Jiang Yun Zhu knew that man because his reputation was too great.

Shen Feng Ming, the son of Princess Danyang and the nephew of the current emperor.

Speaking of him, one cannot fail to mention the Qilin Guard he was in charge of.
They were probably similar to the Jinyi Guard in the Ming Dynasty.
They directly received orders from the emperor and had the power of guarding, investigating, and jailing.

Throughout all the dynasties, Qilin Guards was an existence that made everyone unsettled.
When it comes to Shen Feng Ming's, it was even more frightening and chilling.

Wherever he went, those places where corruption, law-breaking, gangsterism and self-interest exist will inevitably flow like rivers of blood and chicken and dog weren’t even left off.
That’s why when everyone mentioned him in private, they called him Shen No Keep.
Quite evident, he got a fierce reputation.

In the dream, Jiang Yun Zhu had seen him before.
That time, he suddenly came to the Lin Manor and proposed to stay in the Manor for a few days.

Who in Lin Family didn’t know of him? When he came to the door, it was like the king of Hades knocking on the door.
Everyone suddenly felt that a catastrophe was imminent.
Even Jiang Yun Zhu thought that Lin Family was going to be goners and wondered how she would survive if she became a criminal.

During that time, Lin Family was really gloomy.
Even Lin Ting An was in doubt every day.

Who would have thought that one day, he would suddenly leave.
And left so quietly.

Everyone in Lin Family couldn't believe it.
This god of killing just left.
At first they thought that he was leading the snake out of the hole and made others confused.

But who would have thought that after a month, the Manor was still calm.
There was news from the capital that he had returned to the capital.

It was only then that the people in Lin Manor believed that Shen Feng Ming had really let them go and they were safe.

Survival after the catastrophe, ecstatic and joy emerged!

Because of this, Marquis Anping finally nodded and agreed to let Lin Ting An officially marry her as his wife and make her the young madam of the Marquis Manor.

So speaking of it, Jiang Yun Zhu had benefited from his light in the dream.

As for why he suddenly came knocking and why he left, it remained a mystery.

Jiang Yun Zhu's feeling for him was just one word, fear.
Especially now that they were refugees and people who had no guide and were a hundred miles away from their place of household registration.
When they encountered Shen Feng Ming, it was like a mouse meeting a cat.

Now she hopes Shen Feng Ming and his group will leave quickly.

But heaven didn't seem to hear her call.
The group actually slowed down as they got closer to the shop, as if they were going to hit the tip here.

The shop boss was both happy and nervous when he saw the big business.

Jiang Yun Zhu was thinking, was it too late for them to leave now?

It was too late.
Those Qilin Guards were very fast and had already arrived in front of the small shop.
Every one of them got off their horses.
They looked well-trained.

“Boss, bring some pots of hot tea and some food.
We are in a hurry.
By the way, the horses have to be fed and drunk.
We won’t short your money.” A tall man walked inside the shop and said to the boss.

His name was Yang Sheng.
He was Shen Feng Ming's deputy.

“Yes, yes.” The shop boss hurriedly agreed and arranged for someone to feed the horses, while he wiped the table, served the tea, and urged the kitchen to hurry up.

The shop wasn't big.
There were only seven or eight tables.
Two tables had guests.
The guests at that table were mostly done.
Seeing such a group of people, they immediately got the bill and left; leaving only Jiang Yun Zhu and others in the shop.

Jiang Yun Zhu group just arrived.
They hadn't finished their tea.
As they were hesitating, those Qilin Guards entered and filled all the remaining tables in a flurry.
This simply blocked them at the table in the corner.

As for Shen Feng Ming, he was sitting at a table on the other side.
On his table, the only other person was Yang Sheng.

This small shop only made steamed buns, mantou, and some simple cold dishes.
These things were convenient.
After a while, a few baskets of steamed buns and a few dishes of cold dishes were placed on each table.

“How about, we go too.” Surrounded by such a group of people with such haunting auras, Father Xu said to Jiang Cheng in a low voice as his calf muscle spasmed.

Jiang Cheng was also afraid of trouble, so he nodded and wanted to find a gap to go to the shop boss to pay the bill.

At this moment, Yang Sheng spat out a mouthful of water.
Initially, he was extremely thirsty.
Once he got the bowl of tea, he couldn't wait to take a big sip.
But was this tea? More like chinese herbal soup.

“shop boss, shop boss.” He held up the tea bowl and called the shop boss.

The shop boss came out in a hurry, “What’s wrong, guest?”

“What is this?” Yang Sheng asked.
His clothes and appearance had an angry and intimidating vibe.

The shop boss's legs went weak.
He looked at the tea bowl in his hand, “Tea.”

He stammered.

“Is this tea? Why does it taste strange?” Yang Sheng asked.

Hearing what he said, the shop boss took in their dusty appearance and guessed, “Everyone came from afar, right? The water in Changfeng tastes like this.”

Without waiting for Yang Sheng to ask, he continued, “The water in Changfeng didn't taste like this at the beginning.
Aren't there severe droughts for the last two years? The water in the river and the well has dried up.
To tell you the truth, it’s good enough to be able to drink water now.
Who cares about the taste or not.

“Is the drought in Changfeng very serious?” A clear voice suddenly asked.
It was Shen Feng Ming.

How can it not be serious? The common people are almost reaching a deadend.
Especially with this year's locust plague.
That's…” The shop boss opened a shop here.
What hadn’t he seen with some many people coming and going every day.
Speaking of this year's disaster, he sighed endlessly.

“Didn't the imperial court distribute rice grains for disaster relief?” Shen Feng Ming's voice became colder.

“Rice grain? Maybe it is distributed elsewhere.
But I didn't see it though,” the shop boss answered.

Shen Feng Ming looked at Jiang Yun Zhu group.
In this store, apart from the shop boss, they were the only ones left.
Seeing that they were dragging their whole belongings, they seemed to be victims of disasters.

Yang Sheng understood and immediately approached Jiang Yun Zhu group.

Jiang Yun Zhu's scalp was numb.
What she was afraid of came true.

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