Moonlight didn’t approach them; he merely glanced their way before turning and walking off.
Shen Yanming let out a sigh of relief.
However, as He Changkong released his grip on Shen Yanming’s hand, a slight pang of disappointment welled up in Shen Yanming’s heart.

He kind of wanted to hug a little longer.

But hugging like that again wasn’t really an option.
Shen Yanming adjusted his hat, which had become slightly askew during the embrace and lowered his gaze, not daring to meet He Changkong’s eyes.
“Should we head back now?”

If he raised his head, he might have caught a glimpse of He Changkong’s slightly flushed ear tips.

But he didn’t.
He only heard He Changkong’s nonchalant “Hmm.”

The two of them took a taxi back to the base.
Shen Yanming exported the recorded video and saved it, sending it along with the screenshots of their conversation to Pudding.
Pudding had a lot of free time now; he spent his days lying alone in a hospital room with nothing to do but exchange beauty tips with the nurses and watch matches.
Thus, the honorable task of editing the video and arranging the screenshots fell to him.
Letting him play games for an extended period was probably out of the question at the moment, but occasional activity was still acceptable.

All of this was done using their private computers in their own rooms.
Causing trouble on the computers in the training room could easily leave traces.

He Changkong stood beside Shen Yanming, watching him complete this series of actions.
When Shen Yanming clapped his hands and declared “done,” He Changkong asked him, “Going back to the training room?”

Shen Yanming was about to reply with “yes,” but then thought of something.
“Ge, you go change your clothes first.”

He Changkong didn’t quite understand what this meant, “Huh?”

Shen Yanming spoke again, but what he said had nothing to do with changing clothes, “I haven’t completed this month’s total streaming hours yet.”

Even though He Changkong didn’t quite grasp the meaning, he still went back to change his clothes and put on the team jacket.
As he removed his worn clothes, He Changkong examined them, front and back, but found no stains.
He even lifted the clothes and sniffed them.
It was autumn, and he hadn’t sweated much, so besides the scent of laundry detergent, there was nothing else… So, Shen Yanming shouldn’t have found any issues with his clothes.


Then what was it all about? Could it be that he didn’t like this outfit? He hadn’t heard him say that before.

After changing, when he went to find Shen Yanming, he noticed that Shen Yanming had changed his clothes too.
He was also wearing the team’s jacket, with his cap removed.
His little bun was still tied up, though the cap had messed it up somewhat.
A few stray hairs that couldn’t be secured properly were sticking out, giving him a somewhat disheveled yet handsome vibe.

Shen Yanming hurried over and tugged at the sleeve of He Changkong’s jacket, “Great minds think alike.”

He Changkong responded mildly, “…Hmm”

Shen Yanming glanced at He Changkong’s face and continued, “It’s like a matching couple outfits!”

He Changkong replied, “The whole team wears this jacket.”

“I don’t care,” Shen Yanming directly grasped He Changkong’s right pinky finger, “They’re wearing regular coal-black team uniforms, but we’re wearing supreme, luxurious, multicolored deep space black, It’s different.”

He Changkong hadn’t even finished listening to the long string of words Shen Yanming was saying.
he couldn’t hold back anymore.
Initially, He Changkong could have tolerated Shen Yanming’s endless chatter, but when Shen Yanming held his hand…


Previously, while embracing outside on the square, he had thought, “Oh no, if the hug lasts any longer, will Shen Yanming easily sense that I have some other intentions?’

After finally calming down…

Seeing that He Changkong wasn’t reacting much, Shen Yanming changed his approach and lightly scratched He Changkong’s palm with his fingertip.

He Changkong reflexively pulled his hand away.

Shen Yanming remarked, “…Ge, are you ticklish?”

He Changkong responded, “No.”

Shen Yanming pouted.

Indeed, he was deliberate about this.
Lately, all his attempts had been fruitless; He Changkong seemed immune to all his teasing.
Perhaps he only had himself to blame for usually speaking so frivolously.

He thought that using words alone wouldn’t be enough to shake this impenetrable fortress, so perhaps taking some practical action might work.

However, even though he maintained a carefree appearance, deep down he was uncertain.
It had taken quite a bit of courage to hold He Changkong’s hand.
This was different from the sudden hug outside; back then, there was a somewhat legitimate reason, the need to hide.
But now, there was no reason at all.
Now, he was just reaching out to hold someone’s pinky finger for no apparent cause and even playfully scratching their palm.


He Changkong did show some reaction this time, but interpreting that reaction… well, it could be embarrassment, or perhaps, an aversion to physical contact.

Shen Yanming pondered again.
He remembered that sometimes when he leaned against He Changkong or simply engaged in friendly shoulder bumps, He Changkong seemed quite resistant.

But maybe it was embarrassment? After all, He Changkong hadn’t shown any signs of disgust.

As Shen Yanming was still lost in thought, He Changkong cleared his throat, “Let’s go downstairs.”

Shen Yanming followed He Changkong downstairs, copying his every step.

Returning to the training room, where only the two of them were present, He Changkong remembered what Shen Yanming had said about not completing the streaming hours.
He asked, “Are you planning to livestream gaming?”

“Yeah,” Shen Yanming nodded.
After turning on his computer and adjusting the camera to its proper position, he took care of his own setup.
Then he got up to fiddle with He Changkong’s camera angle.

He Changkong asked, “Turn on the camera?”

“Yes,” Shen Yanming replied.
“Or I can just have mine on, do you want to livestream together? Have you completed your streaming hours?”

He Changkong seemed to understand why Shen Yanming had asked him to change clothes earlier.
The outfit they had worn outside had been paraded around the square.
Although Moonlight hadn’t seen their faces, he must have seen their clothes.
If they were going to show their faces during the livestream, it was best to change into something different.

