North of A City was a new tourist development zone, the center of which was the Xianhe Mountain that surrounds the city.
The mountain had a forest, a lake, and a waterfall, with a tranquil environment and wild cranes inhabiting it year round.
There was also a century-old Taoist temple halfway up the mountain, which was called the Xianhe Temple.
The area around the Taoist temple was filled with fog all year round, making it look like an immortal’s mountain and temple.

The older generation liked to go up to the mountain for worship and to ask for talismans, while the younger generation goes up for the glass walkway on the other side of the mountain, some exciting extreme sports, and to watch the beautiful sunrise at the top of the mountain with the people they like.

The student council had organized the trip on a budget, so they didn’t have money to go for those sports activities.
Their theme this time was religion, so they would go to the Taoist temple and then experience the glass walkway and the sunrise at the top of the mountain for free.

You Ning followed Shu Yu and arrived at the foot of Xianhe Mountain with the seniors of the student union.
One of the seniors pushed up her glasses and carefully went through the itinerary: “Except for Yunjing Waterfall and Xianhe Lake, all the other locations do not require tickets; there is a car to go up the mountain for two yuan per person, we will first take the car to the Taoist Temple…”

Another senior spoke up, saying, “There are a lot of people this weekend and few cars, so why don’t we climb up? The Taoist temple is only halfway up the mountain.
It shouldn’t be too far.”

“I’m not sure, I’ve never been here before.”

Indeed, they had taken a bus from school and had already missed the time when traffic was at its lowest; it was already after ten o’clock, and there was a huge traffic jam at the foot of the mountain.

In the end, the group agreed to climb for a while; there were no cars at the bottom, and they could still take a ride when the cars came later.
After all, the scenery on the road was also very beautiful.

You Ning came with a backpack, and from the outside, you could see the face of a black cat that was in a state of despair.
It was easy to misunderstand that its owner had insisted on taking it out.

However, You Ning had not planned to bring it, but his cat appeared out of nowhere, purring in a particularly sticky way, with a big round face full of desire to go on a trip with its owner.

As for the stiff twitch at the corner of Shu Yu’s eyes when he saw the cat, that didn’t even matter.

It couldn’t be helped that there was no comparison between Shu Yu and his fluffy pet, ah!

The expression on the black cat’s face was easy to misunderstand, and one of the students walking behind You Ning said, “Little Lu, your cat doesn’t seem too happy.
Does it feel too bored? Why don’t you take it out for some fresh air?”

“Yes, yes.
If you’re tired of holding it, we can help you.”

That’s what you’re after, isn’t it?

You Ning didn’t believe his cat was upset, after all, it was the one who begged him to take it out.
It wasn’t like it was a real cat, how could it feel bored being carried in a bag? And the point was, he was carrying it! He was carrying it himself!

It was already restraining itself from turning to its original size out of excitement, okay?

But being the generous demon that he is, especially after seeing the eager faces of these humans, he brought the cat out and let them pet it.

Cat: “…”

The cat didn’t speak but just quietly gazed at You Ning from under the humans’ groping hands.

You Ning: “……” Why did this “look at the scum” gaze feel so familiar?

Their luck was good; although the distance from the foot of the mountain to the halfway point was farther than they had estimated, a car stuck at the bottom of the mountain finally came up, and they managed to get a ride halfway through the walk.
Otherwise, there was no telling how long it would have taken them to walk up on their own.

“I heard that Xianhe is very spiritual.” Once they got outside the temple, the student with the glasses was very eager, “especially when it comes to marriage.”

You Ning thought that the others, at least the boys, would scoff at this, but who knew that they would instead express their eagerness to go and worship the gods first?

Emmm, being single for a long time is really…

Although You Ning was not single at the moment, he was still pushed by the crowd to worship with Shu Yu.

There weren’t that many people in the temple, but a few elders were waiting to worship the gods, so You Ning and Shu Yu waited a while before entering.

As they knelt on the futon, You Ning glanced at Shu Yu from the corner of his eyes.

Shu Yu didn’t say much during the journey, and the others had already gotten used to it.
They only talked with You Ning and pulled him into conversations.

But Shu Yu was not the kind of person who would leave people cold.
Although he did not talk much, he would make you feel like he was listening attentively and would not make people think that he was impolite and cold.

Just like this moment, he had not said a word about worshipping the gods, but he was now kneeling on the futon with his back straight; his bows and kowtows were very standard, and his expression was very pious, without any perfunctory.

