The cherry meat was jiggling, soft and sweet.
After Shen Feng Ming took a bite, he suddenly stopped clipping it up.
He went to eat sauteed pork, which was spicy and appetizing.

From time to time, he also ate a meatball, which was tender and delicious, or a piece of waxy gourd, which had a clear palate and was refreshing.

Yang Sheng preferred the plate of cherry meat.
He felt like it was a beauty.
Delicious and delicate.
It was…
Wait, why was there only half of the plate of sauteed pork left? And most of the winter melon meatball soup gone?

He didn't have time to think about those sour poems and rushed to eat.

Jiang Lin was very fast.
Not long later, he ran to the foot of the mountain.

A long-faced soldier was already waiting there.
Jiang Lin knew him.
He was the one who followed Deputy General Zhao every day.

“Is this the meal ordered by our Deputy General, Deputy General Bao, and Deputy General Li?” the long-faced soldier asked.
Followed by it was sniffing.
This, smelled so good.

“Yes, 20 wen for boiled meat, 18 wen for quick fry fat intestines, 38 wen for dry cooked fish.
There’s also three bowls of rice.
Each bowl costs two wen.” Jiang Lin smoothly recited.

The long-faced soldier accepted the food box.
Boiled meat? Meat boiled in plain water? Can that be delicious? But why did it smell so good? He only focused on boiled meat and forgot about the rest after listening.
It didn't matter though.
Deputy General Zhao and the others won't ask how much these dishes cost.

“Okay.” As he agreed, he gave Jiang Lin two earthenware pots in his hand, “Your earthenware pots have been washed.”

Jiang Lin accepted the earthenware pot.
The transaction between the two was over.
One went up the mountain and the other went home.

In a hall on the mountain, a general in armor frowned.
His face was sinking like water.
He was Wang Bin who was ordered to guard the mine.
When he thought of the letter he received last night and felt like there were countless steel knives hanging above his head.
He might die without a burial at any time.

Qilin Guard.
Shen Feng Ming.
That killing god…
He really regretted agreeing to that matter to Sixth Prince.

But things had come to this point.
He can only keep going down the dark path!

“Recently, we need to send more people around the mine.
Anyone who looks suspicious will be arrested.
There is no need to interrogate them.
Just hand them over to Zhu Liang.” He said.

Zhu Liang was part of his army and his brain.
He was a somewhat thin man.

After hearing this, all the soldiers looked at each other in blank dismay.
This order was very strange! Still, the soldiers obeyed the order and didn't raise any objections.

Wang Bin spoke a lot.
He didn't get up until 2:00 in noon to leave.

Starving, all the soldiers filed out and hurried to the cafeteria.

Passing by a long-faced soldier, a soldier raised his nose.
What was so fragrant? He looked around and saw nothing.

Another soldier stopped in his tracks and turned his head to glance around.

“Still not coming here.” Deputy General Zhao saw the long-faced soldier and greeted him.

The long-faced soldier turned to the back, picked up a food box, walked around the crowd, and arrived in front of Deputy General Zhao.

“Don't go to the cafeteria.
There are many people there.
Go to the tea room, there should be no one there at the moment.” Deputy General Li also smelled the fragrance from the food box and hurriedly said.

The few went to the tea room.
Sure enough, there was no one there.

The long-faced soldier opened the food box and the plates that were covering the dishes.
Instantly a gust of steam and aroma rushed to his face.

The most eye-catching thing was the thing in the large white porcelain bowl, which was bright red and oily.
The tender meat slices were hidden in the red soup.
There were bright red peppers and some emerald green shallots on it.
All kinds of aromas were mixed together and dived straight into their lungs.

This was boiled meat ah! At the sight of it, the long-faced soldier murmured in his heart, wondering why the boiled meat was like this.

“This is for mine! Don't snatch!” Deputy General Zhao saw it clearly, picked up the big bowl, and put it in front of him, for fear that others would snatch it from him.
It wasn't that he was distressed about money.
It was that this dish was so fragrant that he was reluctant to give it to others.

Deputy General Bao was envious.
However, his fatty intestines didn't look bad either.

“Elder Brother Zhao, what yours and mine? Don't my fish look delicious?” Deputy General Li was also drooling for the bowl of meat.
So he took out his own fish and showed it to Deputy General Zhao.

Dry-cooked fish.
The whole carp paired with diced pork belly was full of fragrance.

The three of them looked at each other.
What yours and mine! Just eat it! That’s right, eat!

The three of them picked up their chopsticks and were about to start eating when a head suddenly moved over, “What kind of dish is this? It smells so good!”

At first glance, there were four or five soldiers standing at the door, all of whom had a very good relationship with them.

