As expected, Doctor Jin brought some things to Jiang's house to visit two days later.
When he learned that Celestial Doctor Wu had left, he stood there in great disappointment.
But soon, he became happy again.
It was already a great blessing for him to meet Celestial Doctor Wu.
How could he expect too much?

He floated away.

The days quickly came to the twenty-fifth day of December.
From this day on, the mine began to be on holiday and won’t be back to work until the seventeenth day of January.

The bustling Wuling Mine suddenly became deserted.
Taking this opportunity, Jiang Yun Zhu closed down the stall and decided to wait until the 17th day of January before opening for business.

At this time, she had already prepared all kinds of things to go to Lu Prefecture to set up a stall and begin after the New Year.

The Jiang Family was still a little unaccustomed to being idle all of the sudden.
So they went to buy New Year's goods and prepare for the New Year!

This was the first year they lived in Wuling County.
Life at home was flourishing, so it went without saying that they should make good preparations.

Everyone bought a new set of clothes.
Jiang Yun Zhu already had clothes from Mrs.
Liu, so Mrs.
Chen used the money to buy her a pair of hairpins.
Although they were silver hairpins, the workmanship was exquisite.
Each small hairpin was inlaid with half a round pearl.
It looked very beautiful.

“Put it on and see.” Mrs.
Chen urged.

Jiang Yun Zhu liked these two little hairpins, so she put them on her head.

“It's beautiful.” “Truly beautiful.” It gained unanimous praise from the Jiang Family.
The black hair and silver hairpins.
The beauty and the pearls.
They complement each other perfectly.
It couldn't be more suitable.

Even the customers and clerks in the shop couldn't help but look at Jiang Yun Zhu.
Some people asked if there was such a little hairpin and wanted to buy it too.
While others were full of admiration.

The Jiang Family happily left the shop and went to the next stop.

Buy, buy, buy.
It was only until the 28th of December when another heavy snow fell, the Jiang Family stopped.

Chen was busy cleaning the house.
The roof had to be swept clean.
The furniture had to be wiped spotless.
Even the door had to be scrubbed clean for new couplets to be pasted on the day of the New Year to change the old look.

Jiang Cheng and old Mister Chen took this opportunity to repair broken things in the house.
Such as chairs with broken legs and dustpans missing a piece, etc..
Repaired and fixed for another three years.

After the 28th was the new year.
On the day of the new year, the whole family put on new clothes and paste on new couplets.
After the firecrackers, the days will be booming.

According to the traditional customs, a table of delicious food was prepared at noon.
Jiang Yun Zhu wanted to cook, but Mrs.
Chen stopped her.
She was usually the one who cooks.
Today was the New Year, so she should rest.

Chen felt her cooking skills weren’t as good as Jiang Yun Zhu's.
But for so many years, everyone in the family ate her cooking, no?

In fact, Mrs.
Chen's cooking was considered to be at an upper-middle level in the village.
Although there weren’t all kinds of flavors, the home-cooked food was delicious.

It’ll trouble Mother!” Jiang Yun Zhu accepted her good intentions and waited for lunch.

Chen was happy in her heart.
With a smile on her face, her hands and feet moved like wind when cooking.

In a short time, a table of meals was ready.
In the middle was a piece of red braised fish for abundanceness every year.
Next to it were diced chicken, pork elbow, strips of meat, etc.
In the past it was already good to have one of these during the New Year.
This year, they have all of them.

Everyone was eating, chattering, and laughing.
It was evening in the blink of an eye.

The whole family sat together to make dumplings.
Jiang Cheng rolled the skin.
Got to say his skill in rolling the skin was superb.
He rolled the skin quickly and well.
Just him alone on the rolling was enough for the whole to wrap.

“In the future, if we sell dumplings at home, we don't need to hire people.” Old Mister Chen joked.

The smile on his face never disappeared today.
In the past New Year, Mrs.
Chen and Jiang Cheng invited him to be with them, but old Madam Jiang lived not far from the village and would definitely scold when he got close to Mrs.
Chen and the others.
Saying, Mrs.
Chen wasn't virtuous.
To actually subsidize the family.
Also, saying that Jiang Cheng forgot his mother after having a wife.

