At this time, the shop boss had finished making tea and brought out the tea.

Immediately, a delicate fragrance of tea wafted out.

It was a top-quality sparrow tongue tea.
Only pity was that the shop's cooking method was wrong and had damaged the fragrance of this tea.
Jiang Yun Zhu had tasted it in Marquis Anping's Manor in her dream.
That’s why she immediately made this judgment when she smelled the tea fragrance.

Yang Sheng frowned.
But now that he was extremely thirsty, he couldn't pay much attention to it.

He took the teapot, brought it to Shen Feng Ming, and poured a bowl for him first.
Then he poured himself a bowl.
Ignoring the high temperature, he started to drink it without a care.

Seeing him like this, it seemed that he was only having a casual conversation with Jiang Yun Zhu group just now and won’t do anything to them.

As if being released, Jiang Yun Zhu directed at Jiang Cheng, “Father, it is time for us to make our way.”

Jiang Cheng immediately got up and went to settle the bill with the boss.
The buns and side dishes were Yang Sheng’s treat.
They only had to pay for the tea and water.

The shop boss suggested buying Jiang Yun Zhu's method of purifying water.

Jiang Cheng called Jiang Yun Zhu over and asked her opinion.

Of course Jiang Yun Zhu was willing.
Ordinary people don't have the guts to use this method, while the rich won’t use it.
Only the shop boss was willing to buy it.
This was a rare opportunity.

The shop boss refused to pay too much.
One, he thought the method was quite simple.
Only that, he didn't see it clearly just now.
That’s why he specially bought it from Jiang Yun Zhu.
Second, if it was too expensive, it was the same if he didn't use it.
Anyway, the people who came to his shop were ordinary people.
Who knows when the next time they’ll encounter those like Yang Sheng group.

After some conversation, the shop boss finally used three baskets of steamed stuffed buns, two buckets of water, and made their bill free before buying the water filter method.

Just like that, Jiang Cheng group felt that they got it for nothing and were extremely happy.

Great, Jiang Yun Zhu’s brows curved into crescents too.
At least there were meat buns to eat tonight.

After they left, Yang Sheng looked at Jiang Yun Zhu's back and sighed, “It’s a pity.”

Shen Feng Ming looked up at him.

Yang Sheng laughed, “As the saying goes, a clever woman often matched with a clumsy husband.
This girl comes from a humble family background.
Don’t know which clumsy husband she’ll marry to in the future.
Isn’t it a pity?”

He was the son of General Yang as well as Shen Feng Ming's deputy and friend.
That’s why he was one of the few people who dared to talk to Shen Feng Ming like this.

Shen Feng Ming didn't want to answer him.

However, Yang Sheng suddenly spoke, “How about I take her with me?”

Yang Sheng was a compassionate man.
There were countless beauties in the Manor.

“Our business takes priority!” Shen Feng Ming said.

Yang Sheng put away his smile and complained, “That's how you are.
You give a damn to girls.
Don’t you know that my old lady is suspecting that you don't like women and have something toward me.”

“Really?” Shen Feng Ming's voice was as cold as icicles under the eaves in winter.

Yang Sheng quickly shook his head and talked about business.

After leaving the steamed stuffed bun shop, Jiang Yun Zhu kept urging everyone to hurry.
She didn't relax until the shop was completely out of sight.

“Who are those people just now? What we said shouldn't have any effect, right?” Now that he thought about it, Father Xu felt that he had talked too much to Yang Sheng.

Of course it had an effect.
The officials of Changfeng may get into trouble, Jiang Yun Zhu mentally answered.
There wasn't anything to say though.
If those officials were innocent, naturally they wouldn't be afraid of Shen Feng Ming.
If not, they deserve it even if they get killed by Shen Feng Ming for disregarding the lives of the common people.

“It should be fine.
We should quickly make our way to Lu Prefecture.” As Jiang Yun Zhu comforted Father Xu, she didn’t forget to urge him.

There might be trouble in Changfeng.
It was better for them to leave early.

