Chapter 44:

Of course, He Changkong was not clueless about what “Da Meng 1” meant.
He was merely curious why everyone started calling Shen Yanming that overnight.
But when he casually asked, he noticed that Shen Yanming’s reaction was unusually big, making all sorts of strange facial expressions towards Pudding.

Definitely something fishy.

He Changkong asked again, “What’s going on?”

Shen Yanming stopped sending telepathic signals to Pudding – well, it seemed that the latter couldn’t receive them anyway.
He turned to He Changkong, putting on a smile that looked awkward and ingratiating, “Nothing, nothing, just praising me for being strong and fierce.”

Pudding, however, didn’t give Shen Yanming any face.
He sneered, “Huh, he said he’s ‘Da Meng 1,’ and you’re his…”

Shen Yanming quickly interrupted, then passionately sang, “You are my rose, you are my flower… This song used to play in my dad’s car all the time.
If anyone’s interested, you can listen to it, haha.”

The blatant cover-up was just too obvious.
It seemed that there was not only a problem but maybe a big one.
He Changkong ignored Shen Yanming’s awkward topic diversion and looked at Pudding, “Go on.”

Shen Yanming stood up and, before Pudding could speak, hurriedly walked over to He Changkong, squatting down and looking up at him earnestly, “Ge, I was wrong.
I shouldn’t have made fun of you.
Both you and I are ‘Da Meng 1.’ Everyone who hears this today will be a part of it; everyone is ‘Da Meng 1. ’”

Meng Yan frowned and glanced up and down at Shen Yanming, disdainfully saying, “You’re so weird.
Why do we have to be ‘1’? Coach, Ding Ding Jiang, and I are just regular tough guys.
You two gay guys can fight for it on your own.”

For a moment, Shen Yanming was speechless.

Yeah, why did he have to be ‘1’? It seemed he dug a pit for himself to jump into.

Would normal straight guys worry about whether they’re ‘1’ or not?

But He Changkong didn’t get carried away by their antics.
He didn’t insist on getting to the bottom of it, just genuinely curious.
So, he asked again, “So what was Pudding going to say?”

This time, Pudding spoke up before Shen Yanming could pull off any more strange tricks, “He said he’s ‘Da Meng 1,’ and you’re his wife.
That night, he made you lose your mind, made you…”

Shen Yanming interrupted in a hurry, “Why are you still making up things? I definitely didn’t say anything like that!”

Pudding waved his hand, “That’s what you were implying.”

After hearing Shen Yanming’s words at the hair salon last night, Pudding was greatly shocked.
He believed about seventy to eighty percent of what was said, but when he came back and talked about it during supper.

In the end, Meng Yan gave him a disdainful look, implying that Shen Yanming could say anything, and Pudding would believe it.

After Meng Yan analyzed it for him, Pudding realized that there might be something going on between He Changkong and Shen Yanming, but nothing was confirmed yet.
Also, Shen Yanming had no filter on his mouth, so it wouldn’t be surprising for anything to come out of it.

Only then did Pudding belatedly realize that Shen Yanming tricked him.

The human heart is truly sinister!

He had to bravely step up and reveal the true face of this evil!

So, Pudding pretended not to receive Shen Yanming’s eye signal, he said everything he needed to say and even added some spice out of a sense of revenge, “If he teases me, I’ll tease him back.”

After Shen Yanming refuted Pudding’s words, he hurriedly turned his head back to see He Changkong’s reaction.
He didn’t think much when he said those words earlier.
He just wanted to see Pudding’s exaggerated expression, and even wished to make Pudding question his life choices.
Now that it was brought up again, his long reflex arc finally started to work.
After all, not everyone would appreciate such jokes.
He worried if He Changkong, with his serious demeanor, would get angry upon hearing his nonsense.

Shen Yanming was anxious and uneasy.
He remained crouched in front of He Changkong, hesitantly tilting his head to catch a glimpse of He Changkong’s expression, but also feeling guilty and unable to look directly at him.
He felt stuck in an awkward position.

Unexpectedly, He Changkong wasn’t angry either.
After listening to both of them, he even subtly curved the corners of his mouth.

After a while, He Changkong reached out and lightly patted Shen Yanming’s head, saying, “You always talk nonsense.”

“Aren’t you angry, ge?” Shen Yanming asked, his voice weakened, feeling somewhat unsure.

He Changkong replied, “Why should I be angry?”

Meng Yan chimed in, “Yeah, he’s not that easy to anger.
Lovestruck little gays are just like that, always worrying about everything.”

Shen Yanming turned to Meng Yan, displeased, and said, “Don’t speak nonsense, Yan Jiang.”

Meng Yan played along, slapping the table as if preparing for a showdown, “No, wasn’t it you who started talking nonsense first? Let me summarize it for you.
You with your incessant chatter have given Kong Shen so many identities, like being his mother, Gege, and wife, even dad and stuff.
He alone can play all the roles in your family.
Amazing! He’s single-handedly creating a family for you.”

Elementary school-level bantering is completely illogical.
One moment, Shen Yanming was concerned about Meng Yan teasing them for being gay in love, and the next moment, he was making inconsiderate remarks, “Yes, he’s single-handedly creating a family for me.
Are you jealous?”

Meng Yan retorted, “Jealous of what?”

Shen Yanming proudly said, “You’re jealous of my good relationship with Kong Ge.
You’ve known him since childhood but can’t defeat me in this rivalry, God helps me.”

Meng Yan replied, “You’re crazy.”

Shen Yanming countered, “You’re just angry!”

