On Monday, You Ning returned to school, and just like last week, he went to meet Shu Yu for lunch at noon.

After class in the morning, Shu Yu had been busy with the affairs of the student council.
It was going to survey the tourist attractions in the northern part of A City.
It was a two-day, one-night trip that was not particularly luxurious, but a budget-friendly trip for modern college students.
The entire tour would cost each person only two hundred yuan.

You Ning came to Shu Yu just in time to hear a bit, and he turned to the latter with a pair of eyes full of expectation.
He tugged at the corner of Shu Yu’s coat, whispering, “Senior, I also want to go, can I come with you?”

The students in the student council were all aware of his relationship with Shu Yu, and as it was also lunchtime, they all stopped what they were doing and stared at the two of them with interest.

The girls found You Ning’s little gesture, and they gathered together to watch.
The look in their eyes was downright scary.
The guys, on the other hand, thought they were showing off their relationship and teased, “Little Lu, I heard you went to your friend’s birthday last weekend and had a great time.
You don’t know how gloomy God Shu was when he came back to school yesterday; yo, that sour smell……”

“Exactly! Shu Yu, Little Lu has offered to go on a trip with you, so you should stop pulling a long face!”

You Ning was embarrassed by their words and blushed, looking at Shu Yu even more expectantly.
Shu Yu’s furrowed brows loosened, and he sighed, as if he finally couldn’t help but smile.
He rubbed You Ning’s hair and said, “Alright then.”

You Ning hooked Shu Yu’s hand, his ears turning red, and he lowered his head and whispered, “Thank you, senior.”

“Wuhuu… so well behaved…” The students couldn’t control their excitement.
The soft and cute shou X mighty and cold academic bully gong, this CP was too delicious!


“What did you say? He’s going with Shu Yu on that budgeted tour?”

Xiang Yang was so happy the two days after his birthday that he couldn’t find his way out of the house.
Unexpectedly, he would hear such news as soon as he returned to school, it was no different from a bolt from the blue.

The scary thing was that Lin Yuan was still going on, “Not only that, the tour is for two days and one night.
They are going to rent a tent for the night, one for two people.”


The chopsticks in Xiang Yang’s hand were violently broken, “Did you find out where they were planning to go?”

Lin Yuan typed on his mobile phone with a crackle, and after a while, he replied to Xiang Yang: “It’s to that mountain in the north of the city…Uh, don’t even think about it, that guy Shu Yu will definitely not take you along.”

“Tch!” Xiang Yang sneered, “The tourist area doesn’t belong to his family; why can’t I go there this weekend?”

Lin Yuan gave a thumbs up to Xiang Yang.
Why should they go with the student council when they could do it themselves?

Yes, Shu Yu and the others were going on a budgeted tour, while they were going on a luxurious tour!

As soon as Xiang Yang made up his mind, Lin Yuan clicked on their friends’ group and started calling them.
After all, it would look too obvious if he and Xiang Yang were to go alone, and two big men going on a trip together might be misunderstood, he was a straight man, after all, he has to marry a goddess in the future!

An Lan wasn’t in the group Lin Yuan contacted, so You Ning didn’t know what Xiang Yang and the others were planning.
But even if he did, it wouldn’t matter to him.

In the afternoon, You Ning didn’t have any classes and Shu Yu didn’t have much to do, so instead of going to the third canteen, which was nearest, they planned to go to the second canteen, where the food was more refined and looked much more appetizing.
On the way there, they would pass through a forest of ginkgo trees.

Not all ginkgo trees were yellow in autumn, and some still had green leaves.
But the ground was still covered with a layer of golden yellow, and the leaves rustled when stepped on.
Aside from the couples from A University who liked to walk through here, some stray cats also liked this place.
Given the pressure of studying, coming here from time to time to feed and then pet the cats was a good way to relieve stress, so the university did not kick these cats out and also set up some special food bowls and cat rooms.

Everyone called this place “The Cat Grove.” The school even advertised this place as a special feature during the admissions process, and quite many students chose University A when torn between two schools because of this feature.

You Ning had only been passing by with Shu Yu when he suddenly remembered something about Shu Yu in Lu Anlan’s memories, and he slowed down to look at the cats that were no longer afraid of strangers.

A milk cat with hairy and ugly fur; a tabby cat—was it covered in gum? And the gray-haired one, why did it look like a thief? How can this be called cute?

Snort! None of them is as good-looking as my cat!

Heh! Let me show you what the best-looking and the cutest cat looks like!

With a thought, a large black cat appeared behind a nearby ginkgo tree.
Its fur was shiny, its pupils were like precious gems, its round face was slightly raised, and its steps were elegant and noble.
The cat did not look like a stray that had settled in the woods, but rather like one that had been raised by an aristocratic family that might let the cat inherit the estate after the owner’s death.

