On the day of winter start, Jiang Yun Zhu didn't have the heart to come up with new dishes.
So she made meat pancakes.
The sale wasn’t so bad.

At noon, they were going to sell boiled dumplings.
There were two kinds of stuffing; pork+cabbage and mutton+cabbage.
The regular customers believed in her culinary skill.
Also, today was a festival to eat dumplings.
Many people ordered dumplings.

When Jiang Yun Zhu returned to Changshi Village, Gu Yan Zhou happened to drop by.

“Miss Jiang, I'm afraid I don't have time to teach you today.
Teacher asked me to meet him in the afternoon and said was going to introduce some of his friends to me.
I might not be able to come back until late.” Gu Yan Zhou said.

Jiang Yun Zhu pursed her lips.
#it came.
Gu Yan Zhou was going to the county and would not come back until very late.
Or, he won't come back tonight.
After all, the city gates in the county closed at 5p.m..
If he can't make it in time, he might stay at his teacher's house.

So in the dream he escaped the catastrophe tonight.

Don't know whether this was luck or misfortune for him.

It seemed that everything was in line with the dream.
Jiang Yun Zhu gradually relaxed after being nervous.
This was good.
She was afraid that because she changed her fate with Jiang Yun Xiu, it would affect today's events.
Now it seemed that it wouldn’t.

“Miss Jiang?” Gu Yan Zhou noticed Jiang Yun Zhu's serious face and explained apologetically, “Teacher said it was some of his important friends, so I must go.”

“It's okay, you can go.
We aren’t in a hurry to learn characters.” Jiang Yun Zhu smiled.

Gu Yan Zhou smiled, turned away, and left.

Jiang Yun Zhu watched his back and thought of Xu Qing Shan.
In her dream, he also escaped the catastrophe tonight.
But she didn't know why.

It was almost 3p.m..
Xu Qing Shan wanted to hurry to the direction of the mine after giving a ride to Mengjia Village.
It was almost time for the miners to get off work.
He had to go back and give rides.

At this time, a person suddenly rushed out from a nearby house, “Someone come, help me!” It was a man.
He was in complete panic and stood there yelling.

“What's going on?” Xu Qing Shan was warm-hearted and got off the donkey cart at once.

The man grabbed his arm and answered, “My wife, she can't give birth.
She’s bleeding a lot.
The midwife said her, said she…”

The man burst into tears before he finished speaking.

It was dystocia, “Got to rush her town, no, send to the county.
There are good doctors in the county.
Maybe it can save her life.”

Mengjia Village belonged to Changling Town, but it was on the edge of Changling Town and it was all mountain roads.
Rather than sending her to town, it was better to send her directly to the county city.
Although it was a bit farther, the road was flat.
The mother-to-be won’t be able to withstand the bumpy journey.
That was why Xu Qing Shan said this.

The man seemed to grasp at life-saving straws and repeated, “Go to the county city, yes, go to the county city.”

But how to get to the county city?

“I'll take you there.” Xu Qing Shan said immediately.
This will definitely delay his business, but he can't just ignore it.

“Thank you, thank you.” The man grabbed his hand and wanted to kneel down to him.

Xu Qing Shan quickly halted him.
Together, they carefully carried the pregnant woman onto the donkey cart and hurried to the county town.

It went without saying Jiang Yun Zhu didn't know what happened to him.
She was only staring at the western sky at the moment.

The miners got off work.
Today was winter start.
There was dumplings at home.
Thinking of the family sitting together eating dumplings, everyone had a smile on their faces and wished they could fly back home immediately.

It got dark early in winter.
The surroundings were already pitch black.

The last group of miners were about to leave.
At this moment, someone suddenly pointed to the west and uttered, “What is that?”

Everyone looked in the direction the man pointed.
A fireball was seen descending from mid-air and landed on a mountain peak.

“It's Xifeng Mountain.” Someone who knew that mountain was Xifeng Mountain said.

Everyone was attracted to this sight.

At this time, people outside in Changshi Village also saw the fireball and immediately shouted to the people inside, “Come out and look.
There was a fireball over there.”

After hearing this, the people in the room put down their things and came out to watch.

Another fireball landed from mid-air.

“What's going on?” Fireballs falling from the sky? Was this a catastrophe approaching? For those who were timid, immediately pray to the Gods for blessing.

