So, Shen Yanming saw the chatbox with He Changkong, and at the top, it kept showing “the other party is typing…” It took a long time for He Changkong to finish typing, and during that time, Shen Yanming checked other things and came back, thinking he would see a long message from He Changkong.
However, he only saw a few short sentences.

[kong_]: Nothing, just saying you’re great.

[kong_]: And the coaches have been noticing your recent performances.

Shen Yanming pouted.

Who would believe that!

Indeed, He Changkong didn’t tell the truth.
At the time, the coaches and management encouraged He Changkong to bring Shen Yanming into the team, but it was mainly because they didn’t want to waste such a good talent.
Even if they signed him as an official member, they never intended for him to start immediately.
They just valued He Changkong’s opinion and wanted to give him face, plus they truly believed that Shen Yanming had potential.

Even He Changkong himself had told Shen Yanming at first that he would have to stay in the second team or start as a substitute.

It was only after the Lan incident that He Changkong decided to fight for him with the coaching staff.

However, even if He Changkong knew that Shen Yanming was capable, that he had the ability to carry the team and turn the tide, that he could lead a bunch of average teammates to qualify, and that he had even won the MVP as an Assassin… he couldn’t provide any evidence.
At this point in this timeline, Shen Yanming had indeed no actual achievements to show.

Words alone were not enough, and the club wasn’t a charity; they needed results.
TMM wasn’t the kind of team to treat a core player like a deity.
Indeed, players like He Changkong were hard to come by, but the other players in TMM were also outstanding.
They didn’t need to risk starting a true rookie in an important match just because He Changkong highly recommended him.

Furthermore, TMM was at its peak, and no one can predict that if there was no roster change, this team would soon decline.

He Changkong’s words alone were completely useless.

…So, He Changkong signed a contract to sell himself to the club.

Not the usual joking kind of contract, but a real lifetime contract.
Unless he retired, He Changkong would never leave TMM.

They gave Shen Yanming a chance to start in the main lineup, and in return, He Changkong signed a formal contract with black and white words, a binding agreement.

At that moment, the coaches and higher-ups who communicated with He Changkong were all stunned.

Anyone with eyes could see that He Changkong was making a loss on this deal.

From the perspective of the team, the management should have readily agreed—previously, they were always worried that He Changkong would be poached by other teams after achieving results and leave.
Such players who achieved good results and then jumped ship were too numerous to count.
If this lifetime contract was truly signed, He Changkong would be locked into TMM; who wouldn’t want that?

He was such a rare talent.
He was the Rookie King from the very beginning, excelling in any position.
Apart from winning two world championship titles with the team, he also had an impressive record in other competitions.
Moreover, he was a versatile puzzle piece that could fit with any teammate, the key to unlocking their potential.

But as a friend, Afeng still advised him to calm down first after hearing He Changkong’s words.

He Changkong remained firm in the face of Afeng’s persuasion: “It’s not an impulsive decision; I’ve thought it through.
I trust him, he can do it.”

In the end, the lifetime contract was signed.
The management decided to let Shen Yanming start, but they also made it clear that they could replace him at any time if he didn’t perform well.

He Changkong naturally wouldn’t tell Shen Yanming about this.

Although signing or not signing the lifetime contract didn’t make much difference to him, he had stayed with TMM even when the team ended up in a pathetic state last time.
He didn’t have any other place he wanted to go.
He was a bit stubborn and perhaps a little naive; he wanted to stick with one thing until the end.
He felt that TMM was where his dream began, and the team had always treated him well, so why should he leave?

He knew in his heart that he wouldn’t leave, but the upper management didn’t know, so his lifetime contract had great value to them.

In the end, he managed to negotiate this matter.

In reality, he didn’t feel like he was losing out or making any sacrifices.

Shen Yanming probably knew he wouldn’t leave, but hearing about this kind of contract always added pressure.

After careful consideration, He Changkong decided not to bring it up in the end.

It wasn’t something of great importance.

He even started to change the topic.

[kong_]: Why did you change your nickname?

Shen Yanming replied quite quickly.

[Independent Wild Goose]: You didn’t add any notes to my contact? You actually noticed that I changed my nickname.

He had added a note indeed… He Changkong had written “Little Kid” as Shen Yanming’s contact nickname.
But sometimes, he still clicked on Shen Yanming’s profile and go to his Moments to take a look.

In fact, he had noticed long ago that Shen Yanming changed his name, but there was no opportunity to ask about it… If he randomly asked, it might give the impression that he had been secretly snooping, which could make Shen Yanming uncomfortable.

He only brought it up now to change the topic.

[kong_]: I just saw it.

[Independent Wild Goose]: If I want to change, I’ll change it!

Shen Yanming turned over on his bed.

He also had a copy of “The Silent Majority” on his bedside table.

A while ago, when he went to He Changkong’s room, he noticed that the other was reading this book.
One day, on a whim, he ordered a copy too.
One day, on a whim, he ordered a copy as well.
In truth, he didn’t really like reading books, so he didn’t know why he had the urge to read this one… Perhaps he wanted to understand more about Kong Ge’s inner world.
Although their relationship had grown closer, Shen Yanming occasionally felt that He Changkong was still someone hard to fully understand.

The things He Changkong usually thought about seemed so different from his own…

Fortunately, the book was a collection of essays, and he quickly finished reading it page by page.

The new nickname also came from one of the essays in the book titled “An Independent Pig.”

When He Changkong noticed that he changed his name, felt somewhat happy about it, but when he asked why he changed it, Shen Yanming became a little embarrassed to answer.

Should he say that it was because he wanted to understand him better, which led him to read the book?

That would be too strange.

After all, he only read the book on a whim, and if he had to read all the books in He Changkong’s bookshelf, his head would probably explode.

