Sure enough, Deputy General Zhao only paused for a moment before heading to Jiang Yun Zhu's stall.

Chen's brows were beaming with joy.
At this time, she was no longer afraid of Deputy General Zhao's fierce appearance and immediately stepped forward.
She enthusiastically said, “Do sit down.
I'll get you some soup.
How many bowls do you want?”

“Three bowls.” The soldier who didn't get to drink the Hulatang yesterday immediately answered.
He got to taste the soup today.

Chen quickly brought three bowls of steaming soup over.

This side, Jiang Yun Zhu had made meat pancakes and served them.

Deputy General Zhao was early today.
The soup and pancake were hotter than yesterday, making them more delicious.

A mouthful of soup, hot and sour and refreshing.
Then, a mouthful of meat pancake, crispy and soft.
They felt that they didn’t come over today in vain.

The two soldiers couldn't stop eating.

Deputy General Zhao ate eight meat pancakes and two bowls of soup by himself today.
The two soldiers each ate four meat pancakes and one bowl of soup.
Jiang Yun Zhu sighed, as expected, they were really big customers.

When the bill came, the three of them ate a total of 104 wen.
Chen said 100 Wen would be fine.

Again, it was the long-faced soldier who paid.

After they left, Mrs.
Chen’s brows and eyes curved as she helding the bunch of money.
It was worth half of yesterday's income.
If there were more customers like them, why would they have no money to make!

Jiang Yun Zhu was also overjoyed.
What a surprise.

While they were delighted, on the other side, Mrs.
Sun's nose was almost crooked.
She should have been the one who earned that one hundred coin.

Chen could feel her jealous gaze, but ignored her.
She only thought about how much meat she should stew tomorrow to keep Deputy General Zhao, the God of Wealth.

At this moment, Jiang Yun Xiu was racking her brains thinking, how could she not wash the dishes today.

When she thought of the cold well water and the mountain of dirty bowls, she felt chills all over and nauseous!

In order to take sick leave with Mrs.
Zhou, she didn't get up at this hour.

When Mrs.
Zhou comes later, she will…

With a bang, the door was kicked open.

“At this time and you’re not still awake! The bowls in the kitchen are piled up like a mountain.
What? Wait for the masters to serve you? Do you think you’re the great grandaunt?” Mrs.
Zhou held a wicker in her hand.
Her face was drawn very long as she hollered, “Why don’t you look at what kind of fate you have? A fate of a lowly one.
Still, not getting up to work? Don't even think about eating today.”

Fine then, won’t eat.
It wasn’t like it was some delicacy.
Jiang Yun Xiu was vexed, but she didn't dare to speak out.
She had experienced the power of the wicker in Mrs.
Zhou's hand.
It burned and hurt her body like a branding iron.

“Supervisor Zhou, I…” She pretended to be weak, trying to say that she was sick.

“Who are you acting for? Little unrestrained hoof, you've found the wrong person.” Mrs.
Zhou became more and more infuriated.
It was because of such flirtatious girls that seduced men and caused men to want to cheat.
See how she’ll slap this unrestrained face today.

As she thought this, she whipped Jiang Yun Xiu with the wicker in hand.

The wicker hit her body and excruciating pain burst out.

Jiang Yun Xiu didn’t have the mind to pretend to be sick.
She got up at once.
As she dodged, she begged, “Supervisor Zhou, don't hit me.
I'll go wash the dishes right away.”

“Hurry up!”

Jiang Yun Xiu didn't dare to say any more and went to the kitchen backyard to wash the dishes.

There, Tian Ying and round-faced Xiao Dong were already washing the dishes.

Though the three washed the dishes together, Jiang Yun Xiu had a harder time than the other two.
She wanted to pretend to be sick, resulting in her missing breakfast in the morning.
Now she was hungry.
Additionally, the hit on her shoulder hurt badly.

Today, the sky in Marquis Anping's Manor was still very blue and the surroundings were still full of flowers.
But Jiang Yun Xiu had no intention of admiring them.

She wondered if her fate had gone awry.
Did Jiang Yun Zhu wash dishes every day when she first arrived in the Marquis Anping’s Manor? Or she was particularly unlucky and was assigned to the kitchen.

