Xiao Qi Song got out of the restaurant.
The guards and servants immediately helped him onto the horse.
The group of people chased the carriage.

The carriage quickly turned into a street and stopped in front of a house.

Xiao Qi Song got off his horse and barraged straight to the house.

“You are…” Two servants came over.

“F*ck off!” Xiao Qi Song’s personal servants were like vicious dogs and kicked the two servants.

Xiao Qi Song was very satisfied and swaggered into the yard, just in time to see a graceful figure walking into a nearby room.
That room was elegantly furnished.
There was a carved soft bed.
It seemed to be the woman's residence.

He rolled up his sleeves, followed quickly, and came to the door.

The woman inside seemed to hear voices from outside and asked what was going on while coming out.

Xiao Qi Song finally saw her true appearance clearly; dressed in a white dress, skin as smooth as cream, eyes bright, and teeth white.

He didn't expect this small place to have such stunning beauty.
He closed the door behind his back, bowed to the woman, and said, “This Madam, what's your name?”

Seeing his salivating face, Ji San Niang felt that her five internal organs were burning.
Sure enough, he had already forgotten what he had done.

“Who are you? So rude, get out at once.” She shouted in panic.

Her flowery face paled, but was even more charming.

Xiao Qi Song’s heart itched unbearably.
He didn't pretend anymore and simply jumped to hug Ji San Niang.
His mouth spoke in a dirty manner, “Madam is so beautiful.
How could you stay alone in the empty boudoir? Come, let me dote you.

“What are you doing! Don't touch me! Someone come, help!” Ji San Niang exclaimed.

The guards and servants outside weren’t surprised.
Some even showed a joking smile.

There was an elderly in front of the crowd.
He had high cheekbones and looked hale and hearty.
His temples were slightly bulging, proving that he was a master of inner strength.

He looked around and felt that something was wrong with this household.
Just now, taking advantage of the gap, he looked into the room and listened carefully.
There was only one woman inside and only one cry…
Maybe he was overthinking.

At this time, in a household in the west of the county city.
Shen Feng Ming heard Li Quan describe what happened in the alley that day through snot and tears.

He didn't see the person who beat him, but he could feel that it was a man who broke his leg.

But there should have been a woman next to him at that time, because he smelled a faint fragrance.

Woman? Was the mastermind of this case a woman? Shen Feng Ming suddenly remembered a case file he had read before.

“Let’s go.
Find Xiao Qi Song.” He said suddenly.

“Why?” Yang Sheng was puzzled.

“That person came to Wuling County probably because of him.” After saying this, Shen Feng Ming got on his horse.

Xiao Qi Song hugged Ji San Niang, feeling the warm bundle in his arms.
The tip of his nose smelled a faint cold fragrance.

“Madam, what smells so good on your body.
Let me smell it.” With a teasing grin, heHe approached Ji San Niang closer and reached out to touch her body.

At this time, Ji San Niang’s expression had turned cold.
The gaze was completely different from the panicked look just now.

Xiao Qi Song found it strange.
Soon, he felt his hands and feet go limp.
He wanted to open his mouth to call for help, but he couldn't.

He looked at Ji San Niang with horror on his face.
Out of his control, his body collapsed.

Ji San Niang took out a dagger from her bosom and stared at Xiao Qi Song as if wishing to chop him into pieces.

Four years ago.
It was also winter.
At that time, she, Yun Ying was unmarried.
Her father took her to Jinguang Temple in Lu Prefecture to offer incense and happened to be seen by this silk pant.

He wanted to touch her.
Her father went up to stop him.
Those evil slaves beat her father to death.

Then, in that Buddhist hall, under the watchful eyes of various gods and Buddhas, this silk pant raped her.

At that time, she just wanted to die and be done with it.
Her fiancé, Han Shao Ze, stuck to her and took care of her at this time.
He said it wasn't her fault.
It was that silk pant.
He insisted on seeking justice for her.

He reported from the county to the prefecture.
In the end, to the capital.

At that time, she didn't even want to seek justice.
She only hoped that Han Shao Ze would be safe.

But what did she wait for? A body covered in blood.
He was beaten until one breath away from death.
That handsome person.
That person with a bright future.
That person who would find ways to make her happy during time.
He died in her arms.

She hugged his corpse.
It was crying out to the heavens, but the heavens wouldn't respond; crying out to the earth, but the earth is impervious.
She felt that her vision was full of blood.

At that time, she knew that there was no such thing as justice in this world.

Then she will be that justice.

