The purpose of going to temple fairs was to eat, drink and have fun.
So few people came out after breakfast at home.
They were afraid that their stomachs weren’t big enough to taste all the delicacies at temple fairs.

After coming out so early in the morning, they arrived at the temple fair on foot or by getting a ride and were already hungry.

Just at this time, the skewers in Jiang Yun Zhu's hands were almost finished grilling.
A large skewer of meat was dripping with oil.
The oil fell on the charcoal fire, making a crackling sound.
Sometimes a flame burst out suddenly, causing the grilled meat to become more oily.

Sprinkle a handful of cumin and chili peppers at this time, and the nose-piercing aroma made the mouth water.

“What kind of skewer is this? How much is it?” A man holding a child asked.
There was a woman standing next to him.
It seemed to be a family of three visiting the temple fair.

“There are three kinds of meat skewers.
Pork skewers cost 8 wens a skewer, beef skewers cost 14 wens, mutton skewers cost 15 wens.
There are gluten and barbecue sausages here.
Roasted gluten skewers cost 4 wens a skewer, and grilled sausages cost a skewer 6 wens.” Jiang Cheng replied at once.

At the beginning, he was still a little nervous.
But afterward, he had completely calmed down and asked the man with a smile, “What skewers do you want?”

The man lowered his head and asked his wife and child.
The wife seemed to find it a little too expensive.
While the man spoke, “It smells good and it’s the New Year.
Buy some and try it.” The child grasped the woman's hand and gave her puppy eyes.
He wanted to eat.

What else could the woman say? Buy it.

“One skewer of beef, One skewer of pork, and one skewer of roasted gluten.” The child wanted to eat pork.
The wife liked beef.
As for the man himself, this roasted gluten had never been seen before.
It looked interesting and was cheap.

“Alright!” Jiang Cheng quickly took three skewers and handed them to them.

The meat skewers Jiang Yun Zhu group were selling were the big skewers kind.
One was as long as a forearm.
Each piece of meat on it was the size of a small plum.
When one bit into it, oil oozed out.
The aroma of the meat mixed with the seasoning would explode in the mouth.
Both the teeth and tongue gained satisfaction.

After taking a bite, the woman curved her eyes, feeling that the money was well spent.

Now someone took the lead, someone immediately came to buy.
A chubby man bought two skewers of pork.
After taking a bite, he immediately ordered three skewers of mutton.

There were two girls who bought two sticks of beef.
They covered their mouths with handkerchiefs and ate with glistening eyes.

There were a few brawny men in uniform..
They ordered five skewers of each and went to the nearby tea stall.
They ate as they drank.
Loudly, they praised how good-value the meat skewers were and asked the boss for ten more skewers of mutton.

There was even a passing carriage parked there.
A servant came over, bought two skewers of each, and respectfully handed them into the carriage.

There were all kinds of people at the temple fair.
Jiang Yun Zhu group’s skewers became more and more popular.

Especially in the temple fair in the afternoon.
There were more and more people.
For their stall, they have to queue up if they come late.

“Light up that stove too.” Jiang Yun Zhu found the time to say.

So she had a stove and Xue Jing had a stove.
The two’s hands never stopped moving.
Only then, it met the demand.

Jiang Yun Zhu expected that this might be the case and didn't make so many varieties.
Just the five best-selling skewers were made.
Right now, Jiang Cheng, Mrs.
Chen, Gu Qi Feng, and even Xu Qing Shan came to help.
They were so busy that their feet were never on one spot.

Once back at Fatong Temple at night, everyone was too tired to talk.
Still, they all had smiles on their faces.

The next day, they went to occupy the place even earlier.
Energy was to the max.

Just like that, the fifteenth day of January arrived.
Of course, a lot of things happened during this period.
For example, Jiang Yun Zhu found out that the skewers wouldn’t be enough to sell, so she raised the price once.
Another example was that one day they were already early enough, but the place was still occupied by others.
They could only sell next to them.

For example, someone saw that their business was good and set up a stall nearby to sell skewers.

Another example, a well-dressed youth ate their skewers and simply gave a piece of silver, which was worth five liang.

This was how business was.
One could meet anyone and anything.

“One mutton skewer, one roasted gluten, a total of 19 Wen.” Jiang Cheng handed the last two skewers to a child.

