“Feng Ming.” Yang Sheng hurried a few steps, came to Shen Feng Ming's side, and whispered, “You really want to do this?”

Killing Xiao Qi Song will cause big trouble.

“Shouldn't he be killed?” Shen Feng Ming asked him.

Of course, he should.
But it wasn’t up to them.
“Isn't it easy to kill him?”

On the way back to the capital, they can casually use any means.
Xiao Qi Song was guaranteed to die without anyone noticing.
Then no one could put the blame on their head.

Shen Feng Ming understood what he meant.
But if they do that, what is the difference between them and those criminals?

There were some things that he didn't want to do.
While there were some things that he must do!

Seeing him like that, Yang Sheng understood what he was thinking.
He sighed and was happy at the same time.

Why did he keep following him? To be scolded as ‘the stooges of the imperial court’ every day? Or to go through the wind and rain every day to licking blood on the tip of a sword? It was because he dared to do what he didn't dare to do.
He committed the things he wanted to do but couldn't.
And he didn't kill indiscriminately.

Living in darkness, while the heart was toward the light.
Follow the heart and live a carefree life!

Breathing out a deep breath, Yang Sheng grinned, “Okay, kill him!”

As a man, that's how it should be.

But soon, he remembered something and asked Shen Feng Ming, “Say, is there a shortage of servers at Miss Jiang's place?”

If he was dismissed, he could still get a job.
Though he had no other skills, his hands and feet were quite fast.
What’s more, he had a good tongue.

Shen Feng Ming raised his eyebrows, looked him up and down, and replied, “Don't worry, the emperor won't do anything to you.”

Yang Sheng laughed.
He knew it.
Have to say, it was great to have a superior like him.
Can cause troubles and withstand matters.
He only needed to rush forward.
No need to care about other things.

Xiao Qi Song, Li Cun, and the several guards and servants were pushed to the front.

Xiao Qi Song's case wasn't limited to Ji San Niang's case.
He had bullied men and women and committed all kinds of crimes all these years.

Li Cun was his biggest accomplice.
Him alone, he bore two lives.
He also received immediate decapitation.

Those guards and servants had followed Xiao Qi Song for a long time.
Almost none of them were clean.
Decapitation too.

There were only three newcomers who followed him.
They were sentenced to 40 rods and ten years in prison.

Xiao Qi Song was so scared that he wet his pants immediately.
His lips moved for a long time, but he couldn't say a complete sentence.

Li Cun couldn't believe it at first.
But when he saw the beheading knives being raised, he turned pale with fright.

“You can't kill me.
I have the Golden Dragon Token bestowed by the emperor on me.”

“Are you not afraid that the emperor will blame you and that the king will make things difficult for you?”

“Official Shen, I'm just following orders.
Everything was Xiao Qi Song's idea.
Please let me go.”

“Official Shen…”

Some of the other guards and servants who were held in place fainted from fright.
Some cried out for grievances.
There were also some at a loss.

How vicious they were before was how panicked they were now.
It turned out that they would be afraid too.

Those three who had been spanked didn't dare to vent their anger out loud, for fear that Shen Feng Ming would remember them again.

The knives were raised high and fell with a swipe.
A lot of heads fell to the ground.
Blood spattered a few meters.

“Ah! Haha…” Ji San Niang was right at the side.
She had killed so many people.
Even though they were all corrupt officials, it was still an unpardonable crime.

But she wasn't worried at all.
Xiao Qi Song's blood splashed on the ground in front of her.
She thought it was the most beautiful color in the world.
Truly a pretty flower.

“Father, Shao Ze, did you see it? Haha…” She was crying and laughing.
Suddenly, she half sat up, knelt down respectfully in Shen Feng Ming's direction, and fell on the ground, “Thank you, Official.”

It turned out that there was still justice in this world.
But it was a pity that she hadn't met him sooner.

Yang Sheng sighed.
There were too many injustices in this world.
After staying in Qilin Guards for a long time and seeing too many of these things, he began to doubt life.
In fact, it wasn’t just him.
There were often Qilin Guards who suddenly became sad and even quit halfway.
How ugly could the human heart be? Was this world really worth it?

At this time, he remembered what he said about being Jiang Yun Zhu’s servers just now.
Although it was a joke, he felt happy when being with her and eating the meals she cooked.

