When You Ning saw that no one thought that Su Fu was a beast, the tears that were falling from his eyes retracted and he turned back to give Su Fu a fierce glare.

Su Fu didn’t know what he had done to provoke him, but even though this Omega was so unpredictable, he still didn’t want to be cold-faced, so he looked at You Ning with the standard look of a wife slave that said “yes, it’s all my fault”.

You Ning looked away from him: “……” Hmph!

The officers who had never seen their admiral so nice: “……” This is a fake, right?

Doubting life.jpg

Yue Feng and the rest still had business to talk about and An Yuanguang did not want to stick around.
After what his brother just said that …… he felt like the others were laughing at him and he was a little embarrassed.

Two days ago, he had already mentioned to Yue Feng that he wanted to go to school.
In his last life, Yue Feng later learned that An Yuanguang was not happy in school after hearing those rumors, so he naturally refused when it was brought up.

However, just like what Yue Feng said earlier, as long as his Xiao Guang acted coquettish and acted like he was about to cry, he would comply with everything, so in the end, he agreed.

Moreover, Xiao Guang had the quirky You Ning with him, and from what Yue Feng has observed these days, this You Ning was also very protective of Xiao Guang, so he probably won’t be bullied like he was in his last life.

Speaking of this, Yue Feng looked at the admiral in front of him and joked with Su Feng: “A’Feng, you said that your brother might not be able to find an Omega in his lifetime, but hasn’t he found one?”

Su Feng calmly pushed up his glasses and commented, “He is too good looking, he will have many alphas chasing after him at first glance, my brother is closed off and he just bullied him to tears, I’m afraid there isn’t much hope.”

Su Fu frowned almost immediately and retorted, “How can I not have much hope?”

“Pfft-“ several of the officers couldn’t help but laugh out loud, Su Feng was clearly messing with the Admiral, and the Admiral actually fell for it.

Tsk, what a rare sight.

Su Feng chuckled and said disdainfully, “So, do you his name? You must have been here for a while now, so you already asked for a name, right?”

Su Fu who fell into a suspicious silence, “……”

Why was there such a creature as a younger brother?

You Ning heard them mocking Su Fu, and his not-so-good mood finally got a little bit better.

‘Trick me? I’ll give you a taste of what it means to love and not be able to get it!’

An Yuanguang went to the same art college from his previous life, but this time, he didn’t have to be that special case anymore, he went to school and class with the other students.

As for those who had ridiculed him, You Ning would take revenge for the little one, at least An Yuanguang would no longer hide in a corner and shiver with tears whenever he heard their comments.

An Yuanguang liked to paint and sing but he only hummed the tune of a song, he seemed to hum it for Yue Feng alone – You Ning, who had eaten enough of their dog food, only wanted to roll his eyes.

At eight in the morning, You Ning followed An Yuanguang to the art building of the Art academy.
It wasn’t difficult for Yue Feng to get places for two Omega at the Art academy, although most of the people at this school had to work hard to get in on their own, there were always those with money or power who would go through the back door.

This was not a rare thing, especially in this ABO world, people think that Omegas are soft, and should be noble and elegant to deserve their status as Omegas, and there are also people who think that they need to be artistic to add to their temperament.
Over time, the strange unwritten rule that Omegas must learn art developed.

You Ning was rendered speechless over this.
Since he had little experience, he didn’t know if this was also the case in the other ABO worlds, or if each ABO world had a different setting.

Anyway, this art academy could be said to be a gathering place for Omegas, similarly, the military academy was a gathering place for Alphas.
Both academies had relatively less Beta in them than in other schools.

The obvious thing was that there were no Alphas in the Art Academy and no Omegas in the Military Academy , after all, it would
would certainly cause a lot of trouble and even tragedy if an omega were to suddenly go into heat.

At eight o’clock, a number of students were already visible in the campus.
An Yuanguang wasn’t quite used to so many people, especially since everyone was looking at them from the moment they got off the aircraft.
This made An Yuanguang, who had deliberately avoided crowds in his previous life and rarely went out, a little uncomfortable.

Similarly, the envious, amazed and jealous eyes were also unfamiliar to An Yuanguang.
Of course, he knew that these gazes were at him, they were all directed at You Ning.

As they walked, he looked at You Ning with starry eyes, clearly saying: You are not afraid of so many people looking at you, how impressive!

