On the contrary, Jiang Lin and the other three children were full of interest.
Perhaps to them, this was just a long journey.

“Let's go.” Jiang Cheng said.

The family quietly went to the residence of old Mister Chen in the south of the village.

Jiang Lin climbed over the low wall lightly, went in, and opened the door.
Jiang Cheng and others went directly into the courtyard.

“Who?” Though old Mister Chen's eyesight was poor, his ears were extremely sensitive.
And because he was old, he was easily awakened.
He heard the noise outside and asked in surprise.

“It's me, Father.” Jiang Cheng replied.

Old Mister Chen was very surprised.
At this time, what happened?

Feeling uneasy, he quickly got up and opened the door.

“Father, quickly come with us.” Jiang Cheng said in a low voice.

Only then did old Mister Chen understand Mrs.
Chen's plan.
It turned out that she had made up her mind to take him with her from the very beginning.
She didn't say anything yesterday because she was afraid that he would refuse.
Touched and sad at the same time, old Mister Chen didn't want to leave with Mrs.
He urged them to leave at once.
It would be bad if they were seen by others later.

Of course Mrs.
Chen refused to leave and insisted on bringing old Mister Chen with her.

Old Mister Chen disagreed.

The two people were pushed and pulled on this matter.

Jiang Yun Zhu anxiously watched from the side.
She felt that they should bring old Mister Chen along.
Old Mister Chen's eyesight was bad, but his body was still very strong.
Joining was no problem.

With how bad the drought will be next year, he would starve to death if he stays.

“Maternal Grandfather, if you don't leave, we won't leave either.” She sincerely said to old Mister Chen, “Father and Mother will definitely take you with us.
We also shared the same thought.”

“Yes, Maternal Grandfather, you can come with us.
I'll support you.” Jiang Lin and the others immediately piped up.
After finishing speaking, the three of them surrounded old Mister Chen.
Some supported his arms, and some pulled his legs to drag him out.

Old Mister Chen's throat choked up, “Good children, I'll go by myself.”

He finally understood what Mrs.
Chen and the others wanted and decided to go with them.

He didn't have anything to pack up.
The most valuable thing was given to Mrs.
Chen yesterday.
So he took his clothes and went out with Mrs.
Chen and others.

The family continued to head south, intending to leave the village from the south and then head south all the way.

At three o'clock in the morning, it was still completely dark.
There was no one on the road.

Seeing that they were about to leave the village, a female voice hesitated, “Elder Sister-in-law Chen, is that you?”

Chen was startled, “Who?”

She uttered in shock.

A woman came around a corner with a bucket of water.

In the haze, Mrs.
Chen recognized her and heaved a sigh of relief.
It turned out to be her.

This woman's surname was Liu.
She had married into Jinniu Village around the same time as her, but she had it much more difficult than her.

It was said that she used to work in a brothel.
The villagers didn't understand.
Lu Family’s old second was good-looking and the family was rich.
How come he went out and married such a woman back?

Maybe this woman was especially good at that kind of thing? After all, she came from that kind of place.
Everyone was maliciously guessing.

Because of this, no one in the village was willing to talk to Mrs.
Liu usually stayed at home and never walked outside the gate.

Such days were initially peaceful.

Until last year, when Lu Family’s old Second died of illness.
Liu became a widow with a child.

When it came to widows, there was a lot of gossip.
Especially when this widow was good-looking and had that kind of experience.
Like she was born to be frivolous.

No wonder she came out to fetch water at this hour, Mrs.
Chen sighed.
She had no friendship with Mrs.
During this time, there was no rice for cooking at home.
She asked to borrow from all the people she knew, but she didn't get a single grain of rice.
Who would have thought of coming back, when she encountered Mrs.
Liu on the way back and she was willing to lend it to her.

Chen was grateful to Mrs.
Liu and regretted that she listened to the rumors and didn't spend more time with her.

She bought the food the day before yesterday and paid her back the food first.
It wasn’t easy for the orphan and widow.

“Elder Sister-in-law Chen, you are?” Mrs.
Liu’s voice sounded nice and soft.

Chen pulled her aside.
Seeing that they were about to leave the village, she didn't want to hide it from her and told her their plan.
In the end, she told her, “Younger Sister, you should make plans early.
In case next year is a famine year…

Needless to say, Mrs.
Liu's face had turned pale.

During peaceful times, she didn’t have it easy.
In a year of famine, even if she had money, she would probably be peeled by life.

Chen finished talking here, turned around, and followed Jiang Cheng and others to leave.

“Thank you Elder Sister-in-law for reminding me.
Elder Sister-in-law’s lifesaving grace, Yuan'er and I will definitely repay it in the future.” Mrs.
Liu Shi said from behind.

Chen waved her hand.
She can't help her, so there wasn't much lifesaving grace.

After leaving Jinniu Village, there was a wilderness ahead.
After walking for a long time, Mrs.
Chen suddenly asked Jiang Cheng, “Say, about Yun Xiu.
Do you think…”

Jiang Cheng knew that she must have thought of Jiang Yun Xiu after meeting Mrs.
Liu and feared that she would also fall into that kind of place.

“She won’t.” Jiang Cheng comforted her.

Chen nodded.

Jiang Family left.
They left a letter under Jiang Yun Xiu's pillow, explaining their whereabouts.
In fact, in the dream, they had left for Jiang Yun Zhu.
But by some mistake, she didn't see that letter at all.

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