It was the busy autumn season for farmers.
But at this time, the people of Qinghe Village were all looking around at Jiang's house in the north of the village.

First, a few servants on tall horses led the way, and then a carriage slowly followed.
The carriage was covered with bright jade and bead curtains.
Even the horses that pull the carriage were plated with gold and silver.
Indescribably luxurious and rich.

Some didn't know the situation, asked, “Who is this? Jiang Family have such relatives?”

“That's Jiang Family’s daughter.
I think she’s called Jiang Yun Zhu.
I heard that she was sold out in the early years.
I haven't seen her for a few years.
Who would have thought that she would become Young Madam of the Marquis's Manor.
She is truly a person above people.
The wealth is extraordinary.” Someone lamented.
Don't know whether they were lamenting Jiang Yun Zhu's fate or lamenting that they didn't have such a good daughter.

The carriage stopped at the gate of Jiang's house.
Five or six maids stepped forward immediately, surrounding a young gentleman and a slim lady.
They entered the courtyard.

With a glimpse, everyone saw the appearance of the young gentleman and the beauty.

“That's the gentleman of Marquis Manor.
He looks really handsome!”

“I just glimpsed Jiang Family’s girl.
Tsk tsk, she looks like a celestial lady.
No wonder she can be the young madam of Marquis Manor.”

“How did Jiang Family give birth to such a daughter?”

Everyone was envious and jealous.
There were many discussions.
In the crowd, Jiang Yun Xiu clenched her teeth so hard that she almost bled.
This carriage, this wealth, even that handsome man.
She could have had it, as long as…

“Mother has wronged you.
You guys choose one.
Whether you’re staying or going, it's fate.” With tearful eyes, Mrs.
Chen stretched out both hands forward.
In each hands, she holds a dead branch stick with only a little exposed.
The two branches were of different lengths.
Whoever chooses the long branch will stay, and whoever chooses the short branch will leave with the broker.

The vision in front of her was spinning.
Jiang Yun Zhu collected herself and saw clearly what was in front of her.

Three mud-tiled houses and a small courtyard were both real and a little unfamiliar.
This seemed to be the yard she lived in when she first came to this world.
What was going on? Wasn't she already married and had become the young madam of Marquis Anping Manor?

“Yun Zhu, your illness is still not cured.
You choose first.” Mrs.
Chen spoke.

Jiang Family had two daughters.
The eldest daughter, Jiang Yun Zhu, was 16 years old.
The second daughter, Jiang Yun Xiu, was 15 years old.
Two daughters, the palms and backs were both flesh.
Chen felt pained.
But there was no other way now.
Have to sell one.

In fact, Mrs.
Chen preferred to let Jiang Yun Zhu stay, because she had just suffered a serious illness a few days ago.
She was so burnt silly.
If she was sold, it would be very difficult for her to survive.

But as soon as she thought of her staying and Jiang Yun Xiu leaving, Mrs.
Chen wished she could take back what she had just said.
She couldn't bear to part with any of them.

Jiang Yun Zhu looked at the two sticks in Mrs.
Chen's hand.
Finally, she confirmed that this was indeed the moment when she first transmigrated to this world.

She clearly remembered these two sticks.
The one on the left was short, and the one on the right was long.
At that time, she chose the one on the left and was sold into Marquis Anping Manor as a maid.

Once she left, it had been seven years.
Everything was vivid in her mind.
But why did she return to this moment again.

A dream that lasts merely a millet soup's cooking time?

Jiang Yun Zhu hesitated.

But someone next to her became impatient, “Hurry up, what time is it? I'm still waiting to go back.” A powdered woman urged Jiang Yun Zhu first before speaking to Mrs.
Chen, “Sister, I say, you shouldn’t cry.
Yes, six silver liang is a lot.
You can ask around.
Right now, two silver liang can buy a grown girl.
How many people want to sell but can't! If it wasn’t due to seeing how pleasing to my eyes two daughters are, would I give you such a high price? “

Speaking of here, the woman’s eyes spun.
She took Mrs.
Chen’s hand and eagerly suggested, “Sister, if it were me, why draw a lot.
How about you sell them both to me? Following me, both will have good days coming.
Isn't it better than starving and freezing with you? Thirteen liangs! Sell them both to me.
They will have a way out and you will have a better life, right?”

The more the woman talked, the more excited she became.
The two daughters of Jiang Family were so lovely.
They were fifteen or sixteen years old, like the dewdrops on the peach blossoms in the morning.
As long as she buys them, she can make a fortune by reselling them.

Chen quickly shook her head violently.
Selling one would be helplessness, but selling two would be a loss of conscience.

The woman's hope was in vain.
She secretly cursed in her heart.
What a brainless person.
On the surface, she only urged, “Then hurry up.
Which one will you sell to me?”

Chen looked at Jiang Yun Zhu and motioned for her to choose.

At this time, Jiang Yun Zhu had come to her senses.
No matter if it was a dream or something, life still had to be lived.

After hesitating for a moment, she reached out to Chen's left hand.
She wasn’t from this world.
The original owner was dead.
Since she used this body, she should pay back her parents.
Besides, if everything was really like the dream, then she had already experienced it once.
This time, it should be easier.

