y that life on the deserted planet wasn’t bitter at all, that they were doing well, and that if he had gone with Yue Feng, he too would have been well protected and he wouldn’t have suffered a bit.

It was like everything he had done on the Capital Planet where he had thrown away his dignity and knelt down to beg for mercy in order to stay alive was a slap in the face.

Yue Cheng’s anger rose at once.
Hate and jealousy burned through his heart along with that anger.

He began to take revenge on Yue Feng and An Yuanguang even though he knew that his brother was innocent.
He knew that Yue Feng loved that Omega and also learned about his situation from Xu Yuan, so he arranged for a school and a teacher for An Yuanguang.

He arranged for people to deliberately talk about Yue Feng in front of An Yuanguang, and asked Joyce, a playboy, to seduce An Yuanguang, mark him and then abandon him.
Even though Joyce went a little off track in the middle, the end did not deviate much from his plan.

He had managed to see Yue Feng’s pain as a result, and he felt perversely satisfied.

He also knew that Xu Yuan had seen everything he had done, that the man was laughing, and Yue Cheng knew what he was laughing at, but he was still the same cowardly self who only dared to blame Yue Feng for all his faults.

Later, he even tampered with the medicine for An Yuanguang’s treatment, causing An Yuanguang to leave this world early.
Then once again, he got to see Yue Feng’s pained appearance, but at that moment, he did not know whether he was happy about it or not.

The mighty Yue Feng had finally become vulnerable the moment An Yuanguang died.
Yue Cheng thought he would fall, but he didn’t, he returned to the palace and within a year, married Xu Yuan’s son.

He didn’t know why, but after An Yuanguang’s death, Yue Cheng became numb.
Once he returned to the palace and realised that Xu Jiayu, whom Yue Feng had married, was a hypocrite, his heart did not even waver- he knew that sooner or later, Yue Feng would find out about him.

But he was not afraid.

Xu Yuan had found full pleasure in the two brothers and he seemed to be addicted to it.
He looked forward to seeing Yue Feng taking revenge on his own brother.

He was so high on power that he did not put the blackened Yue Feng in his eyes, completely underestimating the enemy.

Xu Yuan was finally killed silently and died with a face full of incredulity, and the evidence that Yue Feng had collected over the years was made known to the entire empire at the moment of his death.

And Yue Cheng was finally imprisoned in the palace.
Yue Feng did not touch him or come to visit him.
In the long time that passed, Yue Cheng finally understood why he was not afraid of Yue Feng knowing who had killed the Omega, because he knew that his brother, Yue Feng, would not kill him.

After his revenge, Yue Feng was so exhausted that he no longer cared about managing the Empire.
He quickly abdicated and returned to that deserted star with An Yuanguang’s corpse, watching over it day after day, and never returned to the capital planet again.

Until the wheel of time was turned back once by the hand of the demon.

The image of the last life stopped when You Ning came before An Yuanguang’s soul and the lifeless Yue Feng guarding An Yuanguang’s grave.

You Ning waved his hand to turn it off.
You Ning found Yue Feng quite annoying, selfish and self-serving, only daring to take out all his hatred and anger on those least likely to harm him.
But on second thought, this seemed to be a common problem for many humans, which was sickeningly plausible.

From his point of view, what happened to Yue Cheng was not his fault, but it was nothing to sympathize with either.
However, humans always have a special tolerance for those who are related by blood.
You Ning didn’t know if Yue Cheng forgave him or not, but the odds are that he would still save him no matter what.

Hmm …… So what to do first?

You Ning sat idly on the bed, his fingers tapping his crimson lips.
His thoughts drifted, and he suddenly jumped off the bed and went out.

He was in such a hurry that he almost bumped into An Yuanguang, who was looking for him.
An Yuanguang even gave him a hand in turn.
An Yuanguang was obviously agitated by what had happened during the day and was afraid that You Ning would get hurt again because of him– although You Ning hadn’t been hurt at all during the day.

An Yuanguang’s concern was genuine, but You Ning was in a hurry, he pulled back his hand uncomfortably and waved it, saying, “I’m going out.”

An Yuanguang looked at the already darkening sky and asked You Ning, “It’s so late and you still want to go out?”

You Ning had already taken a few steps, and at An Yuanguang’s question, turned around and smiled at him, saying, “That’s even better, *pillow wind is better done at night.”

*Pillow wind refers to a scenario where a wife whispers to her husband in private to exert some influence on the other party.

When You Ning’s figure disappeared into the darkness, An Yuanguang scratched his head, thinking, “What is a pillow wind, should I go back and ask Brother?”

Because of the day’s events, Su Fu returned home late.
His family knew he would be late and had prepared a meal for him.
His parents and brother were chatting in the living room and were a little surprised to see him back not long after dinner time.

Su Fu’s eyebrow was twitching and he had a bad premonition.

His premonition soon came true.
He went to his room to change his clothes and had just sat at the dining table when he heard a knock at the door.

The dazzling features of the man at the door seemed to shine even brighter with the darkness of the night behind him.

The Su couple were so shocked that their eyes almost fell out of their sockets, and their burning gazes snapped back to their youngest son.

Su Feng was baffled: “……” Why are you looking at me? It’s not like he’s here to see me!

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