Under the envious eyes of everyone, the child started to eat.

“Boss, are there really no skewers?”

“Mother, I want to eat skewers.”

Several people surrounded the stall and asked Jiang Yun Zhu.

Seeing that the situation wasn't right this morning, Jiang Yun Zhu raised the price again.
But today, there were too many people on the street and the people buying skewers were also a lot.
Especially at noon.
When hearing that there were not many skewers left, some people originally only wanted to buy two and ended up buying three.
And a lot of people did this.
It caused the skewers to sell faster and faster.

At 1pm, all the skewers were sold.

“Thank you everyone.
It's really gone.” Jiang Yun Zhu told everyone.

“Boss, it's still early in the morning.
Get someone to skewer some skewers.” Someone suggested.
Tonight was the Lantern Festival.
At that time, it’ll truly be a crowd.

Jiang Cheng and Mrs.
Chen's heart moved.
However, Jiang Yun Zhu shook her head.
The meat skewers had to be marinated in advance before they could be used.
Even if they made them in a hurry, there was no time.
Everything was fine now.
The goal was achieved.
If they pursue too much, they may make mistakes in the rush.
That wasn't good.

“Then Boss, will you come tomorrow?” If they come, they will come to buy meat skewers even if tomorrow wasn't a temple fair.

“Or Boss, do you have a stall or shop in Lu Prefecture?”

Jiang Yun Zhu could only shake her head again.
Afterward, under the regretful eyes of everyone, she packed up things with Jiang Cheng and others and returned to Fatong Temple.

“Shall we go back now?” Mrs.
Chen asked.
She wanted to leave, but also didn't want to.

Jiang Yun Zhu looked around and said with a smile, “Let's leave early tomorrow morning.
We’re here at Lu Prefecture.
Today is the 15th day and it’s the Lantern Festival.
Everyone, go explore.”

Saying this, a silver liang was issued to each person.

“What is this?” Xu Qing Shan and Xue Jing uttered.

Xu Qing Shan had already collected the fare.
Xue Jing received monthly pay.
Neither of them would accept the money.

“For everyone's hard work.
We made money.
The joy got to be shared with everyone.” Jiang Yun Zhu replied.
These days, Xu Qing Shan had helped a lot.
Although Xue Jing was hired by her, he had been busy with her since the fifth day of the new year.
The overtime pay wasn't limited to that.

She stuffed the silver into their hands.

She sincerely wanted to give it, so Xu Qing Shan and Xue Jing accepted it, with joyful expressions on their faces.

She gave Gu Qi Feng a silver liang.
These days, he helped a lot.
He helped until his throat was hoarse from hawking.

Holding the silver liang, Gu Qi Feng seemed to see the sea of stars.

Chen and Jiang Cheng also got a share.

After finishing their work and getting the money, everyone was relaxed and happy.
They began to discuss where to go next.

Xue Jing wanted to buy some things to visit his master in the Xiangkelou.
Since he was in Lu Prefecture City, it would be outrageous not to visit the elderly.

Gu Qi Feng dragged Xu Qing Shan to watch the lanterns and take a good look at Lu Prefecture City while they were at it.
Once he went back, he could tell others.
Can't go back and not be able to answer questions.
It would be embarrassing.

“Father, Mother, you go too.” Jiang Yun Zhu said to Jiang Cheng and Mrs.

The two were excited.
Firstly, they wanted to explore Lu Prefecture City.
Secondly, they wanted to buy some new things for Old Master Chen and the kids to make them happy too.

“Let's go together.” Mrs.
Chen said.

“You go.
I want to rest.” Jiang Yun Zhu responded.
She was different from them.
She was too familiar with Lu Prefecture City.
She had nothing to see.
After working for so many days, she was tired.
At this moment, she just wanted to have a good sleep.

Before going out, Mrs.
Chen asked Jiang Yun Zhu again, “Are you really not going with us?”

“No.” Jiang Yun Zhu said.

Only then did Mrs.
Chen goes out with Jiang Cheng and disappears into the crowd.

The room became deserted.
Jiang Yun Zhu really fell on the bed and slept without a care.

By the time she got up, it was already dark outside.
She was full of energy at the moment.
First, she took out the purse and counted it carefully.
There was a total of fifty-eight liang silver.
After deducting the cost of twenty-five liang, she made a net profit of thirty-three liang this time.

