“Miss Jiang?” Seeing Jiang Yun Zhu staring at him, Gu Yan Zhou reminded her.

Jiang Yun Zhu regained her senses.
The chaotic thoughts in her head were immediately cut off.
She couldn't remember where she had heard the name Gu Yan Zhou.

She greeted him and sized him up and down again.

Gu Yan Zhou found it novel that she looked at him so openly, so he let her look at him.

However, Jiang Yun Zhu withdrew her gaze and mentioned her departure.
She was still in a hurry to go home and prepare for business.

After two days of busy work, it was finally ready.

Just after dawn on the third day, the market at the foot of the mountain became lively.

At this time, the soldiers stationed in the mine were changing guards.
The soldiers who finished their post were already so hungry that their chests were stuck to their backs.
The army had breakfast prepared for the soldiers: a large pot of pancakes and a pot of pitiful thin soup with few vegetable leaves.
Some soldiers ate it, while some soldiers wanted to improve their diet.
So they came to the foot of the mountain.

At this time, some miners who had come early also arrived at the foot of the mountain.
The place was bustling with people.

In the northwest corner of the market, one can smell an attractive fragrance from a long distance away.

That smell drew out all the gluttons in people.

Walking there, a small stall at the farthest corner of the market can be seen.
There was a stove in front of the stall.
Above the stove was a large earthenware pot.
The earthenware pot was bubbling and the strong fragrance wafted from it.

Seeing someone coming, Jiang Yun Zhu uncovered the earthenware pot and stirred the meat in the earthenware pot with a spoon.

A large piece of meat can be seen.
It was ruddy in color, trembling in the bright soup.
With the turn of the girl's spoon, the thick soup covered the whole piece of meat.
It can be seen that the firepower was enough.

In the morning of late autumn, stomachs were burning with hunger and bodies were covered with chills.
Suddenly seeing this hot pot of meat, everyone couldn't help swallowing.

Someone asked Jiang Yun Zhu how the meat was sold.

“This meat is chopped and eaten in pancakes.
Six wens each.” Jiang Yun Zhu replied as she lifted the small quilt next to her, revealing half a basket of snow-white wheat-flavored pancakes.

Six wens! It was a bit expensive.
One must know that these miners were only paid twenty wens a day for their hard work.
The monthly salary of those soldiers was only five silver coins.

Jiang Yun Zhu knew this would be the case long ago.
She was just using the smell of meat to attract people here.

At the right time, she opened the big wooden barrel next to her, revealing a barrel of steaming hot soup.
Immediately, a strong aroma of mutton mixed with various aromas such as pepper rushed to people’s face.

“This was Bazhen Soup, also known as Hulatang.
It costs three wens a bowl.
Buy a bowl of soup and get five Youmotou for free.” She introduced in a light tone.
This was what she decided after discussing with old Mister Chen.
It was better to sell soup for three wens than two wens.
Complimentary Youmotou made it even more attractive.

People always felt that they were benefiting when there were giveaways.
But what they didn't know was that the price had already been included in the selling price.

Hulatang? They had never heard of it.
Still, the soup was really fragrant.
And the price wasn't expensive.
Some people, who stood there and didn't want to leave, immediately bought a bowl of soup.

The wooden spoon scooped out a spoonful of soup from the wooden bucket.
Seeing that the soup was actually thick and it was full of ingredients such as bean curd, vermicelli, and radish.
Just this and the free Youmotou alone, the three wens were worth it.

After taking a sip of thick soup, the taste of pepper rushed straight to their head.
They felt refreshed.
Spicy, overbearingly spicy, but just right.
Not only was it spicy, but the light sour taste was mixed with the aroma of mutton and many other flavors.
It made people feel their saliva come out and feel comfortable from head to toe.

This was a bowl of soup, and not just a soup.
There was something to chew in your mouth.
There was something to eat.

Then soak the Youmotou in it.
Completely feel sated.

While eating, some people praised the soup as delicious.
After drinking a bowl of soup, the chills on their body disappeared.
There was even faint sweat from the tip of their nose.
It was so satisfying that one wished to have another.

In such an autumn and such a morning, it seemed that one should drink such a bowl of soup to give one strength.

A new day had begun!

Some people remarked it was good.
Other people who were watching couldn't resist buying a bowl and tasted it.
They mentally agree that it was good.

Some people also began to buy meat pancakes.
Although the monthly salary of the soldiers here wasn't high, guarding such a treasured mine, oil content in the diet was bountiful.
So the soldiers had money in their hands.

The main reason was that the smell of stewed meat was too fragrant…

Crispy white cake and served with glutinous and smooth minced meat.
Then drizzle in a little bright soup.
The aromas of various flavors were progressive in the mouth.
People were unable to stop digging in.
It was worth six wens! This taste seemed to be better than the county’s Fumanju’s taste.

The business at the stall suddenly became prosperous.

Chen was in charge of serving the soup, Jiang Yun Zhu cut the meat to make meat pancakes.
Jiang Lin and Jiang Yun Xue cleaned up the dishes.
Since it wasn't time to go to work, Jiang Cheng would help wherever he was needed.
The whole family was very busy.

The soup, pancakes, and Youmotou were all made at home.
Just needed to serve it to the guest and it was done.
The rest was to clean up the dishes.
Jiang Yun Zhu had already planned out everything.
Though everyone was busy, it wasn’t chaotic.
They didn't make any guests for a long time.
No guest walked off either.