The cats that were waiting to be fed by the humans passing by saw it and all fled, “Meow, meow, meow.”

“Crap! That scared me!”

“Oh my God! What’s wrong with these cats?”

“Wow! Where did that cat come from? It’s so beautiful!”

“Aaaahhhhh!!! I want to pet it so bad!”

“Oh! Those little eyes… I can’t take it, I want to take a picture……”

People walking through the woods were all attracted to the black cat.

You Ning took in the humans’ demented eyes with satisfaction and waved towards the black cat.

The black cat’s round body stiffened for a moment, then it trotted a few steps and came up to You Ning’s calf, rubbing against it twice in an unnatural manner.

You Ning squatted down and stroked the cat, looking at it with suspicion.
What happened to his cat? It had disappeared for only a day, and when it came back, it only rubbed against him twice!

Just when You Ning was feeling puzzled, the black cat nuzzled him again, raising its gem-like eyes and purring.

Well, this was his cat, alright.

He took the cat into his arms and said to Shu Yu, “Senior, this might be someone’s lost cat, why don’t we go and find its owner?”

Shu Yu frowned instinctively and said, “Let’s leave it at the janitor’s office and then post a thread on the school forum for the owner to go and claim it.”

After he finished, he added, “We don’t know if it has an owner or not.
What if it’s a feral cat that’s not vaccinated? That’s dangerous.
Moreover, there might be fleas on it – you’re not feeling ticklish, are you? Let’s just find somewhere to put it.”

You Ning didn’t answer immediately, but held the cat and stroked it, looking as if he couldn’t let go of the opportunity to pet it for a while longer.
He raised his wet eyes and said coquettishly, “But senior, I want to hold it for a while ……”

Shu Yu felt annoyed, and subconsciously glanced at the cat, but unexpectedly met its eyes.
The cat was looking at him expressionlessly, its turquoise eyes looked like it was staring at a dead thing, giving him an inexplicable chill.

He couldn’t hide the impatience on his face any longer and said to You Ning unpleasantly, “Fine then, do it yourself.
I will be busy this afternoon, so I won’t be accompanying you in your game of helping pets find their owners.”

You Ning’s eyes widened slightly, with an expression of disbelief, “Senior, you said ……”

Unexpectedly, Shu Yu just walked away before he finished speaking.

The people who had been watching the cat had turned to watch the two of them.
The legendary school grass had suddenly lost his temper over a cat and left his partner behind.
The scene was a bit unbelievable.

Girls always hailed Shu Yu as a good-looking, high-achieving male god, and the boys who had been feeling sour over this saw an opportunity and started making posts, ready to blacken him.

You Ning remained in the sight of the onlookers for a while, pretending to be depressed, and then he left with the cat in dismay.

Once he reached a deserted place, he curled the corners of his mouth and vigorously rubbed the cat’s head, complimenting it.
“Well done!”

Cat: “???”

Shu Yu, who had gone to the canteen alone, sat down on a chair with his meal and tiredly pinched his brow.

‘What’s wrong with me? How could I be so sullen? Wasn’t it just a lapse in judgment? Wasn’t it just that Xiang Yang had celebrated his birthday party happily? Wasn’t it just a cat? They were trivial matters.’

The most important thing was to make Lu Anlan fall for him even more, but why was it the other way around?

Should he apologize?

Shu Yu thought about it for a while, and the meal was already lukewarm by the time he decided to send a few messages to You Ning.
He said that he had been tired and a little stressed over the past two days and that it was his fault for losing his temper and so on.

The reply he got was that his little boyfriend didn’t take it to heart and had gone to help the cat find its owner.

Shu Yu sneered.
‘How carefree! Everyone else is trying to survive, but you can live such an innocent and naïve life.’

In the evening, after taking a bath, You Ning picked up the ring by the mirror.
Today’s Lu Anlan was uncharacteristically bold, he didn’t look away and begged, “Can you not rent a tent with that man this weekend?”

You Ning raised an eyebrow and said, “I’m his boyfriend; wouldn’t it be weird if we didn’t stay together?”

“No ……” Lu Anlan gritted his teeth and closed his eyes.
“I don’t want to… I don’t want to stay with him.
It’s disgusting…”

On seeing Lu Anlan’s expression, You Ning instantly understood, and he put the ring on his hand with a smile and simply said, “Don’t worry.”

Out of privacy protection, You Ning did not see that aspect of Lu Anlan’s life, but he could see it if he wanted to.
However, he was an incubus, it would be too low to watch humans, whether for fun, learning purposes, or whatever! And it wasn’t like he had a perverted hobby of prying into people’s privacy.

Meanwhile, the black cat sleeping on You Ning’s big bed snapped its eyes open, its round eyes narrowing into dangerously thin lines.

What did he just say about boyfriends? What living together?

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