In the evening, in Shen Family’s dining room, “Master, Madam, try this sausage.
Young Master brought it back for you.” Attendant Yu said with a smile.

Shen Feng Ming had just entered the room and sat down when he heard these words and looked at the table.
Among the countless delicacies, there was an elegant fine white porcelain plate.
On it was a plate of sausages placed like flowers blooming.

He felt that those were the ones he brought back.
But he didn't know how they got to the table.

It turned out that when he went to take a bath and change his clothes, the footboy who waited on him helped him unpack his bags and found these sausages.
It was hard to imagine that handsome as gold and jade Young Master had such a thing in his luggage.

Come to think of it, it must be for Master and Madam.

So he sent the sausage to the kitchen to give Master and Madam a surprise.

Shen Family was a major household.
The cook in the house was superb at cooking.
He had dozens of ways to make sausages.
But knowing that this was brought back by Young Master, he dared not make mistakes.
Just cut the sausages into thin slices with a knife, steamed it, and serve.

This method can maintain the original flavor of the sausage to the greatest extent.

Each slice of the steamed sausage was uniform in thickness.
It was red and bright.
A special spicy smell almost dominated the smell of the other dishes on the table.

Jiang Yun Zhu made two kinds of sausages.
One was original and the other was spicy.
It just so happens that the cook cut the spicy one today.

“Sausage?” Princess Danyang broke into a grin first.
It was rare for Shen Feng Ming to think of her.
It was just that when she looked at the sausage and then at Shen Feng Ming's much ruddy face, she suddenly had a guess.
Did his behavior have something to do with the sausage maker?

Which cook had such a skill? One must know that this child of hers had never paid much attention to the desire of tongue.

Since the food was good, why didn't he bring the cook back? It wasn't like the Manor couldn't afford the money.

“Then I'll try it.” Princess Danyang said.

Attendant Yu had already clipped up a piece of sausage and put it on the plate in front of her.

Princess Danyang picked up the sausage and put it in her mouth.
Spicy and delicious.
She felt that everything from the tongue to the scalp became numb.
Princess Danyang was stunned.
Tasted so overbearing.

Overbearing, but also likable.
It wasn't that dry and spicy, but mouth-watering and spicy.
After the spicy taste, the mouth was full of flavor.

She had something on her mind these past few days and had no thought for food and drink every day.
After eating this sausage today, she felt that her mood was much calmer in an instant.
She felt that she could eat a bowl of rice.

Someone else clipped up a sausage for Academician Shen.
Academician Shen didn't care much at first.
But after biting it, he felt goose bumps all over his body.
This taste…

“Know people by reading characters, distinguish nature by seeing objects.
The person who made this sausage should be a sincere person.” He remarked.

Princess Danyang snorted.
He had to have a lot of pedantic reasoning.

Academician Shen didn't want to argue with her.
Cooking was like writing an article.
With the same ingredients and the exact cooking steps, some people can make delicious dishes, while others can't.
It all depended on one's heart.

Shen Feng Ming lowered his eyes slightly.
Was she a sincere person?

With this sausage today, Shen family of three obviously ate a lot more.

After eating, Shen Feng Ming wanted to go back to the room.
Princess Danyang directed to the person next to her, “Ran Shu, you go serve Young Master.”

A female next to her immediately blushed and replied softly, “En.”

The voice was like a warbler singing in March.

Du Ran Shu was magnificent and beautiful.
Her face was charming.
Princess Danyang bought a new rackabone with a lot of money.
Although she was a pure prostitute, her skills were excellent.
She hoped that this woman will serve Shen Feng Ming and let he know the benefits of women.

She had promised Du Ran Shu that as long as she can serve Shen Feng Ming for one night, she will be kept as a concubine in the Manor.

The Shen Family was powerful.
Du Ran Shu had a long contemplation.
Now that she saw Shen Feng Ming's tall and straight appearance under the light, her eyes were even more watery and her body was more boneless.
It made people want to hug her to the bed immediately and do whatever they wanted.