Afterwards, old Mister Chen tried his best to avoid going to Mrs.
Chen's place to avoid her being aggrieved.
However, he was alone.
What's the point of celebrating the new year?

Like now.
Only when surrounded by family members it was the new year!

Especially this year.
His eyes could see.
He was really old.
The days were getting better and better.

Jiang Yun Zhu felt that Jiang Cheng's technique was good, so she asked, “Father, did you specially practice?”

Jiang Cheng straightened his chest.
It was rare for Jiang Yun Zhu to admire him for something.
A smile cracked out as he replied, “It still takes practice? Just hang out with your mother a few more times, and you'll grasp it.
Isn't that right?”

As if to prove his point, he asked Mrs.

Chen suppressed her mirth, “Didn't practice.
Just studied it a few times.”

Immediately the whole family laughed.

In the evening, they had dumplings stuffed with mutton and cabbage.
The steaming dumplings were placed on the table.
Immediately, it gave off a taste of happiness.

However, at this time, it was another scene in Shen's Manor in the capital.

Academician Shen and Princess Danyang sat on the top seat.
Shen Feng Ming sat next to Academician Shen.
Countless delicacies were placed on the table.
The three of them ate in silence.
No one spoke.
There was no lively atmosphere of the New Year.

Princess Danyang took another bite of the dumpling and found it tasteless.
So she directed to Attendant Yu, “Bring me some beef sauce.”

Attendant Yu tentatively replied, “Princess, the beef sauce was finished last time.
Did you forget?”

Finished? It seemed to be the case.
Princess Danyang froze.

Then she looked at Shen Feng Ming, “Feng Ming, is that sausage cook a female?”

She saw the writing on those porcelain jars and was sure it was written by a female.

Shen Feng Ming went to Lu Prefecture twice and met the female both times…
It was enough for her to overthink.

“It's a female.” Shen Feng Ming replied.

“Then why didn't you bring her back?” Princess Danyang asked anxiously.

Listening on the side, Academician Shen perked his ears.
He hoped that Shen Feng Ming would get married soon and give birth to two chubby and fair babies so that he could have grandchildren.

Shen Feng Ming looked up at Princess Danyang.

It just so happened that there was a faint cry from outside.
During the New Year, there was actually such a sound? It even spread to the backyard of the Shen Manor.

“Who is it? So unlucky.” Princess Danyang said angrily.

Attendant Yu hurried out to check and then came back anxiously to report that it was King Huainan who was crying for his son outside.

The last time Shen Feng Ming came back, King Huainan lost his beloved son.
Of course, he wouldn’t let it go.
In the end, the emperor didn’t punish Shen Feng Ming and the matter was dropped.

Naturally, King Huainan couldn’t accept it.
He made troubles for Shen Feng Ming several times, but ended up not getting the chicken and lost the bait.

During New Year, other families were reunited.
While his son was gone.
So he ran over to Shen's door to pay homage to his son to make Shen Feng Ming sick.

Besides, it wasn’t against the law.

After hearing this, Princess Danyang was furious.
His son died because it was completely his only fault.
If he didn't spoil his son like that, would Shen Feng Ming kill him?

Besides, since he cried for his son, what about the girls who were killed by his son or bullied by him? Should they go to his house and cry?

“Get rid of him.” She said angrily.

Attendant Yu said tentatively, “That's an old king.”

They were servants.
They dared not chase him away.

Princess Danyang had to address King Huainan as royal uncle.
So she couldn’t really speak like this if she goes out.

“If he wants to cry, let him cry,” said Official Shen.

Princess Danyang was immediately annoyed by his words, “People bullied us during the New Year and you let it go.
Are you still a man?”

Academician Shen immediately put on a straight face.

Seeing that the two were about to quarrel again, Shen Feng Ming stood up and walked outside.

Soon, the crying outside stopped.

Still, Shen Feng Ming didn't go back to eat.
Instead, he went to his study.

Sitting on the chair, he took out a brocade box from the desk drawer and opened it.
There was a white jade hairpin shining brightly inside.

