It was still the same square table.
Today, Shen Feng Ming taught them how to write.
Firstly the method of holding a pen, then some precautions when writing, and finally, there was only practical left.

This was the first time they held a writing brush.
The tip of the writing brush was soft.
It was difficult to grasp the strength.
Jiang Lin started writing.
It was crooked.
Jiang Yun Xue was a little better than him, writing in a smooth and steady manner.

Jiang Wu.
If he wasn't careful, there were a few big ink dots on the paper.
He was so nervous that he clenched his brush tightly.
He knew that the brush and paper were very expensive and was afraid that if he didn’t write well, the big brother would be angry.

“Boy, don't rush.
This thing, if you write well, that’s all there is to it.
If you don't write it well, it won't delay your meal.” Yang Sheng patted him on the shoulder, feeling like he was looking at someone of the same kind.

His handwriting was ugly.
Several great Confucian scholars forced him to practice, almost to the point of personally teaching him to write hand by hand.
Still, he wrote like a dragon and a phoenix.
It wasn't that it was beautiful, it was scribbles.
Like a strong wind blowing over the messy grass.

Shen Feng Ming glanced at him, “Talk too much, then go out.”

Yang Sheng rubbed his nose.
Go out? He didn't want to go out.

Jiang Wu seemed to be really comforted by him.
The hand holding the brush no longer trembled so much, and he could write a simple word.

Jiang Yun Zhu was literate.
She had even properly practiced calligraphy in Anping Marquis Manor for two years in her dream.
So she didn't write the whole characters, for fear that Shen Feng Ming would notice something.

She was doing horizontal strokes.
It was a little crooked at first.
Then it became stable.
Then she tried to copy Shen Feng Ming's handwriting in detail.

She wrote very seriously.
Her body leaned forward slightly, her brows were drawn, her lips were pressed together, and her soft side face and slender neck outlined a beautiful arc.

Yang Sheng sat on the side and admiringly watched.
He always thought that beauties should be dressed in brocade and red makeup, covered with red and emerald jade, and sit as if amidst clouds.
Never thought there would be something interesting in this shabby room.

As he was watching, he noticed a slight difference.
Did Jiang Yun Zhu's arm touch Shen Feng Ming's arm?

Though his posture didn't change, his eyes became brighter.

According to his observation, it must have been touched.
This discovery wasn't trivial.
That was Shen Feng Ming! Let alone others, even if he touches him, he will be flung away in disgust.

Did they know that their arms were touching?

The square table was only that big and there were six people sitting there.
Jiang Yun Zhu practiced calligraphy seriously, so naturally she didn't pay attention to what her arm touched.

Shen Feng Ming noticed it.
He noticed Jiang Yun Zhu's arm when she moved it just now.
For the first time, he moved his arm slightly back.
The second time, he withdrew his hand.
The movement was gentle and didn’t disturb Jiang Yun Zhu.
Third time, he didn't move.

Yang Sheng naturally saw his movements.
He couldn't believe his eyes.
He, the ten thousand years ice had been enlightened?

It really made people weep with joy.
If Princess Danyang knew, she would be so overjoyed!

He was hesitating about how to help out his friend a bit when there was a voice outside.

“Auntie Chen, is Yun Zhu at home?” Xu Qing Shan brought Gu Yan Zhou in from the outside.

“This side.” Mrs.
Chen was mending an old piece of clothes in the courtyard.
Hearing this, she quickly stood up and said with a smile, “What? Is there a matter you need her for? Oh, Yan Zhou is here too.”

Gu Yan Zhou was Gu Yong De’s son.
Gu Yong De had helped Jiang Family a lot.
Gu Yan Zhou himself was a scholar and good-looking.
Chen had taken a liking to him.

“There is,” Xu Qing Shan looked into the middle hall.

The door of the middle hall was open.
He could see that Jiang Yun Zhu was sitting at a square table.
There were also the two grain merchants.
One was sitting very close to her, while the other was sitting opposite her and staring at her with bright eyes.
Clearly, with bad intentions.

“Elder Brother Xu.” Jiang Yun Zhu heard the voice, stood up, and saw Xu Qing Shan and Gu Yan Zhou.

Her gaze froze for a moment.

Gu Yan Zhou.
She met him twice.
The first time was at the door of the village chief's house.
The second time he and the village chief came to her house for dinner.
Both times were brief glances.
That time, she never imagined he was the person from the top scholar case.

Looking at him now, she can't help but think of a lot.

If it hadn't been for what happened eleven days later, he would have been the top thesis author who ‘became famous all over the world’ and his family would be happy and his future would be bright.

But in the dream, his relatives were killed first, and then he was displaced.
It was unknown what kind of suffering he had experienced for him to write such a bone cutting and teeth gnashing tribute four years later.

Where did he go in the end? No one knew.
Power disputes in the imperial court haav always been extremely cruel.
Whether he continued to lie dormant, waiting for an opportunity to overthrow Shen Feng Ming, or was killed, it was unknown.

Still, it was a thorny road full of blood.

At that time, he might not be how he was now.

Now? If eleven days later, this fate can be changed…

Jiang Yun Zhu's heart was heavy.
For herself and for all the people in Changshi Village.

She kept staring at Gu Yan Zhou.
Gu Yan Zhou found it strange.
This girl, does she like to stare at people so much? That time too.
She looked him up and down.
This time she stared at him even more.

Gu Yan Zhou was a good-looking man.
Usually, there were many girls who secretly peek at him.
But there was really no one like Jiang Yun Zhu.

He also glanced at her twice.

