“Huh?” An Yuanguang looked at the several numbers that suddenly appeared above Yue Feng’s head, and couldn’t help but let out a surprised cry.

You Ning: “Don’t tell him about them, this is exclusive to you alone.”

Yue Feng asked him, “What’s wrong?”

An Yuanguang shook his head, thought for a while, then licked his lips and said, “Brother I’m hungry, I want to eat meat.”

Yue Feng instructed him, “Wait for me in the room, don’t wander off, okay?”

An Yuanguang nodded and watched the two values and two colours above his head as he walked away.

“What’s that?” As soon as Yue Feng left, An Yuanguang asked impatiently.

You Ning smiled and said, “A little gift for you.
The red one is the person’s good feeling towards you, over 80 is love, the darker the colour, the deeper the love; black is the malice value towards you, over 50 means that person wants to hurt you, or even kill you.”

A simple person, who cannot learn the complexity of the world, should be allowed to see the world in a simple way too.

“Then brother treats me ……,” An Yuanguang bit his lip, as if a little sad.

Yue Feng favorability towards An Yuanguang was naturally a full 100, and the colour was also very dark, like crimson blood, and the malice value was a grey 0.

You Ning could guess what An Yuanguang was sad about, he probably thought of Yue Feng’s reaction after his death in his previous life.

An Yuanguang, like Lu Anlan, was favored by the cat and given extra time after he died, and because the circumstances were different, An Yuanguang was given even more time.

He saw with his own eyes how Yue Feng had brought his body into the palace and placed it in his chambers, and how he had taken his body back to the deserted star and watched over it day after day.

And naturally, he saw that Yue Feng had not been happy since his death.

It was not long before Yue Feng returned with food.
It was naturally much tastier than the food on that deserted star and because An Yuanguang hadn’t eaten food for a long time, his behavior matched the plot quite well.

Yue Feng cut up the meat for him, he cut it to just the right size so that if An Yuanguang was too lazy to move, he could just feed him directly.
You Ning looked at him with gritted teeth, tsk, how nauseating.

He had apparently forgotten that in the last world, he had often slumped on the bed or the sofa like this, and when Su Fu finished cooking and brought it to him, he just opened his mouth and waited to be fed.

Compared with these two, it was obvious who was more nauseating.

Yue Feng and the An family strayed onto the deserted planet by luck; they had actually encountered a black hole and space jumped, so that planet was actually far away from the capital star, otherwise it wouldn’t have taken so long for them to be saved.
As to why their pursuers left them after they landed on that deserted planet, perhaps it was indeed as it appeared, they thought they would not survive more than a few days, but perhaps there was a more thought-provoking possibility.

After two days of sailing through the sea of stars, the warship finally arrived at the capital planet, and Yue Feng took An Yuanguang’s family back to the palace.

He still brought An Yuanguang into his own chambers.
The imperial palace had been burned down by the fire in the attack, and these chambers had been rebuilt.
It was full of strangeness to the Yue Feng in the previous life, but to the current Yue Feng, only cold memories remain.

After settling An Yuanguang down, Yue Feng followed Yue Cheng out, he still had a lot of things to find out.

“Why are they ……” Once Yue Feng left, An Yuanguang remained in the room dumbfounded, as if he was a bit overwhelmed and couldn’t react.

You Ning didn’t say anything.
The place was empty, so he came out to look around, touching this and that, and looking around.
An Yuanguang just saw the favorability and malice value of people other than Yue Feng and his parents towards him.
The people who came to pick up Yue Feng, and the people whose names An Yuanguang could also name, all had malice towards him.

An Yuanguang knew he wasn’t likable, but he didn’t expect people to find him that annoying.
Moreover, it was his first time meeting these people in this life, so he didn’t even know what he had done wrong.

The furnishings of the bedchamber were all mecha models which did not interest You Ning.
He turned back to find An Yuanguang still in the same position and said: “Those values are to help you tell which people are really good to you, and which ones are just pretending.
They may smile at you on the surface but want to harm you in their hearts, so stay away.
It’s not for you to win their favor or please them, understand?”

An Yuanguang nodded pitifully.

Yue Feng didn’t leave for long and soon returned before dinner.
The bedchamber was spacious, and he had an extra bed added when he returned.
He even asked An Yuanguang what kind of small decorations he liked.

In fact, he knew An Yuanguang very well and could have made the decision himself, but he chose to ask An Yuanguang’s opinion.

An Yuanguang also liked the way his brother would get him whatever he asked, even if it was to pick stars in the distant galaxy, so he smiled at Yue Feng with heartfelt happiness.

Yue Feng looked into An Yuanguang’s curved eyes and all the knots from his previous life dissipated.
In his eyes was a gentleness that belonged to his little light, and he coaxed: “Xiao Guang will live with Brother from now on, okay? Don’t listen no matter who tells you to leave, even if it’s Uncle An or someone else, can you promise brother?”

An Yuanguang thought about his previous life, he didn’t see Yue Feng when he left these chambers and he didn’t know how Yue Feng felt after he left.
He twiddled his fingers, looked up and asked, “Will brother be very sad if I leave?”