You Ning gave An Yuanguang a lazy smile in return.

At this time, a boy suddenly came over.
He didn’t look as strong as an Alpha, nor as delicate as an Omega.
He was red in the face, and when he saw An Yuanguang hiding behind You Ning, he quickly took a few steps back.

His looked at You Ning for a moment and then quickly lowered his head, the words coming out of his mouth incoherently, “H-hello, classmate, I’m… I’m XXX from class XX, hello!”

There was nothing really special about this human, and You Ning could not show the slightest interest in him.
He gave a slight “oh”, then directly walked past him with An Yuanguang.

The boy didn’t look too bad compared to an Alpha, his family background wasn’t bad and his grades were excellent, otherwise, he wouldn’t have had the courage and confidence to come up to You Ning.

Unfortunately, he felt even more suffocated when he got closer and stood infront of the beautiful Omega and could not even say a word, so how could he possibly get a second look?

The boy looked at You Ning’s back in disappointment, not wanting to leave for a long time.

With this start, the next distance from the entrance of the college to the art building, there were always Betas jumping out in an attempt to ask for You Ning’s name or introduce themselves.

The little incubus went from being uninterested at first, to impatience and finally had a cold aura around him.
Finally, no one dared to come up to him without permission for the second half of the journey.

At the same time, because of the commotion they caused as soon as they entered the school, it was soon known within the school that two new students had arrived today.
It was a month after the semester, so it was unlikely that had entered the school after the normal exams.

In addition, one of them had a face like that, so everyone wondered which family the golden young master had come from.

Betas who saw the photos of the new students on the school’s website were a little bit excited.
One of them was good-looking and might be from a good family, even if they can’t marry him, they can try dating him!

You Ning and An Yuanguang went to the teacher they had been arranged to report to.
It just so happened that there was a class in a few minutes, so they went straight into the classroom the teacher directed them to.

The class was an appreciation and analysis of masterpieces.
It was not in the art studio, so even non-art students could come and sit in.
This kind of appreciation class was usually about analysing paintings, as well as the author’s life story and the psychological journey of the painting.
Most people found it boring, except for those who were really interested.

However, there were few empty seats this time.

The age of advanced technology was different, it had only been a short time since You Ning had entered this academy, but many people already knew about it, and quickly came over to look.

You Ning looked at the almost full classroom and felt really annoyed.
He didn’t want to use An Yuanguang’s body because he didn’t want to get close to Yue Feng, and he couldn’t act out An Yuanguang’s innocence.
In addition, those two kept putting dog food in front of his eyes every now and then, he didn’t come to be a light bulb to An Yuanguang.

In addition, after leaving the palace, Yue Feng wouldn’t be chasing after An Yuanguang and making out every day, so why would he remain hidden? But the feeling of being surrounded by so many people and all eyes on him seemed to bring him back to Hell.

Thinking about this, You Ning smoothly recalled the last world, he liked dragging Su Fu around, sometimes for food, sometimes it was to see Su Fu’s annoyed expression where he wished to hide him from everyone.

You Ning faced the countless gazes in the classroom and suddenly began to wonder about his behavior.
So, he walked towards the school with An Yuanguang like this, deliberately attracting everyone’s attention, all just for someone to block those stares with his body and then admire that person’s expression of displeasure?

“……” For the first time, the little incubus felt like he had nothing better to do.

But soon, that little bit of speechlessness and dislike for himself quickly became another kind of anger: so, why isn’t he here yet?!

The man the little incubus was cursing took the light brain from his brother and his face became gloomy as he looked at the pictures of the Omega on the forum, and at the post saying whoever had approached him had been rejected, with the insinuation that the new Omega had eyes in the sky.

You don’t have to think about it to know that the man certainly attracted a lot of attention.

He had obviously met him once, but he really wanted to hide this Omega so that he was the only one who could see him.

He put away the light brain, then said to his brother, “I don’t have much to do these days, ask them if there is a shortage of coaches at the school.”

Su Feng narrowed his eyes under his glasses and gave him a sidelong glance, then said with a sneer, “Brother, the Art Academy doesn’t need coaches.”

Su Fu: “……”

Not stopping there, Su Feng added coolly, “I seem to know why you’re still single after all these years.
Well, it’s also a strength.”

Really, why was there such a creature as a younger brother?

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