Jiang Yun Zhu was wearing an ordinary smoke-colored dress today.
She didn't have any makeup on her face or any hairpins on her head.
Still, her black hair was half up.
She had picturesque features and an astonishing beauty.

In particular, her slightly frowning brows.
There seemed to be infinite thoughts in her twinkling eyes, which made people want to explore.

Standing by the side, Xu Qing Shan swept his glance between Jiang Yun Zhu and Gu Yan Zhou.
He was feeling very satisfied.

While he was happy, someone wasn’t.
Yang Sheng looked at Gu Yan Zhou and frowned slightly.
It was undeniable that this person was a man was pure and handsome in appearance.
Quite a person, but…
he became irritable and poked Shen Feng Ming with his arm.

Shen Feng Ming was also taking in Gu Yan Zhou.
There seemed to be no abnormality on his face.

“Come in and sit down,” Mrs.
Chen said.

Xu Qing Shan and Gu Yan Zhou entered the room.

“This is?” Xu Qing Shan asked when he saw a lot of paper and brushes on the square table in the room.

“This gentleman is teaching Yun Zhu and the others how to read.” Mrs.
Chen explained.

“So that's the case.
If Yun Zhu and the others want to learn how to read, they can also learn from Yan Zhou.
Why bother with the two gentlemen from the capital.
Besides, they won't be here for long, right?” Xu Qing Shan said.

Yang Sheng raised his eyebrows as soon as he heard it.
These words, why did it feel like it was directed at them!

“This is?” He asked Gu Yan Zhou.

Chen introduced both parties.
Gu Yan Zhou, who was an excellent student.
Yang Sheng and Shen Feng Ming, two young gentlemen from the capital who came for grain selling.

“So a scholar.
If that's the case, you should study hard at home so that you can take the examination next year.
How can you have time to teach others?” Yang Sheng said with a smile.

Xu Qing Shan was slightly taken aback when he heard this.
He just wanted to keep Jiang Yun Zhu away from the two of them, but he forgot that Gu Yan Zhou was short on time.

Gu Yan Zhou smiled.
Although he didn't know the background of these two gentlemen, he definitely wanted to help his elder cousin brother.
So he spoke, “Participating in the examination is to serve the court.
Helping relatives and neighbors is also a small act of kindness.
If I can't do small acts of kindness, why talk about big matters?

What's more, teaching people to read and write helps review the past and refresh the knowledge.
Maybe it can help me understand more of Teacher’s true meaning amidst his words.

This gentleman, don’t you agree? “

He used great principles to suppress people.
Yang Sheng couldn't really retort.
Unexpectedly, this person looked warm, but his mind was clever.

“I'm just afraid of wasting your time.” He responded.

“It doesn't waste any time.
Otherwise why would the two grain merchants in such a busy industry have time to teach people how to read and write? Looking at it this way, it really doesn't take much time.” Gu Yan Zhou answered.

Yang Sheng was choked up.
What should he respond? Say it took time.
Then why didn't they think it wasn’t time-consuming.
Say it didn't take time.
Then wouldn’t it be agreeing to Gu Yan Zhou's words? Gu Yan Zhou was gagging him with his matter.

Yang Sheng got excited.
It should be like this.
He properly talked to him with reasons.
He didn't believe that he couldn't out-argue him!

At this moment, a cool voice said, “This matter, Miss Jiang and the others can make the decision.”

It was Shen Feng Ming.

Yang Sheng and Gu Yan Zhou were taken aback when they heard this.
They understood his underlying meaning.
Why argue? It was Jiang Yun Zhu and the others who were learning.
They can learn from whoever they want to learn from.
It can’t be that they want to do a forceful transaction? It didn't make sense.

Gu Yan Zhou clenched his fists and coughed dryly to cover up his embarrassment.
Excuse me!

Yang Sheng laughed.
He had forgotten.
His boss, if he didn't talk, there wasn’t a word.
When he spoke, he could choke people to death.

Shen Feng Ming glanced at him.

Yang Sheng put away his smile and sat down.

So now the question fell to Jiang Yun Zhu.
Who did she want to learn calligraphy from? Naturally from Gu Yan Zhou.
But Yang Sheng and the others lived at home.
She didn't want Gu Yan Zhou to be involved too much.
If something changed and the things in the dream changed, she would be caught off guard.

Learning matter could only be left like this.

Xu Qing Shan talked about his purpose for coming today.
Didn't Jiang Yun Zhu mention that he could do a monthly subscription for giving rides? He wanted to discuss with her how to implement it.
Amidst this, if they need to write something, they will naturally need Gu Yan Zhou's help.

This idea was all ready-made in Jiang Yun Zhu's mind.
They can get a wooden sign and write the date and name on it and it was enough.
Actually, they can also get another kind of wooden sign with numbers from one to thirty written on it.
Every time the customer uses it up, it will be replaced with a wooden sign with a smaller number.

In fact, this wasn't considered a monthly subscription, but an amount subscription.
It means that if they buy many times at once, it will be cheaper.
It was similar to the modern card application.

Xu Qing Shan felt that the second method was better and saves trouble.

After this matter was over, Xu Qing Shan and Gu Yan Zhou bid farewell and left.

Class wasn’t over, so Jiang Yun Zhu continued to practice writing.

After an unknown amount of time, a voice asked, “Miss Jiang, do you like your current life?”

What does this mean? Jiang Yun Zhu raised her head and saw Shen Feng Ming looking at her with eyes like a deep spring that made it difficult to see the depth.

The breeze came slowly, blowing his temple hair.
Suddenly, it dawned on Jiang Yun Zhu.
It was like in Marquis Anping Manor in a dream.
He also asked her this question.

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