Chapter 38

Putting aside what Jiang Yun Zhu thought.
After Wei Kang Ping returned to the county with Mrs.
Liu, Mrs.
Liu’s attitude toward him remained indifferent.
His temper hit his head.

The sun went down.
Liu was cooking and he watched from the side.
His face was sinking like water.
Originally, he wanted to have fun with her, but after knowing that she had been played by countless people, he found her dirty.
Nor could he count on her for Jiang Yun Zhu.
So he must quickly get the money into his hands.

This, he was familiar with.

It was getting dark.
Liu made dinner and sat at the table with Lu Yuan to eat.

Liu was a thrifty person.
For dinner, there were only two bowls of congee, two pancakes, and a side dish.

Wei Kang Ping sat down, “I know you're still angry with me.
It's useless for me to explain, but I'm really innocent.”

Liu didn't speak.

“Forget it, over a distance, can one learn about the horse's strength; over time, one can see one's heart.
You will know what kind of person I am in the future.” Wei Kang Ping spoke again.

Liu's hand holding the chopsticks paused.

Wei Kang Ping continued, “Anyway, I am determined to marry you.”

At this time, he took out a few things from his arms and handed them to Mrs.
Chen, “I have been looking for a chance to give you these two days and then I ask you to marry me.
Never expect this kind of thing to happen today.

Look, this was all my net worth.
I’m giving it to you.
You should know how much I care about you! “

Liu looked at the paper.
What she saw were several house deeds and land deeds with the official seal on them.

Now, Mrs.
Liu was really shocked.
He wanted to give her such an important thing?

“Anyway, I'm set on you for my whole life.” Wei Kang Ping said affectionately.

The balance in Mrs.
Liu's heart began to tilt.
She felt that Jiang Yun Zhu might have misunderstood him.
Since Wei Kang Ping could give her something as important as his life showed that he really had her in his heart and wanted to spend his life with her.

“Believe me now? I don't have a lot of money, but it's definitely not little.
What kind of girl can’t I get? So why would I want to touch her?” Wei Kang Ping said.

“Then you toward me?”

“I really like you.
I liked you from the first moment I saw you.
You are different from other women.” Wei Kang Ping said while holding Mrs.
Liu's hand.

Liu wanted to take it back, but didn't.

Wei Kang Ping smiled, folded the house deeds and land deeds, and put them into Mrs.
Liu's hands.

“I don't want it.” Mrs.
Liu declined.

Wei Kang Ping insisted on giving it to her.

In the end, Wei Kang Ping took out a box from his body, put the house deed and land deed in it, locked the box, and handed it to Mrs.
Liu, “You take this first.
The key was in my hand.
I will give you the key on the wedding day.
Let’s not distinguish between you and me.
This works?”

Before Mrs.
Liu could refuse, he put the box on the table.
Then he looked at the food on the table and said, “Why are you eating this kind of food again? You can bear it, while the child can’t.
He’s growing up.

You wait.
I'll go to Baofulou to buy you some braised pork and stir-fried vegetables.” Speaking, he stood up.

“No need.” Mrs.
Liu hurriedly said.

Wei Kang Ping insisted on buying it, “Wait for me, I'll be back in a while.”

Liu stood up and tried to catch up, but failed.

When she came back, she sat on the stool.
She was in no mood to eat at all.

Half an hour later, it was already dark outside.
Wei Kang Ping hadn't come back yet.
Liu couldn't sit still.
Did something happen? It stood to reason that he should have come back long ago.

She went to the door to check, and it was completely dark outside.
People occasionally passed by on the street, but there was no sign of Wei Kang Ping.

She stood there looking around for a while, went back to the house, and then came out to look around again after a while.

When she came out to look around for the third time, a person ran over from the street.

“Is this Wei Kang Ping's home?” The man glanced at the big poplar tree at the gate and asked Mrs.
Liu's urgently.

“You are?” Mrs.
Liu asked.

“It's not good.
Come with me.
Your husband met a bad guy in the back street of Baofulou and shed a lot of blood.” The man said anxiously.

Liu felt her head go blank and forgot to say that she wasn’t Wei Kang Ping's wife.

“How is he now?” Mrs.
Liu immediately became anxious.

“The medical hall in the street in front.
Come, I'll take you there.”

The two turned around two streets one after the other and came to a small medical hall.

As soon as she entered, Mrs.
Liu saw Wei Kang lying there.
The clothes around his waist and abdomen were covered in blood.

“Eldest Brother Wei.” Mrs.
Liu rushed over, but was stopped by a man who looked like a doctor, “Don't touch him, or he will die faster.”

Die? Mrs.
Liu suddenly recalled her deceased husband.
He was lying there like this at that time, she couldn't do anything except cry.

Her tears flowed down immediately.

“Are you his wife?” the doctor asked.

Liu couldn't speak, but shook her head.

“Since you’re not his wife, you are?” The doctor asked again.