She bitterly waited for the opportunities and sent those corrupt officials who were protecting each other to hell one by one.

In the end, only the culprit remained.

He was the son of King Huainan.
That time, he was only passing through Lu Prefecture.
But it didn't matter.
She will go to the capital.

Blessed by Shao Ze’s spirit in heaven, Xiao Qi Song came to Lu Prefecture.

Today, she will avenge her father, Han Shao Ze, and herself!

Ji San Niang held the dagger and fiercely stabbed it at Xiao Qi.

Xiao Qi Song was so frightened that his liver and gallbladder jumped out.
He tried his best to dodge to the side.

Perhaps it was because he had unleashed his max potential, he actually escaped serious damage.
The dagger struck his arm.
He grimaced in pain, but felt his body gain a little strength.
He saw the washstand by his feet.
On it was a copper basin.
Immediately, he kicked toward the washstand.

The washbasin stand wobbled, but it didn't fall over.

However, it collided with the copper basin and made a crisp sound.

If it was the past, Ji San Niang would have pretended at this time to avoid suspicion from outsiders but her eyes had already gone red now.
She only had the enemy in front of her in sight.
She just wanted to kill him with the dagger.

So she pulled out the dagger and went to stab the second time.

The people outside heard the sound inside.
They were a little surprised.
Why was there only this kind of sound? Usually it should be…

The expression of the elderly in front of the crowd suddenly changed.
He kicked open the door, just in time to see Ji San Niang raising her dagger to kill Xiao Qi Song.

It was too late to head over to save him.
So he grabbed a nearby vase and threw it at Ji San Niang's hand.

Just as the vase hit Ji San Niang's wrist, the dagger fell to the ground with a crisp jingle.

The elderly jumped to Xiao Qi Song in two steps, helped him up, examined him up and down, and asked, “Young Master, are you alright?”

Noticing that Xiao Qi Song's eyes were rolling but he couldn't speak, he took out a small bottle from his sleeve, opened it, and put it under his nose.

Xiao Qi Song felt the strength return to his body when he smelled the pungent smell.

At this moment, Ji San Niang picked up the dagger and stabbed at Xiao Qi again.

“B*tch, how dare you!” The elderly raised his leg and kicked at Ji San Niang.

But she didn't get kicked.
A man jumped in from the outside and blocked in front of Ji San Niang.
Then he backed away quickly with Ji San Niang in his arms and dodged to the side.

It was Song Li.
Ji San Niang looked at him.
Didn't she tell him to leave?

Knowing that no matter whether she succeeded or not this time, she would lose her life.
Ji San Niang had told Song Li to leave two days ago.

Song Li smiled.
He wasn't afraid of death.
After he dies, he will continue to serve Miss and Young Master over there.

Unfortunately, he looked at Xiao Qi Song…

At this time, all the guards outside rushed in and encircled Xiao Qi Song.
Song Li couldn't hurt him at all.
What's more, there was that elderly.
From the kick just now, he can sense that he wasn't his opponent.
What’s more, it was far away.

“Kill her for me.
No, grab her!” Xiao Qi Song shouted while covering the wound on his arm.
He wanted to torture this woman.
She dared to hurt him.

The guards and servants rushed forward immediately.

As Song Li protected Ji San Niang, he had to fight these people.
Danger abounded.

At this moment, the elderly suddenly shook his hand and threw something at him.

It was a copper coin.
The copper coin happened to hit Song Li's knee.

Song Li couldn't stand steadily and fell to the side.
At this time, those guards rushed up and pushed him to the ground.

Ji San Niang was captured by two servants.

Seeing this, Xiao Qi Song was bolstered.
Menacingly, he came to Ji San Niang and reached out to pinch her face.

What a beautiful face.
Later on, let her…

“Don't touch Madam.” Seeing this, Song Li's pupils were bloodshot.
With a loud roar, he broke free from the oppression of the people on both sides and rushed toward Xiao Qi Song.

The people near him rushed to grab him.
Someone grabbed his leg.

In a blink of an eye, Song Li bumped into Xiao Qi Song and knocked him to the ground.
However, he exhausted his strength and was restrained again.

Hitting the ground, Xiao Qi Song was furious.
The dagger that Ji San Niang had dropped earlier happened to be by his hand.
He picked up the dagger, stood up, and stabbed Song Li.

One time.
Two times.
The elderly grabbed his arm, “Young Master, it’ll dirty your hands.”

The elderly said worriedly.
To kill someone, let the servants do it.