Of course, if she didn't give Xue Jing and the others a liang each, she would earn more.
But that would be meaningless.

Fifty-eight liang was more than enough money to rent the store, pay for tuition, and even have money for the decoration of the store.

Once back, she’ll get the store up and running.

Satisfied, Jiang Yun Zhu put away her purse.
Looking at the time, she decided to go to the kitchen to cook two more vegetarian dishes for Pu Xuan as a thank you and to say goodbye to him.
It was considered a beginning and an end.

Arriving in the kitchen.
The people in the kitchen still remembered her and had heard that she’ll cook vegetarian food for Pu Xuan, they let her do whatever she wanted.

Jiang Yun Zhu looked at the materials in the kitchen and emotionally remarked ‘as expected of Fatong Temple’.
It was famous for vegetarian food.
There were so many fresh ingredients here in the middle of winter.

Her hands were itchy for a while.
But to repay her kindness, she decided to make two precious vegetarian meals.

One was Wensi Tofu.
This dish was famous because it needed to cut the tofu and other ingredients into hair-thin pieces.
Even if ordinary cooks worked hard and had no talent, one can’t make it.

Originally, ham and chicken soup were added to this dish.
Jiang Yun Zhu had her own way to make it vegetarian and the taste didn’t change at all.

The second was Eighteen Arhats.
The name sounds like a vegetarian dish.

Prepare 18 kinds of raw materials, such as Tricholoma, Straw Mushroom, and black fungus, and stir-fry them into a dish.
The color of the finished product was bright but not messy.
In terms of taste, the taste of each raw material was preserved and can be fused into one taste, just like the eighteen arhats.

Of these two dishes, the second one seemed to be simpler than the first one.
Just an ordinary stir-fried dish.
In fact the second one was the most difficult.
There were 18 kinds of ingredients.
Each ingredient must be matched just right and the heat should not be the slightest off.
Even if it was Jiang Yun Zhu, making this dish depends on luck.

Sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn't.
It was either a mistake here or there.
Fortunately, she was lucky today and succeeded in one go.

Sure enough, people in a good mood could do everything smoothly.

Jiang Yun Zhu wiped the sweat from her brow, put the two dishes into a food box, and went to see Pu Xuan.

But when she found the young monk, Jing Yuan who received her last time, she was told that Pu Xuan was occupied now and might not have time to see her.

That’s right.
It was the fifteenth.
There must be many things going on in the temple.

“Is there anything urgent, Miss?” Jing Yuan asked.

I just made two more vegetarian dishes.
I would like to invite Master Pu Xuan to taste it.
Thanking him for allowing us to stay these days.
Also, we will be leaving early tomorrow morning.” Jiang Yun Zhu hurriedly explained.

“I will tell my master.” Jing Yuan took the food box and responded.

“Thank you.” Jiang Yun Zhu turned and left.
Anyway, she had expressed her thoughts.

Jing Yuan took the food box and went back to see Pu Xuan.

At this moment, Pu Xuan was pacing anxiously.
How could he possibly have time to see Jiang Yun Zhu.

Today, two very important guests came to the temple.
He had asked the kitchen staff to make vegetarian food for them.
But when the two dishes were brought in, the guests stopped after only two bites.

The abbot still had something to ask these two guests, so he kept winking at him.
But what could he do?

“Master, that miss said they are leaving tomorrow morning.
She told me to help thank you.
Also, that miss made you two vegetarian dishes.” Jing Yuan said, holding up the food box.

Pu Xuan didn't take it to heart at all.
It was just a few days in the firewood house.
A trivial matter.
However, he suddenly looked at the food box.

In the elegant Zen room, the abbot of Fatong Temple was sitting opposite two men.

These two men were about forty or fifty years old.
They were both fair-skinned and full of bearing.

There were two Lin in Lu Prefecture.
These two Lin referred to the Lin Family of the Marquis Anping, and the crown prince’s grand tutor, Lin Family, who opened the Huaying Academy.

The eldest master of the Lin Family had been serving as an official in the capital.
He took the position of the crown prince’s grand tutor.
During the New Year, when the imperial court was on holiday, he would go back to Lu Prefecture to visit relatives.

The second master of the Lin Family was an official in the court a few years ago.
But later he didn't like officialdom.
So he came back to work as the dean of the academy.

