It was finally the day. Today Andrew got off work super early, went to the public market to buy some clothes. Second hand clothes to be precise. He is in a very good mood as he hums along while looking for the best clothes to buy. He takes too long deciding but eventually settles for a dark trouser and white t-shirt. His shopping spree continues as he goes on buying a pair of shoe and wristwatch(both fairly used).

He wanted to look good to the best of his ability, since he planned to propose to Audrey today and finally make her his forever. He concludes his shopping spree and goes home in a hurry.

He takes a long bath scrubbing every part of his body,washed his hair,even had a nice shave before putting on his clothes and wearing some deodorant.

Stepping out of his house Andrew looked so different from his normal outlook. Although still skinny he had a matured and manly vibe to him. He looked way handsome than any guy in the neighborhood. If he had gone on a modeling job he did sure be famous by now. Walking by the neighborhood anyone he passes by can help turning back to stare at him over and over again.

Most young girls in the neighborhood had a disbelieving look on their face as they stared at Andrew walking by, some couldn help blushing when their eyes met with him.

But Andrew didn take note of any of this but was just smiling while thinking about how the day would go by. He stopped by a pawn shop to get a ring although not too fancy but it was nice and he had been making payments for it for a while now.

Picking it up he gets to the roadside and stops a cab which is absolutely shocking since he hasn done that even when him and Audrey went for dates.

Entering the cab he has a flashback. Audrey has stopped by his house this morning smiling at him before telling him, ”Can we meet up at the Dynastys restaurant? ”. Hearing that Andrew eyes almost popped out of his head cause that was a famous restaurant in the city and their meal was all expensive. He would be entirely wrecked even if he gathered all his savings if they wanted to eat there. Audrey said to him in a gentle tone, ”Don worry about the bills, I have been saving some money I think it should be enough for the date. You have always been the one spending after all and I need this date of ours to be special ”. Smiling weirdly Andrew says, ”How can you pay the bills when am around. Its just a date no big deal about that. I would take care of it ”, inwardly he was bleeding in his heart. Remembering something he asks ”Why are we meeting over there, can I pick you up and we go together? ”. Audrey replies saying, ”You shouldn come to my house today, my dad is having some visitors and he wouldn want anybody coming over our house. Don worry I will meet you there. By 8pm sharp I would have already been there ”. The flashback ends as the cab comes to a stop at the front of the restaurant.

The restaurant is a three-story building, covered a huge stretch of land and even in the evening was lively as cars came and went,couples came and went. There was bright lights shining in the restaurant but the privacy of the guests where secured as you couldn peer into what was going on inside while being outside. Looking around for a while Andrew goes to a nearby shop to purchase a flower, after which he starts walking straight into the restaurant. He meets Audrey in the restaurant in a reserved spot specially for them. Walks up to her smilingly then offers her the flower. Audrey smiles happily as she receives the flowers and sniffs them for a while putting them down by her side.

Looking at the menu, Andrew chokes on his saliva as he looks at the price for each meal. But thinking about everything being worth it, he tries to calm down while Audrey holds his hands from across the table. Raising his head to look at Audrey, he notices a bright smile on her face and all his worries seems washed away

Ordering some meal, they began eating while talking about stuffs. Almost being through with their meal, Andrew becomes nervous as he thinks about how to propose to her. Not being able to hold it in, Andrew intends to get on his knees while saying, ”Audrey, we have known each other for long and ….. ”, he was not able to complete his sentence before being cut short by Audrey who said, ”Andy, I know you want to propose to me but before then, I told you I have something I wanted to say to you ”. Already on his knees, Andrew seems to remember as he says ”Oh, I almost forgot. What is it you wanted to say? ”.

Audrey breathes in deeply before looking into Andrews eyes, ”Its more of like a confession than a talk though. The thing is that I can no longer date you ”.

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