That night, You Ning was lying on his big bed watching the latest comedy movie that the black cat had played for him.
The movie had a strong cast, but it was too silly and brain-dead, with a confusing plot that didn’t hit You Ning’s laughing point at all, and he was so bored.

Fortunately, something interesting soon came up.

He received a call from Xiang Yang.

Before You Ning could say anything, he heard the person on the other end say, “Tomorrow is my birthday; it won’t be at a messy place this time.
Come to my manor, we’re meeting at ten in the morning, don’t forget.”

His tone was casual, but You Ning could hear the tension in it.

You Ning asked the cat to turn off the movie, and Xian Yang on the other end of the phone became even more nervous when he didn’t hear anything after a while.

Lin Yuan had told him all that had transpired during the day, and although You Ning wasn’t angry, Xiang Yang still felt anxious.

Xiang Yang and Lu Anlan had been friends since childhood.
*Xiang Yang was not as his name suggests, he was a standard rich second generation who was rebellious and domineering.
There wasn’t a positive thing about him, as he was always causing trouble from elementary school all the way to high school, and he had implicated Lu Anlan several times.

*Xiang Yang – sunny.

He was still a restless young master even in college and had never attended classes in earnest.

He hardly listens to anyone except Lu Anlan, even though he occasionally argues and gets impatient.
Their friends always teased that Lu Anlan was Xiang Yang’s little wife and that Xiang Yang was a wife slave.

This joke lasted from junior high school until freshman year, when Lu Anlan no longer laughed it off like before and started defending himself, saying that he and Xiang Yang were just close friends.

At that time, Xiang Yang froze for several seconds, then he slung an arm over Lu Anlan’s shoulder nonchalantly, smiling as he said Lu Anlan was right.

Everyone could see that Xiang Yang was forcing a smile on his face, but Lu Anlan was oblivious.
It wasn’t that Lu Anlan was slow; Shu Yu was on his mind, and he inevitably ignored the others.

Leave alone how Xiang Yang felt, several of his buddies were indignant for him, especially with the way Lu Anlan was taken just like that.
They started denigrating Shu Yu, and Lu Anlan, who was in love, would naturally defend his beloved.

Lu Anlan felt that they were prejudiced against Shu Yu, while they felt that Lu Anlan was a little heartless.

In his last life, Lin Yuan felt that he had caused trouble for Xiang Yang and did not want to upset Lu Anlan anymore, so he did not go to Xiang Yang’s birthday party.
But likewise, Lu Anlan didn’t go either.
He was with Shu Yu and didn’t celebrate Xiang Yang’s birthday for the first time in more than ten years.

The other end of the phone was still very quiet, and Xiang Yang’s hand holding the phone was soaked in sweat.
Lin Yuan called him to say that Shu Yu had been fired today and had gone to the cinema to pick up two movie tickets, most likely for a date with An Lan tomorrow.

In fact, he knew that Shu Yu was excellent—so excellent that he was beyond reproach.
He was a good student, with excellent grades, and from a single-parent home.
He was awarded a scholarship every year, and he spent most of his vacation time working to earn money.
While the rich kids are still used to asking for money, he has learned to be self-reliant.
He was somewhat aloof but polite, and he didn’t come across as arrogant.
He was also good-looking, well-mannered, mature, and calm.
He didn’t smoke or fight; he lived a disciplined life and never went to fool around in chaotic places to fool around, and he was the male god in the hearts of many girls in the school.

Except for his looks, Xiang Yang had none of Shu Yu’s advantages that Lu Anlan found attractive.
He and his friends couldn’t see through Shu Yu because of his aloofness.
They felt that Shu Yu was a hypocrite, but they couldn’t find his exact flaws, so they could only judge him based on their feelings and guesses.

But this didn’t mean that Xiang Yang would be reconciled.
Lin Yuan also said that Lu Alan’s mother was at the shopping center when Shu Yu was given a hard time, so An Lan did not step in.
This meant that Shu Yu had not yet reached an irreplaceable level in An Lan’s heart.

Xiang Yang thought a lot about it and was about to say, “If you’re not available, just send a gift,” in a nonchalant tone, when he heard the person on the other end of the phone speak.

You Ning stroked the small, fluffy magical creature under his palm and said, in the same casual, familiar tone, “Sure.
Is there anything you want in particular? I went shopping with my mom today and picked out a piece for you, I don’t know if you’ll like it.”