“Yes.” Yue Feng reached out and squeezed An Yuanguang’s fingers, then took his whole hand and placed it over his heart, “Not only would I be sad, here would also hurt.”

“Then I won’t go!” An Yuanguang immediately said.
He even patted Yue Feng’s heart, as if to say: don’t worry, I won’t leave, so it won’t hurt.

“……” You Ning, who was sitting on the big bed that Yue Feng had someone move in, looked at these two people and felt embarrassed; one was consciously flirting, while the other was unconsciously flirting.

Unable to listen or watch any longer, You Ning asked his cat to stay with An Yuanguang and went out for air.

Only after coming out did he think with a confused look on his face.
It couldn’t be that he felt uncomfortable because he had been fed dog food?

“It’s really ……” You Ning felt speechless and depressed.
As for why he was depressed, it was probably because he could have fed others dog food, but he was now angry and someone was nowhere to be found, so he had nothing to show.

In order not to cause unnecessary trouble, You Ning concealed himself so no one noticed him as he walked around the huge palace.

The reconstructed palace was still magnificent, and You Ning found a rose garden.
The white roses were in full bloom and the air was fragrant, he immediately liked this area.

He had just sat down when two men passed by in the garden.
They looked like brothers, with more similarities in their features, except that one looked like a nerd, while the other ……

You Ning’s red horns showed right through, and his eyes were full of mischievousness.
Great, it’s been delivered to my door so quickly.

He didn’t bother admiring the flowers any longer, and directly followed the two brothers, trying to take a closer look at the other taller and colder looking brother.

The man was dressed in a military uniform, with a number of medals on his chest, so he must be of a high rank.
His uniform made him look even colder, like a sword ready to be unsheathed.
In addition to bringing people fear, he was also extraordinarily alluring.

You Ning, for example, was clearly thinking of how to torment him, but his hands were particularly eager to strip him of these clothes, or to do something sinful to him while he was still in these clothes.

You Ning was slightly annoyed, how could an incubus who had tasted the food not react to the smell of it?

So what was it going to take to eat the food and punish this damn archangel at the same time?

You Ning thought as he followed the two brothers to Yue Feng’s palace.
Hmm? These two were here to see Yue Feng?

The serious looking one sent someone to inform him, and Yue Feng soon came out and led the two to the courtyard in the back hall.

“Su Fu.” The uniformed man bowed towards Yue Feng.

The nerd pushed up his glasses and said with Yue Feng, “Your Highness, this is my brother, he has been stationed on Planet X before and has only returned not long ago.”

Yue Feng tried to recall for a moment, he seemed to remember that there was no such person as Su Fu, but thinking deeper, Su Feng did have a brother who was a soldier on a distant planet.

But no matter what, as long as it was a variable, he could not ignore it.

“Su Feng, tell me about the changes in the empire over the years ……” The only person Yue Feng trusted was his childhood friend, Su Feng.
He was a genius, he was smart, sensitive to all numbers and interested in scientific research, likewise, he was interested in nothing but scientific research and numbers.
He was not interested in anything else, and would not be bought or used by anyone.

The Empire had four major legions, three generals and a marshal.
Only the third legion, the Su family, belonged directly to the Imperial family; the other three, although loyal to the Empire, were not directly governed by the Imperial family.
Since it is a monarchy, such existences made the situation in the Empire seem a little awkward.

Initially, the four legions emerged because of the ferocity of the intergalactic beasts, and the rulers of the Empire thought that the soldiers who went to war should be rewarded for their blood and sweat.
But too much power only breeds greed, and over time, the legions slowly grew and formed a triumvirate, whichever one was bigger than the other wanted to annex the others.
And so, to this day, although the Empire may seem peaceful on the surface, the internal struggle has not ceased.

The attack ten years ago was inseparable from the other three legions.

After hearing that the First Legion had retrieved Yue Feng, Su Feng had spent the past two days compiling data from these years, knowing that Yue Feng would need them when he returned, and bringing Su Fu with him today was also to give Yue Feng a clearer analysis.

The three talked for a long time, and You Ning got bored of listening, just like another person who also got bored.

An Yuanguang had been hiding behind a pillar in the courtyard corridor for a while, but it was Su Fu who spotted him first.
Thinking he was eavesdropping, he nearly made An Yuanguang cry when he called him out.

“He’s my Omega,” Yue Feng explained, and asked the maid to prepare some snacks for An Yuanguang.

An Yuanguang hid behind Yue Feng and peeked at the value on the brothers’ heads.
Only after finding out that they were not malicious to him did he dare to venture out to greet them.

Su Feng looked at the weak Omega and then at his brother who almost scared someone else’s Omega into tears, and said in the same tone as his parents, “Brother, I’m really worried that you won’t be able to find an Omega to marry in the future.”

Su Fu sat in his seat drinking tea, as if he was deaf.

In front of him, Yue Feng was talking to his Omega in a gentle voice, treating him like glass, which frankly speaking, made Su Fu a little irritated.

He had apparently forgotten– or perhaps really forgotten– that he had spoiled a certain little incubus so much in the last world that he wished the other party could just lie in his arms all day.
He could be said to be worse than Yue Feng.

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