Su Fu didn’t ask You Ning, “What about you?”, but he just turned the person on his back, like a reminder that there were others behind You Ning, or like a small gesture to express his feelings through his body because he was restraining the smile on his face.

Like the other students had been doing, Su Feng also rolled his eyes.
He was annoyed, he just wanted to go back to the lab.

Today’s task was not much, it was very common, each team had to collect ten specific plants.
Of course they weren’t common, otherwise there wouldn’t be any difficulty at all.

They had to take the students of the Art Academy into account, so they’d take breaks every now and then.
There was no penalty for failure, so it was generally very relaxing.
It was also very refreshing for the average Omega to not be guarded and have a chance to play in a place like this.

So from the moment they entered the forest, the sound of laughter was heard from time to time.

It was at this moment of relaxation that a roar and a tremble came from the depths of the forest and spoiled the atmosphere.

The students of the Art Academy had never seen such a scene before and they all panicked.
Fortunately, the strongest from the Military Academy were around.
They were calm and some of them were already protecting the Omegas around them.

Su Fu looked at Su Feng, who was not far from him, and told everyone to gather at the original place.
They had not gone far so it would not be too difficult to gather.

In addition, Su Feng said to Su Fu, “Judging from the sound and strength, it’s not a beast originating from this forest.”

Su Fu nodded, he did not put You Ning down, and walked back with the team following behind.
Omegas’ physical strength was not comparable to Alphas’, and the group could not go fast, so some of them proposed to do what the Admiral did, carrying one on their backs and going faster.

At this point, the Omegas had no regard for modesty.
So, apart from the two teams that were already close to the spot, Su Fu’s team was the fastest to get back.

Shortly afterwards, another team came back.
Only the last team was missing, and it was the team with Yue Feng and An Yuanguang.

If the beast was not originally in the forest, then it must have been artificially released there.
You Ning could guess with his toes who the target was.
He was a little negligent because his cat had another task today, and he was so preoccupied with finding Su Fu, he thought everything was fine since An Yuanguang had Yue Feng with him.

He immediately jumped off Su Fu’s back, the Omegas on their team had already seen through him, but had no desire to taunt him.

But You Ning’s next move was even more shocking, he ran off into the forest, leaving the crowd protected by the instructors.

The students who had already looked at him unfavorably, felt even more speechless.
Running out at such a time was just adding to the chaos.
Don’t you have any idea of your own weight?

See, the admiral went after him.
It’s too much!

You Ning soon found Yue Feng and his group, and as he expected, their group was under the beast’s attack.
The Omegas were shivering in a group, and the Alphas were working together against this huge opponent.

Luckily, they had all taken the precaution of bringing weapons with them earlier, they were not at a disadvantage for the moment, and no one was seriously injured.

Su Fu arrived one step after You Ning, this kind of beast was too common for him, and once he arrived, what had been a scary fight seemed to become a personal show.

When You Ning saw that the beast was taken care of, he went straight over to An Yuanguang.

Unlike humans, You Ning naturally sensed that someone was secretly watching.
He walked over to An Yuanguang and told him to take off his coat.

An Yuanguang, in the spirit of trusting You Ning and the fact that his heart was now focused on Yue Feng in the distance, obediently took off his clothes and gave them to him.

You Ning and An Yuanguang exchanged coats, and then one of them walked away from the crowd.
He had not gone very far when a red beast with high speed suddenly leapt out of the forest and carried You Ning away.

“Ningning!” An Yuanguang stood up with wide eyes, his not-so-clever brain instantly understanding why You Ning had exchanged clothes with him.

The scene had happened really fast, and by the time the students’ screams rose up, Su Fu could no longer find You Ning’s figure.

He no longer had the heart to spend any more time with this beast, and settled it as quickly as he could.
After that, he immediately went after An Yuanguang who was chasing the beast.

Yue Feng stopped An Yuanguang and discovered that An Yuanguang was wearing You Ning’s clothes, clothes that You Ning had deliberately changed.
His hand around An Yuanguang gradually tightened, his eyes glowed coldly.
Sure enough, it was about to start again.

When Su Fu found You Ning, You Ning was sitting on the corpse of the red beast, holding a bloody object in his hand, a wicked smile more lustrous than blood blooming on his lips.

“A scent tracker?” Su Fu’s heart dropped on seeing that he was okay, and then he noticed the object in his hand.

“Hmmm, the man who put a scent tracker on a monster is scary.
Admiral, I’m scared!” You Ning hastily rubbed his hands on the beast’s corpse and held his hands out towards Su Fu coquettishly.