The bold ones also murmured in their hearts, it can’t be that something will happen.

Subconsciously, everyone gathered together, discussing in low voices while looking west.

“Village chief, what's going on?” Someone quietly asked Gu Yong De.

How could Gu Yong De know? He just frowned and said nothing.

“How about checking it out? There seems to be a temple on Xifeng Mountain.
There are still people living in it.” Someone pointed out.

Everyone looked at each other.
Go or not?

Just at this moment, three more big fireballs fell.
Then in the bright light, a five-foot-tall red-clothed goddess suddenly appeared.
She fluttered as if she was stepping on auspicious clouds and towered like a vast expanse of stars.

Everyone was stunned.
Although the scene just appeared for a moment, it seemed real and unreal.
Still, they did see it.
Goddess, a manifestation!

“It's Heavenly Daughter Goddess! Everyone, go and pay respects to Heavenly Daughter Goddess!” A clear and crisp child's voice sounded.
Following this, everyone ran to Xifeng Mountain after someone took the lead.

Wang Bin in the mine naturally also saw this scene and immediately frowned.
He didn't know whether it was a blessing or a curse.

Wait! He suddenly remembered.
The villagers were all going to Xifeng Mountain, what about his plan?

Fearing that the Qilin Guard would find out, the people he selected had already gone down the mountain two days ago and disguised themselves as miners.
At this time, they should be in 30km away at Qinglongao.
They will start when the time comes.

What to do? Change the plan? But after tonight, he didn't know if he would have another chance to fight again in the future.

But if he didn't change it and the bait was gone, how can they kill Qilin Guards?

He fell down on the chair.
Heaven was against him!

Yang Sheng and Shen Feng Ming also saw the scene just now.
Yang Sheng had been paying attention to Jiang Yun Zhu these days and knew that she went to the Heavenly Daughter Goddess Temple every day.
Seemed like she was helping the temple regain incense.

Seeing this sight at this time, he immediately guessed that it was Jiang Yun Zhu's work and clapped his hands at once, “Amazing.
I said she is clever-minded.
To actually be able to do this.
Putting aside the fireballs, how did she make the goddess? Later, I must ask her and play around with it too.”

Surprise flashed across Shen Feng Ming's eyes.
Then he asked, “Does anyone know that this sight was made by her?”

“It should be just a few people from our Qilin Guard.
Why?” Yang Sheng asked.

“Tell those people that no one is allowed to utter a word about this matter to the outside world.
You too.” Shen Feng Ming looked at Yang Sheng and stated.

“Wh…” Yang Sheng wanted to ask why, but suddenly understood Shen Feng Ming's worry.
A tree standing out of the forest will be destroyed by the wind.
Moreover, committing this act was more or less suspected of bewitching people's hearts.
It will be bad if someone with bad-intentions catched this.

Even though, no one paid attention to an ordinary person.

“Don't worry, none of our Qilin Guards will say a word.” After Yang Sheng finished speaking, he looked Shen Feng Ming up and down with a teasing expression on his face.
He was so considerate of others, right?

Shen Feng Ming stared at him coldly.

Yang Sheng coughed and went to do what he should do.

Thirty kilometers away at Qinglongao, Zhu Liang had led people to hide here.
It was too far away from Xifeng Mountain.
On top of this, this was a mountain depression.
The surrounding mountains block the view.
Zhu Liang and others didn’t see the abnormality in the west.

At 7p.m., Zhu Liang gritted his teeth, got on his horse, and led his men straight to Changshi Village.

There were five or six hundred of them.
They were all dressed as bandits, wearing various colored clothes.
Headscarf wrapped around their faces.
While big swords were held in their hands.

With so many people passing by on horseback, there was a lot of noise.
Halfway there, some villagers heard the noise outside, opened the door to look out, and closed the door immediately in fright.
Mama, bandits! So many bandits!

Thirty miles away from Changshi Village, Qilin Guard's hidden post watcher spotted them and immediately blew a short and three long warning whistle.

Shortly later, Yang Sheng got the news and hurried to tell Shen Feng Ming, “A group of bandits, about five or six hundred people are heading toward us on horseback with swords.”

“Bandits?” Shen Feng Ming's voice was hoarse.
Were there such well-equipped bandits in Wuling County?

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