That said, why did You Ning make a deal that no other demon was interested in?

There were three reasons.

One, he was bored and annoyed by the many demons and angels begging to sleep with him every day, so he needed something new to spice up his life; two, he had just graduated from the academy, and a teacher he respected had introduced him to the new demon trade, saying it might yield unexpected results; and three, he had slept with a professor who had come to give a lecture at their academy.

The professor was an archangel who had been welcomed into the college not long ago, and was said to be quite old, perhaps several hundred thousand years old.

However, he didn’t look old at all but was rather stunningly handsome.
He was so handsome that You Ning even got a strong desire to sleep with him, something that had never happened in his life as an incubus.

But fortunately for You Ning, when he made that archangel’s eyes, a tacit exchange of consciousness took place in a flash of lightning:

“Do you want to spend tonight together?”

“Are you free tonight?”

The archangel, who seemed to be so cold and aloof, was particularly inconsistent with his persona, and it saved You Ning a lot of trouble.

That night, You Ning had a great time.

Afterwards, he even thought that that was the kind of life an incubus should enjoy; he didn’t think he was that different from the incubi; he just hadn’t met anyone that caught his eye before.

In the end, he was just a picky eater.

But good and bad things often go hand in hand.
You Ning woke up early the next morning and was pinned down by the archangel’s wings and was prepositioned to: “You are beautiful, sweet, and I loved it.
I want you, sign a contract with me?”

You Ning immediately rolled his eyes very nonchalantly, not even knowing which sentence to spit out first.
‘Was he old-fashioned because he was over ten thousand years old? What damn contract? Even idol dramas don’t have such lines anymore, okay? Also, this friend, can’t you see who you’re confessing to? I’m an incubus, I only understand sex, not love.
Is it okay to talk to an incubus about love? And most important thing is, I don’t need people to compliment me on my beauty! I know it myself!’

So You Ning had an on-the-spot change of face.
He put on his trousers, turned his face to the side, and cursed very bluntly: “You’re a psycho! I’ll never have sex with a psycho like you ever again!”

All the good feelings were ruined.

But that wasn’t all.
The professor’s lecture was held for two days in a row, and this archangel had a high reputation, the kind that no serious academic would want to miss.
You Ning’s academic persona would not allow him to skip it just because the psycho had inexplicably confessed to him in the morning.
And so You Ning was forced to accept the arch angel’s special attention.

Actually, no one noticed this special attention, after all, the archangel’s expression was always calm.
His turquoise eyes occasionally swept over the students for less than a second, as if they were never born to linger on anyone; they seemed cold and almost heartless.

But You Ning was able to read the emotions in the angel’s eyes whenever they swept over him, and they translated to something like, “Heh, scum, we meet again,” and it was very painful for the little incubus.

But then You Ning thought, ‘This guy is tens of thousands of years old; he should know that incubi are supposed to sleep around and not be responsible for it.

You Ning’s eyes narrowed slightly, could it be that this professor was playing a novelty game with him? Trying to use a different approach from that of the others who came begging to sleep with him? Did he want another night?

You Ning thought back to how it felt.

Well, it wasn’t really impossible.

The professor in the lecture hall soon received an ambiguous look from the little incubus.

The professor: “……” He’s seducing me again.

So You Ning had another great night.

Having eaten well both nights, he didn’t want to hear the archangel’s domineering afterthoughts for the time being; he’d wait until he was hungry at a later point.

So when You Ning woke up in the archangel’s firm arms the next morning, he nimbly ran off without saying a word.

He was gone in a heartbeat, and was naturally unaware of what a certain enraged professor had done to scare the headmaster of Y01 Hell Academy after he left.
The headmaster was aggrieved; the student had graduated, but he was still forced to care about his whereabouts after graduation.

Headmaster: balding.JPG


You Ning got up early the next morning and dressed casually.
After all, they were all young people, and the birthday party would be attended by those who were well acquainted with Xiang Yang.

He was dressed casually, but when his mother saw him, she thought he was going on a date and sprayed some perfume on him.
The perfume was a trophy from yesterday’s shopping, and she thought it was fresh and lively and would go well with You Ning.

Xiang Yang’s manor was an inheritance from his mother, it was on the outskirts of the city, and it took You Ning about two hours to get there.

The Xiang family was one of the top wealthy families in China, and the Lu family was only an ordinary wealthy family compared to it.
The Xiang family was rich, but their relationships fully justified the statement that there are a lot of wrongs in a wealthy family.

Xiang Yang’s father was young and fashionable, with a sense of career and family responsibility, but in his middle age, he felt that he had created a business empire and should be like an emperor, so he started keeping mistresses everywhere.

But Xiang Yang’s mother was not a soft persimmon either.
When she noticed her husband’s change of heart, she immediately had someone do a vasectomy on him the moment she gave birth to Xiang Yang, so one could imagine how complicated the couple’s daily life was.

But when Xiang Yang was twelve years old, his mother died of liver cancer.
The couple had already divorced by then, and Xiang Yang’s mother left all her inheritance to her son, ensuring that he would be clothed and fed for the rest of his life.

Since then, Xiang Yang has embarked on a rebellious path, and there has been no sign of turning back.

When You Ning arrived, so did Lin Yuan and the rest.
Lin Yuan was slightly surprised to see his car, and he started winking at Xiang Yang frequently.

Xiang Yang pretended not to see it and went to meet You Ning.

You Ning took the gift from the passenger side and got out of the car.
As soon as he got down, he was startled by the two dark circles under Xiang Yang’s eyes and joked, “What’s wrong with you? You’re not a kid; were you too excited for your birthday that you couldn’t sleep, Little Yang?”