Su Fu frowned and carried him.
He looked at the well-behaved young man in his arms and sighed, “Next time, remember to let me know first, I won’t stop you from doing what you want to do, but you have to let me accompany you.”

It was the same words as before.
You Ning played dumb and looked at him innocently, cocking his head, “But, Admiral, I’m not yours, why should I tell you about what I do?”

“……” Su Fu chocked, he let out a breath, then said seriously, “Su Fu, a thirty year old Alpha, is now officially courting you, do you agree?”

You Ning raised an eyebrow, and said without much hesitation, “I accept.”

Su Fu froze, then the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but raise in a smile.
You Ning looked at his expression and suddenly added, “But ……”

You Ning paced in front of him, switching directions several times before finally saying, “But you shouldn’t expect me to like you.”

Su Fu suddenly had the urge to smile even more.
His hands itched a little, he was tempted to touch his eyes, which were shining in all colours.

But he did not succeed in touching them.
The grass around him made a subtle sound, and Su Fu, who had just experienced a beast attack, was instantly alert.

However, what jumped out of the grass was just a cat.
A big round-faced cat with beautiful, extraordinarily dark and silky fur.

For some reason, Su Fu felt like it was familiar.
But then again, he knew very well that he had not seen such a cat before.

As soon as the cat stepped out, it saw that annoying archangel was also there and was so close to its master.
Thinking back to how it was used and how it lost it’s his master’s favour, the black cat felt angry.

So it glared at Su Fu fiercely– if this old angel wasn’t a human with no memory, then it would ……ah, it wouldn’t dare.

You Ning squatted down, stroked the cat’s back and looked at Su Fu, “What, still remember it? This is my cat.”

“?” Su Fu did not know what this “still” meant.

You Ning looked at his puzzled expression and thought to himself, “Is this old angel actually playing for real this time? Does he really not remember?”

You Ning didn’t say anything more, he picked the cat up and said to Su Fu, “Let’s go back.”

The black cat had been out for two or three days.
It has been out ever since that time when the Xu family’s father and son left the palace.

All the things that had happened to An Yuanguang after he returned to Capital planet had obviously been arranged by someone, but it was impossible to tell who it was from An Yuanguang’s perspective.

You Ning had first guessed that it was Yue Feng’s fiancé, and even if it wasn’t directly related to him, it must be related.

But when the Xu family’s father and son saw An Yuanguang that day, it was Xu Yuan who had a higher malice value towards An Yuanguang.
You Ning thought it was a bit interesting, so he asked his cat to check it out.

Because of the sudden beast attack, the event ended haphazardly after it had started.
Su Fu had things to do because of the scent tracker, and You Ning had to see what his cat had gotten, so they went their separate ways first.

When You Ning returned safely, An Yuanguang and even Yue Feng were finally relieved.
Although he hired You Ning to protect his little light, he didn’t want him to die for him.

As soon as they went back, You Ning immediately returned to his room.
An Yuanguang thought that he was tired and did not dare to disturb him.

With no one else around, You Ning laid comfortably on the big bed and watched the little movie the Black Cat had been shooting for the past two days.

After a short while, You Ning confirmed that it was indeed a small movie.
The images were a bit too much for his eyes and he turned it off in slight discomfort, spitting in the process, “What the hell is this? It’s so disgusting.”

The black cat lowered its head guiltily, “Master, it’s my fault, I should have blocked certain parts and that face.”

You Ning waved his hand, not bothered about it anymore.
He was an incubus that fed on sex, but he wasn’t that extreme.

He didn’t expect Yue Feng’s brother to have that kind of relationship with such an old thing.
It was also because he had focused too much of his attention on how to take revenge on Su Fu.
In addition, An Yuanguang himself was not looking for revenge, so he didn’t pay much attention to it.

But given the magical setting of this world, coupled with the bullying incident involving Yue Cheng and his cat, this brother must be under that old thing’s control.
Or was he a pervert that enjoyed being in that old thing’s hands?

Hmm …… You Ning suddenly felt that An Yuanguang’s wish wasn’t simple anymore.

According to Yue Feng’s character, he would certainly take care of his brother even if the relationship was estranged.
If his brother is sick or under control, then he will certainly not be happy.

Of course if Yue Feng didn’t know why his brother hated him in this life, then he would simply ignore it and it wouldn’t cause too much of an emotional upheaval.

This would be somewhat similar to Lu Anlan’s situation.
Not knowing the truth would have allowed him to remain indifferent, but knowing it instead caused pain.

But You Ning didn’t need to think so much, all he knew was that this old thing had disgusted him today, and he had to return the displeasure.

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