A tall, middle-aged man, dressed in a military uniform, came back and saw his son practicing the piano, so he said, “Jiayu, tidy up and come with me to the palace to see Yue Feng.”

“Oh, okay.” Xu Jiayu glanced at his father, he was puzzled that he was calling the Prince by his first name, but after thinking about it, he thought it was nothing.

Xu Jiayu was a famous Omega on Capital planet, aside from being the son of a marshal, he was the dream omega to many Alphas and Betas.
He was good looking, had excellent grades, charming pheromones and unlike many omegas, had a gentle personality.

But before that, the first thing that caught the public’s attention was the fact that Xu Jiayu was verbally recognised by the former king as the Crown Prince’s fiance.

However, although many people had forgotten it after the disappearance of His Highness, there were still those who remembered and spoke about it in the comments.

Xu Jiayu went to the palace with his father, and then met Yue Feng.

This was the first time Xu Jiayu had actually met him since his return, he had only seen this face on the internet.
It must be said that Yue Feng was indeed Xu Jiayu’s ideal Alpha, especially with his powerful aura, which made Xu Jiayu’s legs go weak and his heart beat faster when he got close to him.

“Your Highness.” Xu Yuan bowed to Feng Yue.
Xu Jiayu’s senses were pulled back by his father’s voice, and he hurriedly bowed like his father.

They were not in the main hall, but the rose garden.
Xu Yuan was not looking for Feng Yue on a state matter, but on a personal one.

He turned sideways so that Yue Feng could see his son’s face fully, and then introduced him, “Your majesty, do you remember Xu Jiayu?”

Yue Feng glanced at the Omega in front of him and said, “I have a little impression.” With that, he asked someone to bring in chairs and invited them to sit down.

Then Marshal Xu reminisced about the past in response to Yue Feng’s words.
Sometimes Yue Feng did not speak, sometimes he returned a sentence or two, and when he finally ran out of things to say, the Marshal pulled out the main purpose of his visit today.

“Then, Your Highness, do you remember what His Majesty said about your engagement to Jiayu?”

Yue Feng sneered inwardly and said, “I remember.”

The Marshal was just about to show a smile when he heard him continue, “However, that was only a verbal engagement by Father, the Empire abolished arranged marriages for years, I think Father would respect my opinion.”

Yue Feng looked at the marshal’s frozen smile and smiled politely, “Besides, I already have an Omega.
I don’t suppose you would facilitate an emotionless marriage, would you?”

Xu Yuan smiled stiffly, saying that he only remembered old things because of the recent rumours, so he had brought his son over to ask His Highness’s opinion.
That the silly boy of his family had been waiting for His Highness’s return.

Xu Jiayu sat by the side and was slightly startled by his father’s words.
But he immediately changed his face, showing a sad and disappointed look.

He had great confidence in himself, believing that if he showed his weakness, he would surely arouse Yue Feng’s pity— for the past ten years, every Alpha’s heart ached at his slightest frown, let alone this.

However, Yue Feng still had the same cold and indifferent look he had when they arrived, his eyes didn’t even linger on him much.

This was the first time Xu Jiayu had encountered such a situation.
He was somewhat devastated and reluctant to admit defeat, so he bit his lip and asked Yue Feng, “Does Your Highness think that there is something wrong with me?”

At this time, You Ning brought An Yuanguang over.
You Ning naturally knew that this father and son had come, and he even brought An Yuanguang with him to listen from a corner.
But You Ning didn’t come because of their arrival.
Yue Feng was originally sitting there waiting for the biscuits An Yuanguang had made for him, so he planned to have some snacks and some tea, and then to model for An Yuanguang.

As soon as the two of them came over, the Xu family’s father and son naturally looked at him, assuming that he was the Omega that Yue Feng was talking about.

Xu Jiayu’s face then turned ugly as he looked at You Ning and then at Yue Feng, that aggrieved look as if he was questioning Yue Feng for being so superficial.

You Ning, who was directly stamped as a coquettish bitch in the other party’s eyes, took the plate An Yuanguang was holding and walked towards Yue Feng.
He stood beside him with a particularly charming smile and called out in a soft voice: “Your Highness, come, ah-“

“……” Yue Feng was really shocked and his eyes looked at You Ning with horror.

The Xu family’s father and son looked at him with even more anger.

You Ning stepped back a bit, Yue Feng’s reaction was so funny that he sat down on a chair without any thought about his image and laughed out loud.
The Xu father and son were baffled, but then they saw him suddenly look at the entrance to the garden and his laughter stopped abruptly, then his expression became strange.

It looked like irritation and anger.

How could His Highness like such a psychopath?

Yue Feng was also taken back, but from his angle, he could just see the entrance to the garden, and seeing the figure that had just left, he gloated at You Ning’s misfortune, “Su Feng didn’t say that there was anything going on recently, so I guess the Admiral came because he felt a bit idle, but decided to leave because he felt that there was really nothing going on.”

You Ning was very unhappy, without any semblance of respect for the Prince, clasped his hands and said impatiently, “Eat the biscuits your baby made!”

