“Yun Zhu, this, this…” Mrs.
Chen pointed at the silver, stammering.

“Just leaving the deposit with us first.” Jiang Yun Zhu said with a smile, implying that the money wasn't theirs yet.

Chen was still very happy, touching this piece of silver, weighing that piece of silver.
The silver was cold, but her heart was hot.

As the seven o’clock approached, there were fewer and fewer people in the market.

“Auntie Chen, Yun Zhu.” Xu Qing Shan drove a donkey cart over from the foot of the mountain.

“It's Qing Shan, why did you come here?” Mrs.
Chen was surprised.

Xu Qing Shan hurriedly told about his transporting matter.
Taking Jiang Yun Zhu's advice that day, he immediately went around to inquire and found a few places that were neither far or near and suitable for giving rides.

It was his first time doing it yesterday and had no experience.
He did two rides in the morning and evening each and earned twenty-six wens.
Today, he had experience.
He made three trips this morning and earned 20 wens.
It was estimated that it wouldl be about the same in the evening.

Going by this, he can earn about one or two liang silver a month.
This was twice as much as what was earned in the mines!

“My father feel distress for it and won't let me do rounds in the daytime.
After I save money, I can buy a donkey or a horse.
I can make more money by pulling the two animals in turns instead.” Xu Qing Shan excitedly told Mrs.
Chen and Jiang Yun Zhu all about the situation of pulling his transporting in the past two days.
Afterward, he patted his donkey and remarked.

His family's donkey had done a great job.
They got here safely by relying on it on the way to seek refuge.
They still rely on it to make money.
Now its status in the family was higher than his.

Chen was envious when she heard it, but she wasn't jealous.
She was just happy for him.

“Thanks to Yun Zhu.” Xu Qing Shan looked at Jiang Yun Zhu embarrassedly when he said this.
It was only because of her affirmation and guidance that he made up his mind to do this business.

Thinking of this, he lowered his voice and said to Mrs.
Chen, “Auntie, I have two more routes in mind today, but I can't do it alone.
How about you tell Uncle Jiang to do this instead.

It’s too tiring to work in the mine, and it isn't as profitable as this one.

I’m not lying to you.
Really! ” He was afraid that Mrs.
Chen wouldn’t believe it and said anxiously.

Of course, Mrs.
Chen believed him.
He had already said so much.
She wasn't stupid.
How could she not see that he really wanted to help them.
Of course, there was a reason that Jiang Yun Zhu was the one who gave him advice.
But weren’t there still white-eyed wolves in this world?

He was a good person.

“I'll go back and discuss it with your Uncle Jiang.” Mrs.
Chen replied.
What she said was evasive.
It was also the truth.
Jiang Cheng was currently at the mine during the day and helping them with their business in the morning and evening.
He only slept three or four hours a day.
Her heart felt distress for him and was afraid he wouldn't be able to bear it.

It would be much easier if he could really give rides with Xu Qing Shan.
And also earn more.

However, giving rides required an animal and a cart.
A mature donkey would cost at least seven or eight liang.
A mule was more expensive, so don't even think about a horse.
While a cart required four or five liangs.
This adds up to twelve liang silver.

Their family had made some money these days, but it was far from buying a donkey and cart!

“If Auntie is short of money, I still have some.” Xu Qing Shan paused, “No, I can borrow some from my cousin uncle.”

Chen quickly shook her head.
If they borrow, how much should they borrow? If it was short one or two liang, she would borrow it.
Right now, the difference was too much.
Besides, it would be great if they could borrow money from his cousin uncle to buy livestock and earn a little more every day.
Why should they help them though?

This kind of favor was too great.
She didn’t dare nor did she have the shame to accept it.

“Good child, I know your good intentions.
I will tell Uncle Jiang about this.” She spoke.

“En.” Xu Qing Shan nodded.

The more Mrs.
Chen looked at Xu Qing Shan, the more satisfied she became.
If Jiang Yun Zhu could really marry him and the husband and wife worked hard together, could life be bad?

“Have you eaten yet?” She asked Xu Qing Shan while removing the lid of the soup bucket.

