Chapter 34

Naturally, he couldn't leave the capital so quickly.
The emperor summoned Shen Feng Ming back because he had a difficult case to handle.

After hearing it, Yang Sheng froze there.

But soon, he asked, “Can we leave the capital after finishing this case?” In fact, he didn't want to stay in the capital anymore.
The girls at home were all nice.
But when grouped together, it gave him a headache.

And his old mother…

Mainly, he finished eating those sausages in one meal yesterday.
And he hadn't eaten a few bites.
When will he eat those delicious meals again and live a happy life?

“Probably.” Uncertain, Shen Feng Ming replied.
It stood to reason that even if the case was over, they wouldn’t leave the capital so soon.

“Then solve it quickly!” After confirming that he would be able to leave after finishing the case, Yang Sheng immediately stood up and rubbed his hands.

After a few days, Jiang Yun Zhu's takeaway business stabilized.
Now they can earn more than five silver coins a day.
This was worth Jiang Cheng's monthly wages.

Yesterday, she had already discussed it with Jiang Cheng.
He would raise the matter of resignation with the mine today.
Then he could follow Xu Qing Shan to familiarize himself with the road conditions in Wuling County.
Wait a few days, save some money, and buy a donkey cart for him to let him give rides.

Jiang Cheng felt it was like a dream, never expecting to have his own donkey cart so soon.

The tall man looked at Jiang Yun Zhu and didn't know what to say.
Words of gratitude? They were one family, it wasn't necessary.

In the end, he only told her to go to bed early and if there was any problem in the future, let him handle it!

Jiang Yun Zhu smiled and nodded.

Two days ago, Jiang Yun Zhu began to try to get Jiang Yun Xue to do the bookkeeping.
Jiang Yun Xue was really talented.
These days, she mostly remembered these words.
It didn't matter if she didn't remember them.
It was food anyway.
Jiang Yun Zhu knew what it was.

Jiang Yun Xue liked this job.
Holding a brush and paper like a scholar.

Today, Jiang Yun Xue went to the market alone to pick up orders for the first time.
Chen was worried, so she dragged Jiang Lin to go with her.

Jiang Yun Zhu found there was no problem.
There was a first time for everything.
It didn't matter if she made a mistake, just learn from it next time.

Comfortably, she had a lazy nap

Birds chirping outside the window, she turned over and got up.
She didn't need to go to the market.
The food for today's cooking was already prepared yesterday.
A rare chance for her to be free.

Recalling that she had been wanting to eat something two days ago but had no chance to make it.
Since she had nothing to do today, it was possible.

She got busy in the kitchen.

Grind mung beans and millet into powder with flour, add white flour in proportion, then add water and stir to form a thick batter.

On the side, use eggs and flour to form a small piece of dough, roll them into thin slices, and deep-fry them in an oil pan until they are golden and crispy.
Then put them aside.

Then it was the last step.
Brush a little oil in the pan, spread the batter in a thin layer in the pan, and then crack an egg on top.
When the egg is about to solidify, turn the whole thing over, brush with the sauce, and then put the deep-fried bits on top.
Sprinkle a little green onion and coriander.
It can be folded and served out of the pan.

That's right, Jiang Yun Zhu made chinese crepes.

There were many differences in process when compared to modern crepes.
For example, the pan she used wasn't a flat pan.
The crispy bits she made weren’t thin enough.
Still overall, this was still a crepe.
It was enough to relieve her longing.

Jiang Yun Zhu handed the first crepe to old Mister Chen, the second to Jiang Wu, and the last to her.

They have made a lot of money in the past few days.
The living standard of the Jiang Family had risen in a straight line.
Although Mrs.
Chen was still thinking about saving money for donkeys and preventing everyone from spending money indiscriminately, it was still okay for food.

The crepes were fresh out of the pan.
The skin was soft and waxy but not sticky.
And there was a scent of eggs.
It was really delicious when paired with crispy bits and sauces.

“It's delicious, but it’s too much trouble.” Old Mister Chen sighed while holding the crepe.