He suddenly thought about how he usually acted like he had no interest in learning, and now he suddenly changed his name to something witty.
In He Changkong’s eyes, would it seem like he was one of those pretenders who read a book and then shows off about it?”

With that thought, he reluctantly opened the name-changing interface and switched back to his original name.

Unexpectedly, He Changkong quickly noticed.

[kong_]: Changed it back again?

[Shen bird]: Sigh, I’m just an ordinary goose after all.

[kong_]: Pfft.

Shen Yanming carefully confirmed that he didn’t misread it.
It was the first time he saw He Changkong use the word “Pfft” in a chat, and he found it so fascinating that he even took a screenshot of it in the end.

[kong_]: We’re all ordinary, yet unique at the same time, you are no different.

[Shen bird]: Late-night literature?

[kong_]: Get some rest, good night.

[Shen bird]: Good night, Gege~

Shen Yanming turned off his phone screen and closed his eyes.
Since changing his daily routine, he had been following a strict schedule, and he always felt sleepy around this time.
Just a while ago, he was a bit annoyed by the negative comments online, but after chatting with He Changkong, he gradually calmed down.

He quickly fell asleep.

The next day, he woke up even earlier than his alarm clock, and as usual, he played with his phone for a while.

When he refreshed his Weibo homepage, he found a big uproar happening.

Ever since Sunday joined the team, Shen Yanming and the other party had followed each other on Weibo.

Yes, the account he followed was that of the formidable Liu Ritian, who never held back in his remarks.

However, this account hadn’t been very active lately.
Sunday was busy shuttling between school and the team base, and he didn’t have the time to use Weibo.

But unexpectedly, today, when Shen Yanming refreshed the page, he saw Liu Ritian’s explosive posts all over his feed.

Liu Ritian had retweeted several comments from people who were causing a stir under official accounts post.

Liu Riririri Tian: Is the coach’s brain kicked by a donkey? I don’t know, but I think your hand has been kicked off by a donkey.
Look at the records you’re flaunting on Weibo.
Even after two stages and three consecutive wins, you have the nerve to post them? Who are you to give advice to? If I played as poorly as you, I’d be so ashamed that I’d buy myself a coffin to rest in.
How can you still dare to speak up? However, I understand it’s tough for you, considering you insist on using one-finger typing after your hand got broken.
Typing must be hard for you.
Take care of yourself; the latest scientific research proves that being clumsy in your hands can spread to your brain, be careful not to become a fool.

Liu Riririri Tian: Then there’s you, did you squeeze out Meng Yan the veteran? I’m also a Rui Si Bai1“锐斯百” (Ruì sī bǎi) is a colloquial term used in Chinese esports culture to refer to loyal fans of a particular esports team or player.
It means “loyal fans” or “super fans” who are dedicated and supportive of their favorite team or player., are you really his fan? If you are, you should know his original position.
Oh, I looked at your Weibo, a cloud player2cloud player: a term used to refer to a player who is not a professional or well-known player.
They are often seen as casual or amateur players who might not have significant achievements or recognition in the competitive gaming scene.
It’s a somewhat derogatory term used to belittle someone’s skill or credibility as a player.
, huh? Then, never mind.
Take your “Brother, f*** me” with you and get lost.
Meng Yan wouldn’t even spare a glance at a moron like you.

Liu Riririri Tian: Also, there’s one more mouth shouting about an esports boy group, were your ashes jars used to ferment pickles in the past Not bad, quite environmentally friendly, recycling and all.
Let me praise you for that.
I can smell the sourness even through the screen.
You’re ugly and handicapped, why do you speak in such a hypocritical manner? TMM players are handsome and strong, unlike you.
If you have the ability, go get plastic surgery.
Well, plastic surgery won’t help you.
Even if you manage to look somewhat presentable, modern medicine can’t replace your hands or your brain.

Liu Riririri Tian: Watching a few games makes you think you’re an expert? I see you’re familiar with the keyboard’s 26 letters.
A keyboard expert, why not go work at a keyboard factory? Otherwise, what’s your purpose? Are you any better than a professional esports team? You think you can come up with team strategies that others can’t? There must be a reason for how they arrange the players.
Who do you think you are, the only one who understands? If you’re so capable, go start a club and raise a championship-winning team, huh? Haha, don’t tell me you’ll struggle to win a competition with a prize as little as one month’s internet fees with a few friends in an Internet café.

The more Shen Yanming read Sunday’s posts, the more overwhelmed he felt.
Although he appreciated Sunday defending him and cursing back, he felt that… it was just too extreme!

Also, could Sunday really say these things?

Lately, Shen Yanming and Sunday had become closer.
Facing this small shy mimosa who struggled to speak clearly every day, Shen Yanming had almost forgotten about Sunday’s toxic online persona.

Closing the screen and pocketing his phone, Shen Yanming didn’t even have time to tidy himself up.
He swiftly rolled off the bed, slipped on his slippers, and rushed downstairs to Sunday’s room.

Knocking on Sunday’s door like a debt collector, Shen Yanming finally saw Sunday rubbing his sleepy eyes as he opened the door.

Sunday was not fully awake yet and had no idea why Shen Yanming was looking for him so early in the morning.
He looked innocent as he asked, “What’s wrong, Luan Luan hiong?”

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1“锐斯百” (Ruì sī bǎi) is a colloquial term used in Chinese esports culture to refer to loyal fans of a particular esports team or player.
It means “loyal fans” or “super fans” who are dedicated and supportive of their favorite team or player.2cloud player: a term used to refer to a player who is not a professional or well-known player.
They are often seen as casual or amateur players who might not have significant achievements or recognition in the competitive gaming scene.
It’s a somewhat derogatory term used to belittle someone’s skill or credibility as a player.

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