When Xu Qing Shan saw that she was going to get him something to eat, he quickly shook his head, trying to express that he wasn't hungry.
However, his stomach uncooperatively growled.

He blushed in embarrassment.
Chen smiled and filled a large bowl full of Hulatang for him.
Then she placed seven or eight youmotou on the table for him and urged him to eat.

Xu Qing Shan could only sit down and eat.

After eating, he wanted to give Mrs.
Chen money, but Mrs.
Chen wasn't willing to accept.

The two debated for a while, it was finally decided that Mrs.
Chen treated him this time.
The next time he comes, he’ll pay.

During this time, Jiang Yun Zhu sold three more bowls of hulatang.
When the last customer came, there were six youmotou left.
Originally, five youmotou was complimentary with a bowl of soup.
She gave him all six.
It made the customer so delighted that he directly exclaimed to come tomorrow.

Today's business was over.

Jiang Yun Zhu and Mrs.
Chen packed up.
Xu Qing Shan helped.
Initially, they used a small cart to push things back every day.
Today Xu Qing Shan directly put the things and the small cart on the donkey cart and saved a lot of trouble.

Chen really wanted to buy a donkey cart.
Originally, she had the same thought as Jiang Cheng.
Once they made money, they would build a house.
Only when they had their own house could they feel at ease.
But now she felt that the donkey cart was more urgent.

Xu Qing Shan drove the donkey cart back.
On the way, he asked Mrs.
Chen, “Auntie, will you go to the town later? My father asked me to buy some soybean meal for the donkey on the way back today.
If you go, you can sit on my cart.”

In the past, when Mrs.
Chen and the others finished, they would eat something, sleep, and then go shopping in the town after getting up.


“Yun Zhu, let's go to town first after we have some food!” Mrs.
Chen said.
One, they get a ride.
If not, they would have to walk nearly three kilometers to the town every time to buy something, and then carry it back nearly three kilometers.
It would be really tiring.

Second, she naturally had her own plans.

Jiang Yun Zhu wanted to go back to sleep.
But today she really had to go to town first.
She promised Deputy General Zhao trio to bring them lunch at noon.
She got to go to town early to buy things.

“Okay, then we’ll trouble Eldest Brother Xu.” Jiang Yun Zhu responded.

The ‘Eldest Brother Xu' made Xu Qing Shan blush again.

Chen was experienced, so how can she not understand Xu Qing Shan's thought.
She suddenly had an idea in her mind.

After a while, the donkey cart arrived at the gate of Jiang's house.

Xu Qing Shan helped unload the things and said that he was free in the morning and Mrs.
Chen pair could call him after eating.

“Is there time to eat? Yun Zhu, since you're going to sell lunch and dinner, why don't you look at the prices of the goods in the town? Also buy things for lunch.
There's no time to delay.

How about this, you go to the town with Qing Shan and buy something to eat when you're hungry.

I'll stay behind to cook for Jiang Lin and the others and clean the kitchen.
Under both of our both management, let’s make the three customers satisfied.
Then we can do better business in the future, right?” Mrs.
Chen's words were well-founded.

Jiang Yun Zhu found it reasonable too.
This morning, it was really busy.

They were talking at the door.
In the side room, Yang Sheng had seen Jiang Yun Zhu come back.

He also saw a young man standing next to her.
The young man was busy.
Still, he would glance at Jiang Yun Zhu from time to time.
He sighed, “Sure enough, that clumsy husband appeared.”

The reason why he said this was because he said the phrase ‘a clever woman often matched with a clumsy husband’ when he first met Jiang Yun Zhu.
At that time, he said that Jiang Yun Zhu had a clever mind, but her background was humble.
It was estimated that she could only marry an ordinary farmer in the future.
Wasn't it a pity?

Looking at it now, it really seemed like it.

Seeing that such a good girl will spend her whole life in the mountains, dealing with firewood, rice, oil and salt every day, like a pearl covered in dust, Yang Sheng naturally sighed.

Shen Feng Ming looked out because of his words.
In the morning light, Jiang Yun Zhu was standing there with her hands caressing her black hair.
The warm golden sun shone on her body.
Like pearls and jade, the beauty was bright.
Everything around her seemed to be a foil.

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