Jiang Yun Zhu had been busy all morning, just for these three crepes?

In his opinion, for breakfast, just eat some soup and pancakes.

Jiang Wu Ze was too busy eating and had no time to talk.

Jiang Yun Zhu smiled.
It wasn’t only for the last bite, but also for the joyful process of making it.
Just like modern times, many people still make Liangpi by themselves.
Those were troublesome and easy to fail.
Still, they enjoyed it.

If one makes delicious things, one will have a greater sense of accomplishment.

Besides, she just wanted to eat crepes.
Being able to eat it was a kind of happiness?

“It seems that you really like cooking.” That's all old Mister Chen could say.

Like it? Biting the crepes, Jiang Yun Zhu remembered that when she was young.
Her mother asked her to help her to let her learn how to cook.
But she kept refusing at that time.

She was thinking, why should she learn to cook and cook for others to eat? Why didn't others learn it and make it for her?

Later, when she grew up, she realized that it was better to ask for themselves than to ask for others.
Themselves would be the safest option.

Just like now.
She knew this skill.
No matter where she went or whenever she wanted to eat, she could eat it instead of mentally drooling over it.

Jiang Yun Zhu was happily eating crepes.
At this moment, Mrs.
Chen walked in with an ugly expression, followed by Jiang Yun Xue and Jiang Lin.

“Mother, eat crepes.
I'll make them for you.” Jiang Yun Zhu put the last bite of crepes into her mouth, stood up and said.

At this time, Mrs.
Chen wasn't in the mood to eat crepes.
Even if she was given dragon liver and phoenix marrow, she can't swallow it.

“What? Something the matter?” Jiang Yun Zhu asked.

Chen gritted her teeth, “There were two more meal sellers in the market today.
Just like us, it’s ordering meals.
They also sell red-braised pork meal, chicken meal and soy-braised giant meatball meal.”

After a pause, she looked at Jiang Yun Zhu Said, “It's also sold cheaper than us.”

After she finished speaking, she didn't know whether she was angry or panicked.
Her hands trembled slightly.

Jiang Family suddenly had such a lucrative business.
Chen watched over at it as if cherishing a gold ingot every day.
Anyone who took a second look, she would take it like they were going to snatch with her.

Now that there were suddenly two more people robbing her of business, she was shocked and angry.
And a little bit at a loss.

Jiang Yun Zhu wasn't surprised.
With one person doing the takeaway business, the second one would know it after seeing it.
What's more, braised pork meal was really very popular.

And there were so many people in the mine.
It was impossible for them to monopolize it.

The only thing they could do was to ensure the quality of the dishes and then keep bringing forth new ones.

With this thought, she recalled it had been a few days.
Shouldn't her special lunch box be ready?

“Yun Zhu, what should we do?” Mrs.
Chen asked.
Other people sold it cheaply.
The number of people ordering food from them today was obviously thirty percent less.

“I'll go to town to have a look.” Jiang Yun Zhu replied.

“Do you need me to go with you? This way I can help you.” Mrs.
Chen asked.

“Mom, you haven't eaten yet.
You should eat first.”

Chen couldn't eat it.
But she was afraid of affecting Jiang Yun Zhu, so she reluctantly said, “Okay.”

Jiang Yun Zhu went to the town to find Wang De.

It was just that when she got to the place where Wang De set up a stall, there was no one there.

Didn't he come to set up a stall today? Jiang Yun Zhu was puzzled.
Knowing Wang De's name, she hesitated whether to ask someone and go to his house to find him.

At this moment, Wang De came over, “Miss, I was just looking for you! I finished what you want.”

Jiang Yun Zhu's eyes lit up, “Can I take a look?”

“Of course.
You follow me.”

Jiang Yun Zhu followed Wang De to a house in the west of the town.
The three-room was a tile-roofed house with the vermilion mottled door and wall.
Alone, it looked good.
But with the houses and walls on both sides that seemed to have been newly renovated and obviously a little taller, it looked very cramped from being sandwiched in the middle.

Knowing his situation, Wang De smiled awkwardly and invited Jiang Yun Zhu in.

