You Ning wasn’t going anywhere, he was just … taking a peek at what that darn archangel was really doing.
Was he that busy? So busy that he didn’t even come to the art academy to find him.

In the last world, as long as he appeared in a crowd, Su Fu would come to find him in less than an hour, and then take him back with a face full of jealousy.
Sometimes he would say a word or two, sometimes he would use his actions to vent his discontent.

But here, a whole day and night had passed, and he still hadn’t come.

No matter how much You Ning denied it, he missed the man, perhaps even, very much so.

It didn’t take long for You Ning to find Su Fu.
He sat before him angrily, staring at the tall man in front of him.

“?” Su Fu’s instincts were keen and he looked around, the training room was spacious and enclosed, without anyone.

Su Fu frowned for a moment, then took a towel to wipe the sweat from his forehead while walking outside the training room.

You Ning admired how sexy Su Fu looked after sweating and wiped his sweat.

He licked his somewhat dry lips, looking at the man’s strong but not exaggerated body, he smelled the powerful Alpha pheromones and was immediately fascinated.

He followed Su Fu out of the training room and sobered by the breeze outside.
He wondered with a puzzled look on his face: Am I the incubus or he is? How could I be charmed by him?

You Ning calmed down and blamed his strange behavior and restlessness on hunger.

He followed Su Fu, who had returned to his bedroom and gone into the bathroom.

You Ning, for whatever reason, crouched outside the bathroom door and didn’t go in.
It was so unlike him, he always did what he wanted to do, what did he need to worry about?

If he said he won’t go in, he won’t go in! You Ning listened to the sound of water in the bathroom and left the room in irritation.

He casually entered the study and looked at the furnishings; it was dull and uninteresting, he didn’t like it at all.
But when he saw the papers on his desk, the irritation of the past two days suddenly dissipated.

You Ning fiddled with the few documents on the desk, humming.
‘Of course, how could he not be interested in me?’

You Ning glanced at the bathroom with a smirk on his face.
He exited Su Fu’s room with satisfaction and went back to An Yuanguang’s side.

After You Ning left, An Yuanguang waited for the cat before leaving the school, and he was surprised and relieved to see that there was no sign of injury on the cat.

At that time, there were still students in the art studio, and several of them saw the cat jump into the classroom from the big tree next to the building.
However, the black cat moved silently and some students who were immersed in drawing or chatting did not notice.

Those who did were startled and then drew the attention of the other students who were not paying attention.

The black cat was so beautiful, it found its way from the window to the inconspicuous An Yuanguang in the corner so they thought it was his cat.
It was An Yuanguang’s second day, but it was only now that someone approached him, and the topic of conversation was naturally the cat.

An Yuanguang first checked their malice value before he spoke to them.
He said that it was his friend’s cat, his friend was away but the cat had been snatched by some students at the end of the sketching class, saying that pets were not allowed in school.

An Yuanguang looked so easy to bully that the students believed him, and someone immediately laughed, “Who said we can’t bring pets to the college? He really sees you as a newcomer, many teachers in the college love them, and you will know whether you can bring them or not once you enter their office.
A few professors even allow pets to be brought to class, but the pets have to be well behaved of course, they should serve as a relief to stress, not to create chaos……”

That student said so much but An Yuanguang immediately understood.
Today’s incident was deliberate, they deceived him and also grabbed the cat… just to bully him? But he had obviously met them for the first time.
In fact, if he could, he really wished he could go back to that deserted planet with Yue Feng and his parents, with no outsiders.

The classmates did not know An Yuanguang well, so they casually comforted him with a couple of words and took two more glances at the cat in his arms before they all started to pack up their things and prepare to leave school or go back to the dormitory.

An Yuanguang also remembered that You Ning had said that Yue Feng would come to pick him up, so he started to pack his things along with them, and Yue Feng arrived before he finished packing.

Yue Feng was anxious when he received You Ning’s message, but the management at the Military Academy was strict, even he had to get permission to act.
When he asked to take a leave of absence, the instructor asked him what he was doing and he said he was going to his Omega.

The instructor gave him a look and then asked what happened to his Omega, that if the situation was exceptional, he would grant it.

Then Yue Feng said that his Omega was crying.

Then the single and unmarried instructor looked at Yue Feng with sharp eyes, “……That’s not a good reason, No– not approved! Go back to training!”

If not for the fact that he was the Crown Prince, this instructor, who had been inadvertently fed dog food, might have immediately beat him down.

So Yue Feng could only go to the Art Academy as fast as he could after today’s training was completed and then look for his little baby.