Beside her, Jiang Yun Xiu's complexion dramatically changed.
Just now, she experienced a life transition from great sadness to great joy..
She couldn't believe it.
Heaven really gave her a chance to start again.
This time, she would never be a peasant woman in a mountain village!

She wanteds wealth and glory.
She wanted brocade clothes and fine food.

As long as she gets the stick on the left, she will be sold into the Marquis of Anping.
Then she will have everything that Jiang Yun Zhu had before.

She had thought about it more than once.
Now it is finally coming true!

Thinking of this, she took a step ahead of Jiang Yun Zhu and grabbed Mrs.
Chen's left hand, “Mother, I will choose this branch.”

Suppressing her excitement, she declared.

“Yun Xiu.” Mrs.
Chen was surprised.
She didn't know which stick was longer and which was shorter.
Right now, Jiang Yun Zhu was choosing and she had already chosen the stick in her left hand.
Why would Jiang Yun Xiu snatch?

Though Jiang Yun Xiu didn't have any malicious intentions, she seemed to be stimulated.
Suddenly, she loudly complained, “Mother, why did you let Elder Sister choose first? Can't you let me choose first?”

That was right.
Jiang Yun Xiu resented Mrs.
In the previous life, she stayed by Mrs.
Chen and Jiang Cheng's side and was filial to them.
She took care of her younger siblings and obeyed their words.
She married that worthless Xu Qing Shan.
But them? Jiang Yun Zhu was always on their minds.

Thinking about what she was doing, whether she was fed and clothed.

When in fact, she was eating delicious food and merrily drinking every day in Marquis Anping Manor, while they ate bran and swallowed vegetables every day in the village.

So what did she count as? What did her contribution count as?

And when Jiang Yun Zhu came back and became a noble madam, she was no longer in their eyes.

They were both daughters.
And they treated her like this?

This time she must replace Jiang Yun Zhu and live that kind of rich life.
No one can stop her, otherwise she will fight them!

The more she thought about it, the more Jiang Yun Xiu felt annoyed.
She directly squeezed Mrs.
Chen's hand, and pulled out the stick from her hand.

Chen's hand hurt from being pinched.
She stared at Jiang Yun Xiu in disbelief.

Jiang Yun Xiu didn't care about her.
She was fixated on the stick in her hand.
It was the short branch.
It was really the short branch.
Everything was true.
She was going to be the young manor of Marquis Manor.

Though Jiang Yun Xiu's eyes were red, she was smiling.
This reaction looked strangely distorted.

Chen only felt that Jiang Yun Xiu in front of her was very unfamiliar.
As if she was not her daughter at all.

Jiang Yun Zhu had noticed Jiang Yun Xiu's abnormality.
In everyone's general perception, being sold was tantamount to suffering.
The better ones were sold to rich people as maidservants.
They got beaten and scolded at every turn.
Their life and death were up to another.
The lowly ones and the unlucky ones were directly sold into brothels.
Their lives were ruined.

In her dream, she was sold to the Marquis of Anping.
The bitterness of it wasn’t enough for outsiders to understand.

That was why she thought she'd better choose the short branch.

Now? Wasn’t Jiang Yun Xiu afraid of being sold before? Why did she suddenly snatch the stick in Mrs.
Chen's left hand? And she was ecstatic to find that it was a short stick inside.

Thinking of the experience in the dream, Jiang Yun Zhu raised her eyebrows.
It couldn’t be that Jiang Yun Xiu had a similar dream?

She remembered that Jiang Yun Xiu was very dissatisfied with her in the dream.
She had once said in front of her face that if she had been the first to choose at that time, maybe she would be the young madam of Marquis Manor now.

What’s more, she seemed to try to seduce Lin Ting An.
But at that time her face weathered a lot of experience.
Her blooming period was long gone.
How could Lin Ting An possibly fall in love with her?

Jiang Yun Zhu didn't move and continued to watch.

“Mother, I chose the short stick.” At this moment, Jiang Yun Xiu had calmed down and said to Mrs.
Chen as if declaring.

“Yun Xiu.” Chen was very worried about her.

“Jiang Yun Zhu, I chose the short stick.” Jiang Yun Xiu directed at Jiang Yun Zhu.
When she said this, her chin was slightly raised.
Ambition reached the max.
Heaven favored her.
This time it was finally time for her to be beautiful and prosperous and fro Jiang Yun Zhu to roll in the mud.

Seeing her like this, Jiang Yun Zhu finally confirmed her guess just now.
It seemed that she had indeed had a similar dream.

Thinking of all kinds of things in the Marquis Anping Manor, she smiled.
Jiang Yun Xiu really wanted the life in her dream?

Then she will give it to her.
Just hope that she won’t regret it by then!

The matter was settled like this.
The two parties wrote a contract and the money was delivered.
Jiang Yun Xiu packed up her things and left with the woman.

Jiang Yun Xiu didn't bring anything except the clothes on her body.
From her point of view, these things in the house had a poor aura.
Carrying them would make people look down upon her.

Before leaving, she said to Jiang Yun Zhu, “Elder Sister, if you can't live on in the future, come and beg me.” If she is in a good mood, she might reward her with a few liang of silver.
Just the way she gave her stuff like satin in the past.

Beg her? The corners of Jiang Yun Zhu's lips rose.
She thought it was so easy for a maid to become Marquis Manor’s young madam?

Besides, why would she beg her? Her good life had just begun!

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