Opening the door, a woman walked out of the room.
The woman was dressed in coarse cloth.
When she heard that Jiang Yun Zhu was here to pick up the custom-made lunch boxes, she went in after a few words of hello.

Putting aside the fact that the Wang Family made some money by making this batch of lunch boxes, the plan for Wang De to go to the mine was delayed after tremendous effort of persuasion.
It will take a lot of talking to persuade him next time.
So the woman wasn't so friendly toward Jiang Yun Zhu.

“She's like that.
Don't need to take her seriously.” Wang De was afraid that Jiang Yun Zhu would get angry, so he quickly explained.

Jiang Yun Zhu didn't mind.
She just wanted to look at her lunch box.

Wang De went to the backyard, took out a lunch box, and handed it to her.

Jiang Yun Zhu's eyes lit up, yes, this lunch box was made.

“Boss's craftsmanship is truly wonderful.” She praised.
This lunch box was better than she imagined.

Wang De smiled honestly.
There was nothing more pleasing than that the things he made were liked by others.

Immediately, Jiang Yun Zhu paid the money and hired a donkey cart to take those lunch boxes home.

When she went shopping in town again in the afternoon, she adjusted the menu.

The next day, Jiang Yun Zhu personally went to the market to set up a stall to receive orders.

“Boss, I want a braised pork rice.” A regular customer said.

“Sorry, we don't sell braised pork rice today.
We sell set meals.” Jiang Yun Zhu informed with a smile.
Before the customer asked, she began to explain, “The set meal consists of a portion of rice and a few dishes of your choice.”

As she spoke, she took out a white porcelain lunch box from under the table and opened it.
There were two layers inside.
The upper layer was divided into four compartments, while the lower one wasn't divided.

Pointing to the lunch box, she explained, “Put rice here, and the dishes on top.
Today's dishes include boiled pork, red-braised pork, spicy chicken, and sauteed meatballs in brown sauce…” There were ten kinds of meat and vegetables dishes in total.

“Ten kinds of optional.
All vegetarian dishes, ten wens a portion.
One meat and three vegetables, twelve wens a portion.
Two meat and two vegetables, fourteen wens a portion.
Three meat and one vegetable, sixteen wens a portion.
All meat dishes, eighteen wens a portion.”

Everyone found it novel at the sight of the lunch box she took out.
The snow-white round lunch box had two pieces of trembling ruddy braised pork painted on the lid.
The sauce dripped down.
It was exactly the appearance of Jiang Yun Zhu's secret recipe red braised pork.
It made people drool just looking at it.

Next to the braised pork was the word “Jiang Ji”.

After hearing about her method of ordering meals, everyone immediately became interested.
It was always red-braised pork rice and chicken rice.
They were tired of eating it and wanted to order a small stir-fry with Jiang Yun Zhu? In the end, a small stir-fry was expensive.
Now they only need to order one meal and can get four different dishes?

There was actually boiled pork.
They have heard about it for a long time.
The boiled pork made by Jiang Yun Zhu was excellent, but they have never had the chance to try it.

This was wonderful.

“Boss, give me one.
I want four meat dishes.
I want boiled pork, sauteed meatballs in brown sauce, fried livers, and sweet and sour pork.”

“Boss, I want it too.”

“Me too.”

In an instant, many people want to order.

Jiang Yun Zhu continued, “There’s one more matter to tell everyone in advance.
If you order this set meal, you have to pay a deposit of seven wens.
It’s the money for this lunch box.
Don't worry, everyone, when you give the lunch box back in the evening or whenever, the deposit will be refunded to you immediately.”

Need a deposit? But when everyone looked at the snowy lunch box, they understood that some people might not return such a beautiful lunch box after eating.
Won’t this girl be at a loss then.

Thinking about it this way, everyone suddenly felt that this lunch box was really good.
If they used it to bring meals in the future, it would be much more convenient.

“Okay, here's the deposit.
Here's the meal fee.
Boss, the set meal I ordered just now…” Soon, everyone accepted the deposit and continued to order meals with Jiang Yun Zhu.

