Now that everyone had arrived, it was time to start the roll call.
When the roll call was finally handed over to Su Fu, You Ning clearly heard the students whisper once more.

They said that Admiral Su’s voice was so good that it was unbearable to hear him call out their names.

You Ning could no longer bring up a smile on his face.
He was staring straight at Su Fu, wishing to go up and bite him, hard.

An Yuanguang and Yue Feng were standing together, and when An Yuanguang saw how angry You Ning looked, he wanted to go over and comfort him although he didn’t know why the other party was angry– but Yue Feng held him back and he couldn’t go over.

Su Fu had already called out half the students but there was no You Ning.
He stopped the roll-call and let the ones who had just been named get on the first aircraft.

The crowd did not find anything suspicious and automatically started to move towards the aircraft.

After another half-dozen names were called, and Su Fu let the one whose names he had called get into the second aircraft.

“The rest will sit with us.” Su Fu closed the roster, the expression on his face never changing, as if the roll-call had been made at random, fair and square.

The Omegas at the Art Academy were relieved, with such a dazzling Omega like You Ning, what Alpha would not have eyes for him, this was a rare opportunity and they did not want to lose it.

On the other hand, the students of the Military Academy looked at each other with reluctance and skepticism.
After all, they remembered that three out of five of their instructors were single, and the Admiral was single too, so was there really no personal interest in letting the most beautiful Omega sit with them?

You Ning didn’t care what other people thought, and he wasn’t surprised at all.
If Su Fu had let someone else sit with him, then he was going to explode today.

He wasn’t thinking about the why anymore.
Demons acted according to their moods, so why should he keep wronging himself?

So as soon as he got on the aircraft, You Ning directly sat down next to Su Fu, and managed to stop the few Omegas who were pushing and shoving but not daring to approach.
Of course they looked at You Ning with displeasure.

Su Fu glanced at the Omegas, and You Ning immediately glared at Su Fu.
He was sitting next to him and he was actually looking at others?!

“……” Su Fu looked as if he had seen a cat with fried hair.

He didn’t say anything, but just turned his body sideways to help You Ning with his safety equipment.

Su Fu’s scent wrapped around You Ning’s entire body, they were clearly not touching that much, but You Ning had the illusion that he had been tainted by his scent.

He couldn’t help but look at Su Fu, and then sighed, this man was really to his taste.
In fact, his looks and features had changed because of his human body, but strangely enough, You Ning liked it just as much.
But it could also be that he didn’t remember what this archangel originally looked like.

The Omegas sitting opposite You Ning watched with envy and jealousy as Su Fu finally got You Ning’s safety equipment working, they gave up on the Admiral and turned their attention to the other people on this craft.

However the other Alphas all looked on intently and even had faint weird smiles.

Omegas: “……” This group of Alphas are also single by strength.

On the other side of the first aircraft, Xu Jiayu’s eyes were looking out the porthole as if he was distracted, and his friend touched him to ask him what was wrong.

He smiled reluctantly, then said it was nothing.

When his friend saw that he was looking at the aircraft the instructors and the Crown Prince were travelling on, he couldn’t help but think something and asked uncertainly, “Are you, are you looking at His Highness and the others ……”

Xu Jiayu hung his head, fiddled with his fingers and denied, “No ……”

His expression naturally drew more to the imagination.
The friend immediately guessed several possibilities, and finally remembered the image of Yue Feng arriving with An Yuanguang, then looked at Xu Jiayu with an unforgiving face.

“Jiayu, don’t worry, you’re so nice, His Highness has only been back for a short while, he’ll soon find out.”

The students who were not far from them naturally heard this, the Alphas who had previously made Xu Jiayu an ideal target naturally took a secret note that they still had a chance.
The others who were not happy with Xu Jiayu were secretly laughing, “Oh, you pretend to be the best Omega in the world again, but what happened? His Highness looks down on you.”

The aircraft arrived at its destination amidst the dark tide.

