The area of ​​the sealing monument that was in the ruins of Zeros laboratory within a few minutes had been completely shrouded in a pitch-black mist. The Dolls dimensional door that spewed out dozens of monsters with large and hard bodies, also sent out a mist that limited visibility. Not even sunlight could penetrate it.

The cold wind continued to blow slowly, blowing Sachis silver hair to the right and left in turn. The white robe with black ornaments followed the erratic wind direction. The wind was cold enough to make anyone in this place feel goosebumps. So slow and cold. But unexpectedly, Sachi didn feel the slightest bit afraid, instead her whole body felt challenged by this kind of condition.

The sound of thunder booming from Sachis magic dominates the area of ​​the Mort sealing monument as the lightning balls hit their target. Even though the monsters sounded like they were screaming because their protective crystal was released, the sound of thunder was still the only thing that could be heard very clearly.

The Elysion wand that Sachi was holding continued to glow yellowish white as a magic activation pattern appeared at its tip. Several times she cast the magic to block the movement of the crystal monsters that were now turning around and moving towards her. Ever since Navile disappeared without a trace, the monsters had already changed the target of the attack.

Now Sachi was completely outnumbered. She was alone, facing dozens of slow-moving monsters while pounding their shields firmly on the ground. Strong, but not to the point of shaking the ground if the monster moved alone. The problem was, at this time the large crystal monsters with strong defenses were moving in groups.

The ground continued to shake as the monsters moved. Makes a rumbling sound along with Sachis magic voice and creates a rhythm similar to a brainwashing rhythm. The raised dust added to the tired air in the place.

As the monster with the shield moved to chase Sachi, the monster with the paw stayed where it was and bent its body backwards while raising the stick it was holding high. A dark red aura appeared as the monster screamed as if it was ready to throw all its strength at Sachi. Meanwhile the giant spider monster was still standing in the same position as when it hit Navile.

While fighting, the curiosity that had been bothering him for a long time continued to intensify. Wheres Naville? Is it possible that Navile is under the giant spiders body? Who knows. Sachi didn want to play guessing games and lost focus.

She was indeed a little worried, but then that worry turned into a feeling of pleasure. Glad that she beat the Navile. Sachi still had nine lives, whereas Navile had used it if he was really defeated in a stupid way like earlier.

Sachi gulped and immediately shook off the strange thought. She had to refocus her attention on the extremely unequal fight. The distance from the crystal monsters was getting narrower and narrower

. Sachis wand was still holding up with her right hand, she didn want to give up so easily. Even though she was alone, she was confident enough that she could defeat her enemies.

Lightning balls with a diameter of half a meter kept popping up from the magic activation pattern on the tip of Elysions wand. Then spread out in all directions. Sachi planned to make the monsters into small groups to make it easier to deal with.

After the balls of lightning spread out and formed a hexagon formation, a yellow light appeared that connected the balls to one another and blocked the movement of the monster of crystal that was getting closer to where Sachi was.

Next, Sachi let out larger sized balls of lightning to paralyze the movement of the giant crystal spider monster, it would be troublesome if the big monster was let free,

The monster with the shield in his hand kept trying to escape from Sachis lightning magic cage. They stomped the big shields so hard that the ground shook. A dark red aura emitted along with the impact of the shield on the ground, shaped like a shockwave released by Navile.

Sachis distance from the monsters was getting closer, even though they were already imprisoned by Sachis magic, the monsters continued to force their way.

Just when Sachi was too focused on the moving shield-bearing monster, the monster with the pawn that had been standing still and gathering strength, finally threw up a large pole that had a chain link also made of black crystal. The poles with chains that were difficult to count flew through the air in unison and aimed at Sachi.

Still with a straight face, Sachi remained calm and channeled her strength into Elysions wand. She changed her magic type to ice element. Elysions wand now glowed bluish-white and was enveloped in ice particles that spread out in front of Sachi. And within seconds, the ice particles solidified and formed a protective veil in front of Sachi.

”Looks like you guys are getting impatient, huh? ” Sachi grumbled.

Her gaze did not weaken in the slightest, in fact ahe stared fixedly at the dozens of sticks that hit the ice barrier in front of her. Sachi started to count the time, estimating how long the ice shield would last from the huge crystal jar.

Until the moment she saw a large crack in the center of the shield, Sachi re-formed the ice barrier before everything completely shattered. Then she assumed that the pole moved according to its initial target and the monster that threw it would not move until the pole returned to its original position.

Sachi shifted position and let the protective barrier block the stick that was still hitting nonstop. She took advantage of the brief pause before the monster of crystal could easily move freely again.

”Feel this! ” she shouted, throwing Elysions wand into the air.

A large magic activation pattern that glowed yellowish white formed over the slow-moving monsters trapped in the formation of lightning balls. With her right hand raised, Sachi moved Elysions wand like she was controlling it with a remote control.

In an instant, from the magic activation pattern in the shape of a large circle with ornaments of six smaller circles appeared lighting flash that moved as if raging. At first the thunders just sounded like a screech, but as the thunderstorms grew more and more, the sound turned into a roar.

The lightning grew stronger every second, waiting for Sachis next order.

”Not yet, not yet, ” muttered Sachi. Her eyes kept on watching the monsters of crystal, she waited for some of the black crystals that protected her enemys body to fall off.

”Why did it take so long? ” she said impatiently. Then, after seeing the shield-wielding monster squirm in pain as its protective crystal fell off, Sachi swung her right arm vertically swiftly. Her movements looked as if she was a lightning controller.

Coinciding with the end of Sachis hand movement, a flash of lightning immediately rained down on the monsters very quickly. Until it produces a deafening booming sound.

A faint smile slowly formed on the corners of Sachis cherry red lips as she watched her enemy get hit with a heavy blow. But the smile changed and her straight face turned into a surprised expression.

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