After learning about the current situation in the empire, in addition to the events of his previous life, Yue Feng knew what he had to do to have a future with An Yuanguang.

But then, An Yuanguang would have to stay alone in the palace, waiting for him to return every day.

Yue Feng loved his little light, but he did not feel that it was enough for him to be the only one in An Yuanguang’s world.
He wanted An Yuanguang’s world to be colourful, for him to enjoy and experience the pleasures and beauty of life.

He remembered An Yuanguang was interested in painting in his previous life, so he found a teacher for him.

An Yuanguang was still the same simple An Yuanguang, and when he got his brush back, his face showed two dimples of joy.
They looked so good that Yue Feng wanted to poke them, and he did so.
When he withdrew his hand, he was met with an innocent questioning look in An Yuanguang’s eyes.

He stretched out his hand again and caressed An Yuanguang’s eyes, a gentle smile on the corner of his mouth as he said, “Be good, wait for me to come back, and remember to eat well.”

An Yuanguang nodded obediently.
Yue Feng had a lot of things to do, apart from the same schedule of classes as in his previous life, he also had additional things to prepare for, he glanced back at An Yuanguang, who was already painting, before finally taking his leave.

After leaving the palace, Yue Feng, who had an excellent memory, suddenly paused for a moment.
Had An Yuanguang learnt painting before?

After Yue Feng left, the teacher looked at An Yuanguang’s paintings and praised him repeatedly, and then taught him some skills.
She didn’t look at An Yuanguang strangely, perhaps Yue Feng looked for someone who only did what they should do, and maybe An Yuanguang, apart from his clingy performance, was better compared to some cute but domineering Omega.

An Yuanguang took his time in painting a picture so that he wouldn’t be bored, but You Ning was bored to death! He wasn’t going to sit there for an hour or two anyway, he didn’t have the patience for that.

But he also didn’t want his cat to stay here to guard An Yuanguang and go out by himself, because as soon as he did, he wouldn’t be able to resist trying to find the angel who was using his human identity again.
Why would he look for him on his own initiative? He lied and tricked him just to make a point? Anyway, there was no way You Ning would admit defeat first!

So it was up to that guy to take the initiative and come to him.
But how would he do it?

You Ning lay back on a chair in the courtyard and glanced at An Yuanguang indoors.

“Life assistant?” An Yuanguang’s face was stained with paint, but he was unaware of it and he asked You Ning with a puzzled expression.

You Ning explained, “It’s to take care of you and not let others bully you.”

An Yuanguang scratched his head, “Isn’t that Brother? Brother probably won’t agree.”

“……” You Ning narrowed his eyes on him, if it wasn’t that he could see through this little guy at a glance, he would have suspected that he was deliberately showing off.

“Anyway, just tell him when he comes back and say you want to make your own choice.
Don’t say life assistant, say you want a friend, a little buddy or something like that.
Oh yeah, and school, say you want to go to school.”

An Yuanguang looked at You Ning with grievance, “But I don’t want to go to school, I don’t like school ……”

You Ning snorted disdainfully, “What are you afraid of, I’m here.”

Probably because he had seen You Ning’s ability to turn back time, An Yuanguang had no doubts about You Ning’s ability, his grievance soon turned into joy.
He wasn’t happy that he had someone who could stand up for him, but because he had someone to keep him company.

After coming back from that deserted planet in his last life, An Yuanguang slowly realized that he was different from normal people, and when neither his parents nor Yue Feng were around, no one would talk to him or try to be friends with him, and he would feel extraordinarily lonely.
That’s why An Yuanguang was happy when Joyce appeared in his life, finally there was someone to keep him company at all times, ah, just like when he could follow his brother all day long on that deserted planet.

In the evening, Yue Feng returned in time for dinner, and as they ate, An Yuanguang mentioned what You Ning had taught him to say today.

“Brother, I want a friend.”

“A friend?” Yue Feng frowned instinctively when the word came out of An Yuanguang’s mouth, then he asked, “Why do you want one all of a sudden?”

I want a friend who can stay with me and not let others bully me.
In books and cartoons, they all have awesome friends, I don’t …… have any,” An Yuanguang said, his mood dropping the more he spoke, his mouth almost deflating as he thought back to the old days when he really had no friends except his brother and Joyce.

Yue Feng directly put down the cutlery, his expression could not be seen as happy or angry, only saying, “I can do all these.”

