Shen Yanming checked the official website and confirmed that his memory was correct.
The current support player for TMM’s second team was indeed named Fish, who resembled a smiling Buddha and had impressive results.

Now that he knew the specific identity of his new online friend, Shen Yanming felt that My Milk’s Not Working seemed more reliable.

He was about to say something when a message popped up in the private chat channel before he could respond.

[My Milk’s Not Working]: You actually play quite well.
Why don’t you want people to know?

This was indeed a difficult question to answer.

He didn’t want people to know, didn’t want to be approached, and didn’t want to go pro—that was true.

But this logic wasn’t convincing.
There were plenty of skilled players who were popular among the masses, and some of them even received invitations to join professional teams.
Not everyone accepted these invitations, and in most cases, if someone expressed disinterest in going pro, the teams wouldn’t insist on recruiting them.
It wasn’t as if the team couldn’t function without them.

So, if he said his goal was to avoid being discovered.

That wouldn’t make sense.

After playing for so many years, his game sense had become instinctual and ingrained in his bones.
Even if he intentionally acted clumsy, it could only deceive some people.
But someone like My Milk’s Not Working might be able to see through it.

In that case, he might as well not play at all, or if he insisted on playing, he shouldn’t livestream it.

Livestreaming would inevitably attract the attention of many people.

Perhaps, even Shen Yanming himself couldn’t fully comprehend his own thoughts.

In the first few days, after realizing that he had returned to this world, Shen Yanming had decided to give up the game altogether.
He deleted all the game data on his computer and cleared his web browser’s bookmarks of game-related videos.

He sold his account and lived as a healthy teenager who went to bed and woke up early, staying away from computers.

But he couldn’t bear it for long.
Initially, he thought that he would just play a game or two for entertainment to satisfy his cravings.
Wasn’t that reasonable?

So, he created a new account and played game after game.

One day, his neighbor asked him to look after her naughty child while she went out.
Shen Yanming played the game while the child sat next to him, shaking his arm.

With one hand holding the child, Shen Yanming missed several skills and moved around like a drunkard dancing merrily.
He even accidentally revealed his location in the public chat channel that’s visible to both teams… Although low-ranked players often made some rookie mistakes, this level of absurdity was rarely seen.

However, even in such a handicapped state, Shen Yanming managed to secure a few kills and ultimately achieved victory with his team.

Unexpectedly, the match had been broadcasted by a streamer.
The streamer turned Shen Yanming’s bizarre gameplay into a video and uploaded it online, emphasizing Shen Yanming’s ID.
True to his name, he truly caused chaos throughout the entire match.

Shen Yanming had used the ID [I’m Messing Around Again] in his previous life as well, mainly to develop unconventional tactics that defied expectations.
He appeared to be messing around, but in reality, he was showcasing his skills.

But now, “messing around” had truly become a mess.

Not only was he causing chaos, but he also had the audacity to say, “Sorry, sorry, we’ll definitely win” in the public chat.
It was unclear where his inexplicable confidence came from.

And the result? He actually won?!

Some comments mentioned that his win rate looked impressive and wondered if he always played in such a chaotic manner.

Others expressed their desire to see him play more matches.

After giving it some thought, Shen Yanming decided that since others wanted to watch him play, he would reluctantly continue playing.

It definitely wasn’t because he still wanted to play.

Shen Yanming didn’t know how to explain to My Milk’s Not Working, so he sent an emoji after a while.

[Stop Messing Around]: =.=

[Stop Messing Around]: Why so many questions?

[Stop Messing Around]: Are you still up for a game?

Shen Yanming abruptly changed the topic, but the other person completely ignored his words and continued speaking.

[My Milk’s Not Working]: TMM’s youth training team is recruiting new members recently, are you interested in joining?

Shen Yanming typed “not interested” in the chat box but felt that it sounded too harsh, so he deleted it and started joking around.

[Stop Messing Around]: What? Do you want to have an online romance with me?

[My Milk’s Not Working]: …

[Stop Messing Around]: I’m going to sleep now.
You can continue training.

Shen Yanming immediately logged off after saying that, almost as if he was running away.

He was afraid of being asked more questions.

After all, he was a third-year high school student.
Even if he received disciplinary action and had to take a few days off from school, it was just a short break.

For Shen Yanming, this break didn’t feel like punishment.
Instead, it felt like a vacation at home.
His parents were at work, and no one was there to bother him.
He ordered takeout after waking up, played games after eating, and always told himself that each match would be his last.
But there was always another one, an endless cycle.
During the day, he played randomly, sometimes even livestreaming.
At night, he played with My Milk’s Not Working, enjoying the thrill of being carried by a professional nanny.

When it was time to go back to school, his heart was filled with a mix of emotions.

He told himself that he would truly bid farewell to Return to the Throne this time and return to the classroom.

He was aware enough not to secretly bring his phone to school.
However, his classmates were not so aware.

After the evening self-study session, a few of his classmates unconsciously gathered together.
Sometimes they watched funny videos, sometimes they watched those not-so-healthy videos.
These things didn’t interest Shen Yanming much, and he only joined in occasionally to maintain a sense of belonging.

When they watched gaming videos, Shen Yanming quickly distanced himself, pretending to be serious as he said, “Take away your phones, don’t tempt me with these things.
I’ve quit gaming.”