Liu still shook her head.

The doctor sighed, “Hurry up and find his family.
In his case, he can only be grasp a chance with an old ginseng first.
Afterward, he will be treated slowly.
If it got delayed, it would be hopeless.”

His family? Mrs.
Liu only heard Wei Kang Ping say that he lived in the west of the city.
She had never been to his house, so how could she find someone.

“Then we can only wait death!” The doctor said, heading to the back.

Liu quickly grabbed him, “Doctor, saving his life is top priority.
Save him.”

“If there is no silver, there woud be no ginseng.
How can I save him!” the doctor replied.

Liu hesitated, “How much money do you want?” She couldn't just watch him die.

“Anyway, it's a hundred liang.” The doctor answered.

Liu was stunned, “I, I don't have that much money.”

“Then how much do you have? As long as the difference isn’t too much, it’s okay.
Judging by the young man's clothes, he doesn't look like he has no money.
When he wakes up, we can ask him for it.”

The doctor's words eased Mrs.
Liu's heart.

“I have, seventy-five liang.” She said.

The doctor's eyes lit up, “That's enough, Ah Nian, you go back with her to get the money.”

Just like that, Mrs.
Liu returned home in a daze.
It happened so fast that she had no time to think about anything else.

When she got home, she found the silver she had hidden in the baggage, clothes, and several boxes.
It was a little over seventy-five liang.

She hurried back to the medicial hall and gave the money to the doctor.

“I'll save him right away.” The doctor said and entered the back room.
At this time, Wei Kang Ping had already been carried to the back room.

Liu paced around anxiously outside, fearing that there would be any bad news.

At this time, three people dressed as servants came in from outside.
They came in and asked, “Where is our young master?”

“Who are you?” The attendant named Ah Nian asked.

“Servants of the Wei Family.
Where is our young master? I heard he is injured.” The three said anxiously.

“Oh, Gentleman Wei is inside.” The attendant replied.

The three of them immediately went into the back room.
Liu only heard the words ‘his life is saved’ and ‘go back and take good care of him’.
After a while, the three carried Wei Kang Ping out.

“How is he?” Mrs.
Liu hurried forward to ask.

“Who are you?” asked one of the leading servants.

Liu's face blushed.
She didn't know what Wei Kang Ping told his family.
How should she answer now.

“Young Master's life is saved.
Let's carry him back first.
Whatever the matter, let's talk about it after Young Master wakes up.” The servant said anxiously and carried Wei Kang Ping away after speaking.

Liu stood there, worried and stunned.
After a while, she returned home.

After returning home, she remembered that all her money had been paid for Wei Kang Ping's medical expenses and instantly panicked.
Then at the thought that Wei Kang Ping's house and land deeds were in her hands, it seemed that money was nothing.

This night, she was destined to not sleep.

At this time, in an alley two streets away.
Several people stood there, including an old lady.

“Boss, why did you let that little woman go this time?” A man with mischievous eyebrows asked Wei Kang Ping.
In the past, Wei Kang Ping was all about money and sex.

“A broken shoe, I don't want it even if it’s given to me.” Wei Kang Ping coldly replied.

Suddenly, he thought of Jiang Yun Zhu.
A fierce look flashed on his face.
He must get her.

At this time, the Jiang Family decided after discussion to return the mule to Wei Kang Ping.

“Father, let the village chief be a witness on this matter.” Jiang Yun Zhu said.
She was afraid that Wei Kang Ping would do something to harm them and that Jiang Cheng would be impulsive.
Gu Yong De was the village chief.
He was experienced and familiar with the officials in the county government.
She was relieved to have him accompany him.

“Yun Zhu is right.” Old Mister Chen immediately agreed after hearing this.

Jiang Cheng immediately went to Gu's house and told Gu Yong De about the matter.
He didn't say that Wei Kang Ping wanted to touch Jiang Yun Zhu's arm today.
Instead, he said that they felt there seemed to be a problem with his character.
They didn't want to take advantage of him and wanted to return the mule to him.
He asked Gu Yong De to be a witness.

Of course Gu Yong De was fine with it.

The next day, Jiang Cheng and Gu Yong De went into the county together to return the mule.
Jiang Yun Zhu wanted to follow, but Jiang Cheng disagreed.
For someone like Wei Kang Ping, he was afraid that Jiang Yun Zhu would suffer as she was a girl.

Jiang Yun Zhu didn't insist either.

As soon as Jiang Cheng and Gu Yong De entered the county with the mule, someone saw it.
That person asked another person, “Is that our family's mule?”

The other person replied, “I saw it clearly.
It belongs to our family.
You keep an eye on these two people.
I'll go back and call someone.”


The county town was still bustling.
Jiang Cheng didn't know where Wei Kang Ping lived.
He only knew Mrs.
Liu's address.
Without a choice, he decided to ask Mrs.