Resentfully, Xiao Qi Song threw away the dagger and walked toward Ji San Niang.

Ji San Niang didn't cry or make trouble.
Just looked at him coldly.
If she couldn't kill him today, she could already imagine that it would end like this.
She had to remember his appearance.
Even if she turned into a ghost, she would still take his life.

Infuriated, Xiao Qi Song and wanted to go forward.
But afraid that Ji San Niang would be like Song Li, he directed to the elderly, “Uncle Li, render her arms and legs useless.
See what she can do then!”

Li Cun hesitated, this…

“Uncle Li, today I have to make her unable to beg to live or die.
Aren’t you afraid of me getting hurt by her?” Xiao Qi Song somewhat childishly said to Li Cun.

That couldn’t do.
Young Master’s body was worth thousand of gold.
Li Cun looked at Ji San Niang and twisted her body a few times.
Ji San Niang's arms and legs were all dislocated.
Due to being supported by the people at the side, she didn't fall to the ground.

“Still not putting on the bed for me.
I'll show my might!” Xiao Qi Song hollered.

The servants on both sides laughed and put Ji San Niang on the bed.

She was really delicate and soft.

Xiao Qi Song leaned forward and reached out to untie Ji San Niang's clothes.

Her arms and legs were all dislocated.
Ji San Niang was in so much pain that she was covered in beads of sweat.
Still, she didn't utter a sound.
Just stared at Xiao Qi Song like that.

That gaze of her.
Too powerful.
Too bone-etching.
Being looked at like this, Xiao Qi Song got goosebumps.
So he slapped her.

Ji San Niang didn't dodge.
Instead, she turned her face slightly and then bit one of his fingers.

It was unknown how much force she used.
It was just this onemove, she bite off Xiao Qi Song's index finger.
Blood gushed out.

hiss…” The nerves of the fingertips are linked with the heart.
Xiao Qi tightly covered his injured hand.
So painfully, he wanted to hop around.

“Young Master.” Li Cun hurried over to check his injuries.

“My finger.” Xiao Qi Song roared.

Li Cun turned around and pinched Ji San Niang's chin to prevent her from crushing or swallowing that finger.
Afterward, he exerted force.
Ji San Niang's jaw dislocated.
The severed finger fell out.

Li Cun quickly caught it.
He said to Xiao Qi Song, “Young Master, hurry to the medical hall.
Maybe it could be stuck back on.”

Xiao Qi Song was about to go out.
But before he left, he fiercely threw to the guards and servants, “This b*tch.
You guys, go f*ck her.
F*ck her hard.
Till she die.”

“Yes!” Those guards and servants looked at Ji San Niang who looked like a bright moon and replied in response.

Just then at the door, there was a movement.

Li Cun's eyesight was excellent.
He immediately saw the clothes of those people clearly and couldn't help but turn pale with shock.

Qilin Guards.
How could it be the Qilin Guards?

There was no time to think about why the Qilin Guard appeared here.
Li Cun grabbed Xiao Qi Song's waist and wanted to jump up the wall to leave here first.

At this time, he saw a cold light.
That cold light came straight at him.

Li Cun knew that it was the shadow of the sword.
A fast and sharp sword shadow.

No choice, he fell into the courtyard again.

Shen Feng Ming stood on the eaves with a sword in his hand.
Commandingly, he looked at them.
The north wind blew the corner of his clothes.
Swoosh swoosh.

Both Li Cun and Xiao Qi Song saw him.

Li Cun felt like he fell into an ice cellar.
He could hardly believe his eyes.
How could this King of Hades be here?

Xiao Qi Song was so frightened that his legs limp.
Shen Feng Ming and Qilin Guards were his nightmares.
He never wanted to see him in his life.

Coincidentally, he saw him again now.

At that side, Yang Sheng led people in from the outside and cheerfully asked, “Where are you going in such a hurry?”

Suddenly, he smelled a bloody scent.
Immediately, he told the people next to him, “Go in and have a look.”

The Qilin Guards quickly rushed into the room and found a person lying on the floor of the room.
The man's chest and abdomen were covered with blood.
At that side, a group of guards and servants were about to tear off a woman's clothes…

This sight had everyone in Qilin Guards feel blood rushing up,.
They threw those people into the yard one by one like chickens before running back to report to Yang Sheng.

After Yang Sheng listened, the smile on his face disappeared.

At this time, Shen Feng Ming dropped down from the eaves.
Seeing the scene in the room, a cold light flashed in his eyes.