Just as Academician Shen was about to leave, when he saw this scene.
He opened his mouth to lecture.
Suddenly, he remembered that his son was already this old, but was always indifferent to women.
There were already many rumors in the capital.
He was very worried that he would be too murderous and go astray.

Forget it.
Out of sight, out of mind.
He turned and left the room.

Shen Feng Ming's face turned cold, “Mother, I told you, you don't need to get involved in this matter.”

Princess Danyang was annoyed.
How could she not get involved.
If he had the ability to, then bring one back for her and she will leave him alone.

Shen Feng Ming didn't want to waste his speech with her.
So he turned and left the room.

Shen Feng Ming, the god of death, had returned to the capital.
The news spread like a gust of wind across the entire capital.
Some people decided not to go out from tomorrow onward.

For example, Sixth Prince.
For example, Crown Prince…

While the Shen Family was like this, there was another scene in Great General Zhen Guo’s Yang’s house which was two streets away.

In the middle hall, Madam Yang was playing mahjong with some beautiful girls, when suddenly someone came in and reported, “Eldest Gentleman is back.”

When the girls heard this, their faces immediately beamed with joy.

Madam Yang was also delighted, but she said with a straight face, “He’s back, then he’s back.
By the way, how many did he bring back this time?”

As soon as she said this, the expressions of those girls changed.

Yang Sheng had a habit.
When he goes out, he will always bring girls back.
The ones on the table were the ones he brought back in the past.
They were either sold into brothels by their parents, or forced to marry old widowers.
The circumstances were different, but they were basically rescued by Yang Sheng.

The person who reported knew that his family’s eldest gentleman had the habit of pitying and cherishing jade.
But this time he really didn't bring anyone back.

“No one?” Madam Yang was rather surprised, “Then what did he bring back?”

“Bring, sausage?” The messenger replied with uncertainty.

In the evening, the Yang Family also ate sausages.

A seven or eight-year-old girl clipped up a sausage with chopsticks and immediately said to Yang Sheng, “Elder Brother, tasty.”

“Elder Brother isn't tasty, but the sausages are.” A thirteen-fourteen-year-old boy next to the little girl corrected her.
At the same time, he hurriedly clipped up another sausage with chopsticks and put it into the bowl.

When the Yang Family ate, the quick-handed ate, while the slow had nothing.

Madam Yang glared at the teen.
What about respecting the old and loving the young?

General Yang was guarding the border.
He wasn't at home now.
There were only Madam Yang and three children at home.
They sat together to eat.
As for the girls rescued by Yang Sheng, Yang Sheng didn't marry them, so they weren’t considered part of the Yang Family.
They just lived in Yang’s house.

The teen hurriedly clipped Madam Yang a sausage and another clip for his younger sister.
Then he ate it himself.

“That’s more like it.” Madam Yang smiled.
Then she turned to Yang Sheng, “Not bad.
You know how to think of your old mother.”

Yang Sheng hurriedly replied, “Of course, I always remember Mother in my heart.”

“You remember me, so you bring back some sausages? What will you do after this meal is over?” Madam Yang snorted.

Yang Sheng immediately promised, “Don't worry, Mother.
As long as Mother wants to eat, I will definitely get it for Mother.”

Madam Yang didn't buy it, “Thinking of going out again? People said that Shen Feng Ming isn't close to women.
What about you? There are many women in our house, but we don't even have an egg.
You stay at home, quickly marry a proper wife and let me hold my grandson.”

Yang Sheng: …

“You and Shen Feng Ming? Let me tell you, I don't agree.
Disagree, understand? If your Father knows, he’ll break your leg.” Madam Yang suddenly remembered something and said.

Yang Sheng: …

The next day at the division.
When Shen Feng Ming came in, he saw Yang Sheng slumped on a chair.

Upon his arrival, he immediately regained his spirits and asked, “When are we leaving the capital?”

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