Suddenly, Yang Cheng realized something was wrong.
Ji San Niang's body was lying down, wasn't it?

Old Mister Wu noticed something was wrong.
He walked up to Ji San Niang and pushed her, only to find that her chest and abdomen were covered in blood.

He quickly checked her breath before shaking his head.

Ji San Niang was injured.
What’s more, she was a female.
The Qilin Guards didn’t tie her up.
She had hidden a pair of scissors in her sleeve at some point.
At this moment, she was gone.

She had a smile on her face though.
Her expression was peaceful.
It seemed that she wasn't dead, but had fallen asleep and was having a very beautiful dream.

In the twilight, she saw Han Shao Ze.
He was as gentle and handsome as she remembered.

He came on horseback.
Smiling, he stretched out his hand toward her.

She held his hand and sat on his horse.

They moved forward together, never to be separated again.

“Madam.” At this time, Song Li had already woken up after being treated.
Seeing Ji San Niang like this, he wept and threw himself in front of her dead body.

He didn't dare to touch her body.
She was always pure and innocent in his heart.

He just kowtowed continuously, begging Shen Feng Ming to let her body be buried next to Gentleman Han's grave.
He knew that was her last wish.

“Okay.” Shen Feng Ming agreed.

Shen Feng Ming and Yang Sheng still have a lot of aftermath to deal with.
Old Mister Wu muttered a few words and left first.

He still didn't like Shen Feng Ming and Qilin Guards and felt that Jiang Yun Zhu's side was better.

After walking two streets, he suddenly saw a person coming from the other side.
The man was wearing a bamboo-colored gown.
In this withered winter, he was as bright as the morning light.
If it wasn’t Gu Yan Zhou, who could it be?

Old Mister Wu stopped there, looking up and down at Gu Yan Zhou.
The face was like a crown jade and the eyes were like stars.
Quite good-looking.
He was tall with perfect proportions.
Especially with that slender waist and long legs.
Based on his experience, his ability in that aspect was absolutely unmistakable.

In particular, he had a pleasing personality; intelligent and smart.
Like a jade-like gentleman.
Unlike that surnamed Shen who was as cold as a piece of ice.
Just look at him, one didn't need to drink cold drinks in summer.

Old Mister Wu nodded repeatedly.
From his point of view, he had to admit that Gu Yan Zhou was outstanding in every aspect.

Gu Yan Zhou saw Old Mister Wu and asked with a smile, “Why is Old Mister Wu here?”

His smile was like white plums and falling snow.
Enhancing his handsomeness and elegance.

“Come out for a walk.
What are you doing?” Old Mister Wu said.

Gu Yan Zhou had just gone to the academy.
Actually, he had nothing to learn in the academy now.
He was just studying some ancient books with the teacher.

Old Mister Wu grabbed his hand, “Let’s go.
Come back with me.”

“Oh, old Mister, where are you going?”

“Where else could we go? Is there a need to ask? From what I see, you aren’t that smart.” Old Mister Wu complained.

Gu Yan Zhou: This was the first time someone said he wasn't smart enough.

At this time, Jiang Yun Zhu had already prepared all kinds of things.
Fortunately, she bought some kitchen utensils for cooking a while ago.
Otherwise she might not be able to find suitable ones to use.

“Boss, you’re cooking fish for lunch?” Xue Jing looked at the two lively grass carp in the basin and asked Jiang Yun Zhu with bright eyes.

“En, this fish is for ourselves to eat.
Not for sale.” Jiang Yun Zhu replied.

“Shall I handle these two fish? You can guide me.” Xue Jing said.

Jiang Yun Zhu: …
What’s it like to have an overly enthusiastic employee? She could only nod.

Xue Jing picked up the two fish, removed the gills, scraped the scales, opened the belly, and perfectly removed the black film in the belly of the fish and the fishy line on the fish.

Jiang Yun Zhu felt that she had the answer to the question just now.
It was very cool! She didn't have to do anything herself and it was done wonderfully.

If this was the case, she was willing to guide Xue Jing.

“What should we do next?” Xue Jing put the fish on the chopping board and asked Jiang Yun Zhu respectfully.

“Cut some green onions, ginger, garlic and coriander, and marinate these two fish.” Jiang Yun Zhu answered.

“Okay.” Xue Jing immediately started cutting.

