In the garden were rosebuds in full bloom, and when the wind blew, it brought up the fragrance of the garden but Su Fu could still smell the pheromones coming from the pavilion not far away.
You Ning’s pheromones were like wine, sometimes as sweet and sour as wine, and sometimes as mellow and seductive as strong wine and Su Fu only found it extremely intoxicating.

At the same time, his body, which had been silent for thirty years, finally acted like a normal Alpha’s.
He could not help but stir at the smell of the Omega’s pheromones and even the heart in his chest jumped for joy.
This belated, but seemingly long-awaited stirring made Su Fu unable to stay where he was and watch from afar, he stepped out and walked towards You Ning.

He stopped at a distance that would not offend this Omega, and asked, “Can you tell me your name?”

Satisfied that his prey had finally come to him, the corner of You Ning’s mouth curled and he looked up and said, “Why should I tell you?”

Su Fu, who had never failed in making a conversation with anyone before: “……”

He looked at You Ning seriously and said solemnly, “I really like your pheromones, may I know your name?”

You Ning raised one eyebrow, “I don’t want to tell you.”

“……” Su Fu was frustrated for the second time, and he could see that the Omega in front of him was doing it on purpose.
However, there was nothing he could do about it at the moment, he could only look at You Ning in silence, and then took the initiative, “My name is Su Fu.

He didn’t introduce himself fully, just as he had only asked for You Ning’s name, he only said his name.

You Ning put away the light brain, which he wasn’t using seriously, and smiled, as if he was really having fun.

Su Fu couldn’t take his eyes off the Omega’s smile, his gloved hand stroked his heart, as if to soothe the heart that had been stirred to its core.

An Yuanguang had seen him before, and seeing that You Ning seemed interested in this man, greeted Su Fu timidly, “Admiral, are you here to see Brother? He isn’t back yet.”

“Mm.” Su Fu answered.
Yue Feng had not returned so he could have gone to the courtyard and waited, but this time, he did not want to leave straight away, but made a rare request, “Mr.
An, can I stay here for a while?”

“No…no problem.” An Yuanguang gripped his brush, clearly not comfortable with this kind of address, and as the garden wasn’t his home, he certainly didn’t have the authority to decide who couldn’t be here.

“Thank you.” Su Fu kept a safe distance from them, as if he didn’t want to disturb the Omegas, whom he heard were particularly weak.

He heard– from his parents as well as his brother– that Omegas were extremely delicate creatures, and that one slip up would bring them to tears, a good example was An Yuanguang, who had cried last time.

He didn’t want to leave a vicious and bad impression on the Omega he met today.
As for why he didn’t want to, Su Fu, who had been single all his life, didn’t struggle much and admitted that he had fallen in love at first sight.
It was a strange feeling that Su Fu didn’t reject either.

Su Fu sat on the other side of the pavilion, and an attendant brought him some tea and snacks.
He sipped the tea every now and then, occasionally looking at An Yuanguang’s painting, never overstepping his bounds.
He was a complete gentleman, and he did not cast his eyes at You Ning, making the little incubus, who didn’t know how to spell “peace”, feel bored.

You Ning glanced at the man who was sitting upright, suddenly stretched his body and said to An Yuanguang, “Xiao Guang, have you finished painting yet? I’m so tired!”

The coquettish voice as well as the not-so-small movement caught Su Fu’s attention.

You Ning didn’t pose for An Yuanguang seriously and was always moving, so An Yuanguang drew him from memory and without the need to keep looking at You Ning.
An Yuanguang already considered You Ning, who was willing to help him, a friend in his heart, so of course he didn’t want to tire his friend out.
“Yes, Ningning.”

You Ning was speechless, he had asked the little guy to stop calling him that.

Su Fu calmly noted it, Ning.

Ignoring the strange name, You Ning gave a doleful gasp as he got up, his face showing pain as he held his waist.

An Yuanguang hurriedly put down his brush and ran over, his small face worried as he asked what was wrong.
He had obviously fallen for the little incubus’s acting skills.
He was simply thinking about his friend, forgetting how the other party could turn back time, how could hurt his back from sitting for so long.

You Ning gasped in pain, then showed another fake pained expression and said to An Yuanguang, “It’s nothing, I’ll be fine.”

Su Fu immediately got up at You Ning’s gasp and frowned.
He finally left his safe distance, walked towards You Ning and asked, “Are you okay? Do you need help?”

You Ning first snorted, then reached out in Su Fu’s direction as if he finally couldn’t resist the pain, “Come here ……”

Su Fu only found this Omega’s arrogant look adorable, as if the previous disdain of weak and petulant Omega was fake.

He held out his hand and You Ning slowly stood up holding onto his strong arm, he tried to stand up straight on his own, only to have the pain declare him a failure and he fell limp into Su Fu’s arms.

The person in his arms smelled like wine, and Su Fu’s body stiffened, not daring to move, as if he was trying to restrain some reaction that would be rude in front of people.

An Yuanguang would have been concerned about You Ning, but he had just moved over when he saw You Ning, who had fallen into the Admiral’s arms, smiling slyly.
An Yuanguang froze for a moment before he heard You Ning’s voice suddenly ring out in his mind, “Your brother is back, go and fetch him, don’t stand here and be a light bulb.”

An Yuanguang’s attention was first drawn by the news of his brother’s return, and it was only after he walked away that he wondered, what was a light bulb?