Having said that, Shen Yanming turned back to He Changkong, “He can’t argue with me, so he calls me crazy.”

After uttering those words, Shen Yanming immediately regretted it.
He was out of control with his mouth earlier, saying all sorts of things.
Kong Ge was already patient enough not to think they were idiots.
Did Shen Yanming really expect Kong Ge to stand up for him?

On He Changkong’s face, there seemed to be no ripples, but if you looked closely, there was a hint of a smile in his eyes.
He didn’t take sides but reached out to try to help Shen Yanming up, “You’ve been crouching for a while.
Is your leg numb?”

Shen Yanming stood up.

Suddenly, He Changkong chimed in, “You should exercise when you have time.”

Shen Yanming puzzledly asked, “…? Exercise what?”

“Exercise your body,” He Changkong recalled the sensation when he helped Shen Yanming up earlier, “Your arms feel weak.”

Meng Yan took the opportunity to tease, “Is this how a Da Meng 1 should be?”

Pudding joined in mercilessly, repeating the same line, “Is this how a Da Meng 1 should be?”

Shen Yanming: “…”

Finally, Coach Afeng, couldn’t take it anymore and clapped his hands a few times to signal them to quiet down.
When a group of boys gathered, it was common for things to deviate from the topic at hand and get out of control.

Luckily, they all respected Afeng and quickly settled down.

Afeng confirmed, “So your in-game name will be ‘chaos’?”

Although it would be an ID accompanying his entire professional career, Shen Yanming didn’t give it much thought.
He believed that the name didn’t matter much, as having a catchy name wouldn’t enhance his skills.
Even if his name was something like “Iron Pillar,” “Second Dog,” or “Green Flower, it wouldn’t change his skills.

Moreover, the name “chaos” wasn’t bad, and it fits well with his now more widely known name.

Shen Yanming nodded, “Yes, let’s go with that.”

Pudding took the opportunity to get some benefits, “I came up with that name for you.
What should you call me?”

Unexpectedly, Shen Yanming replied without a care, “Ding Ding Mom.”

Seeing Shen Yanming’s response, Pudding was at a loss for words.
He never expected that Shen Yanming would retort like that.
Shen Yanming even inexplicably referred to him as “Mom”!

After deciding on the player names, the coach discussed their upcoming training schedule and new strategies.

Pudding’s role remained unchanged, but Meng Yan switched from an assassin to a mage.
This transition required adapting to many aspects.
Although he had previously used mage tactics while playing as an assassin, it had been a long time since he practiced a mage, so it might not be seamless for him to transition back into an excellent mage.

In the coach’s eyes, Shen Yanming had more uncertainties.
They knew he played White Wolf well, but his performance with other characters was seen only in one or two matches.
They weren’t sure if he excelled in those roles.
If his hero pool wasn’t deep enough and opponents banned White Wolf during the character selection phase, he might be in trouble.
Therefore, the coach planned to have Shen Yanming practice a few other characters while maintaining and improving his skills with White Wolf.

Shen Yanming agreed.
Although he was good with White Wolf, he actually had several other impressive heroes he hadn’t revealed yet.

As for He Changkong, he used to play with Meng Yan and was now playing with Shen Yanming, so he needed to adapt to his new partner’s playstyle.

After discussing a few specific training details, the coach finished setting up Shen Yanming’s account and then sent them all to their computers.
Before they left, he took Pudding aside to remind him to take it easy.

Pudding replied, “I know, I want to win a few more championships with the team.”

The coach didn’t say anything else, just urging him to quickly return to training with the team.

In his first game with the new account, Shen Yanming had a sense of ceremony as he logged into the professional server.
Of course, he was familiar with this server even before, but he didn’t expect to enter it again with a new name, leaving the TMM prefix and the chaos suffix behind, everything was new.

During their free practice time, they didn’t plan to queue as a full team of four but instead split into two groups of two for double-ranked matches.
He Changkong invited Shen Yanming to join his team, and they were matched with two Korean players from the Korean server.

Seeing a new name appear here under TMM, with Kong as the partner, the other players were surprised.

In the team chat, the Koreans asked, “New member?”

Shen Yanming, boldly and fearlessly, responded, “New father!”

He Changkong reminded him, “Don’t be too excessive.”

Shen Yanming continued to talk non-stop, “Don’t worry, I’m very civilized.”

In the course of conversation, he thought about the possibility of new teammates.
Shen Yanming casually added, “If Liu Ritian does join us, we should remind him to watch his language.
After all, the rules about this are strict in the league.”

In fact, when playing games, many people swear, especially when young people are upset, they might say something offensive.
It’s understandable, but with the expansion of the esports market and a large number of young fans, they might be influenced by their favorite players and start considering using foul language as cool and trendy.

This trend isn’t very positive.

In addition, considering various factors, the league committee has strict requirements for players.
During matches and livestreams, players cannot use foul language or get into intense conflicts.
A few days ago, a player was fined for using inappropriate language during a match.

Of course, Liu Ritian was not someone who only knew how to swear.
Shen Yanming had witnessed his verbal exchanges during conflicts with others.
Besides the foul language, some of his insults were actually quite clever.

But regardless of whether the insults were clever or not, using hurtful words was like wielding a sword.
It was fine to deal with those who provoke or act like trolls, but in other cases, Shen Yanming’s opinion was to speak less if possible.

He Changkong said, “You’ll know when you meet him.
He’s not what you think.”

Shen Yanming hadn’t really thought much about it, but with He Changkong’s comment, that strange feeling swelled up inside him again, “You seem to be very close to him, ge?”

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