His classmates and friends knew that Shen Yanming was good at gaming.
They also knew about him selling his account.
They thought he had truly turned over a new leaf and wanted to become a diligent and studious student.
They couldn’t understand why he still went to internet cafes and unfortunately, got caught.

But that didn’t matter.
What mattered was that everyone knew he had quit gaming, and they were considerate enough not to show him anything related to games.

However, on this day, his roommates insisted that Shen Yanming watch a particular video.

“This streamer who’s getting roasted sounds just like you,” said the roommate sleeping opposite Shen Yanming.
“And the shamelessness level matches yours too.
Could it be that this person is actually you?”

Shen Yanming was already lying on his bed, but when he heard his roommate’s words, his heart skipped a beat.

He pretended not to care much and casually asked, “What streamer?… Why is he getting roasted?”

“Come over and watch.”

Shen Yanming got up from his bed and glanced cautiously at the door, making sure no dorm supervisor was patrolling.
Then he squeezed his head next to his roommate’s phone and put on the earphones his roommate handed him.

Indeed, it was a recording of his own livestream.
In the video, he was cursing and boasting, claiming to be the future star of the Chinese server and the future of the national league, but ended up being repeatedly crushed by the enemy.

Shen Yanming felt his ears burning, but he relied on his strong mental fortitude and remained calm, saying, “He is quite similar to me.”

His roommates looked at him with skeptical eyes, “And it seems like this guy is also a third-year student.”

Shen Yanming slapped his thigh and exclaimed, “Isn’t this a coincidence?! …But I’m not that bad, haha.”

His roommates fell silent, and Shen Yanming asked again, “Why is he roasted?”

The owner of the phone closed the video.
Just as the execution was over, before Shen Yanming could breathe a sigh of relief, his roommate opened a forum post and showed it to him, “Everyone on the forum is mocking him.”

Shen Yanming took a closer look and saw an anonymous user’s post, which didn’t explicitly mention him by name.

However, it was almost like a direct insult, as anyone who read the post could easily decode who was being roasted.

The person’s tone was quite sarcastic: I really can’t stand some recent trends.
Everyone wants to be a livestreamer to make quick money.
It’s fine if they play badly, but they always do some ridiculous stunts to seek attention, just like those attention-seeking fools on short video platforms.
I once saw a title called ‘Ten Unbelievable Comeback Moments,’ thinking it was some inspirational montage, but it turned out to be the stupid actions of so-called intelligent streamers.
It really pisses me off! These streamers have a bunch of fans and keep appearing on my homepage every day.
I’m so annoyed.
I just want to play games seriously and see some truly skilled players sharing their gameplay.
What’s the point of these streamers, anyway?

There were quite a few people who agreed with the post.

Some directly criticized that a bunch of fangirls who don’t play games had entered the e-sports circle.
It was one thing for them to ship the male pro players with each other when they were chasing e-sports stars, but at least the players had genuine skills, and there were real relationships among teammates.
But now it’s getting more and more ridiculous.
These girls become fans just because they like the streamer’s voice and constantly talk about how cute their character is.
Who the hell cares about your persona when we’re playing a game?

Seeing this, Shen Yanming thought to himself, “Well, thank you for complimenting my voice.”

The “fangirls” who were randomly mentioned quickly joined the battlefield, saying that they play games to have fun, and if the streamer can bring them joy, then they like it.
Moreover, Luan luanzi isn’t as bad as they made him out to be.

The two groups engaged in a fierce argument, with the replies becoming increasingly heated and the language used becoming more and more offensive.

One of his roommates commented, “These people are going too far.
This streamer is indeed shameless to some extent, but he’s quite funny.”

Shen Yanming didn’t know how to react.
He just felt like he was a deeply sinful man.

In his previous life as a pro player, there were always debates about him on the forums.
Some said it wasn’t easy for him to carry the team, and without him, CTG wouldn’t even have made it to the playoffs.
Others claimed that because everything revolved around him, it suppressed the others and created an imbalance in the team’s strength, their team always fell short because of it.

Shen Yanming was usually good with words, but when faced with these controversies, he found himself unable to say anything.

Suddenly, another roommate exclaimed, “Oh my god, come and see who replied!”

Shen Yanming stretched his neck to take a look and saw an ID that was familiar.

[kong_]: This is just my personal opinion.
Everyone has their own preferred way of playing games.
Some people enjoy studying strategies and tactics, treating games as a competition, and striving to win.
Others simply want to relax, and winning or losing doesn’t matter to them.
Everyone’s skill level is also different.
Some people can get MVP1MVP: Most Valuable Player every game, while others may play a thousand matches and still be stuck at a certain level.
But as long as they’re not cheating or using hacks, every type of player has the right to enjoy the game and share their gaming experiences.
There’s no rule that streamers can only share high-quality content, nor is it necessary for players who are serious about improving their skills to be the only ones qualified to watch livestreams.
It’s all about having fun.
If you like it, keep watching, if you don’t like it, just block them, don’t make things difficult for yourself.
I hope everyone can be happy.

This was the real Kong-Shen, no doubt about it.
He had previously shared gameplay strategies for new versions and characters on the gaming forum, but other than that, he rarely posted.

Shen Yanming was completely dumbfounded, “…Has Kong-Shen gone crazy?”

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