An Yuanguang lowered his head and picked at his fingers, “I know, but brother is very busy.
I can’t even find anyone to talk to ……”

Yue Feng sighed helplessly, “Don’t feel bad, brother will help you find one tomorrow.” Although Yue Feng was hoping that An Yuanguang’s world would become colorful, he also knew how dangerous the outside world was for An Yuanguang, and he didn’t feel comfortable letting him experience it.

And to have someone who could stay with An Yuanguang at all times and take care of him for him, frankly speaking, made Yue Feng jealous just thinking about it.
But he couldn’t let An Yuanguang down either, Yue Feng always felt that he could give him whatever he wanted as long as he asked for it.

You Ning looked at Yue Feng’s helplessly doting face, and collapsed onto the sofa furthest away from the two.
Seriously, he was beginning to feel a little regretful for taking this deal.

Not to mention, there was a fragrant scent from the dishes before the two, You Ning didn’t even have the heart to enter An Yuanguang’s body to taste delicious meat.
The little incubus, who always indulged himself when it came to food, was pushed to this point, so one could imagine how powerful that invisible damage value really was.

Finally, the next day came.
The selection of a life assistant for An Yuanguang had already begun, and Yue Feng was personally checking every single person that came for an interview.

He had directly pushed off all appointments for this matter.
After all, it was the selection of the person who would be by An Yuanguang’s side at all times, one mistake could cause Yue Feng to fall into despair once again.
In fact, he can’t be assured by anyone, but his little light couldn’t shrink down for him to carry in his chest pocket at all times.

Yue Feng already had people screen the people who came, but the people who carried out the orders seemed to have misunderstood, thinking it was Yue Feng who needed a life assistant.
The first ones filtered out were civilians, most of those who remained were those with some power in their families, so that those who heard something thought it was a blind date with the Crown Prince who was looking for a suitable Omega or an excellent Beta.

However, these were all young masters in their families, so how could they possibly take care of others? Yue Feng was originally dissatisfied, until he saw a very stunning Omega.

You Ning was in the third group of people who came for the interview, and as soon as he entered the hall, the waiting area, which was like a silent battlefield, suddenly reached a unity– they all set their eyes on him, including the attendants and guards working in the hall.

What kind of incubus was You Ning? It was clear that he resented being complimented on his good looks when in Hell, but he chose not to change his appearance.
He didn’t care how much attention he would attract or how many hearts would capture in an instant.

With such an appearance, he naturally caught Yue Feng’s gaze in an instant.
The Omega who had just been turned down stared at him with unbridled jealousy and resentment as he brushed past.

You Ning gave him a provocative smile, causing the Omega to gnash his teeth, probably cursing him for being shameless.

You Ning was thick skinned and before Yue Feng could ask a question, he introduced himself, “You Ning, strong enough to beat the average Alpha, and my advantage is that I easily attract attention, causing those around me to be ignored.”

The Omega who hadn’t yet walked out of the room rolled his eyes and snorted, what kind of merit was that? Who would dare to take an Omega who was even more fierce than an Alpha?

However, the next moment, he heard His Highness the Crown Prince’s low key and calm voice: “Okay, you’ve passed.
The contract will be sent over by this afternoon.
Come with me first and see if you’re sure you want the job.”

The Omega who had finally stepped out of the door: “…”

An Omega who attracted attention and was strong enough, he matched Yue Feng’s requirements.
He could imagine that if his little light went with You Ning to school, everyone would first notice You Ning and ignore Xiao Guang.

But before that, the first thing to do was to see this person’s character, and whether Xiao Guang liked him or not.

Of course An Yuanguang liked him, after all, this was what he and You Ning had agreed on.
It was just that with his little brain, he couldn’t figure out why this person had agreed to use his body first.
Apart from the first day they had communicated from inside his head, the other party gave back the body soon after, and whenever his brother came, he retreated far away like he saw some monster.

Although Brother was serious and frightening at times, he was very gentle most of the time.

You Ning could hear what An Yuanguang was thinking, but didn’t bother to explain.
He couldn’t explain what intimacy meant, nor could he explain what it meant to be a light bulb that made people unable to act intimate.


After working as a life assistant for a week, You Ning was modeling for An Yuanguang in the rose garden one afternoon when he finally “met” Admiral Su Fu who came to see Yue Feng.

The little incubus didn’t have the patience to paint, and certainly not the patience to stay still and watch someone paint.
When Su Fu met You Ning, he was casually leaning against the pillar of the garden pavilion, playing a game.
Perhaps he had won the game, as his eyes had a smug look, looking bright and seductive.

At that time, Su Fu thought that if this man had a tail, it would probably be tilted up.

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