Jiang Yun Zhu took the money and gave him two slips of paper.
One was a deposit slip with a number on it.
When the time came, bring back the lunch box and the slip to refund the deposit.
The other was a slip of the meal order with a number on it with another four other numbers, which were the numbers of the dishes they ordered.

This was Jiang Yun Zhu's idea.
To replace the dishes with numbers, it will be easier to write when writing.

“I'll order one portion too.”

“Order one for me too.”

The ten dishes that Jiang Yun Zhu chose today were the most frequent dishes from the small stir-fry menu.
It meant that they were also everyone's favorite dishes.
As soon as everyone heard the name of the dish, those who had heard that it was cheaper elsewhere and thought of ordering food elsewhere immediately chose to stay here and continued to order food with Jiang Yun Zhu.

There was a rush of people all of a sudden.

In the end, even Deputy General Zhao and others chose to order a set meal.
After all, ordering a set meal meant eating four kinds of dishes at once.
Which was very novel.

At 7am, Jiang Yun Zhu closed the stall.
Today's business wasn't ordinarily good.

“Yun Zhu.” Mrs.
Chen looked at her and didn't know what to say.
It was really no problem that couldn't be solved when Jiang Yun Zhu took action.
The business that wasn't great yesterday was even better today.

Jiang Yun Zhu smiled.
Cooking today was easier than yesterday.
After all, she only needed to cook ten kinds of dishes.
Thinking about it this way, it was really suitable to make a set meal at this mine.

Of course, the most important thing was to ensure the taste and quality.
Also, when the lunch box is brought back, it must be washed and boiled in hot water before it can be used again to ensure the hygiene of the food.

At noon, Jiang Yun Zhu's set meal won unanimous praise from everyone.

In the evening, Jiang Yun Zhu changed the menu.
More people ordered set meals.

Changing the dishes every day kept the freshness of the dishes.
Her business was booming.

But after two days, she found a problem, “Mom, are we getting fewer and fewer lunch boxes?”

It was almost not enough.

“I was about to tell you about this too.” Mrs.
Chen said.

“Elder Sister, I know about this.” Jiang Yun Xue said stickily.

“What?” Jiang Yun Zhu asked.

“They said that our lunch box was convenient for buying and bringing food.
Many people directly gave me the deposit note, saying that they bought the lunch box.” Jiang Yun Xue had been in charge of ordering and keeping accounts for the past two days, so she knew.

Jiang Yun Zhu didn't expect this to be the case and was a little dumbfounded for a while.
Why did it turn to buying a lunch box along with the meal?

Seven wens a lunch box.
Though she made a little bit of money, she didn't sell lunch boxes!

It seemed that they had to go to town as soon as possible to order another batch of lunch boxes.

Doing as she thought, Jiang Yun Zhu immediately went to the town.
But she didn't find Wang De at the stall.
So she went to his house to look for him.

At this moment, at Wang De's house, Wang De was arguing with his wife Mrs.
It wasn't about going to the mine though.

It turned out that in the past two days, many people have asked him about that special lunch box.
When Mrs.
Cui heard about it, she immediately told him to burn a batch to sell.

Wang De felt it was Jiang Yun Zhu's idea, how could he sell it easily.

He won't do it.
Cui was scolding him for being stupid.
If he didn't sell it, won't others? There was money to be made and he wouldn't earn it, just wanted her to suffer with him.

At this time, someone knocked on the door.

“Go and open the door.” Mrs.
Cui angrily spoke.

Wang De went to open the door and saw it was Jiang Yun Zhu.

“You…” Wang De was stunned.
Why was it speaking of who and it was whoever came.

“I want to order another batch of lunch boxes.” Jiang Yun Zhu explained her purpose.

“Okay.” Wang De agreed.

At this time, Mrs.
Cui rushed out of the house, “Miss Jiang, you came all the way here, you must be thirsty? Come in and drink some water.” She pulled Jiang Yun Zhu, smiling like a sunflower.

Her excessive enthusiasm was a great difference from her first performance.

