What a coincidence.
Jiang Cheng remembered that the household that Father Xu entered just now was the village head's house the old woman mentioned.
With a plan in mind, he went over to the old woman and asked her to allow them some time.
He also explained that at this moment, the village chief was reuniting with Father Xu and he didn't want to disturb him.

“That's reasonable.” The old woman was relieved when she heard that they had sought refuge with the village chief’s relatives.

“Come on, I'll show you the house first.” She said with the basket in her hand.

She walked ahead, while Jiang Cheng group quickly followed.

There was a property at the head of the village, by mountains and rivers.
The property was very large.
There were four main rooms and three side rooms.
A stove, a cellar, etc.
were available.
There was also some furniture.

The house wasn't new.
Still, it was much better than the house Jiang Family lived in before.
It was spacious and sturdy.

“This was where we used to live.
After all, we had built a new house, no?” Speaking of the new house, the old woman's face was full of joy.

Jiang Cheng saw her new house just now.
It had five main rooms and was double entry.
Truly magnificent.
Envious sprouted in his heart.
When would he have a house like this? He would be satisfied then.

There will be.
Once he enters the mine, they will get everything.
He was full of expectations for the future.

The two negotiated a price, one liang a year.
Just waiting for Jiang Cheng to find the village head tomorrow and report to the county before the contract will be signed.

For now, Jiang Family can stay there tonight.

The old woman was a local.
She wasn't afraid of the outsider Jiang Family playing tricks.

Jiang Cheng and Mrs.
Chen were very grateful.
They expressed at once that they met a good person.
Such a good house was only a silver liang a year.

Seeing how polite and courteous they were, the old woman was delighted.
She had lived in that house for more than ten years.
Of course, she would have some attachment to it.
She was relieved to rent it to such a family.
If not, she would choose to not have that little money over others defiling her house.

You must be tired.
Tidy up and get some rest!” The old woman cheerfully left.

After closing the door, Mrs.
Chen took in the bright house.
Then she turned to Jiang Cheng and the others.
Her eyes reddened again.
Finally, they had a place to live again.

Jiang Cheng was also emotional.
Holding her hand, he said, “It will get better.”

Chen nodded fiercely.
She used to say this to comfort herself, but now, she believes, yes, it will get better!

The family started to tidy up the house.

The house was well maintained.
Just a bit of cleaning, it was habitable.

Jiang Yun Zhu was busy tidying up her room.
Finally, she can sleep in a bed again! She didn't expect that Father Xu's journey to seek relatives would be so smooth.
Even they benefitted.

Jiang Wu Ze ran back and forth excitedly, looking here and there for a while.
From time to time, he asked Mrs.
Chen and the others with his small face raised, “Mother, can we really live here in the future?”

“Of course.” Never getting tired, Mrs.
Chen and the others would answer him.
The huge courtyard became lively again.

In the evening, someone knocked on the door.
It turned out that the old woman considered how Jiang Family had nothing to eat as they had just arrived here and brought over a pot of hot soup and a few pancakes mixed with white flour.

“How can this do? We can't accept it.” Mrs.
Chen hurriedly responded.
Pancakes made with a mix of white flour were only eaten on special occasions.

The old woman didn't mind.
The people in Wuling County were rich.
This pancake was just their daily food.

Leaving the pancakes behind, she left.

This night, Jiang Family drank hot soup and ate hot pancakes.
They felt their heart was warmed.

Out of the blue, a thought flashed in Jiang Cheng's mind.
They fled at this time and only had six silver liang in their hands.
It was a smooth journey thanks to meeting Father Xu pair He really didn't dare to imagine how hard it would be.

Fortunately, fortunately!

After a sweet night, Jiang Cheng got up early the next morning, washed himself up, and went to find the village chief, Gu Yong De.

Gu Yong De didn't know him, but old Father Xu knew him well.
He immediately recounted how Jiang Cheng helped him drive away a thief and then the two families supported each other until the safe arrival in Changshi Village.
His words were all praise for Jiang Cheng.