After only two streets, five or six big men suddenly came over there.
The leader was a bearded man.
Tall and strong, with a fierce look on his face.

Gu Yong De's heart tightened when he saw this.
He pulled Jiang Cheng to dodge to the side.
They couldn't afford to mess with these people.

Jiang Cheng understood, so he hid to the side.

Who would have thought that those people would come straight toward them.

A few steps closer, the strong man grabbed Jiang Cheng's collar and shouted, “Dare to scam my son.
You should had asked around what kind of people are our Li family!”

Saying this, his iron-like fist headed toward Jiang Cheng.

Jiang Cheng was a strong man, but in the hands of this strong man, he had no power to fight back.

Seeing that the fist was about to hit him, Gu Yong De hurriedly shouted, “Stop, I'm the village chief of Changshi Village.
What do you want to do!”

“Village head?” The strong man glanced at Gu Yong De and still wanted to punch Jiang Cheng again.

Gu Yong De grabbed his wrist, processing what the strong man said just now.
His mind turned, “Why are you hitting people? We don't even know you.”

“I'll let you get to know me today.” The strong man said and flung off Gu Yong De.

The four or five strong men behind him surrounded him.
It seemed that they were going to punch and kick Jiang Cheng.

At this time, one person said loudly, “You got it wrong.
We bought that mule two days ago.”

When everyone turned their heads, they saw a girl with bright and kind eyes.

“Yun Zhu.” Jiang Cheng said.

It was Jiang Yun Zhu.
When Jiang Cheng left with Gu Yong De, she kept feeling uneasy.
Fearing that something might happen, she followed.
Just in time, at the gate of the city, she saw two people pointing at the mule that Jiang Cheng was leading.
She knew something bad was going to happen and hurried to catch up.

“You bought it?” The strong man didn't believe it at all.

“We bought it from a man named Wei Kang Ping for nine liang silver.
If you don't believe me, we will take you to him right now.” Jiang Yun Zhu said.

“This mule was indeed bought by us.
Someone should have seen it at the mule and horse market.” Jiang Cheng reacted.

“I'm the village chief of Changshi Village.
I won't lie to you.” Gu Yong De said.

Only then did the strong man let go of Jiang Cheng with suspicion, “Let’s see what tricks you guys are playing.”

Then he added, “Don't even try to run away!”

Jiang Cheng smiled wryly, why would they run?

He led the way, and a group of people came to Mrs.
Liu's residence.

Knocking on the door, Mrs.
Liu opened it.
She was frightened when she saw so many people.

“Is Wei Kang Ping here?” Jiang Cheng asked while suppressing his anger as much as possible.

“He, he was injured last night and was carried back home by his servants.” Mrs.
Liu stammered back.

“Where is his home?” Jiang Cheng asked again.

“On Qishan Street in the west of the city.”

The specific?

Liu didn't know either.
Wei Kang Ping came to her every time.
She had never been to Wei's house.

Jiang Cheng frowned.

The burly man surnamed Li snorted, “Qishan Street? I've never heard of someone surnamed Wei living there.
Are you acting with me on purpose?”

Jiang Cheng didn't react to his words yet when Mrs, Liu's vision turned dark, “Impossible!” She exclaimed in surprise.

But the strong man surnamed Li waved his hand and wanted to beat Jiang Cheng and others again.
He believed that these people were lying to him.

“We may have all been deceived.” At this moment, Jiang Yun Zhu said something surprising.

They made a lot of noise here, alarming the neighbors.
Many people came out to watch the excitement.

At a street corner, Wei Kang Ping looked at Jiang Yun Zhu in the crowd with a hideous expression.
His mule didn’t come from proper channel, so he was in a hurry to get rid of it.
The Jiang Family was in Changshi Village, so it stood to reason that they wouldn’t meet the victim so soon.

But who knew things would change so quickly.
Wei Kang Ping gritted his teeth.
He really didn't expect that the Jiang Family would come to the county to return the mule.

Turning around, he disappeared into the streets.

At this time, a carriage stopped on the street.
A female voice inside asked the driver, “Song Li, what happened outside?”

The coachman got out of the car to inquire, but came back to report soon.

A glistening bare hand opened a corner of the carriage curtain and looked out, seeing Jiang Yun Zhu in the crowd as well as Wei Kang Ping who stood out from going the opposite direction of the crowd.
Then the curtain of the carriage was lowered and the carriage left without a sound.

On the other side of the street, two people came.

Shen Feng Ming and Yang Sheng.
It took them four days to return to the capital from Lu Prefecture last time.
This time it only took three and a half days to reach Wuling County.

Just in time, they saw a group of people and Jiang Yun Zhu who was talking about something in the crowd.

“What's going on?” Yang Sheng asked a person next to him.

The man wasn’t clear, but it seemed from the girl said, they were cheated.

Yang Sheng raised his eyebrows.
Oh, someone bullied their ground!

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