All of Su Fu’s attention was now on the Omega in his arms, and it wasn’t until An Yuan Guang’s ran away that he realised they were the only two left there.

You Ning explained before Su Fu could get suspicious, “Xiao Guang is probably worried about me and has gone to call the doctor.”

You Ning entrusted almost all of his body weight to Su Fu, who didn’t dare to push him away for fear of him falling.
However, although he didn’t push him away, he just didn’t dare make any other move either.

You Ning leaned against him, lifted his face and blinked, saying: “Am I heavy? Why do you look like you’re having a hard time?”

Su Fu: “You’re not heavy.”

“Oh,” You Ning opened his arms and said, “Then why don’t you carry me to a softer seat, it’s too hard on the stone railing, it hurts my butt if I sit for too long.”

“……” For a moment, Su Fu felt that this Omega, who refused to give his name, was seducing him.

“What’s wrong?” You Ning looked like he didn’t know anything and frowned unhappily, “Come on, are you just going to keep hugging me like this and take advantage of me? Heh, Alphas!”

What a full explanation of what it meant to reverse things.

“……” Su Fu had to pick him up, and when he did, he felt You Ning burrow into his arms, and the smell of his pheromones seemed to have changed again, becoming more mesmerizing.

For the sake of You Ning’s butt, Su Fu even put an extra soft cushion to make sure it wouldn’t hurt.
He did all this without the slightest hint of impatience or dislike, and even tried to ask You Ning “Are you comfortable?”

You Ning saw what Su Fu was thinking and snorted, making Su Fu hurriedly ask if the place he had just injured still hurt.

You Ning glanced at him and without any politeness, said, “Give me a massage, it hurts.
” He said, pointing at his waist.

Su Fu looked at the waist: “……”

Wasn’t this Omega seducing him?

You Ning’s waist was not as exaggerated as a woman’s small one, nor was it as thick as the average man’s.
It looked thin, but just the right amount of thin, without the feeling of being skinny or bony.
Su Fu struggled for a long time, only staring at You Ning’s waist, hesitating to touch it.

Two innocent people touching each other may be nothing, but it was too intimate if one was an Alpha and the other was an Omega.

Which of the first two worlds was he not direct with Su Fu? You Ning impatiently pulled Su Fu’s gloved hands and placed them in his waist.

Su Fu was so shocked that he didn’t have any expression for a while.
Meanwhile, You Ning was satisfied on feeling the temperature of the hands he’d strangely been missing.
He’d always get so lazy after sex that he’d just lay on the floor, bed, or sofa, playing games and watching movies, while Su Fu would rub and massage his waist.
On the contrary, You Ning would actually be more energetic than usual, having eaten to his fill.

The sound of footsteps coming towards the garden interrupted You Ning’s sudden onset of memories, and he glared at Su Fu with displeasure.

“?” Su Fu looked down at him with uncertainty, and at the same time, was amazed that he could skillfully massage this Omega.
Even his parents had never enjoyed such a service and yet he was doing it for an Omega he had only met once.

At this time, people had come in through the entrance to the garden, and a glint of evil flashed in You Ning’s eyes as he struggled under Su Fu’s hands, his eyes watering as he sobbed: “Wuuu …… you let me go Admiral, I don’t want to, don’t… I don’t want to be bullied by the Admiral…”

You Ning perfectly portrayed an Omega being bullied by the Admiral.

The people who came: “……”

Su Fu: “……”

In addition to Yue Feng and An Yuanguang, Su Feng and several other officers of the Third Legion had come in.
They saw Su Fu actually holding a very stunning looking Omega in such a way, and they looked at each other with a sparkle in their eyes.

Oh my, what a shocker! I never thought I’d see the Admiral that intimate with someone in my lifetime.

So, although the image and You Ning’s accusation did look and sound very impactful, they all knew Su Fu too well.
This Alpha was indifferent to everyone’s pheromones, to make Su Fu take the initiative, they all wanted to kneel down and call the omega dad.

Although Yue Feng had not spent a lot of time with Su Fu like these officers, he also had a preliminary understanding of what kind of person Su Fu was, and his first suspect was definitely not this admiral, but You Ning.

But ……he looked at Su Fu again.
The other party had no intention of defending himself, and only looked at You Ning with a look of connivance in his eyes.

Yue Feng understood immediately.
He didn’t say much, but grabbed An Yuanguang who thought that You Ning was really bullied and wanted to help his friend: “Don’t Xiao Guang, he’s not injured or bullied, so don’t worry.”

“But ……” An Yuanguang still wanted to go over.

Yue Feng pulled him back, “Think about it, didn’t he beat a lot of people before? How could he hurt his back just from sitting for a long time? And how could he be easily held down by Admiral Su and still be unable to escape?”

An Yuanguang thought back seriously for a moment, but was still anxious: “But, Ningning was on the verge of tears!”

Yue Feng stroked An Yuanguang’s head and said, “He’s just acting spoiled.
Just like you, when you pout and look like you’re on the verge of tears, I only wish to comply with you in everything.
He’s the same.”

For some reason, An Yuanguang felt a little embarrassed that so many people could hear Yue Feng say such things.
He blushed and lowered his head, his voice as thin as a mosquito, “I, am I also like Ningning in front of Brother?”

Yue Feng chuckled, looking at An Yuanguang with infinite tenderness in his eyes, if there were no people around, he would have hugged his little light into his arms and held him tight.

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