Jiang Yun Zhu pulled her arm out of her grasp calmly, “I'm not thirsty.
If you have anything to say, just say it.”

Cui felt a little awkward and gave Wang De a wink.
Telling him to speak out.

Wang De pretended not to see it.
He was ashamed to open his mouth.

Cui gritted her teeth.
It seemed that she was the only one who could be the bad guy.
She sighed first before replying to Jiang Yun Zhu, “Then let me tell you the truth.
Many people want to buy the lunch box you customized.
I told him to make a batch and sell it, but he refused.

I know I’m in the wrong in this matter…”

Jiang Yun Zhu understood that the lunch box actually had no technical content.
Only needed to know how to burn the porcelain and they could make it at a glance.
It was just a matter of skill level.

“Then what do you plan to do?” She threw the question to the other party.

Cui was embarrassed to say.

Wang De blushed from holding back.
Suddenly he spoke out, “If you agree, I can give you money, and then I will sell the lunch boxes.
If you don't agree, I won't make it! “After speaking, he squatted there.
No matter how Mrs.
Cui kicked him, he didn't look up.

Jiang Yun Zhu felt that he was really a good person in this world where there was no copyright protection at all.

In fact, she knew that even if Wang De didn't make it, someone else would.

It just so happened that she was short of money to buy a donkey.

Thinking of this, she smiled.

After talking with Wang De for a while, the two agreed that Wang De would give Jiang Yun Zhu three liang silver and he could burn the lunch box to sell.
Of course, he couldn't burn Jiang Yun Zhu’s patterned one to others.

Wang De was very happy.
He was finally able to continue firing porcelain again.
He immediately went to the house and brought out three liang silver for Jiang Yun Zhu.

Cui watched from the side, anxious and angry.
How long would it take to earn three liang silver? To give it to others just like this?

After Jiang Yun Zhu got the money, she decided to help Wang De more.
Anyway, even if he didn't occupy the lunch box market, others will.
It was better to let him occupy it.

“There isn't just this kind of lunch box.
You can burn the ones with three grids, two grids, or no grids.
You can make square or long ones.
By the way, you can also add a circle in the middle of the top layer, used to put side dishes or something.

You burn lunch boxes into a series like this.
Customers can buy whatever kind they want.
Even if someone makes lunch boxes to compete with you for business, they won't be able to beat yours.

Also, you can tell the outside world that Jiang Ji only chooses your family and only get you to make this kind of lunch box.
“Jiang Yun Zhu's last sentence carries a lot of weight.

Now that everyone wanted to buy a lunch box, it was because of the lunch box she used.
By saying that, she had authenticated Wang De's identity.
If everyone wanted to buy a lunch box, of course they should go to Wang De.

It was the same as celebrity endorsement and agency certification.

Wang De was taken aback when he heard that.
Even Mrs.
Cui froze.

After a while, Wang De said excitedly, “Thank you, thank you, thank you very much!” He already had a premonition that no one else could take away this business.
There were many miners in Wuling County.
So many people will buy his lunch boxes.

Maybe it can be sold to other counties.

This business will definitely make money.

At this time, Mrs.
Cui felt that the three liang silver wasn't spent in vain.
Embarrassed, she said to Jiang Yun Zhu, “Thank you, Miss Jiang.”

Jiang Yun Zhu didn't need to say the following words, but she did.
This goes to show her character.

“Miss Jiang, stay at my house for dinner tonight.” This time, she sincerely invited Jiang Yun Zhu.

Jiang Yun Zhu shook her head, she still had things to do.

“I really don't know how to thank you.” Wang De rubbed his hands together.

“We will have opportunities to cooperate in the future.” Jiang Yun Zhu said.

Wang De nodded his head heavily and decided that he would definitely do his best with all Jiang Yun Zhu's orders in the future.

Jiang Yun Zhu made an appointment with him on the delivery time of these lunch boxes before leaving.
She didn't tell Wang De to make a seal like “Jiang Ji” on the lunch box because Wang De made other porcelain with his seal on the bottom.

It seemed that the ancestors of the Wang Family made porcelain with glory.

