember.” An Yuanguang tried to say something in his mind.

You Ning gave him a response, and probably because he found it funny, An Yuanguang started playing around like a child trying out a microphone.

You Ning: “……”

An Yuanguang’s childish game was interrupted by a knock at the door.

You Ning got off the bed and went to open the door.
Outside the door was Yue Feng, who first looked at You Ning’s face, then his eyes fell on his shoeless feet and frowned, “Why aren’t you wearing shoes?”

You Ning could pretend to be Lu Anlan and Jiang Chi, but not An Yuanguang.
He was now like one of those systems written in novels, talking to An Yuanguang in his mind, “Act like a baby.
He will be happy if you act like one.”

“Brother.…” An Yuanguang looked at him aggrievedly, “I just got up, I heard a knock on the door and thought it was you, so I ran over to immediately open the door.”

An Yuanguang probably maxed out the skill of lying in his last life, he now didn’t even blink when he told a lie, which can probably be considered a talent.

At An Yuanguang’s words, Yue Feng’s heart softened into a puddle.
Sure enough, his frowning brows relaxed and he rubbed An Yuanguang’s head helplessly.
If it were his previous life, he would have told An Yuanguang to go and put on his shoes now or go back to bed, but now, Yue Feng directly picked An Yuanguang up and carried him into the room.

An Yuanguang instinctively gave a startled cry, and then leaned against Yue Feng’s chest, feeling the powerful beating of his heart, his own heart beating rapidly along with it.

You Ning spoke to An Yuanguang again, “Tell your brother how your body feels right now.”

You Ning said that he was helping him fulfill his wish, so An Yuanguang didn’t ask why; although he was different from ordinary people, his memory was like a normal person’s.

He said to Yue Feng truthfully, “Brother, my heart is beating fast, as fast as yours.” After saying that, he also reached out and placed his hand on Yue Feng’s heart, felt it for a while, and added, “Are we sick?”

In his last life, An Yuanguang thought it was because he was not feeling well whenever he felt like this.
He didn’t want to worry his parents and brother so he never told them about his discomfort.

“……” They had arrived at the bed but Yue Feng held An Yuanguang even tighter, and his body stiffened.

But soon, he let go of An Yuanguang, then checked his pulse and gave him a brief check to make sure he wasn’t really sick before he went stiff again.

He didn’t know that Xiang Guang already had different feelings for him so early on.

In his last life, Yue Feng had gone straight to Joyce when he heard about the break up and without saying a word, beat him up so hard.
The bastard had marked Xiang Guang only to abandon him, Xiao Guang didn’t understand love but was feeling so heartbroken.
Yue Feng just wanted to kill him!

But what Joyce said to him was fatal.

“Do you know what he called me that night? He called me “brother”? Brother? How happy I was, thinking he was calling out to me, when in fact…?”

“Your Highness, why did he call out for you? He doesn’t love me at all, so why should I commit myself to living with him for the rest of my life?”

“Think about it, whose fault is it all? He is an adult, but it is you who has been treating him like a child.”

“It’s my fault.” Yue Feng, who was standing beside An Yuanguang’s bed, suddenly said.

“Huh?” An Yuanguang looked at the man and froze for a moment before saying comfortingly, “Did brother do something wrong? It’s okay, mistakes can still be corrected, just correct it ah.”

‘Correct it…’ Yue Feng’s head was now aching, but he still showed a smile as he stroked An Yuanguang’s short blonde hair, “Yes, Xiao Guang is right.
I still have a chance to correct it.”

‘You’ll forgive Brother if I correct everything, right?’

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