Jiang Yun Xiu and a dozen or so girls were taken to a wing room in the backyard.

These girls ranged from thirteen to sixteen years old, and they all looked upright, with delicate features.

Jiang Yun Xiu looked around and noticed that except for a girl with a red mole at the corner of her eye, she was the best among the group of people.
She was delighted.
At this time, there were footsteps outside.
A woman came in with a little maid.

That woman was worthy of being from the Marquis of Anping.
She was actually wearing silk and satin.
Both her wrists and head were shining with golden light.

The girls were both envious and apprehensive.

Zheng examined these girls one by one.
Two of them weren’t bad, while the rest were just mediocre.

She began to assign people, “You two, go to the tea room.
You three, go to the laundry room.
You three, follow Superviser Li and go to sweep the courtyard.”

Finally, she came to the remaining few people.
Among them were Jiang Yun Xiu and the girl with the red mole at the corner of her eye.

She paused for a moment.
Her mind turned and she pointed at Jiang Yun Xiu, that girl and another girl with a round face, and said, “You three go to the kitchen.”

Then she went to assign the rest of the girls.

Jiang Yun Xiu froze on the spot.
Her to the kitchen? She must have heard it wrong!

She stared at Mrs.
Her mind was blank.
She thought she would serve Lin Ting An.

Seven years later in the dream, Jiang Yun Xiu and Jiang Yun Zhu met again.
They only talked a few times.
When Jiang Yun Zhu talked about her past, she either brought it up briefly or reported good news but not bad news.
Thta’s why Jiang Yun Xiu didn't know exactly how Jiang Yun Zhu became the young madam of the Marquis Manor.
Just like Jiang Yun Zhu didn't know Xu Qing Shan's past.

There were a total of fourteen girls and they were basically assigned to various places as rough chores maids.
Some of these girls were quick-witted and inquired about the situation in the Manor.
Once they heard that this was the result, they were very disappointed.

Who was Mrs.
Zheng? Her eyelashes were all empty.
Seeing this, she snorted coldly.
These girls really thought they were flying up the branches! If it weren't for the lack of manpower in the Manor, how they with unknown backgrounds enter the Marquis's Manor?

Letting them do some rough work in the Manor had already benefitted them.

Jiang Yun Xiu didn't finally believe that she was assigned to work in the kitchen until she came to the kitchen.

Along with her was the round face girl and the girl with the red mole at the corner of her eye, whose name was Tian Ying.

The kitchen in Marquis Anping's Manor was very large.
Right now, it wasn’t meal time.
So it was still relatively quiet here.

When Mrs.
Zhou, who was in charge of the kitchen, saw the three of them, especially Jiang Yun Xiu and Tian Ying, her face immediately darkened.

Zhou's husband was the chef in the Manor.
His name was Gao Shun.
He was good at cooking Huaiyang cuisine.

But this Gao Shun had a bad habit.
He especially liked to hook up with women.
Relying on Marquis of Anping’s favor, he had a relationship with a few maids and married women in the Manor.

For this reason, Mrs.
Zhou fought with him a lot.
But there was nothing she could do.

A few days ago, she told the supervisor of the manor that there was a shortage of people in the kitchen and requested him to send a few honest and capable people over.
The result was sending these three?

Looking at Jiang Yun Xiu and her expression of reluctance on her face, one can tell she was a vixen who wants to climb into the master's bed.
Then at Tian Ying, her brows and eyes were full of flirtiness.
She must be a little wh*re who can't live without a man.
The reamining one was still pleasing to the eye.

It must be that Zheng Jin Huan, she want to create trouble for her.
She deliberately assigned these three people to her to see her jokes.

Zhou gritted her teeth secretly, wishing to tear Mrs.
Zheng's face off.

“You three, what are you standing there for? Still not going to work!” She vented all her anger on the three of them and fumingly scolded.

Jiang Yun Xiu trio felt suffocated.
Do what work?

“Go wash the dishes.
The dishes in the backyard are piled up like a mountain.” Mrs.
Zhou said.

Jiang Yun Xiu trio went to the backyard.

The kitchen had been short of staff these days.
As expected, those dirty dishes and bowls piled up like a hill.

The three of them fetched water to wash the dishes.

It was deep into autumn.
The well water was very cold, while the plates and bowls were very greasy.
After a while, Jiang Yun Xiu's hands were soaked red and white.
Resentment brewed in her heart.
She came to the Marquis Manor to enjoy luxury, not to wash dishes.

“Little unrestrained hoof, still not scrubbing? What are you being in a daze for? If you can't finish scrubbing, no one will get to eat tonight.” Mrs.
Zhou sat at the side to watch the three of them.

Jiang Yun Xiu remembered her .Once she became the young madam of the Marquis Manor, she’ll get her to wash countless dishes.
No, let her lick them clean one by one.

Thinking about the various ways to torment Mrs.
Zhou in the future, she seemed to feel much better and could persevere again.

After half an hour, a man came in from the corner door in the backyard.
The man was tall and fat, but his eyes weren’t big.

He seemed to have just become drunk.
His whole body reeked of alcohol.