More than half an hour passed and the things were basically sold out.
When the mine started to work, Jiang Cheng had already gone to the mine and the stall became deserted.

Everyone felt as if they fought a tense battle.
They were nervous and excited at the same time.
Now that they were idle, everyone looked at Jiang Yun Zhu.
How was business today? Although they had a guess, they still wanted a confirmation from Jiang Yun Zhu.

Jiang Yun Zhu was in charge of collecting the money and already had a rough estimate.
She first stretched out a finger to everyone and then stretched out a hand.
It meant about 150 wens.

Chen couldn't believe it at all.
Earlier, Jiang Yun Zhu had already done calculations with old Mister Chen at home.
These meals were made up of nearly half profit.
They sold for 150 wens.
Meaning they made 75 wen?

Seventy-five wens a day, then how much was a month? Two silver liang… Mrs.
Chen could only feel her face flushed and her ears hot.
She couldn't even breathe freely.

“Let's go back and continue selling at noon.” She didn't feel tired at all.
Her mind was full of this business and completely forgot that she didn't approve of Jiang Yun Zhu doing this business before.

Jiang Yun Zhu shook her head at once.
The soup needed to be simmered for a long time to be delicious.
The pancakes and Youmotou also needed time to make.
They started preparing yesterday and got up before three o'clock this morning to have these things all set.

Sell it at noon? How can it be made on time? Besides, it wasn’t suitable to sell these things at noon.

It was also too tiring.
At the moment, everyone was supported by a burst of energy.
After a while, when the energy depletes, they will be so sleepy that their eyelids will fight to close.

It was only a little past seven o'clock and the market was close to Changshi Village.
If they pack up their things and go back, they can still get some sleep.
Jiang Yun Zhu pondered.

Hearing what she said, Mrs.
Chen could only unwillingly give up.

The family packed up their things and happily returned home.

At the gate of Jiang's house, Jiang Wu stood there.
He peered around the road from time to time.
When he saw a few familiar figures, he immediately shouted inside, “Maternal Grandfather, Mother and the others are back.”

With short legs, he rushed towards Mrs.
Chen like a galloping horse.

Full of joy, Mrs.
Chen hugged him.

When they got to the door, old Mister Chen was already standing there waiting.

“How was it?” he asked.

“It was okay.” Jiang Yun Zhu smilingly replied.

While Mrs.
Chen glanced at her.
What okay? The business was obviously great.
Her daughter was more calm than she was now.

Thinking of this, she grinned.

Once the family entered the room, Jiang Yun Zhu poured the pot of money onto the table and spilled a large amount of copper coins.
The sound was indescribably crisp and pleasant.

Chen seemed to have turned into a money grubber and immediately sat at the table and counted one by one.

One hundred and sixty-three wen.
Ten or so more than Jiang Yun Zhu’s estimation.
Excluding the cost, they made a net profit of 80 wen.
This was four times Jiang Cheng's salary.

Chen's eyes widened with joy.

Jiang Yun Zhu had passed the initial excitement.
She truly felt that it was okay.
On this day, their family, including old Mister Chen, had all helped out.
A total of six people busied away and they only earned 80 Wen.
Was that much?

That was hard-earned money.

It was really hard work.
They went to bed so late last night and got up before three o'clock this morning.
Their black and white days flipped around.

She was thinking, after saving enough capital, they should stop doing this business.
If not, everyone's health wouldn’t be able to take it.

However, Mrs.
Chen felt that Jiang Yun Zhu didn’t know to be content.
People like them usually don't have any method to make money.
Now that they can earn so much, there wasn't anything to be dissatisfied with.

She told Jiang Yun Zhu to go to bed quickly.
She’ll prepare the things for tomorrow.
As long as money could be made, she wasn't afraid of hard work or being tired.

Jiang Yun Zhu urged her to take a rest too.
Money to be earned was endless, but health was the most important thing.
Otherwise, when she gets sick, the money will not be enough to spend.

Only then did Mrs.
Chen go back to her room to rest.

Lying on the bed, Mrs.
Chen couldn't fall asleep.
According to today's situation, they will have nearly three liang of income every month including Jiang Cheng's salary.

She thought of Jiang Yun Xiu.
If they made so much money earlier, she would never have sold her.

She wondered how she was doing now and whether she would see her again in the future.

At this time, Jiang Yun Xiu finally arrived at the Marquis Anping Manor, the place she had hoped for.

The heads of people killed by Shen Feng Ming in Changfeng were rolling.
Everyone in Changfeng sensed danger, not to mention those officials and wealthy businessmen.
Even the brothels were afraid to show off.
Who would buy girls?

Zhang didn't dare to sell her anymore, for fear that all those Qilin Guards would find her displeasing and kacha her too.

After discussing with acquaintances, she took a few girls to Lu Prefecture.

Just in time for Marquis Anping Manor’s old Madam’s birthday.
There was a shortage of people in the manor.
So she immediately brought Jiang Yun Xiu and a few other girls to the door.

In the end, Jiang Yun Xiu was settled at a price of twelve silver liang.

Today was the first day she entered Marquis Anping's Manor.
Although she entered through the corner door at the back, she looked around at the pavilions, towers, and magnificent structures.
It was more beautiful than she had imagined in her dreams.

Thinking that Jiang Yun Zhu lived in this kind of place in her dream and she lived in a dilapidated house full of wind and rain, she found it extremely fortunate.
Fortunately, she snatched that short stick.

This time It was finally her turn to be rich!

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