Deputy General Li simply slapped his head.
He didn't go to the cafeteria because he wanted to hide from them.
Unexpectedly, they were discovered by them.

Deputy General Bao spat at the few people, “Are you dogs? You have such a good nose.”

The few soldiers laughed.
Can’t be helped.
That dish was too fragrant! First, give them a taste.
Next time, they’ll buy a few and treat them.

After eating, Jiang Yun Zhu went to the town again.
Firstly, to buy some ingredients for the evening and replenish some meat.
Second, since Jiang Lin trio were going to learn to read from Shen Feng Ming, they should study properly.
No matter what Shen Feng Ming thought, this was a rare opportunity for Jiang Lin and the others.

Even if they have money in the future, they might not be able to hire such a teacher to teach.

She bought another four sets of brushes and paper.
One set was for Shen Feng Ming.
The price was slightly more expensive.
The remaining three sets were for Jiang Lin and others.
As for her, she was just going through the motions .
The ones bought in the morning was sufficient.

At 1 p.m., in Jiang Family hall, Jiang Lin had already cleaned the only square table in the house.
Jiang Yun Xue found a chair and three stools of uneven height.

The furniture that Jiang Family used now was all left over from old Mrs.
Feng's moving out.
There was no complete set of things at all.

There was only one table.
Shen Feng Ming sat behind the table.
Jiang Yun Zhu sat on his right.
Jiang Lin sat on his left.
Opposite was Jiang Yun Xue and Jiang Wu.

“I'll listen too.” Yang Sheng had been staring at the side for a long time.
Seeing that the positions were set, he immediately sat behind Jiang Wu with a broken stool he found somewhere.

“Uncle, sit here!” Jiang Wu thought that Yang Sheng really wanted to listen and kindly moved his chair to the side to let him sit closer.

The smile on Yang Sheng's face almost froze, “Uncle?”

He was called uncle.
Jiang Yun Zhu was called Elder SIster.
So he was a generation older than Jiang Yun Zhu? Besides, was he that old?

“Just call me Elder Brother.
Elder Brother Yang.” He said.

“Elder Brother Yang.” Jiang Wu complied.

Only then did Yang Sheng feel happy again and patted Jiang Wu's head.
This kid had a future.

Shen Feng Ming didn't seem to notice his little movements as he had picked up the brush and started writing on the paper.
“One, two, three…
hundred, thousand, ten thousand.” Since it was for keeping accounts, he taught them numbers first.

Number? Listening to Jiang Lin and the others reciting ‘one, two’, Jiang Yun Zhu suddenly felt like returning to kindergarten.

At that time, she was learning to write and couldn’t write neatly even though there were grids in the notebook.
So she used a ruler to block at the bottom.
The bottom of the written characters were all flat, which was ugly as hell.

Now look at Shen Feng Ming.
On such a huge piece of paper, there wasn't even a guide.
Still, he wrote horizontally and vertically straight.
Every word and the spacing between each word was exactly the same.
As if measured with a ruler.

Jiang Yun Zhu had also met many scholars, but few were like him.
She wondered if he was a bit OCD.

His hands were pretty good-looking.
Slender fingers and well-defined joints.
There were many thin calluses on the tiger's mouth and finger pulp.
It was evident that this was a pair of hands that used a sword.
Countless people died under these hands.

Jiang Yun Zhu withdrew her gaze and stopped looking around.

The autumn days was bland.
The birds were singing outside the window.
Yang Sheng was interested in listening at the start.
He looked left and right as if wanting to find something.
But it turned out that Shen Feng Ming was only really teaching literacy.
He immediately lost interest.

After a while, he wanted to retreat.
If he had the time, wouldn't it be nice to go to bed and sleep?

At this moment, he realized that Jiang Yun Zhu's state wasn't right?

Looking carefully, he noticed the clue.
She looked like she was listening to the class seriously, but was actually in her dreamland.
This surprised him endlessly.
Sitting next to Shen Feng Ming, she could actually fall asleep? What's more, she was very capable.
She pretended to be serious in class.
If he didn't look carefully, he wouldn't discover that she had fallen asleep.

He only wished he could have met her earlier and gotten her to teach him this skill earlier.
Back when he was in class, would he get chased and get beaten by the old teacher every day!

Whatt Yang Sheng didn't know was that Jiang Yun Zhu had been tempered in the classroom for more than 20 years in modern times to do this.
How could he learn it just because he wanted to?

Yang Sheng raised his eyebrows at Shen Feng Ming.
His student wasn’t paying attention to the class and was sleeping.
He didn't care?

Shen Feng Ming's voice didn't change.
He knew that Jiang Yun Zhu was just too tired.

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