“It turned out that this is the case.
This matter is easy to handle then.” Gu Yong De believed old Father Xu.
Wuling County was currently short of people.
As long as he speaks, it will be possible.

“Thank you, thank you.” Jiang Cheng thanked Gu Yong De.
Then he thanked Father Xu.

“Oh, between us two families, there’s no for ‘thanks’.” Father Xu's words seemed to have deep meaning.

In fact, Jiang Cheng took a liking to Xu Qing Shan.
Xu Family’s population was simple.
If Jiang Yun Zhu marries over, she probably won’t suffer grievances.
But this matter had to be discussed with Jiang Yun Zhu.
Now wasn't a good time to talk about it.
So he pretended not to understand.

Gu Yong De was a man of action.
Perfect timing.
Old Father Xu and Xu Qing Shan wanted to permanently stay here and would have to go through this process.

The three of them went to the county yamen together.

In less than two hours, Jiang Cheng came back with a happy face.

“Is it done?” Mrs.
Chen was standing at the door waiting.

Jiang Cheng showed her the household registration certificate in his hand, “We owe the village chief and Xu Family a big favor again.”

For it to go smoothly, the package of tea leaves that Gu Yong De stuffed into the county yamen played a big role.

How could they request something from another and get them to pay? Even if the money wasn't all for him, Jiang Cheng felt that he owed the other party too much.
He made up his mind that if he had money in the future, he must repay it double.
Chen held the certificate and looked at it with joy.
Only then, she properly put it away.
At this point, they were considered to be citizens of Wuling County.
They no longer have to worry about being arrested by the feudal officials as refugees or get driven back to their original places.

“I'll go to Auntie Zhao to sign the contract for renting the house.” Jiang Cheng decided to settle all these matters in one go.

“I'll go with you.” Mrs.
Chen responded.

Not long after, the two came back with a signed contract.
Everything was sorted.

There was only less than one silver liang left in their hand.
Chen spoke, “I'll go to the town to buy some food and things to use.”

She pondered whether the one silver liang was enough to spend.
If it doesn’t, she’ll pawn the hairpin left by her mother.
Although she was unwilling, they had to rebuild everything in a new home.
In addition, the weather was getting colder and colder.
They’ll have to get quilts sooner or later as well as increasing the amount of clothes on most days.
There were areas to spend money on.

“I'll ask in the afternoon how I can get work in the mines.” Jiang Cheng knew the difficulties at home and said immediately.

After hastily eating something at noon, the couple moved separately.

When Jiang Yun Zhu heard that Mrs.
Chen was going to the town, she immediately offered to go with her.
She wanted to check the prices here and come up with a way to make money.
As for Jiang Cheng working in the mine, it was better to not go if he could not go.
It was too dangerous.

When Jiang Lin and the others heard this, they immediately wanted to follow.

Chen thought that since she had a lot of things to buy later, it would be good for them to follow along to help with carrying.

The few people went to the town together.

Although Hongye Town was just a small town, because the people were rich, the streets were busier than Jiang Yun Zhu's original county town.
There were people selling cloth, food, furniture, mules and horses.

Chen went shopping everywhere.

Jiang Yun Zhu looked left and right.

The freshly baked sesame seed cakes filled with meat cost three wens, while five-spiced ones cost a wen.
Oily meat pies cost five wens each.
When buying one, a bowl of millet congee and pickles were complimentary.
Even from a distance, one can smell the fragrant mutton soup.
A bowl was 10 wens.
Paired a two wens pancake, it was satisfying…

Jiang Yun Zhu specially checked those who sell food.
She had clearly thought it out.
She had no capital and no connections.
There was no way to do other businesses.
Then it was only making food.
Though it was hard work, the capital was low.
And once it was done right, they’ll earn money.

Back in modern times, she liked to cook.
In her dream, she stayed in the kitchen of the Marquis Anping for two years and learned a lot of skills.
As long as she finds the right location, it shouldn't be difficult to sell some snacks.