“Go and invite Old Mister Wu here.” He heard the guard's report.
The lying man was still alive.
The woman seemed to be injured as well.

“Yes.” Someone complied with the order.

Afterwards, Shen Feng Ming turned to Li Cun and Xiao Qi Song.
There was a lot of blood on Xiao Qi Song's body.
Obviously, he was the perpetrator.

He raised his hand and grasped his hand into a fist in the air.
This was Qilin Guards's command gesture.
It meant arrest.

Those Qilin Guards departed and surrounded Li Cun and Xiao Qi Song to arrest them.

Li Cun shielded Xiao Qi Song and directed to Shen Feng Ming, “Official Shen, things aren’t what you think.
The woman in the room was going to kill my young master.”

“Ji San Niang, a native of Yuming County, Lu Prefecture.
She seduced King Huainan’s Young Master Xiao Qi Song in Jinguang Temple four years ago.
But because the seduction failed, she ordered her father to beat King Huainan’s Young Master.
King Huainan’s Young Master’s servants slipped up and killed him.

Xiao Qi Song was sentenced to pay Ji Family one hundred liang.

Half a month later, her fiancé Han Shao Ze beat the drums to voice grievances.
The magistrate of Zheng County upheld the original sentence and gave him twenty canes as an example.

Another month, Han Shao Ze voiced his grievances in Lu Prefecture and received forty canes.

Half a year later, Han Shao Ze went to the capital to beat the drum to report the officials and got forty canes.
After forty canes, Han Shao Ze withdrew the case and was sent back to his hometown.”

Shen Feng Ming stated the whole story of Ji San Niang's case sentence by sentence.

Li Cun and Xiao Qi Song were stunned.
It turned out that the woman in the room was called Ji San Niang.
It turned out that Xiao Qi Song had violated her four years ago.
At this time, Xiao Qi Song finally remembered that there seemed to be such a matter.
That year when he passed by Lu Prefecture, he heard that Jinguang Temple had beautiful scenery.
So he went to visit it.
Afterward, he saw a very pretty girl.
So his heart moved.

He had long forgotten what Ji San Niang looked like.
Even though he recalled it now, it was very vague.

In the room, Ji San Niang was already lifelessly lying on the bed.
But when Shen Feng Ming spoke of it, tears came out of her eyes.
To others, it was just a few sentences.
But to her, it was a lifetime of nightmares.

After Yang Sheng heard of it, he looked at Xiao Qi Song with colder eyes.
He hated this kind of person who bullies women the most.

The last time Xiao Qi Song was arrested by the Qilin Guard, it was because he forcefully snatched a common girl.
Seems like he was a repeat offender.

“That b*tch, she seduced me.” Xiao Qi Song bit out with hate.
In the midst of speaking, he met Shen Feng Ming's gaze and quickly hid behind Li Cun.

Li Cun protected him and said to Shen Feng Ming, “Official Shen, this is an old case.
This woman is still harming my young master.
It goes to show she’s #no oil-saving lamp/not someone easy to handle.
Official Shen, don't be fooled by her.”

Then he changed the subject, “Official Shen knows that our king didn’t get my young master until he was forty-two years old.
There’s only my young master.
If Official Shen is willing to raise your noble hand and drop it today, I promise Official Shen on behalf of our king, our king will definitely help out if Official Shen needs our King in the future.”

His promise wasn't insignificant.

King Huainan, the current emperor's uncle, had a lot of weight in his words among the clan and nobles.

“What's more, in terms of speaking, Official Shen must address our King as Maternal Granduncle.
You’re no outsider to our Young Master.” Li Cun said.

He kept talking so much to move Shen Feng Ming.
He looked toward Shen Feng Ming.

“I only handle cases.” Shen Feng Ming only uttered.

When handling a case, there was no family affection or interests.

Li Cun understood what he meant and his breath choked in his throat.
This Shen Feng Ming was indeed as cold and ruthless as rumored.

At this time, those Qilin guards had rushed up and reached out to grab Xiao Qi Song.

While waving everyone away, Li Cun shouted sharply, “Official Shen, are you really going to make things difficult for us?”

Shen Feng Ming looked at him like an unsheathed knife, sharp and cold.

Li Cun knew that it wouldn’t go down well today.
He took out an object from his waist and shouted to all the qilin guards, “Get away from me!”

Then he held the object and asked Shen Feng Ming, “Official Shen, do you know this object?”