Xiang Yang didn’t expect him to agree so he froze for a moment.
It was only after You Ning had called him several times that he came to his senses.
Without giving him a chance to backtrack, he hurriedly said, “You can give me anything! Then it’s a deal! See you tomorrow!”

“Mm, see you tomorrow.”

Xiang Yang hung up the phone, his chest thumping.
It occurred to him as an afterthought that Lu Anlan had agreed to it so easily, probably because Shu Yu hadn’t invited him out yet.

Xiang Yang suddenly had a malicious thought, he wished the movie tickets Shu Yu had booked would go to another person because he didn’t have confidence that Lu Anlan would choose him if Shu Yu asked him out later.

But he could also leave Lu Anlan with no way out.

Xiang Yang jumped up from the bed, turned off all his mobile phones, and logged out of all his games.
Then he came out of the house like a psychopath, and drove to the villa farthest from Lu Anlan’s house—only then was he sure that no one could contact him.
However, when he arrived, he became entangled again.
What if his An An needed him? What if his An An accidentally watched a ghost movie at night and wanted to call him?

So, Xiang Yang spent the whole night switching his phone on and off.

“Do you to see what your big fool is doing?” You Ning said to Lu Anlan in the ring after his call with Xiang Yang.

Lu Anlan was still hesitating when he saw You Ning jerking the cat’s ears back with both hands.
The black cat’s turquoise eyes opened wide, and Xiang Yang’s image suddenly appeared in the room.

Lu Anlan: “……”

Yes, You Ning just casually asked, he did not care about Lu Anlan’s answer, he just wanted to see Xiang Yang.

You Ning laughed at Xiang Yang’s stupid actions; the guy ran so fast that he almost tripped on his carpet.

It was so much better than that box office crap from earlier; this was real and more natural.

You Ning was having fun watching Xiang Yang when his phone vibrated with a message from Shu Yu.

–Xiao An, are you free tomorrow? [Movie tickets]

–I didn’t have time to spend with you before, so can we go to the movies tomorrow?

–I bought the afternoon show, so we can first go to the amusement park or arcade in the morning.

You Ning rubbed the screen of his phone and thought, ‘Text messages are so convenient, they can hide any tone of voice perfectly.’

He unlocked the phone and replied.


–Sorry senior, Xiang Yang invited me to his birthday party tomorrow.

–[/sad] Senior, how about the day after tomorrow?

Shu Yu looked at You Ning’s reply and was not surprised by his rejection.
He typed a message without panic:

–There’s no time the day after tomorrow; the student union has some plans, so I’ll have to go back to school.

–Xiao An, I miss you a lot.

You Ning laughed at the last sentence, ‘Yes, you miss me so much that you don’t even bother to call.’

You Ning pretended to be torn and hesitant before making a choice, and finally replied after a while:

–I’m sorry, senior, there can be many more dates, but Xiang Yang will make 20 years only once in a lifetime.
If senior had a good friend he had grown up with, he also would also have said yes.

Shu Yu read the text and sneered.
Was this mocking him for not having friends?

In his previous life, Lu Anlan had loved Shu Yu so much that he couldn’t help it and he didn’t think Lu Anlan’s friends were more important than him, and Xiang Yang had only shamelessly forced You Ning to make a choice.

In a way, he had guessed right.

But the fact that he had been so confident before, only to receive a slap in the face, made Shu Yu feel extremely irritated.
However, given the image he portrayed to others , he wouldn’t do something like ask You Ning to cancel the party so he could come and spend time with him.

Shu Yu had to graciously reply to You Ning that it was okay and say good night.
Then he put the phone down and frowned, he was full of confidence, not because he was arrogant, but because of Lu Anlan’s actions in his last life.
Why had the Lu Anlan in this life not yet fallen out with Xiang Yang’s group and the relationship was as good as ever?

What had gone wrong?

On this side, You Ning had just finished the hypocritical chat with Shu Yu when his cat’s ears twitched and it suddenly spoke, “Master, the headmaster is sending an angel to assist you since it is your first time out.”

You Ning: “……”

The new conditions for the devil’s deal were extremely rigid, and as far as he knew, he was the only one making a deal at the moment.
Was it for assistance? Or supervision?

Moreover, if it was an angel coming… He suddenly had a bad feeling about it

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