Both of them were full of knowledge and like Zen theory.
So today they came to discuss Buddhism with Fatong Temple.

After the three of them talked, it was time for dinner.

Eldest Master Lin wanted to leave.
The abbot of Fatong Temple invited him to taste the vegetarian food in the temple.

Second Master Lin said that the vegetarian food in the temple was very famous.
Anyway, it was getting late.
It wasn't easy for Master Lin to make a trip back.
So it was better to try it before leaving.

Eldest Master Lin stayed behind.

It was just when talking about other things, he couldn't help but think about the affairs of the imperial court.
Feeling stuffy, how could he be in the mood to eat? So when the two vegetarian dishes were served, he only ate two bites and didn't want to eat any more.
This made Pu Xuan anxious.

At this time, the little monk brought up two more dishes.

One was like white jade soup, exuding bursts of fragrance.
The color of one was so eye-catching.

The abbot of Fatong Temple was surprised.
The first one, could it be Wensi Tofu? However, could this dish be made into a vegetarian dish? This was the first time he had seen it.

What was the last one? At a glance, there were more than a dozen kinds of ingredients.
If they were fried together, wasn't it a mess?

But in front of the guests, he couldn’t say this.

Eldest Master Lin and Second Master Lin thought these two dishes were very novel and tasted them immediately.

Wensi tofu was really Wensi tofu.
There was no trace of meat.
More importantly, the taste was exactly the same.

This stir-fried dish was even better.
It looked chaotic, but in fact it fits seamlessly in every aspect.

Eldest Master Lin immediately thought of a lot and started talking to the other two.

The atmosphere in the room immediately became more relaxed.
Outside, Pu Xuan glanced in and breathed a sigh of relief.

After coming out of Fatong Temple, there were fiery trees and silver flowers everywhere outside.
And there was endless laughter and merriment.
Eldest Master Lin was sitting in the carriage, but he frowned.

“Eldest Brother, if you can't do it, you could come back too and teach with me.” Second Master Lin consoled him.

“Getting paid by the emperor, share the worry of the emperor.
If everyone is like you, it’ll be how the traitors in the court want it? When the time comes, the country will be destroyed.
Could you still hide at home and study at ease?” Master Lin reprimanded.

Second Master Lin didn't dare to speak.
He admitted that he was afraid of the power struggle in the court.

The crown prince fought the sixth prince for so many years.
How many people died?

“Didn't you say that the Sixth Prince made weapons privately last time? Why is he only grounded for one year?” Thinking of this, Second Master Lin asked.

“Your news is outdated.
The emperor had lifted the six prince's restraint order.” Elder Master Lin said worriedly.

Second Master Lin was shocked when he heard this, “How could this be?”

Eldest Master Lin pinched his brows, “How would I know? His Majesty is unpredictable.”

Second Master Lin was speechless for a moment.

“It would be great if Academician Shen could stand by our side.” Master Lin suddenly commented.

And that Commander Shen.
Second Master Lin added in his mind.
Of course, Academician Shen and Shen Feng Ming were one body.

“Sixth Prince's case wasn't handled by the Qilin Guards.” Second Master Lin said.

“Last year, Censor Li's case was handled by Qilin Guards.” Eldest Master Lin glanced at him.
Censor Li was on the Crown Prince's side.

Second Master Lin had nothing to comment.
He really didn't like these matters in court.

“You are in Lu Prefecture.
How’s the Anping Marquis Mansion recently?” Eldest Master Lin finally asked about this matter.

Second Master Lin smiled awkwardly.
He didn't know at all.
He was currently ‘keeping his ears away from matters out the window and only be dedicated to books of sages’.

Eldest Master Lin snorted angrily.

At this time, Jiang Yun Zhu was full.
Seeing that Mrs.
Chen and the others hadn't come back, she decided to go for a walk.
Today was the Lantern Festival.
There was no curfew.
It will be lively all night outside.

When she got outside, there were lanterns and festoons everywhere.
The lights were brightly lit.
It was so crowded that people were shoulder to shoulder.
It gave her the feeling that time and space were out of order.

Appreciating the lanterns on the side of the road from time to time, she headed all the way forward.

Suddenly a hand warmer caught her eyes.
She walked over.

The hand warmer was a cotton cover that could put both hands inside to keep warm.