But what truly surprised He Changkong was the fact that Shen Yanming wanted to show his face during the livestream.
Normally, Shen Yanming’s livestreams only displayed the game interface.
Even when he wasn’t playing games and was just chatting, he rarely turned on the camera.

“Why all of a sudden…”

Shen Yanming grinned playfully, “I thought I looked handsome today, and Kong ge also looks handsome.
We can’t waste such good looks, we should preserve them as precious video material.”

As he spoke, Shen Yanming had already started the livestream.
The platform would send notifications to subscribers of the livestream, so the room quickly filled with viewers.

– Oh my god, did I enter the wrong room?


– Face reveal!

– Luanzi ge, your little bun today looks pretty unique.
Is your team’s aesthetic led by Pudding?

– Oh wow, what game are you playing today?

– Did practice finish already? You’re so carefree, just hopping into a live stream.
Are you confident for the upcoming match the day after tomorrow?

– Seriously, do people have to escalate everything? You can you up, no canbb.1“You can you up, no canbb,” is a playful and humorous way of saying “If you can do it, go ahead, if you can’t, don’t.”

– I also think you guys look handsome! Here’s a suggestion: why not take wedding photos and keep them as precious memories?

– Stop shipping them, seriously.
Is it fun to keep saying these things to two straight guys every day?

“No worries, say whatever you like.
Everyone can say anything they want.
Today, we’re shamelessly selling some bromance on the livestream.
If you want to see anything cheesy, just request it.
We’ll accommodate,” Shen Yanming accurately caught a few of these comments.
He made a lighthearted response, waving off the fans’ enthusiasm.
With that, he shifted his chair a bit and leaned half his body against He Changkong’s shoulder.
“How about taking wedding photos, ge?”

“Sit properly,” He Changkong said, but his motion slightly froze as Shen Yanming leaned closer.
He didn’t push him away, though.

“If you don’t sit properly, come closer,” Shen Yanming pushed his luck.
He wrapped his hands around He Changkong’s arm, resembling some kind of soft creature.
“Let’s switch places, gege.”

He Changkong turned to look at him, “Huh?”

Whether it was his imagination or not, he felt that Shen Yanming was unusually clingy today, even more than usual… Of course, it might just be that he found selling cp during the livestream amusing.
He Changkong sighed soundlessly in his heart.

Shen Yanming also wanted to use the pretext of selling cp during the livestream to make some little moves.

Kong ge didn’t resist him too much.
Shen Yanming felt pleased with this thought, and a hint of a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.

Both of them were thinking about the same thing, but their approaches were worlds apart.

“Let’s play.
How about we use the low-level accounts we played with in the lower ranks before, just for some casual matches to relax before the upcoming competition?” Shen Yanming finally straightened up and logged into the long-unused account named [I’m Messing Around Again].

He Changkong also logged into the account [My Milk’s Not Working].

The viewers in the livestream room erupted with comments.

– Oh my god, this is really Kong Shen??? I always thought so, damn, no one around me believed me, they all said Kong couldn’t be this bored.

– I’m new here, can someone explain what’s going on?

– My Milk’s Not Working used to be a passerby nanny we encountered during a game Luanzi ge was playing.

– What, it’s Kong?

– Seriously, do you all remember the ID of a passerby nanny this well?

– Are you guys just slacking off in the lower ranks every day?

– Sometimes playing something different is okay.
It doesn’t stop them from performing so well in matches.

– I remember Luan luanzi even called this nanny “wife” before.
Damn, so the JQ2JQ: Abbreviation of “Jian Qing,” which means gay.
This term is commonly used in Chinese gaming and online communities to refer to same-sex pairings or shipping.
thing has been going on since then.
All those messy things later are connected, right?

– It’s not very interesting to play in lower ranks.
We want to see some sharp moves.
Don’t play lower-level accounts, okay?

Shen Yanming picked a few comments to respond to.
“Playing on lower-level accounts can also be fun.
How about this? Kong ge, you do the damage, and I’ll do the healing.
Have you seen me heal before? … What’s with some of the comments? Saying ‘I don’t heal because I’m bad’? I don’t heal not because I’m bad, but because…”

Actually, it was because he enjoyed the satisfaction of skillfully obliterating opponents with his abilities.

At this moment, he turned to He Changkong and said, “Because, apart from Kong ge, I don’t want to protect anyone else.”

He Changkong: “…”

Shen Yanming looked back at the barrage of comments, his face drooping.
“What the heck, what do you mean I’m being too greasy? I’m just speaking my mind.”

The barrage started to criticize him massively for his greasy and cheesy behavior, even the CP fans couldn’t help but type “Enough, enough.”

While discussing the greasiness, some people remembered what Shen Yanming had said earlier about requesting cheesy content during the live stream.
Demands for it started flooding the chat.

– I believe you’re not bad.
If you lose, you and your ship partner should kiss live on stream.

Some spectators who enjoyed watching the spectacle began copying and pasting this comment.
The entire screen was soon dominated by this rather demanding request.

He Changkong: “…”

Shen Yanming was also rendered speechless.
“No, seriously, have you all forgotten what rank this is…”

And so, some clever viewers quickly adjusted their request.

– Then if you guys win, you should kiss live on stream.

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1“You can you up, no canbb,” is a playful and humorous way of saying “If you can do it, go ahead, if you can’t, don’t.” 2JQ: Abbreviation of “Jian Qing,” which means gay.
This term is commonly used in Chinese gaming and online communities to refer to same-sex pairings or shipping.

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