With no one to enjoy his performance, You Ning completely lost interest, and he made himself invisible the next day he went to the Art Academy, after all, he couldn’t just stop going, he was now An Yuanguang’s life assistant.

When they arrived at the school, no one except An Yuanguang could see him.

An Yuanguang was a bit puzzled by this, but his new friend always made him confused and it was nothing new, so he did not question You Ning.

An Yuanguang had brought his painting tools to today’s class.
The professor who taught them yesterday said that there would be a sketching session today, and that it would outdoors.

The entire environment of the school was very artistic and aesthetically pleasing, and there are many places that could be used for sketching.

The tools An Yuanguang brought were not that light and An Yuanguang was already tired within the ten minutes it took to move from the entrance of the academy.
You Ning was a little speechless, this little thing’s body was really weak, he was quite worried that An Yuanguang would faint when he was in bed with Yue Feng in the future.

When he thought of such things, You Ning started to feel uncomfortable all over.
Yes, he remembered the taste of Su Fu again, he was hungry and he wanted to eat so badly.

But he was still angry, moreover, that guy had never shown up again.
He wasn’t going to take the initiative to find him like he had in the last world.

‘Don’t even think about it! No way! I will never do that again!’

You Ning had nothing to vent his anger on, so he threw the cat out of his arms in anger and said, “Go help him.”

Black cat: QAQ

What did I do wrong? Is the Master finally starting to get on my case about what happened before? Wuuu, it’s said that single dogs are pitiful, but aren’t single cats more pitiful?

The black cat did its job and used magic to help lighten the weight of An Yuanguang’s things.
An Yuanguang was surprised by the sudden relief, then he saw the cat following him at his feet and he smiled at it gratefully, “Thank you, cat.”

The black cat took a moment of comfort from the human, but it still lifted its chin with disdain and said flatly, “It’s nothing.” It was evident that with that kind of master, there would be that kind of pet.

An Yuanguang’s parents had come to visit that morning mainly to ask An Yuanguang to go home with them; although their home was in ruins because of the war, the royal family had arranged a new place for them to live because of their merits in raising the Crown Prince.

An Yuanguang was not persuaded to go back this time, and Yue Feng, who had been waiting for their visit, did not report to the Military academy on time this time either.
He made it clear that An Yuanguang was his future Omega and he was not just taking care of him, so there was no “trouble” or “inconvenience” as they called it, as it was his responsibility to do so.

The couple looked at each other, wanting to stop them, but An Yuanguang looked like he didn’t want to leave at all, so they finally acquiesced to An Yuanguang’s stay.

Because of the delay, An Yuanguang reached the academy late, but his teacher was nice and he only told them to go straight to the sketching site when You Ning sent a message to inform him of their late arrival.

When An Yuanguang arrived, that teacher even asked why You Ning hadn’t come, An Yuanguang glanced at You Ning from the corner of his eye and said, “He had something he had to do today ……”

The teacher frowned and waved his hand, as if he was somewhat dissatisfied with You Ning’s unexplained absence from class, but also as if he was already used to it.
He didn’t say anything more and let An Yuanguang find an empty seat and start drawing, so that he could see his level.

You Ning’s appearance yesterday seemed to have pulled all the attention, and An Yuanguang, who came in with him, was not remembered.

Although An Yuanguang was a good-looking Omega, he was too bland in comparison to You Ning and didn’t inspire any memories among his classmates.
He was also an introvert at first glance, so none of them spoke to him during the moment he was choosing a place to sit.

It wasn’t rejection, it was simple irrelevance.
An Yuanguang, who did not receive any strange glances or whispers, finally took a long breath of relief after sitting down.
The corners of his mouth then slowly lifted into an extremely faint and relaxed smile.

It seems that being in a crowd wasn’t that scary anymore.

But the relaxed moment only lasted until the middle of the sketching class.
During this period, the teacher came to see his paintings during the lesson and was a bit surprised, praising An Yuanguang for his aura and so on, and then some of the students around him craned their necks to look at his paintings.
His classmates neither blew him off nor belittled him, they just looked at it curiously.

An Yuanguang was nervous for a moment and continued to do his painting when he didn’t receive any negative reactions, and he was a little happy by the end of the lesson.

When the sketching class was over, the other students started to carry their tools to the art building.
An Yuanguang was a little slower and did not pack as quickly as the other students, and was many steps behind them.

You Ning was lying in the sun on the wooden collapse he had made with magic, not looking like he would help.
The black cat looked at its master, then thought about how much the human liked it, and reluctantly took graceful steps to An Yuanguang’s feet, casting another weight-reducing spell on the tools.

An Yuanguang had almost finished packing up and as soon as he lifted the easel and the paint box, he knew that the cat had helped him again.
He looked down and sure enough, the cat was at his feet.

An Yuanguang had noticed that this cat was actually very clingy.
The black cat looked up at him with its round face and beautiful turquoise eyes.
The things in his hands were very light so he picked it up with one hand and rubbed his face against its silky fur.
Ah! Ningning’s cat is as beautiful as him!

The black cat showed itself so that this action would not look weird to others.
The students were all walking towards the art building and no one was paying attention to his side, so no one noticed this miraculous scene.