The boys In the back hooted and laughed.

Xiang Yang grimaced.
‘Isn’t it all because of you?’

He stepped forward to take the gift from You Ning, the gift box was quite small, and someone asked what it was.

He was about to tell them to shut up when he heard You Ning reply, “The clothes I chose for Xiang Yang when I went shopping with my mother yesterday.”

There was a burst of whoops! From the crowd.

Someone teased, “Mmm? What do you guys think is going on with Little An? My girlfriend and my mom are the only ones who give me clothes for my birthday.
So is he ……?”

The boy next to him shrugged his shoulders and said, “Who knows? As long as it makes Brother Yang happy.”

‘Can’t you see that Brother Yang is grinning from ear to ear?’

Xiang Yang’s manor was huge, with orchards, ponds, vegetable patches, and a small horse farm.
The group had a great time, and in the afternoon, they made a barbecue with fresh vegetables and fish they caught.

There was a chef in the garden, but the young masters insisted on doing it themselves.
As a result, the fish was either black and smoky or raw on the inside, so they all had to admit that they didn’t know how to cook and ate what the chef had made.

It was autumn, so the sky started getting dark earlier.
After dinner, the group of boys were left to their own devices, and they casually lay on the sofas and carpets.

The single dogs were In a group, while those with girlfriends and boyfriends started to chat with them, giving the singles several critical hits.
There was also a group of boys playing cards, with one or two having a sneer on their lips, thinking that the God of Gambling had possessed them, yet they were actually very amateur.

You Ning, on the other hand, was organizing his photos from the day and sending them to his circle of friends, and Xiang Yang was the first to give him a like.

As soon as nine o’clock passed, the group of lazy boys all came to life and started playing games and drinking when they lost.
You Ning didn’t like the smell of alcohol, so he didn’t lose a single round.

Xiang Yang, on the other hand, seemed to be in a very good mood today, and he drank no matter if he won or lost, and it was no surprise that he was laying down by the end of the game.

Seeing that the day’s protagonist was down, the boys started to go their separate ways.
Those who had come driving were given a ride back by the manor’s drivers, leaving only You Ning and Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan didn’t drink much, but he acted like he was drifting away, and he said to You Ning, “I help like this, so I’ll leave Brother Yang to you.
I’ll go back first.”

You Ning pretended not to see through his poor excuse and nodded, saying, “Then take care of yourself on the way.”

Lin Yuan waved his hand: “It’s all right, there is a driver.
I will send you a WeChat message when I arrive.
Let’s go…”

He secretly glanced at the drunk Xiang Yang, expressing sincere brotherly love.
‘I have done my best; it’s up to you now.’

There were a number of staff in the manor, but aside from the drivers who had left, the rest were female.
You Ning didn’t know if Xiang Yang had planned this, or if it was a pure coincidence.
But judging from the fact that so many people had gone without helping Xiang Yang into the room, the former was very likely.

After taking a look around, You Ning took it upon himself to pick up Xiang Yang and walk upstairs to the bedroom.

Xiang Yang was not embarrassed to put all his weight on You Ning’s body like mud, and he took a deep breath of the sweet perfume on You Ning’s body.
He was ready to wake up, but You Ning suddenly stumbled on his feet, and his lips brushed against You Ning’s earlobe.

It was soft and delicate, white and tender.

Xiang Yang almost had a nosebleed, and he distanced himself from You Ning with a jerk.

At You Ning’s simple and puzzled expression, his body reacted uncontrollably, and he hurriedly took a few steps up the stairs, covering his mouth and turning his back to You Ning: “Don’t come here, An An.
I… I’m going to vomit… Why don’t you go back first, be careful on the road!”

You Ning looked at him with worry and asked, “Should I buy you some medicine? Why did you drink to your heart’s content? Drinking too much will hurt your body.”

“No, no, I’ll be fine after throwing up, it’s already late, don’t let Uncle and Auntie worry.”

“Alright then, I’ll ask Auntie to make you some hangover soup, you can drink it later and go to bed early.” With that, You Ning turned around to go downstairs.

Xiang Yang breathed a sigh of relief, and then went back to his room with a flushed face and locked the door.
He listened to the sound of the engine downstairs; the scent still lingered on the tip of his nose, and the touch of the pink earlobe remained on his lips.
He could not help but stretch his hand down, whispering, “An An” with affection and desire.

You Ning did not drink that night, so he drove himself.
It was late, and there was very little traffic on the suburban roads.

It was probably becausee of the lack of traffic that a car with high beam headlights came in front of him, making You Ning’s eyes uncomfortable.
When the car brushed past him, his cat jumped onto it in a manner and at a speed that was definitely not normal for a cat and laid firmly on the roof of the car.

Nothing good was going to happen to the owner of that car.

You Ning continued driving without looking back: “Heh, who told you to get so damn close and turn on the high beams!”

Lu Anlan:”…… “ Demons are really vengeful creatures.

Although he knew that the demon was not in a good mood at the moment, Lu Anlan could not help but ask, “Why did you… do that to Xiang Yang?”

Do what? Tease him?

After understanding what Lu Anlan meant, You Ning was instead confused and asked, “According to you humans, isn’t the quickest revenge on your boyfriend cuckolding him?”


Shu Yu, who was oblivious to the fact that he was about to be cuckolded, looked at the bright smiles in the pictures on You Ning’s circle of friends and squeezed his phone so hard that his knuckles turned white.

If You Ning’s rejection yesterday made him feel strange, then today’s photos made Shu Yu confirm that something was wrong.

But he knew that he wouldn’t be able to figure it out in the short term.

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