re is no place he isn’t familiar with in A city.”


“I’ll call him now.”


After hanging up the phone, Xiao Zhou looked at Jiang Qing’s smile and sighed, “Jiang, you’re so d-amn good looking when you’re not faking a smile.”



Jiang Qingbai glanced at Xiao Zhou and then frowned: “Is there something to be happy about?”


Xiao Zhou began to nag again.
Jiang Qing interrupted him in time and asked the driver to stop the car.
He took his mask and hat and jumped off, leaving Xiao Zhou alone.


After getting off the van, he took a taxi home to rest.
When he woke up, it was already dark outside the window.
The sky was heavy and dark during the day, but the night was full of stars.



When Jiang Qing arrived at PLAYMUSE, the atmosphere had already entered a big boom, looking at all the people, there wasn’t a single vacancy.
Music filled the air, making the atmosphere better.


Jiang Qing pressed down his hat and walked towards him.


He looked at the path in front of him and inadvertently scanned a familiar figure sitting at the card table next door, chatting with the person next to him.


The light was a little dim, so he couldn’t see clearly, but the person looked like Luo Shi.


Jiang Qing glanced at the most inconspicuous corner of the club.


There was a man standing there.
He wasn’t standing, rather, he was leaning idly, he didn’t speak, but looked at the people around him quietly.



He was very special.
He didn’t know whether he didn’t have time to change after work or for any other reason.
He was wearing a white coat, which was obviously the most common style, but he looked very alienated.
It seemed that everything here had nothing to do with him.



The man seemed to be aware of his eyes, looked up and gave him a slight glance, then turned away indifferently.


Jiang Qing retracted his gaze and followed the message to find the second floor of the card table, the second floor was much quieter than the first floor, the music wasn’t as noisy, so people were more comfortable.


When he arrived, Ji Yebai was already there, and as soon as he saw him, he spoke, “Brother Jiang, you’re here?”


“Yes.” Jiang Qing responded, walked over and sat down, Did you wait for a long time?”


“I stayed around here last night, I came as soon as Luo Shi called me, so I didn’t wait long.”



Jiang Qing said, “Why don’t I rent a suite nearby and send it to you, so you won’t waste money by staying in a hotel all day.”


Ji Yebai paused for half a second and immediately changed his posture and held Jiang Qing’s arm, “Dad, do you think my kneeling posture is standard? If you have anything to tell me, I will bring you the stars in the sky or the moon under the sea.”



It was quite standard, Jiang Qing smiled, “Contact Xiao Zhou some other day and let him arrange it.”


“Let me kiss you.” Ji Yebai said.


Jiang Qing pushed away, “Let go.”


“Give me a kiss.” Ji Yebai said, “Just one mouthful.”


“Roll.” Jiang Qing said coldly.


“Qing Qing.”


Ji Yebai just gave up, but Jiang Qing was held by someone again before he could relieve his shoulder.


Luo Shi held Jiang Qing in his arms, put his head on the other’s shoulder, and said quietly, “I missed you so much.”


Jiang Qing patted his back and stepped back, “I haven’t seen you for a long time.”


“In fact, you haven’t seen me for a long time, but I could see you every day, big star.” Luo Shi smiled, “I didn’t expect you would choose this way.”


“I had no other choice.”


Ji Yebai interposed, “Ah Shi, don’t want me?”


“Yes, Brother Bai.” Luo Shi said, “I still want you.”


The three of them sat down.
They drank some wine and talked about what had happened in recent years.
Everyone’s life had changed drastically from high school, and maturity had distanced them from each other, making it difficult to return to the familiarity they had at the beginning.


Jiang Qing’s phone rang, the bar was noisy and not a good place to answer, so he went to the back door and went around to answer the phone.


His manager thought he was at home and said something about the script, and hung up afterwards.


When Jiang Qing wanted to go back, he suddenly heard a miserable scream coming from the corner of the alley.


It was a man’s scream.


Jiang Qing put his mobile phone in his pocket at random.
When he was walking around the alley, he saw something and stopped at the corner.


It was the man he saw at that time.



The street lamp of the alley was green, it made the man seem particularly cold, he was still wearing the white coat, he bent down to pick up the surgical knife that fell to the ground, the blade was stained with bl-ood, the man’s hands were also stained with bl-ood.



He casually threw the scalpel into the trash can across the street and pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe his hands, moving slowly and calmly.


If you ignored the man beside him who was covered in blo-od, the scene was quite elegant.


“Come out.” He suddenly said coldly.


Jiang Qing was discovered, he didn’t continue to hide and walked out from the corner of the alley: “I’m just a passer-by.”




The man finished wiping his hands, he also threw the handkerchief into the trash can, then he suddenly raised his eyes to look at Jiang Qing, eyes cold and sharp.




“A passer-by…” he said, “shouldn’t you mind your own business?”

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