Shen Yanming was taken aback.
He never expected that He Changkong, who always appeared serious, to be a fan of fluffy cat ears.

But who wouldn’t like such things? As long as they weren’t wearing them themselves, they were undeniably cute.

Shen Yanming liked them too, especially when others wore them.

However, wearing them himself was another matter.
Shen Yanming naturally couldn’t agree to He Changkong’s request.
When he wore those cat ears outside the stadium the other day, it was purely because he didn’t want to see the disappointed eyes of the girls.
Besides, wearing them required considerable mental preparation, as he had to convince himself that those were wolf ears before putting them on.

He Changkong wasn’t a cute girl, so Shen Yanming wouldn’t listen to him.

But if He Changkong really liked cat ears, there were other ways to appreciate them.

Shen Yanming suddenly lowered his voice, whispering mysteriously, “I have a few cat ear manga artbooks that I bought at the comic expo.
If you like them, I can bring them over for you.”

He Changkong: “…”

He Changkong couldn’t think of any strange fetishes he had, nor did he have any interest in looking at cat ear manga artbooks.
His earlier suggestion had just been a random, nonsensical thought.

That day when he saw Shen Yanming wearing those things and walking up on stage, with the ears twitching as he took steps, he had the urge to reach out and poke those fake ears.

But it was just a passing thought.
Hearing Shen Yanming mention the artbooks, he helplessly said, “I’m not interested in those.”

Shen Yanming grinned mischievously, “No need to be embarrassed, Gege.
Even tough guys love to look at them.”

“…” He Changkong wasn’t sure where he learned that accent from.
He ignored the call of “Gege” and wanted to clarify that he indeed wasn’t interested in those legendary artbooks.
But he didn’t know how to explain his earlier suggestion to wear cat ears.
Finally, he said, “I just thought it’s too much trouble to watch the match and hold banners and stuff.
If you really want to cheer, wearing those ears would be more convenient.”

Seeing that He Changkong remained unfazed and offered such an airtight reason, Shen Yanming felt guilty for teasing him like this, so he dropped the topic of cat ears.

He looked at the still-open game interface, feeling an itch in his heart.

He had been here for several days and hadn’t touched a computer or played any games.
In fact, when he saw He Changkong playing just now, Shen Yanming was already itching to play too, but at the time, they had more pressing matters to discuss, so he suppressed that thought.

Now that they had nothing else to talk about, he looked at the game interface as if gazing at a long-lost lover.

… Of course, he didn’t know what it would feel like to reunite with a long-distance lover.

But the game was his first wife, there was absolutely no doubt about that.

Perhaps Shen Yanming’s gaze was a bit too intense, even He Changkong felt his eagerness and asked, “Want to play?”

Shen Yanming nodded eagerly, like a garlic crusher.

He Changkong then asked, “Didn’t you say you have to catch a flight this afternoon? What time did you book the ticket?”

Shen Yanming calculated on his fingers, “It’s okay, it’s okay.
We can play one round.”

He Changkong gestured to the nearby computer with his chin and said, “Turn it on.”

Shen Yanming hurriedly sat down and turned on the computer while asking, “This computer belongs to Yan ge, right? Will he beat me up if he comes later?”

“You only thought of that after turning it on?” He Changkong said, “It’s fine.
He slept around three or four in the morning last night, so he won’t wake up so early.
Even if he does, he won’t beat you up.”

Shen Yanming just casually mentioned it.
After turning on the computer and entering the game’s login lobby, he hesitated.

He Changkong asked, “What’s wrong?”

Shen Yanming frowned and said, “I don’t have my main account anymore.
I only have the [I’m Messing Around Again] account.”

He had sold his main account before because he didn’t want to play anymore.
Later, he only had this account for messing around, but the rank was low, and he couldn’t match up against stronger opponents.

Once he officially became a professional player, the club would apply to the Throne League organizing committee for a special player account, where he could play against equally skilled opponents in the professional server.
However, he didn’t have it at the moment.

He Changkong didn’t see it as a problem at all.
He came over to Shen Yanming’s side and crouched down, typing a string of account ID and password.

Login successful.
The username displayed on the screen was: sajfhkasi2

It was just a random jumble of letters.

This random jumble, however, shocked Shen Yanming, “Damn, this is you?”

This player with a jumble of letters as their name was also a remarkable figure in the Throne circle.
Besides being an expert healer, he specialized in the other three classes as well.
For a period, he often appeared in high-level matches, making many players, even professional players, suffer from his skillful gameplay.

However, netizens once thought he was a foreigner because he never spoke in the chat channel and ignored questions asked to him, leading people to think he couldn’t understand Chinese.
They were puzzled as to why this person didn’t play ionthe international servers.

He Changkong nodded, “Yeah, I wanted to try playing other classes before.”

Although he occasionally played other classes using his main account, but after all, using his own ID attracted a lot of attention whenever he played ranked matches.
Sometimes, it wasn’t very convenient, so he made a small side account.

In fact, he had more than just this one side account.
He usually liked to change accounts after playing for a while, to avoid any hassles.

Shen Yanming said in astonishment, “Actually, I’ve been beaten by you with that random character account before when I ranked with my previous ID.
You probably don’t remember… You’re really wasting your talent playing as a healer, you could easily excel in multiple roles.”

He Changkong replied, “I like playing as a healer.”

Indeed, even if a player could excel in any role, they would still have their own preferences.
Besides, while He Changkong was skilled in other professions as well, if we were to carefully assess the extent of his “wellness,” his proficiency as a healer was unmatched.