Ten days later, in front of the Yamen of Changfeng.
Dozens of human heads rolled to the ground, while blood splattered everywhere.

Shen Feng Ming stood in the pool of blood.
He was dressed in black clothes.
On his handsome face were splatters of blood, like a god in the abattoir.

No one dared to look up at him.
The only thought in their hearts was that he deserved the reputable name Shen No Keep.
Yang Sheng had a worried expression on his face.
He was worried about Shen Feng Ming.
These officials in Changfeng didn’t properly use the disaster relief and selfishly pocketed it.
They should be killed.

However, there were also those who shouldn't be killed.

But Shen Feng Ming killed them all, leaving no leeway.

Don't he know that steel was so fragile.
Everyone was afraid of him.
The next step was everyone hoping for his death!

Looking at the history books.
Such people generally don’t have a good ending.
If it really reached that point, the emperor won't be able to save him.

Yang Sheng really wanted to persuade his friend, but he also knew that he couldn't persuade him.
Truly a sad person.

At this time, Jiang Yun Zhu group finally left the boundary of Changfeng and arrived in Lu Prefecture.

In Lu Prefecture, Jiang Yun Zhu instantly felt a little emotional.
The Marquis of Anping was in Lu Prefecture.
In her dream, she was in Lu Prefecture.
Jiang Cheng and the others fled to Lu Prefecture, but they hadn't seen each other for a few years.
She had come to Lu Prefecture again.
Jiang Yun Xiu should have arrived too.
It can be seen that they have a predestined relationship with this Lu Prefecture.

After more than half a month of running around, the fifty jins of sorghum pancakes prepared by Mrs.
Chen and others had already been eaten.
Everyone was dusty and disheveled.

Lu Prefecture citizen’s livelihood was obviously much better than that of Changfeng.
The food price was stable and the water source was abundant.
Finally, people didn't need to buy water to drink.
A lot of money was saved.

They continued to move forward.
On the third day, it suddenly rained.
Slick like oil and fine.

It had been almost two years since they saw rain.
Jiang Cheng wiped the raindrops off his face with his hands, feeling extremely excited.
It seemed that their decision to come to Lu Prefecture was correct.

“I've inquired about it.
It’ll take five days to reach Wuling County.” Xu Qing Shan jogged back and told everyone.

Five days! Another piece of good news.
Everyone seemed to have regained their strength.

In Wuling County, one can see a large stretch of green hills spreading from a distance.
It goes on like there was no end.
That was Wuling Mountain.

The citizens and life here was very rich.
After inquiring, they found out that there were iron mines in Wuling Mountain.

In the early years, when the nearby villagers went up the mountain, they could often pick up some black stones.
After bringing it home, merchants would buy them.
At first they didn't know what they were.
Later the feudal official sent people over.
Only then, they realized that they were iron ore.

The Xia Dynasty had strict control over salt and iron.
Soon, a large number of troops entered the mountains to mine and smelt iron.

All these projects required manpower.
So more than half of the people in Wuling County worked in the mountains.
The wages paid by the feudal official weren't low.
All the people in Wuling County live well.

Jiang Cheng was tempted when he heard it.
Currently, they have no land, no property, and less than two liang of silver left in their hands.
How can such a big family live on? If they could go to the mountains to work, they would be paid 20 wen a day.
In one month, it was six silver coins.
In a few years, they would be able to own their own houses and fields.

Xu Qing Shan was also very moved when he heard it.
Six silver coins a month was quite high.

“Of course it is high.
Not everyone can do the job.
You have to have strength.” The old man who spoke eyed Jiang Cheng and Xu Qing Shan up and down.
They were both very sturdy looking.
So they should be okay.

“Also, there are frequent accidents on the mountain.
Oh!” The old man sighed.
Wuling County’s success and failure was this mining mountain.
In that stretch of mine, countless Wuling County’s youth and sturdy ones were buried.