He looked at the white jade hairpin for a long time.

Under the same moonlight, some families were happy and some were sad.

The next day was the first day of the new year.
Jiang Cheng and Mrs.
Chen took the lead in greeting old Mister Chen when they got up in the morning.

“Good, good.” Old Mister Chen grinned and then gave out red envelopes to Jiang Yun Zhu and the other children.

Afterwards, Jiang Yun Zhu took the lead to pay New Year's greetings to Jiang Cheng and Mrs.

Jiang Cheng and Mrs.
Chen had also prepared red envelopes for them.
Which they never had in the previous years.

Moreover, they didn’t confiscate their red envelopes, including the youngest, Jiang Wu’s.
They only told him to keep them well and not lose them.

Jiang Wu held three red envelopes and rolled his eyes with a smile.

The first day of the lunar new year was a day to go around to pay New Year's greetings.
But the Jiang Family was an outsider household.
Chen felt that no one would come to their house.

As soon as the door was opened, an old monk came.
She knew him.
He seemed to be the abbot of the Heavenly Daughter Goddess Temple in Xifeng Mountain.
What was going on?

“I came here to send some cakes to Almsgiver.
It’s just some thought.
I won't go in and sit.” The old monk had always remembered Jiang Yun Zhu's kindness.
He had no chance to repay her.
During the New Year, he naturally had to come and have a look.

Chen was a little dazed after receiving the cakes.
Shouldn't they go to the temple to offer incense? Why did the old monk come to give them cakes?

The old monk had already left.

Only then did Mrs.
Chen wrapped her mind around and wanted to chase after the old monk.
But there was no sign of him.

“Younger Sister-in-law, happy New Year!” A hearty laugh sounded.
Chen looked up.
It was Escort Head Li and Li Yan.

“Auntie, Happy New Year.” Li Yan still looked like a sickly youth.
However, his eyes were already bright.
He pay Mrs.
Chen a new year greeting.

“Come in and sit down.” Mrs.
Chen said happily.

The two of them stayed for half an hour before leaving.

In the middle, Mrs.
Liu came with Lu Yuan.
Afterward were old fourth Fang couple and Xue Jing couple coming to pay New Year's greetings.
The Jiang Family was very lively this morning.
The smiles on Jiang Cheng's and Mrs.
Chen's faces never stopped.

The first day of the new year, they still ate dumplings.
The second day of the new year everyone rested early.
The third day of the new year everyone got up to pack up before dawn.
Today they have to leave for Lu Prefecture.
They will probably arrive in Lu Prefecture at noon tomorrow.
After some preparations, it’ll be the fifth day of the new year when they set up a stall.

“Yun Zhu, is it really okay to make so many meat skewers? Also, are we really going to Lu Prefecture?” Fretting, Mrs.
Chen asked.
She supported Jiang Yun Zhu, but when it came time to set off, she felt uneasy.
She always felt that Lu Prefecture was very far away.
Them, powerless little commoner, to rush over there so rashly was just like bumpkins entering the city.
It was already good if they didn't get rejected by others.
Let alone having to sell so many meat skewers?

“Yun Zhu says it'll be fine.
When wasn't it?” Old Mister Chen uttered with full of energy.
Although he was worried, he didn't express it.

Jiang Yun Zhu had invested a lot of money this time.
Not to mention the barbecue stove, even the meat skewers piled up into a hill.
From the sight of it, old Mister Chen felt ill at ease.

Jiang Yun Zhu smiled, “We'll know when the time comes.”

It was two big carts full of meat skewers.
Jiang Yun Zhu hired Xu Qing Shan's cart and Jiang Cheng's cart together, so it could fit.
These meat skewers almost used up all of Jiang Yun Zhu's savings.
No wonder Mrs.
Chen was worried.

At this time.

“Over here!” Li Song shouted from a long distance away.

Li Song was the third son of Escort Head Li.
Their escort agency often traveled to Lu Prefecture.
Hearing that Jiang Yun Zhu and the others were going to Lu Prefecture, he invited them to come with him.

So Jiang Yun Zhu and others followed their convoy.
From the sun rise, they headed toward Lu Prefecture

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