Shen Yanming continued, “You’re the ‘Random Characters Lord,’1Random Characters Lord: “乱码君” (luànmǎ jūn) and I’m ‘Luanzi ge.’ We were once part of the same family, eight hundred years ago.”2We were once part of the same family: both the first Chinese character is luan, which in Chinese name is their last name

He Changkong was frozen by this pun and said, “…Select your character.”

He Changkong logged into his own account and invited Shen Yanming to join him in the ranked match.
It had been a long time since he played on the random character account, but many players still remembered this legendary id.
Besides, they were queuing with Kong’s private account, which had no restrictions, so many people who had these two accounts on their friend lists came to spectate.

Some streamers even broadcasted the match.

When their teammates saw that it was these two players, they were surprised.
Someone took the chance to ask, “Isn’t the ‘Random Characters Lord’ a foreign friend? Why are you queuing with Kong? Do you know each other? Are you players from different regions?”

The game had not officially started yet, and Shen Yanming was goofing around in the chat channel.

[sajfhkasi2]: I’m from Kong’s country.

Coincidentally, he selected a character called “Doom Guardian,” and the character’s lines were something about vowing to defend the king’s territory to the death.

So, he added another line.

[sajfhkasi2]: Sworn to defend Kong jiang’s territory!

Seeing the words “Kong jiang,” some people immediately recognized who he was.

Viewers on other streamers’ channels, who were watching the broadcast of this match, believed that this person was probably Nightmare.
Their team had a somewhat disgusting habit of addressing each other with “jiang.”

However, it made sense, considering Kong almost never played as a healer with other players, but with his own partner, it was a different story.

But they didn’t expect that this “Random Characters Lord” was actually Nightmare, as there were no traces of his usual playstyle.

He Changkong glanced at Shen Yanming with a smile, and Shen Yanming turned to explain, “I was just joking, ge.”

Thinking about how he could now freely tease the once untouchable high-and-mighty flower in his heart, he felt a bit pleased.

Of course, this excitement also came with a sense of guilt, like a child sneaking a candy and fearing to be scolded by their parents.

Although Shen Yanming was always unfiltered with his friends, he still held back a little with He Changkong.
But as they spent more time together, he became more comfortable and teasing him became easier.

Anyway, He Changkong didn’t seem to resist or get angry.

He Changkong let out a “hmm” and said, “It started.”

Before the match officially began, someone said: Nightmare wasn’t playing ranked just now, he was imitating someone’s daily routine to increase his stream watch time.
This can’t be Nightmare.

However, this remark was quickly drowned out because most people had shifted their focus to the match.

In fact, it was just an ordinary match, but Shen Yanming, relying on having a top-tier healer covering him from behind, played even more recklessly than usual.
He performed some maneuvers he usually wouldn’t dare to attempt, taking full advantage of his healer’s skills.
Even when playing with He Changkong’s ‘My Milk’s Not Working’ alias, Shen Yanming didn’t play as exaggeratedly, as he had underestimated the user’s true strength at that time.”

But now things were different, he was pummeling the opposing team so badly they were left bewildered.

But these audacious moves were not without risks.
With risk comes the thrilling experience of the game.
Shen Yanming was getting high on the excitement and couldn’t help but howl without reservation, “Ah, ah, save me! It’s so thrilling, I almost died!”

He Changkong: “No worries.”

Shen Yanming: “God, you can control the opponents like that, I’m coming over now, okay?”

He Changkong: “Go for it.”

They secured another kill.

Shen Yanming stayed calm for a few seconds but then started shouting again, “Ge, you’re too amazing! I’m really having a blast!”

He was having a blast racking up kills.

He Changkong: “Shall we try the move we did just now again?”

Shen Yanming: “Let’s do it, let’s do it! Give me the buff.”

When Meng Yan pushed open the door, he heard this unusually expressive voice.
He didn’t quite catch what they said about the “buff,” but immediately retreated and closed the door again, thinking, “Damn, I hope I didn’t cause a live-streaming accident.”

After waking up, Meng Yan had been trying to increase his streaming time.
Yesterday, some fans on Weibo asked him to stream his daily life, so he did.
After streaming for a while, someone told him to check who was playing ranked with Kong.

Meng Yan, of course, knew about He Changkong’s random character account.
He thought to himself that both accounts belonged to Kong, and he couldn’t possibly play with both of them simultaneously.

Considering He Changkong had mentioned that Shen Yanming would come over today, Meng Yan had an answer in his heart, but he still wanted to confirm it.

Of course, the news of Shen Yanming joining their team hadn’t been officially announced yet, but it wouldn’t hurt to give the public a hint.
So, Meng Yan didn’t have many concerns and went to the training room after tidying up.

Then he heard the words that tore him apart like a tiger and a wolf.3the words that tore him apart like a tiger and a wolf: emotionally overwhelming, similar to how a tiger and a wolf would fiercely tear something apart.

He quickly calmed down.
It’s not unusual for everyone to get excited and make some strange noises while playing games together.
He just had a preconceived impression of these two guys as a couple.

He pushed open the door again.

Glancing at the game screen, he saw the scoreboard on top displaying that the two of them had secured five kills together.

Meng Yan had just thought of saying something impressive, but before the words could come out, Shen Yanming’s voice rushed into his ears and his livestream without any restraint or filtering: “I almost died just now, my heart almost stopped… Gege is too strong, he could heal through all that.
I didn’t die, so I felt so damn satisfied…”

Meng Yan and the viewers in the live-streaming room: “…”

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1Random Characters Lord: “乱码君” (luànmǎ jūn)2We were once part of the same family: both the first Chinese character is luan, which in Chinese name is their last name3the words that tore him apart like a tiger and a wolf: emotionally overwhelming, similar to how a tiger and a wolf would fiercely tear something apart.

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