An Yuanguang saw him coming, and with the return of You Ning’s cat, all the unpleasantness from before evaporated in an instant, and he sweetly called out to Yue Feng, “Brother, you’re here!”

Hmm? What’s that? What did the newcomer call His Highness?

The students who were about to leave slowed their steps and sat back down again, pretending that they hadn’t finished their paintings.

Yue Feng was relieved to see that An Yuanguang was in good shape, and after patting his head as usual, began to ask about the day’s events.

An Yuanguang remembered You Ning’s reminder and told Yue Feng everything.
As he narrated it, he couldn’t help but recall the scene when he was robbed of the cat and his little face became pitiful.
Not only Yue Feng, but also the students who were watching could imagine what An Yuanguang looked like at that time.

Yue Feng looked at the black cat in An Yuanguang’s arms, the black cat sensed his gaze and lifted its eyes to meet his.
Yue Feng looked back at the calm cat and immediately knew that the cat belonged to You Ning.

You Ning had given Xiao Guang the cat, and he seemed to have seen Xiao Guang being bullied– but why didn’t he go and help Xiao Guang then?

“Brother, they bullied me ……” An Yuanguang’s eyes were flooded with tears and he looked at him blearily.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let them have a second chance.” Yue Feng soothed An Yuanguang, suddenly understanding You Ning’s actions.

In his last life, An Yuanguang had never told him about the cold looks and ridicule he received at school, but now, his little light had no reservations about him and had finally learnt to complain to him.

Yue Feng had a smile on his face as they spoke, he had no intention of leaving, and he intended bystanders to listen, he said to An Yuanguang, “Xiao Guang, promise brother that if anyone bullies you again, you will tell me all about it, just like today.”

“Mmm!” An Yuanguang looked at Yue Feng’s with sparkling eyes.

The classmates looked at An Yuanguang with envy.

Soon, a video came out from the military academy next door.
It was a conversation between His Highness the Crown Prince and the instructor as he asked for leave today.
Once this video came out, everyone laughed at how much of a nightmare the military academy really was, and how His Highness the Crown Prince even came out with this kind of excuse inorder to leave.

Not long after they had laughed their hearts out, the Art Academy followed by posting a video.
After comparing the two, the conclusion was that His Royal Highness was not lying, he was really in a hurry to coax his Omega!

Then the students from both academies went silent, and then the instructor in the first video was made into an emoji, “Oh, what are you saying? I don’t understand”, “Try giving me the reason for your leave again”, “Stop showing off, go run 100 more laps for me!” and so on.

Because it was about the prince who returned after years of disappearance, public attention was high, and in an era of advanced technology, it didn’t take much time for both videos to become popular.

Most of the netizens were praising their Crown Prince for taking his Omega seriously and not being as cold and indifferent as he appeared to be.
Others were jealous of the fact that this not-so-great-looking Omega had His Highness’s protection, while His Highness’s desire to block everything for his Omega really touched the hearts of many Omegas.

Some people said, “Doesn’t His Highness have a fiance? Who is this Omega?”

The moment this comment came out, it immediately caught the attention of the netizens.

Hmm? What’s the situation? His Highness has a fiancé and he’s paired up with another Omega? Is this seemingly well behaved and coquettish little cutie pretending to be innocent, but is actually a third party? If that’s true, who is His Highness’s fiancé? How come no one has ever mentioned it before?

This matter aroused the gossiping hearts of the netizens and the matter became a hot topic.

Yue Feng took An Yuanguang back to the palace and scanned the comments.
However, he did not make any move, knowing that someone would surely come to him in the next two days.

He didn’t wait for the person who was going to come, but first paid attention to the strange news that the two academies had suddenly come together for a campaign to promote friendship between them.

He heard that it was ultimately because of him, that if it wasn’t for his public displays of affection, the students on both sides wouldn’t have been so impetuous with the hopes of falling in love as soon as possible.

Yue Feng: “????”

Then the school sent him a letter with the names of students randomly chosen to participate in the event.
In it, You Ning and An Yuanguang from the Art College were included, as well as he and Su Feng from the Military College side, and then he saw Su Fu in the instructor column.

Yue Feng: “.…” Heh, the admiral seems a bit impatient.

At the same time, another message was sent to Su Fu.
He clicked on the email, saw the name he wanted to see and his own name on it and gave a smile of anticipation.

Su Feng watched his reactions and the corners of his mouth twitched, he said with dissatisfaction, “Why do I have to go along? Heh, brother, I hope it’s not so that I can keep advising you.”

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