After the fish was marinated, Jiang Yun Zhu looked at the sky and decided to make the takeaway order for noon first.

“Boss, what do I do?” Xue Jing became even more excited when he heard that she was going to make other dishes.

Jiang Yun Zhu didn’t hold back and told him to oil the meat, blanch the vegetables, and so on.
This kind of work required certain skills.
The meat can't be made tough.
The vegetables can't be overcooked.
It used to be done by Jiang Yun Zhu, but now it was handed over to Xue Jing.
She had it a lot easier.

In the middle, she would give Xue Jing some cooking tips and precautions, such as how to make the fried pork skin more rosy and soft.

When Xue Jing heard the first sentence, he recited it silently several times in his heart and quickly memorized it in his heart.
When he heard the second sentence, he felt as if he had found a treasure.
When he heard the third sentence, he felt that Jiang Yun Zhu was really giving him pointers.
His heart moved.

It wasn't so easy to learn a skill in ancient times.
Take Xue Jing for example.
He followed his master since he was seven years old.
He brought him tea and water, washed clothes and poured chamber pots.
It took him three full years before his master began to teach him skills.

After studying for six years, he worked for his master for six years.

Just like this, only 60% of his master's skills was passed on to him.
The rest wasn't passed on at all.
Fully teach the apprentice, the master starved to death!

Jiang Yun Zhu was different.
She gave wages and taught him skills.
How could Xue Jing not be grateful.
How could he not work hard?

At this time, Jiang Yun Zhu started cooking boiled meat and sauteed meatballs…
She didn’t shy away from Xue Jing when she cooked these dishes.
After all, she wanted to hand over the mine’s business to him in the future.

Among these dishes, Xue Jing had never heard of a few dishes.

He watched in fascination and wished he could immediately do two to practice.

After finishing these dishes, Mrs.
Chen and the others served, distributed and delivered the meals.
Jiang Yun Zhu had nothing to do.
She looked at the two fish and felt that they were almost ready.
So she prepared to start making the fish.

At this time, Old Mister Wu came back with Gu Yan Zhou.

“Old Mister?” Jiang Yun Zhu wondered why he was with Gu Yan Zhou.

“I like this kid.
Let him follow me in the future.” Old Mister Wu stated.

Jiang Yun Zhu: What she thought of was that Old Mister Wu thought that Gu Yan Zhou was smart and wanted to take him in as his apprentice.

Gu Yan Zhou: He didn't understand what Old Mister Wu was talking about.

“Eat here at noon.
There’s delicious things.” Old Mister Wu patted Gu Yan Zhou's shoulder.

Gu Yan Zhou felt that it seemed good to follow the elderly.
So he smiled lightly.

It seemed that everyone was happy.

Old Mister Wu entered the kitchen and saw the two marinated grass carp, “This kind of fish isn't tender at all.
How are you going to handle it?”

“Make grilled fish.” Jiang Yun Zhu started to work while talking.

“Grilled fish?” Old Mister Wu and Xue Jing couldn't help but call out.
They hadn't heard of someone grilling grass carp.
It was all grilled crucian carp and sea bass.
Grass carp meat was thick.
Can it be delicious after grilling?

“You'll know once it’s made.” What Jiang Yun Zhu wanted to make was naturally the modern popular grilled fish soup.
According to legend, this dish was created by a woman from Wan Qing Ye's family.
Right now, it didn't exist yet.

This kind of grilled fish was like a hot pot.
Suitable to eat in this weather.

When she said that, Old Mister Wu and Xue Jing became very interested and watched from the side.

Even Gu Yan Zhou seemed to have forgotten the famous saying ‘gentleman stays away from the kitchen’ and watched from the sidelines.

First put some cuts on the fish.
Then put it on the charcoal stove to roast.
Be sure to pay attention to the heat and not burn it.
In the middle, keep an eye on brushing oil on the fish.

It took about ten minutes to bake the fish until it was charred on the outside and tender on the inside.
It was almost done.

At this time, heat the pot and put hot oil in the pot.
Put onion, ginger, pepper, watercress and other things into the pot.

There was a sizzling sound of frying.
A cloud of hot air gushed out of the pot accompanied by an open flame.
A fragrant and spicy aroma rushed straight into one's nostrils.

Jiang Yun Zhu moved quickly, frying the spices and adding soup.