It was as if he had seriously taken in what that student had said about the temple’s spirituality in matters concerning marriage and was earnestly praying to the gods to give him blessings.

“He’s really good at faking his persona, and he seems very engrossed in it too.” After worshipping the gods, You Ning complained to Lu Anlan in the bathroom, “I kind of understand how you fell so hard.
Even if you noticed something later, everyone else would say he was too good to be at fault, and you would have given up your one point of doubt.
Such a person, really ……”

You Ning was not the only one in the bathroom, so Lu Anlan did not dare to speak, but he still agreed in his heart.
If not, he wouldn’t have found it so unbelievably shocking when he discovered Shu Yu’s true face.

The corners of You Ning’s mouth lifted in an evil smile: “Heh, if he likes to fake his persona so much, then I’ll help him keep it for the rest of his life.”

Lu Anlan:?

“Oh, right,” You Ning suddenly added, “Do you know what I asked for when I worshipped the gods?”

Lu Anlan was still wondering what You Ning’s last sentence meant, but after getting along with him these days, he had a rough idea of this demon’s temper, so he put it to rest and asked, “What did you ask for?”

You Ning smiled even more wickedly, almost sprouting two horns on top of his head: “I asked that even if Shu Yu has a small penis in his next life, it will not be able to get hard!”

Lu Anlan: “……”


“Brother Yang, they’re going to the waterfall.” Lin Yuan shook the phone in his hand.
He had to admit, money makes the devil go round.
Fortunately, he was born to a rich father, so everything was convenient.

Xiang Yang nodded his head, indicating that he understood.

It was a pity that the group happened to have one of the sons of the owner of this tourist development zone.
He also invited his good buddies to come and hang out, and except for a few who were not interested or not available, all came to the venue and joined in.

Xiang Yang and the others had other plans, but they can’t just say that they were going to be light bulbs – if they did, the group might make a fuss, and it would not be worth it to make Lu Anlan angry.

So, Xiang Yang and the others recruited one more teammate.

And it was a girl!

This girl was Xiang Yang’s cousin, his aunt’s daughter named Xia Congxin, and was actually on fairly good terms with Xiang Yang.
But when she came to Xiang Yang’s birthday, she hit it off with Lu Anlan, and in Xia Congxin’s words, the two of them were BFFs even though Lu Anlan didn’t act as girly as some shous.

“Brother, you really ……” Xia Congxin held her forehead, disdainful of her cousin’s behavior.
She had also met Lu Anlan’s boyfriend, and the two were quite compatible, but her cousin was now trying to poach him.

Xiang Yang gave her a “you don’t know shit” look.

“I wouldn’t have come if I’d known you were here for this,” Xia Congxin rolled her eyes, “What have you been doing all along? Now you remember to react.”

The mention of this made Xiang Yang feel pain, and he growled, “I didn’t know that I liked him!!!”

Xia Congxin was taken aback, and Lin Yuan comforted her, “Don’t mention this; he blows up when it’s mentioned.”

After all, it doesn’t end with regret; it also wasn’t easy to admit to being an idiot.

“Haa!” Xia Congxin sighed, seeing how pitiful her cousin was, she agreed to be cannon fodder for once.

When Xiang Yang finally ran into You Ning and his group, You Ning and Shu Yu were walking behind the crowd, and You Ning was blinking his excessively pretty eyes as he asked Shu Yu, “Senior, what did you ask for when you worshipped the gods?”

Shu Yu glanced at Xiang Yang, and his lips curled slightly.
He stretched out his index finger, put it at his lips, and made a light “shh”: “I can’t say it; it won’t be spiritual if I say it out loud.” After saying that, he bent his index finger and tapped You Ning’s nose.

You Ning got a little emotional: “If senior won’t tell me, then I won’t tell senior either.”

Shu Yu seemed to be amused by his childish remark and rubbed his hair, dotingly saying, “Alright then.”

You Ning saw his smile and smiled as well, his face turning red.
Without him saying anything, anyone could see that his prayer was definitely related to Shu Yu.

Xia Congxin looked at the young couple flirting with each other and could not help but sigh, “This is abusing single dogs…”

After sighing, she remembered her cousin and looked back.
He had an extremely sour and heartbroken look that Xia Congxin, as a sister, couldn’t bear and suggested, “Brother, why don’t you let go of your feelings a little? It hurts me to see you……”

She just didn’t understand why her cousin wanted to rush in to be abused.

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