Yue Feng snorted and happily picked up a biscuit and put it into his mouth.
There were other desserts on the small stone table, and even if there weren’t, he wouldn’t share them with the Xu family.

An Yuanguang blushed when You Ning said “your baby” and sat down beside Yue Feng, asking him in a small voice, “Is it good?”

The Xu family, who had been ignored, could not take it anymore.
Xu Yuan frowned, and asked Yue Feng in the tone of an elder: “Excuse me Your Highness, who is this? How can he speak to Your Highness in such a manner?”

Yue Feng glanced at You Ning who didn’t even care about their conversation, “A friend.” You Ning was indeed different from many people, he was reckless and not afraid of his status, saying and doing whatever he wanted.
Yue Feng felt that it was good that he was like that, he didn’t need to change for anyone.

Xu Yuan glared at You Ning, but he could not do thing because Yue Feng had called him a friend.
Besides, he said “friends”….

So, this harmless looking Omega was the one that Yue Feng was talking about?

Xu Jiayu came back to his senses and looked at An Yuanguang with even more resentment in his eyes.
What was good about him? He didn’t seem to be as good as him anywhere!

On the contrary, his father was not surprised, and after a few more casual conversations with Yue Feng, he took him back with him.

On the way, Xu Jiayu asked his father who that Omega was.
Xu Yuan said, “The son of the An family who accompanied Yue Feng on the deserted planet.”

“Oh.” Xu Jiayu’s thoughts about Yue Feng, which had only been raised today, were extinguished.

However, his father’s next words revived him.
“Unfortunately, he’s a fool.”

‘What?!’ Xu Jiayu looked up in shock, his father would certainly not lie to him, he thought back to all the things he had seen about An Yuanguang in the garden today, from the looks of it, he was a good and simple type, not retarded.

He wanted to know more, but his father didn’t say more on the topic.
He only said that if the two colleges were really going to have that event next week, he should prepare for it.


Xu Yuan went upstairs, and the bedroom door was opened from the inside.
Yue Cheng was only wearing a black leotard, his hands in chains.
He looked at Xu Yuan in confusion, and kept saying, “Come on, come in ……”

“Poor little Highness, has your estrus arrived?” Xu Yuan snickered and looked down at the boy kneeling before him.
He lifted his hand to touch his face and casually closed the door to prevent the room’s strong pheromones from spilling out.

The method for an Alpha to master an Omega was really simple.

Despite being reborn in a new life, Yue Feng didn’t really know why his brother, who had once been a little timid, had become aggressive and vicious towards him, as if he were an enemy.


You Ning didn’t expect Su Fu to come at such a moment, and the guy actually just walked away!

What was this? Did he… run away?

You Ning was disdainful but he knew Su Fu was not one to just run away.
He probably turned around and left because he was really uncomfortable.

But You Ning couldn’t be happy.
He wanted to get back at Su Fu for deceiving him, so this drama of flirting with someone else and then getting caught should be just what he wanted.

But he didn’t feel a single bit of pleasure.
It didn’t match what he had envisioned at all.

You Ning looked at the nauseating scene in the garden where Yue Feng and An Yuanguang were feeding each other, and thought back to Su Fu’s back as he left today, and had a slight urge to go and explain to him.

You Ning felt a little irritated, but in the end, he didn’t go looking for Su Fu that day.

Time passed and it was the third day, the day of the event between the two schools.
You Ning arrived at the meeting place early, An Yuanguang would be accompanied by Yue Feng so he didn’t want to go with them, although that was just his excuse.

After arriving, the other student instructors came one after another, even Su Feng arrived, but still no Su Fu.

You Ning’s entire being felt depressed, causing the Alphas who saw him and wanted to come up to him to stop, not daring to come forward.
He didn’t realize that he was a lot like those humans who, after having a fall out with someone, expect them to be on time for their previous appointment and then reconcile smoothly.

After a while, two instructors began to count the number of students and Su Fu finally arrived.

Su Fu’s appearance caused an uproar among the students of the Art Academy.
They had previously been able to maintain their calm as they watched excellent Alphas appear one by one, but not when it came to Su Fu.
He was the youngest Admiral in the Empire and had made a name for himself early on, reigning as the Empire’s most desirable Alpha for years.

Now that they had finally met him in the flesh, and it was clear that today was an opportunity, could they not be excited?

You Ning was about to explode with anger as he listened to the high and low exclaims in his ears.
He really wanted to blast these noisy people into the sky.
What were you looking at? What are you humans thinking? Don’t even think of getting your hands on this man, he is mine!

“…” You Ning’s expression went blank for a moment, what did he say?

Su Feng looked at his future sister-in-law who was so jealous that he wanted to destroy the world, and calmly pushed up his glasses.

Two days ago.

“Why are you panicking? He must just be joking with His Highness.
You don’t need to think of ways to steal someone from His Highness.”

“Don’t believe me? If you don’t believe me, just arrive late on Monday.”

“How late? Just come when everyone is there.
Once you arrive, there will definitely be a lot of people checking you out, pay attention to how he reacts, then you’ll know whether he is interested in you or not.”

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