An Yuanguang intended to ask You Ning to join him, but seeing as he seemed to be sleeping soundly, he didn’t bother him, and the black cat also meant not to bother him.

They soon met a few students when they were about to reach the art building.
They stared at the black cat in An Yuanguang’s arms and then looked at An Yuanguang’s face.

Then they stopped An Yuanguang, saying, “Hey, don’t you know that pets are not allowed in our college?”

An Yuanguang was taken aback and explained in a fumbling manner, “I, I didn’t know, I’m sorry ……”

The one in the lead rolled his eyes at his cowardice and said very nonchalantly, “So what will you do now that you know?”

“I don’t know ……” An Yuanguang instinctively felt that there was something wrong with this boy’s words, but he couldn’t figure out what was wrong.
He didn’t dare look at the malice value above their heads made but looked down at the cat in his arms, which was staring coldly and expressionlessly at the boys opposite them.

He wondered if he should slap these guys to death, they looked dirty and hurt his eyes.

In the distance, You Ning half-opened his eyes and glanced in their direction, but he remained lying there without moving, only telling his cat not to be violent.

The black cat silently put away its sharp claws, leaving only soft pads of flesh.
It patted An Yuanguang’s arm that was holding it, as if to tell An Yuanguang not to be afraid.

The group on the other side admired An Yuanguang’s helpless and weak look with malicious eyes, mocking An Yuanguang in low voices that only An Yuanguang could hear.

An Yuanguang glared at them angrily.

The leader of the group came over to An Yuanguang and looked at him condescendingly, “This student, you’re new here, right? Since you don’t know that you shouldn’t bring your pet, we’ll kindly help you out.”

Another boy received his instructions and tried to snatch the black cat from An Yuanguang’s arms.

An Yuanguang didn’t expect them to go so far, and when he saw You Ning’s black cat being snatched away, of course he wanted to go and snatch it back.
He threw down his easel and other tools and went forward to snatch the cat back, but he was really weak, and couldn’t do anything at all.

An Yuanguang finally cried as he was bullied by the boys, “Give it back to me, where do you want to take it? I’m going to tell my brother that you guys robbed my friend’s cat ……”

He sounded like the tattletales in elementary school and the boys burst out laughing.
They took You Ning’s cat with them, ignoring An Yuanguang who had burst into tears, and left the area triumphantly.

They left the area of activity of the art students and went to another part of the academy.
They had put the black cat in a cage at some point, and it’s turquoise eyes were quietly watching the humans around it.

“Your Highness, the cat has been brought here.” The boy who had just bullied An Yuanguang brought the cage to a boy in a particularly respectful gesture.

Yue Cheng locked eyes with the cat in the cage, the cat’s eyes that looked as if they were looking at a lowly creature caused him extreme discomfort, and instead of taking it, he tilted his face to the side in disgust and indifference.
“Dispose of it.”

“Huh?” The boy was a little stunned.
Dispose of it? Didn’t His Highness want the cat because he thought it was pretty?

“Didn’t you hear?” Yue Cheng wiped his hands with a handkerchief – his hands had clearly not even touched the cage- and he raised his eyes to look at the boy.

The boy was startled and he hurriedly replied, “Yes Your Highness, I heard.”

Yue Cheng stopped talking, he didn’t stay much longer and left the Art Academy.

An Yuanguang ran back to You Ning’s side anxiously.
“Wuuu, Ning Ning, they snatched the cat away, I’m sorry, I’m so useless …… The cat even helped me so much, I couldn’t even protect it, wuuu… …”

An Yuanguang cried with particular sadness.

Yue Feng would have been heartbroken if he heard him and would have wanted to kill the fools who made his little light cry.

With the helplessness of being woken up, You Ning handed An Yuanguang a hanky to wipe his tears, and then said in a low voice, “Let me tell you a little story, once upon a time, there was a fool named Shu Yu, who also particularly hated my cat, so he stole it ……”

An Yuanguang was frightened by the chilling atmosphere behind You Ning’s words and stopped crying, not daring to make another sound.

“So, don’t worry, my cat is fine, humans can’t kill it, instead it will become an eternal nightmare for those who try to kill it.”

It was probably because You Ning’s words were a little too frighteningly as An Yuanguang looked like he hadn’t come back to his senses after he had finished.

You Ning directly changed the subject and said to him, “I’ve contacted your brother, he will pick you up this afternoon before school is done, remember to tell him what happened today, focusing on how bad those guys were.
Don’t think that you are grown up and are relieving your brother’s worries by not telling him things.
When you have someone to lean on, you have to be active with your complaints.”

An Yuanguang struggled to understand You Ning’s words, and after a moment, asked You Ning dumbly, “Ningning, are you leaving? Where are you going? Is the cat really okay?”

“No! I’m not going anywhere!” You Ning suddenly retorted loudly.
An Yuanguang looked startled so he lowered his voice in chagrin, “Don’t worry about me or my cat.
It will be back before you get out of school, just be patient and wait.”

“Oh….,” An Yuanguang took the handkerchief You Ning gave him and watched You Ning suddenly disappear, his little head tangled into little balls of thread.
Ningning clearly said he wasn’t going anywhere, but he was now gone.

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