It was just that she couldn't make up her mind on what to make for a while.

In the evening, the group returned with a full load of things.

Pots, pans, food, oil and salt, and two bolts of cloth to make a quilt were bought.
Finally, it looked liveable.

Jiang Cheng had already been waiting at home, “I have already made an agreement with the person in charge of recruiting.
I will go to work in the mine tomorrow.
Six silver coins a month.
One month's wages can be paid in advance.” Excited, he finished talking and handed a large string of copper coins to Mrs.

A large string of heavy money seemed to have more impact than a corner of a silver.
What’s more, the family was currently short of money.

“Is it possible to get paid in advance?” Mrs.
Chen happily accepted the money and asked.

“The recruiter said that there is a shortage of people in the mine recently.
So this new regulation was added.” Jiang Cheng replied.
He came at a good time.

“There are so many people going and there’s still a shortage? Such a high salary…” Though Mrs.
Chen was happy, she was suddenly worried again.

“It’s okay.
I checked it.
I can do the job.
Besides, everyone in the county is working there.
Everyone else is fine.
So what can happen to me?” Jiang Cheng comforted her.

Chen found this reasonable.
She hurried to cook for him so that he could rest early.

Jiang Yun Zhu was listening and suddenly slapped her head.
How could she forget the most profitable place?

With so many people working in the mine, the market prospect was huge!

She immediately asked Jiang Cheng about the mine in detail, mainly focusing on food and accommodation.

Jiang Cheng had already visited the mine today and had a certain understanding of it.
When it came to food, these workers ate at home in the morning and evening and bought their own meals for lunch.
It was said that there was a canteen in the mine, but it was for the official soldiers stationed there and some experienced craftsmen.

As for accommodation, there were several large sheds on the mine.
which were full oflarge shared quarters.
If there were workers who lived far away from the mine, they can stay there.
It was only 40 wens a month.

The living conditions were poor and it cost money.
Most people in the mine would rather spend more time on returning home to live.

By the way, Jiang Cheng also saw a market at the foot of the mountain.
When he went there, it happened to be working hours.
There were no people there.
Starting work and finishing was probably very lively.

This was it.
That market was Jiang Yun Zhu’s ideal place.
She decided to go and see it with Jiang Cheng tomorrow.

Changshi Village was close to the mine.
The next day, Jiang Cheng rushed there after breakfast.

Jiang Yun Zhu followed by his side.

Before the two of them left the village, they met people who were going to the mine.
The closer they got to the mine, the more people were around them.

Once at the foot of the mountain, one can see a large area of smoke and fire from a distance.
When they got closer, they could see a large market.
Most of the stalls sold only food.
All kinds of scents were wafting around.
If one hadn’t eaten in the morning, they would be tempted to the point of being fixed to the ground.

At this time, the market was very lively.
Many workers as well as many soldiers on duty came here to buy food.
It was completely crowded.

“At Chen hour, the gate to the mine will be closed.
There will be no one here then.” Jiang Cheng explained.

Chen hour was seven o'clock in the morning.
These miners start work at seven o'clock in the morning.
An hour break at noon.
Work stopped at seven o'clock in the afternoon.
Jiang Yun Zhu calculated that they have to work eleven hours a day.
What’s more, they were doing the most tiring physical work.
It was truly bitter work.

Jiang Cheng didn't feel this.
It was all work.
Since such high wage was given, he was already very satisfied.

The two walked forward all the way.
Jiang Yun Zhu contemplated what she should sell.

At this time, a man with a big beard in an obvious different attire passed by them.
He was followed by two soldiers.

“Vice General Zhao, what do you want to eat today? I'll go and buy it for you.” A soldier asked the bearded man.

“What's delicious? I've been eating these all day long.
It’s getting bland in my mouth.” The bearded man complained.

They soon passed by.

However, Jiang Yun Zhu stopped in her tracks.
She suddenly thought of what she could sell!

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