The owner of this stall was a woman in her twenties.
The hand warmers she made were very elegant and beautiful.
Jiang Yun Zhu was feeling her hands were cold, so she bought one and continued on her way.

On the busiest street in Lu Prefecture, there was the Wanyuelou.
This building was five stories high.
Standing on it, one could overlook the beautiful scenery of the entire Lu Prefecture city.
It had always been a place where literati, calligraphy-lovers, dignitaries and merchants flock to it.

Today was the Lantern Festival.
It was even more crowded.
Want to go to the fifth floor, sorry, it's reserved.

“I was wondering who is so rich and powerful.
Turned out to be Brother Ting An.” A few people went up to the fifth floor, but the manager didn't dare to stop him even he wanted to.
So he simply backed away.

These people were headed by a moon-white brocade robe with a face like peach blossoms.
It was none other than Lin Yu Bai, a well-known noble son in Lu Prefecture City.

That's right.
His surname was Lin.
The one of the two ‘Lin’ Family.

There were originally people on the fifth floor.
Also a few aristocrats.
The leader was dressed in royal blue brocade clothes with sword-like brows, star-eyed nose and a sharp face.
It was the other’s Lin of the two Lin, Marquis Anping’s eldest young master, Lin Ting An.

When Lin Ting An saw Lin Yu Bai and the others, the corners of his lips twitched slightly, “So it's Brother Yu Bai.
What's the matter? Your butt doesn’t hurt anymore?”

A while ago, Lin Yu Bai was spanked by Second Master Lin.
He brought this up in response to Lin Yu Bai's provocation just now.

Lin Yu Bai's expression changed immediately.

Two groups of people stood in their place.
Neither of them wanted to go downstairs, so they verbally sparred upstairs.

While talking, suddenly someone from Lin Ting An spoke out, “How could there be no poems on such a beautiful day? Why don't we compose poems together and appreciate them?” When he said this, he looked at Lin Yu Bai.

Everyone knew that although Lin Yu Bai was born in the Lin Family, he had little knowledge.
Only got a handsome face that could please girls.

Lin Yu Bai snorted.
So be it.
Would he be afraid of them?

“What's the topic?” Someone asked.

Everyone looked around and saw the bright moon in the sky.
Someone suggested that the bright moon become the theme.
Some said it was too crude.
When they saw the lights in the distance, some said the lights to be the theme.
Some objected.

At this moment, a person suddenly pointed to the distance and uttered, “Why don't we just focus on beauties?”

Everyone looked in the direction of his finger.
A clusters of fireworks exploded in the air as a beautiful woman in a thin persimmon-colored dress stood there under the lights and looked up at the fireworks in the sky.

She had black hair like a cloud.
Her pupils were water-cut.
She stood leisurely under the firelight and in the shadow of the lamp.
Everyone suddenly had the feeling of ‘suddenly you turn back, and the person is there by the dim light.’.

In an instant, the fireworks went out.
Everyone stared intently again.
But there was no sign of that person there.

At this time, Jiang Yun Zhu turned into a side alley.
She seemed to smell a scent of moonlight just now.

She had only smelled this smell on one person.

The alley was a bit dark.
She stood there, hesitating whether to go in or leave.

Suddenly, there was a voice inside.
It seemed to be coming from this side.

She wanted to quickly exit the alley.

At this moment, a cold light attacked toward her.
Before she could realize what was going on, a scream was let out.
That cold light fell to the ground.

Afterwards, there were a few cold lights and a few screams.
There was no sound in the alley.
But the smell of blood was so strong that it was frightening.

Jiang Yun Zhu retreated outside the alley.
There were a lot of people outside, which gave her a sense of security.

She cautiously looked into the alley carefully.
A firework happened to explode.
When the light flashed, she saw blood all over the ground and a person leaning half against the wall.
Though his body seemed to be bloody, he was alive.
The rest were all dead.

“Gentleman Shen?” Jiang Yun Zhu really didn't expect it to be Shen Feng Ming.
Why was he here? And the dead people everywhere.

Inside, no one answered.

Jiang Yun Zhu hesitated for a while before entering the alley.

“Gentleman Shen?” She touched Shen Feng Ming with her hand.
Suddenly, Shen Feng Ming threw himself on top of her.
After a lot of effort to hold on, she didn’t fall.

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