It was a jungle that would be infested with low to medium level beasts.
There was a certain level of danger, but it was within control.

This kind of exchange between the two schools had happened before, otherwise the two schools would not have set a precedent just for Su Fu’s selfishness.

Upon entering the forest, the students were divided into teams by several instructors, who also led separate teams, before dispersing.

The students of the military academy often do this type of mission training in the wilderness.
For them, today’s mission was low ranking for them, but since the Omegas were there, they wanted to show off their strength and charm.

You Ning was assigned to Su Fu’s team.
The few Alphas who still had their eyes on You Ning turned green, once was a coincidence, but is twice still a coincidence? The Admiral’s heart is really black! He didn’t even give anyone a chance!

But they couldn’t beat him even if they banded, so they could only watch the beautiful Omega fall into the big bad wolf’s trap.

You Ning looked at the wide, upright back of the big, bad wolf in front of him and suddenly cried out in fright, “My foot… hiss, my foot hurts so much ……”

His voice reached people’s hearts, and as one of the people nearest him, Su Fu immediately turned back to look at him.
Su Feng looked at Su Fu, then You Ning, and then indifferently turned back.

If he wasn’t his brother, he would have poked him in the eye right now!

So why did his brother call him here?

Su Feng increased his indifference level to the maximum.
Wasn’t he a person? You feed dog food to your own brother who came up with the plan!

The Omegas around You Ning saw Su Fu striding this way and looked at You Ning angrily: ‘You scheming bitch! It’s flat here, how did you sprain your foot? Shame on you!’

“Does it hurt?” Su Fu knelt down to examine You Ning’s foot, his gloved fingers grazing the delicate ankle, frowning slightly as he raised his head, even though he knew that there was nothing wrong with the foot.

You Ning looked like he was about to cry in pain, “Yeah, it hurts.
It hurts so much I can’t walk.”

The Omegas beside him rolled their eyes in unison: ‘huh, why not say that the leg was directly crippled?’

Su Fu caught the banter under You Ning’s eyes, he was silent for a second, then turned his back towards You Ning, his low voice coming to You Ning’s ears from the front, “Come up.”

The wind of the forest blew up at this time, passing through the leaves and green grass, bringing up a rustling sound.
They were obviously very simple words, but You Ning felt like his heart strings were also blown by that wind, gently plucking out a little bit of sound.

Su Fu didn’t feel Yu Ning’s weight, so he turned his head back towards You Ning, who looked back at him and climbed onto his back, not letting him see his expression.

The jealous eyes of the surrounding Omegas wanted to poke a hole in You Ning’s body.
Ahhhhh! Admiral, don’t let him fool you, he’s obviously just pretending to be pitiful!

Hump! Who doesn’t know how to play the pity game?

Before Su Fu could take a few steps with You Ning on his back, there was a sound of hoots from his team.
The Alphas in the team were both happy and distressed and they hurriedly imitated the general, running to care for the weak Omegas.
It’s a pity that they only got cold stares.

You Ning was no stranger to Su Fu’s back, he had carried him a lot in the last world.
In the past, You Ning liked to press his chest against his back and feel the powerful heartbeat of the man in front of him.

Now You Ning was probably doing it out of habit, he pressed up against him and heard the heart beating happily, as if representing how happy the owner of the heart was at You Ning’s proximity.

You Ning smiled and brought his mouth to Su Fu’s ear, purposefully exhaling a hot breath onto it, “Admiral, do you like me? Your heart is beating so fast.”

Su Fu’s reply was still as serious as ever: “Mm, I like you.”

You Ning did not find it as easy to resist as he had in the past, and he clearly felt himself leap for joy when he heard this.

And what best reflected his mood were the two feet that were hanging in Su Fu’s arms, they were swinging with unusual glee, not showing the slightest sign of injury.

The students at the back: “……”

Atleast be more dedicated, will you? You have to pretend to the end ah!

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