Jiang Cheng couldn't care about it that much now.
He just wanted to make money so that his wife and children would have enough to eat and drink.
If he didn't go into the mountains and work elsewhere, starvation or suffering in the cold may happen.

Having a straw to grasp, he decided to stay in Wuling County for the time being and not go south.

Father Xu was naturally happy when he heard this.
They had shared weal and woe with Jiang Family for so many days.
He knew their temperament and he was reluctant to part with them.

Everyone decided to go to Changshi Village together to have a look before making plans.

Changshi Village wasn't far from Wuling Mountain.
There was a small river flowing through the village and the river water was clear.
Many families in the village have built new houses with blue brick and tile.
It was golden dusk right now.
Cooking smoke was curling up.
Quite a thriving scene.

Xu Qing Shan inquired with a passing villager and found out the address of his distant cousin uncle, Gu Yong De.

It was the largest and best built house in the village.

Looking at the majestic house, Father Xu and Xu Qing Shan felt uneasy.
Who knew what the other party would think as they hadn’t been in contact and suddenly came knocking.
Besides, they were so rich, while they were so poor…

Before they could knock on the door, a youth walked out of the yard.

The youth was dressed in a blue cloth robe.
His hair was tied up high.
His facial features were handsome, while his aura was bookish.
Quite noble and elegant.
He really looked like the noble son of a rich family.

“Who are you?” The young man's voice was polite and nice.

Father Xu declared his family name.

“It’s Cousin Uncle and Elder Cousin Brother.
Please come in.” The youth enthusiastically said.
Afterward, he shouted into the courtyard, “Father, Mother, Cousin Uncle and Elder Cousin Brother are here!”

With just this one sentence, Father Xu and Xu Qing Shan almost shed tears.
The saying that ‘one good sentence warms the winter, while bad words hurt people and makes June cold’ was true.

There was movement inside.
Shortly later, a middle-aged couple came out.
Seeing Father Xu duo, they felt kinship.
While welcoming them into the courtyard, they asked them how they were doing in the past few years.

Father Xu said good over and over again.
When they were about to enter the door, he suddenly thought of Jiang Cheng's family.
They haven't found a place yet!

Looking outside, he found the spot where Jiang Cheng group were standing just now was empty.

Here’s what happened: seeing that Father Xu and his son found their relatives and the relatives were very friendly, Jiang Cheng was relieved.
He didn't want to bother Father Xu and have him beg others for them.
Leading Mrs.
Chen and the others, he left silently.

Father Xu internally gave thumbs up.
Jiang Family was really the best.

Suddenly he noticed Xu Qing Shan's distraught reaction and understood.
He knew that he had a crush on that girl from Jiang Family.
He also liked that girl.
It would be wonderful if she could marry in.

Since Jiang Family decided to stay here, there was no rush.

Jiang Cheng led Mrs.
Chen and others across a street and saw an old woman picking beans at the door.
The old woman looked to have a mild disposition.
So Mrs.
Chen went over to ask if there was anyone in the village who would rent out a house.

Appearance-wise, Mrs.
Chen seemed gentle.
While her speech was pleasant to hear.
When the old woman heard that they had sought refuge and considered how the old and young were all sallow and emaciated, she felt pity for them.

“My family had a courtyard at the head of the village.
We used to live there.
Later we built this new house and over there became vacant.
If you want to rent it, I can rent it to you.”

Hearing this, Mrs.
Chen was overjoyed, “Thank you, Auntie.”

However, the old woman interjected, “Don't rush to thank me.
The house can be rented to you and the money can be discussed, you aren’t local though.
If you want to rent a house and stay here, you need the consent of the village chief as well as reporting it to the feudal official.”

This point was to make it difficult for evil people.
The other was the village chief.
Why should he agree to you, a stranger, to stay in the village? Also, you need to go to the feudal official to guarantee you.

Chen’s heart jumped out again, “Can I ask who is the village chief?”

The old woman pointed to the best house in the village, “Over there.
The village chief's surname is Gu.
His name was Gu Yong De.”

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