As soon as he entered the door, he saw Jiang Yun Xiu trio and his eyes lit up immediately.

Fifteen years old Jiang Yun Xiu had almond eyes and peach cheeks.
A girl blooming like a flower at its peak.
Tian Ying, who was one year older than her, had swaying eyebrows and eyes.
The red mole under her eyes made her even more charming.

“You still know how to come back.
Hurry up and prepare things for the evening.
Let's see how you end up when Lord Marquis's dinner get delayed,!” Mrs.
Zhou fiercely directed to the man.

The man was Gao Shun.

Gao Shun impatiently responded, “You don't need to talk too much.
Just mind your own business.”

After finishing speaking, he glanced at Jiang Yun Xiu and Tian Ying again before going into the kitchen.

His glance made Jiang Yun Xiu feel extremely disgusted.

While Tian Ying gave Gao Shun a seemingly angry stare.
With that delicate appearance, it seemed that she wanted to refuse while welcoming.

After being glared at by her, Gao Shun felt that his bones were ten jins lighter.
If Mrs.
Zhou wasn't present, he would have gone over to strike up a conversation at once.

Zhou had her back to Jiang Yun Xiu and the others when talking to Gao Shun.
So she didn't see Tian Ying's eyes.
If not, she would have stir a fuss immediately.

After a while, the kitchen started to get busy.
She gave the trio a round yelling before entering the ktichen to work away.

Finally able to catch her breath, Jiang Yun Xiu was plotting how to meet Lin Ting An.

Next to her, Tian Ying's eyes flickered.
It was unknown what she was thinking.

Chen knewing it was pointless to think Jiang Yun Xiu and fell asleep.

In the evening, when Jiang Cheng came back.
He was overjoyed when he heard the news.

“Father, how about selling food with us instead of going to the mine.” Jiang Yun Zhu took the opportunity to tell him that she didn't think going to the mine was a good job.
Not to mention occupational health hazard such as dust disease and skin disease.
Ancient mines didn't have any safety protection measures.
It was easy for danger to occur.

Jiang Cheng shook his head.
He can help the family now.
Wouldn't it be better to earn two shares?

The sooner they make money, the sooner they build a house of their own.
Then he will feel at ease.

Like Mrs.
Chen, Jiang Cheng liked money very much now.
That's right, if they were rich, they wouldn't have to sell their daughter.
If they were rich, they wouldn't need to wander in this foreign land at all.
And they wouldn't need Jiang Yun Zhu work every day from the middle of the night.

Seeing that Jiang Yun Zhu couldn't be persuaded, she could only leave it like this for now.
Wait a little longer.
Wait until the family earns more money.
Then Jiang Cheng should be willing to part with that salary.

The next day, they went to set their stall early.
Today's business was better than yesterday.
Chen was so happy she grinned from ear to ear.

After the hour passed, the market became deserted.
They began to pack their things and prepare to go back.

Jiang Yun Zhu opened the big earthenware pot and saw a piece of meat the size of a palm inside.
She wondered if she should serve meat for everyone at home for lunch to She was also quite anxious from being able to smell the stewed meat every day but not be able to eat it.

“What fragant meat!” A rough voice boomed in her ears.

When Jiang Yun Zhu looked up, she saw a big-headed guy who came up beside her at some point.
The chin on that big head was full of beards.

It was him, that Deputy General Zhao.
Jiang Yun Zhu remembered him.

“Is this meat for sale?” Deputy General Zhao’s ox-eyes stared at the meat pot.

“For sale.” Jiang Yun Zhu subconsciously replied.

With two hearty laughs, Vice General Zhao randomly picked a stool and sat at a table behind.

“It’s certainly fragant.
Boss, whatever you have, just bring it up.” One of the two soldiers following behind him spoke.

Chen looked at these three people with anxiety.
Who were they? Also, the person in charge looked so fierce!

Jiang Yun Zhu quickly fished out the meat, chopped it into pieces, stuffed it into the white pancake, poured thick soup, and brought it to their table.

At this time, Mrs.
Chen came to her senses.
She poured out the last two bowls of Hulatang and carefully brought it to Deputy General Zhao.
She said timidly, “There are only two bowls of soup left.” Afraid it won't be enough for three people.

“I'm going to buy a bowl of mutton soup.
That's my favorite.” One of the soldiers stood up and went to the opposite stall to bring back a bowl of mutton soup.

Deputy General Zhao ignored him, picked up the meat pancake, and bit into it.

With his mouthful, less than half of a meat pie disappeared.

The soup was thick and smooth.
The minced meat was soft and mellow.
It was a perfect match with this white pancake.

After two more bites, the meat pancake went straight into his stomach.

Picking up another one, he took a few bites and demolished it again.

After eating three in a row, he remembered that there was still a soup.
He gulped down a big mouthful of soup.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up.
This soup was an appetite-opening!

A mouthful of soup, a mouthful of meat pie.
He ate like running water.

Five of the six meat pancke entered into his mouth.
That bowl of soup was drunk until empty.

Next to him, the soldier carrying the mutton soup suddenly felt that the soup in his hand wasn't fragrant.

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