At the same time, two charcoal stoves were set up at the side.
Two iron plates were placed on them.

Once the soup boiled, the grilled fishes were put onto the iron plate.
At the same time, add potatoes, vermicelli, fungus, cabbage, etc..
Then pour the cooked soup onto the plate.
A grilled fish full of fragrance…
“Wait a while.
The flavor needs to seep in.
Then you could eat them.” Jiang Yun Zhu said.

Old Mister Wu's mouth was already watering.
It was the first time he's seen this kind of grilled fish.
It was grilled and boiled.
It looked like a pot, but it was not a pot.

Gu Yan Zhou showed surprise in his eyes.
This method of grilling fish was really unheard of.

Xue Jing was very excited.
How many signature dishes did his boss have.
Why did one after another pop up? He felt that agreeing to be Jiang Yun Zhu's cook was the wisest decision in his life.

Old Mister Wu helped arrange the table.
At this side, Jiang Yun Zhu made soy paste flavor grilled fish.

After a while, two grilled fish dishes were placed on the table.
The soup had already started to bubble.

“What's delicious?” Yang Sheng asked anxiously when he entered the door.
He could smell this fragrance from a long distance away.
It was too fragrant!

“Grilled fish.
Come and taste it.” Jiang Yun Zhu said with curved eyebrows.

The food exuded a strange fragrance.
The dense merriment in the midst of the hot air seemed to dispel all the cold and haze immediately.

Shen Feng Ming only felt that the room was too warm.
So warm that his brows and eyes slightly raised.

Yang Sheng exclaimed, “This is grilled fish? Why is it so delicious? Quickly.
Let’s eat.”

He felt that life was so beautiful.

Time to eat.
Old Mister Wu immediately clipped up a piece of fish belly.
There was only one big bone on the belly of the fish.
What’s more, it was full of fat.
It could be said that it was the best piece of meat on the fish.

Putting it directly into his mouth, his eyes widened immediately.
Really, it was so delicious that it exploded!

That hot juice.
That spicy taste.
Also, the taste of grilled fish exploded in his mouth.

Especially the fish skin.
It was soft, silky, and firm.
It was also full of soup.
Ordinary grilled fish can’t compare to it.

“This grilled fish is delicious!” He praised.

Yang Sheng quickly clipped it.
What he picked up was fishtail.
The meat of the fish tail was tender but thorny.
Still, one couldn’t find any small bones in the grilled fish made by Jiang Yun Zhu.
Only the fresh and tender taste was left.

After he finished eating, he let out a comfortable sigh.
To eat such a pot of grilled fish on this cold day.
This was life!

Shen Feng Ming ate it.
The unique taste had him slightly stunned.

After eating one bite, Gu Yan Zhou felt that it was right to follow Old Mister Wu.

In addition to eating fish, there were accompaniments.
There were a few accompaniments in the dish.
In addition, Jiang Yun Zhu prepared various side dishes on the table.
Everyone can add whatever according to their desire.
It made it a little more interesting.

The accompaniments carried grilled fish flavor as well as having their own taste.
It made people unable to stop eating.

Two fishes and a table of dishes were eaten cleanly.
Only then did Shen Feng Ming and Yang Sheng realize that such delicious fish were only made of ordinary grass carp.

“Just this grilled fish only, Miss Jiang can open a restaurant in the capital.” Yang Sheng remarked.

What he said was a bit exaggerated.
Still, Jiang Yun Zhu liked it.
The diners’ love for food was the affirmation of cooks.

After the meal, Old Mister Wu dragged Gu Yan Zhou to mutter together and said a few words to Jiang Yun Zhu from time to time.
He told her to sit down and rest together for a while.

In the room, Yang Sheng was discussing with Shen Feng Ming about returning to the capital.
Yes, back to the capital.
The news of Xiao Qi Song's death spread back to the capital.
The emperor will definitely ask Shen Feng Ming to go back to the capital with him to explain the matter.

This Yang Sheng wasn't so worried.
Shen Feng Ming already had countermeasures.

It was just that Jiang Yun Zhu was here.
He looked at the three people in the courtyard and said to Shen Feng Ming, “This time we can't leave like this again.”

He was worried for him.
The other party wouldn't wait around at the same place.
One day she would marry someone else with a turn.
What would he do then?

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