She ordered another 100 lunch boxes.
It was originally 650 wens.
Unexpectedly, she made money without spending any money.
The point was, with this silver, they can buy a donkey.

Jiang Yun Zhu walked home with ease.

In the capital’s division.
Shen Feng Ming came back from the palace.
When Yang Sheng heard this news, he immediately jumped out of the room with two panda eyes.

“The case is over.
Can we leave the capital?” He asked urgently.
In the past few days, he had been running errands day and night and could be called the number one model working official in the whole country.

Shen Feng Ming quietly stared at him.

Yang Sheng stared at him back.

After a while, Yang Sheng lost his energy as if he had been discouraged.

One of them was the commander of the Qilin Guard, and the other was the deputy commander.
Could they leave the capital whenever they want? They got to at least report to the emperor, lest the emperor want to find them for business and can't find anyone.

When telling the emperor, there must be a reasonable and legitimate reason.

The two entered the Division in silence.

Both of them didn't like to go home.
So they ate at the Division's canteen at noon.
The canteen’s supervisor was afraid that when Shen Feng Ming came, everyone would not dare to eat.
So they got a private room for the two of them in the canteen.

Today, the two walked inside as usual.

The canteen was originally very lively.
Nie Xin was telling his companions how delicious the fish head tofu made at the stall at the foot of the Wuling Mine was.
Unfortunately, they weren’t blessed and couldn’t eat it.
Then, for proof, he took out a few jars of something.

“Everyone, try it.
You will know if we have lied to you.” He declared.

At this time, Shen Feng Ming and Yang Sheng came in from the outside.
Everyone saw them from a distance and immediately no one spoke.
The canteen was silent.

Shen Feng Ming duo got used to it and continued to walk in.

Just halfway there, Yang Sheng raised his nose.
What was so fragrant?

Turning his head, he saw a few jars of something on the table next to him.
The smell was so fragrant, it seemed a little familiar.

He looked at Nie Xin and squinted his eyes.
“You came back from Lu Prefecture?”

“I'm back.
Reporting to Deputy Commander.” Nie Xin replied at once.

Yang Sheng looked at the jars of things.

Nie Xin hurriedly said, “Do Deputy Commander want to try the things I brought back?” As he spoke, he handed a jar to Yang Sheng.

Yang Sheng picked it up, didn't say anything.
Nor did he leave.
He just looked at him like that.

Nie Xin was stunned for a moment.
Tactfully, he picked up two jars and handed them to Yang Sheng.

Only then did Yang Sheng grin.
Taking the jars, he followed Shen Feng Ming into the back room.

After they left, everyone gathered in front of the remaining three jars.
Each took a spoon.
They couldn't wait to eat the contents of the jars.

Cold-eaten rabbit was flavorful, crispy and chewy.
Perfectly spicy and delicious. Stewed thin beef slices.
The slices were thin to the point of transparent.
In one bit, it was spicy and crispy.

There was also a jar of spicy beef sauce, which was supposed to be served with rice.
In the end, it was snatched empty by everyone.

After eating, they all looked at Nie Xin at the same time.
Was there anything else? Take it all out before everyone start searching!

Nie Xin duo shivered.
There was really none.
At the beginning, they brought back quite a lot.
It turned out to be so delicious that the two of them almost finished eating it on the way.
These few jars were specially reserved for them.
If not, they would have eaten them up long ago.

In the canteen, Yang Sheng and Shen Feng Ming ate until their lips were red.
The three jars were originally spicy.
But Jiang Yun Zhu added more chili peppers in order to preserve them for two more days.
The two of them enjoyed it with relish.

After eating, Yang Sheng felt comfortable all over.
He seemed to have strength again.
He looked at the half-empty jar, patted the table and said to Shen Feng Ming, “I don't believe it that such a big Lu Prefecture, there’s no case for us to handle it.

I’ll get them to send all the cases in Lu Prefecture and look at them one by one.

Shen Feng Ming looked at him, but didn't speak.

Not speaking was acquiescing, Yang Sheng smiled.

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