She regretted it a little.
In her dream, she should have asked Jiang Yun Zhu how she became the young madam of Marquis Manor.

But soon, she gave up this thought.
What Jiang Yun Zhu can do, she can do too.
In the dream, she did attempt to seduce Lin Ting An.
At that time her appearance had faded away.
Of course she couldn't win his favor.
Right now, she was slightly more beautiful than Jiang Yun Zhu.
As long as she sees him…

“I'm going to the bathroom.” Tian Ying said suddenly after an unknown amount of time and got up.

Xiao Dong continued to wash the dishes without any response.
While Jiang Yun Xiu raised her head and her gaze followed her figure.
Once her figure disappeared into the corner, a tall figure came out of the kitchen.
He looked around, exhaled two breaths of hot air as if he was bored.
Then he walked towards the direction where Tian Ying disappeared.

The man was Gao Shun.
Now that it was past breakfast time, Mrs.
Zhou was instructing the people in the kitchen on cleaning up.
So he was free.

Jiang Yun Xiu's eyes flickered.
She suspected that there was something between Tian Ying and Gao Shun.

This was none of her business at all, but…
She wanted to understand one thing just now.
Just washing dishes in the backyard of the kitchen, she would never see Lin Ting An, the eldest son of the Marquis family, in her life.

She didn't want it to be like this.
She wanted to be the young madam of the Marquis Manor!

Then she had two choices, one was to curry favor with Mrs.
She was the supervisor of the kitchen.
If she pleases her, she will have the opportunity to go out of the kitchen to various courtyards in the Manor and meet Lin Ting An.

Second, to please Gao Shun.
He was Marquis Anping’s favorite.
If he was willing to help, maybe he can directly transfer her to Yixue Hall.

Yixue Hall was where Lin Ting lived.

Jiang Yun Xiu didn't want to choose either.
But if she had to choose one, she would choose the former.
That Gao Shun was a full-fledged pervert.
She might be taken advantage of if she came in contact with him.
How can she be the young madam of Marquis Manor afterward?

Moreover, someone had already hooked up with Gao Shun.
If she goes too, she may not get any benefits.

After washing dishes in the backyard for the past few days, she gradually realized why Mrs.
Zhou disliked her and Tian Ying.
She feared that they would seduce Gao Shun! To please Mrs.
Zhou, she had to prove her loyalty to her.

“I'm going to the toilet too.” Thinking of this, Jiang Yun Xiu spoke out.

Turning around the corner and walking on the left corridor, one can see the toilet.
However, Jiang Yun Xiu went to the right.

On the right was a small garden.
At this hour, it was very quiet here.

Jiang Yun Xiu’s eyes were sharp.
At a glance, she saw that the clothes behind the garden crabapple belonged to Tian Ying.

She tiptoed over.

At this time, Gao Shun was full of smiles and was about to pull Tian Ying.

Tian Ying shook off his hand and said softly, “Don't touch me.
Later, if Supervisor Zhou sees this, she will eat me.”

“That old pious woman.
If she dares, I’ll divorce her!” Gao Shun immediately bellowed out with force.

“Are you really going to divorce her for me?” Tian Ying asked.

“Of course, I have long disliked her.” Gao Shun hugged Tian Ying while talking.

But Tian Ying pushed him away and said aggrievedly, “Liar.
I don't ask for anything else.
If you really like me, you can change my job.
Look at my hands.”

She stretched out her hands for Gao Shun to view.

Onion-like hands that turned white from the soak came into sight.

Gao Shun immediately took her hand in distress, “I'm trying to find a way.
You know that old pious woman is watching you closely.”

“Then you should think fast.
I’m telling you, if you don't change my job for a day, don't even try to touch me.”

Gao Shun was a little annoyed.
He just wanted to play with Tian Ying.
She treated herself as something.

Seeing his expression, Tian Ying understood.
She swirled her fingertips around his chest.

Distracted by the teasing, Gao Shun immediately patted his chest to promise that he would help her.

This side, eavesdropper Jiang Yun Xiu was both annoyed and thankful.
Annoyed that Tian Ying asked Gao Shun to transfer her away.
Once she left, wouldn't Mrs.
Zhou torture her even more? Fortunately, she discovered it early.
As long as she tell Mrs.
Zhou about it…

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