When Yang Cheng saw that thing, he was secretly surprised.
The Golden Dragon Token was a Golden Dragon Token bestowed by the emperor.
Seeing the token was like seeing the emperor.

Those Qilin guards were knowledgeable and didn't dare to be negligent.
At once, they knelt down.

Yang Sheng hesitated for a while and then knelt down.
When proper etiquette was due, it was given.
Otherwise, it would be a crime of disrespect.

Shen Feng Ming's eyebrows and eyes became more and more fierce.
He raised the sword in his hand, “Kunwu Sword, the emperor gives me the right to act first and report later!”

“Capture them,” he stated.

Yang Sheng and the others got up and rushed toward Xiao Qi Song again.
This time, anger brewed in their hearts.
They all wanted to catch him at once.

Li Cun didn't expect that Shen Feng Ming wasn't even afraid of the Golden Dragon Token.

He had already witnessed Shen Feng Ming's slash just now and thought to himself that there was no way for him to leave with Xiao Qi Song.
Helpless, he could only let go of Xiao Qi Song first.
Then he dodged a few times and bolted to the back.

When this kind of thing happens, someone must report it and let King Huainan handle it.
It was estimated only when King Huainan sought the emperor like last time will this matter have a chance to ease.

“Don't let him run away.” Yang Sheng said anxiously.

Those guards tried desperately to stop Li Cun, but Li Cun's martial arts skills were too high.
If he wanted to escape, no one could stop him at all.

Just as Li Cun was about to leap over the crowd, a figure leaped from behind and blocked Li Cun's path with a single sword.

Li Cun took two steps back and asked Shen Feng Ming sharply, “Official Shen, do you really want to do this? It's not certain what will happen in the end.
Aren’t you afraid…”

Shen Feng Ming's slash was faster than another.

Li Cun only dodged a few slashes before a slight carelessness and got injured at his shoulder.

He motionlessly stood there with his hand on shoulder.
He was afraid that he would die in Shen Feng Ming's hands.

Li Cun, Xiao Qi Song and others were arrested and interrogated on the spot.

Xiao Qi Song had long been frightened to the state of soft hands and feet.
As soon as Yang Sheng threatened him, he told everything about four years ago and today like beans poured out of a bamboo tube.

While listening at the side, Li Cun gave him winks a few times.
But it didn't work.
So he just stood there and didn't move.

So what if the young master pleaded guilty? It was related to the royal family.
The final decision on this matter had to be made by the emperor.

Once they arrive in the capital, he could make Young Master bite back, saying Qilin Guards threatened him, That’s why he admitted guilt.
If King Huainan pleads to the emperor, he felt that the emperor would definitely spare Young Master's life.

Seeing Li Cun like that, Yang Sheng guessed what he was thinking.
But it can’t be helped.
It can only be like that.
The emperor greatly valued King Huainan.
So he should be lenient toward Xiao Qi Song.

What did the emperor say last time when Xiao Qi Song forcely snatched a common girl? Let Xiao Qi Song take the girl as a concubine and let him off.

It seemed that compensating that common girl in this way was like a great gift to that common girl.

Indeed, in the eyes of outsiders, a common girl becoming a noble concubine of the palace was indeed like flying on a high branch and becoming a phoenix.

Yang Sheng felt depressed though.
He felt that things shouldn’t be like this.

This time, it was unknown what the emperor would say.

During the interrogation here, Old Mister Wu was brought over.

As soon as he saw Shen Feng Ming, he was fuming.
He was about to see what delicious food Jiang Yun Zhu made for lunch.
And what did he do?

Then he saw Song Li who was covered in blood and Ji San Niang who was limp on the bed.

To be honest, Old Mister Wu felt pity for Ji San Niang like this.

This time he didn't make it difficult for Shen Feng Ming.
He first healed Song Li and keptt his life.
Then he connected Ji San Niang's jaw, arms, and legs.

In the middle, Ji San Niang didn't utter a sound.
Old Mister Wu wondered if she was a wooden person.
This connecting bone pain wasn't something ordinary people could bear.

Ji San Niang only stared at Shen Feng Ming and Xiao Qi Song at the side.
She wanted to voice grievance.
But she knew that there was no justice in this world.
In the end, Xiao Qi Song may be acquitted.

Instead, she would be charged with seducing people.

Truly laughable!

Old Mister Wu followed her line of sight and saw Shen Feng Ming.
He snorted, “The stooge of the imperial court”.

At this time, a guard read Shen Feng Ming's final judgment.
Everyone was shocked when they heard the words ‘immediate decapitation’.

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