lost in the after life

chapter 4: Elementals

Georgias pov

I wake up to the feeling of someones hands wrapped around me. I jump up ”what the hell did you **** me ” Axel moans, ohh sexy he says in a sleepy voice ” Don get your hopes high, your not my type I like dark haired girls ” so what Im hot and I know it ” well your not my type either ”

he laughs ”George Im everyones type ” again with the george if only I knew that axel Anderson is an egotistic bastard, Instagram sure does lie, I ask him a question ”wait how come people sleep in the after life ” he says ” just as your body needs sleep in real life so does your mind ”I nod in understanding ” lets go I have to report in ” report what

I say ” am i coming with you ” and he says ”yes, to decide what you want to be a protector or healer. The losers normally run to healer ”

I frown ” why are you telling me this Im not a loser ” he smirks ” well see ” what does he mean that Im weak because Im a girl he knows nothing about me Axel grabs some clothes from his wardrobe and says ”get dressed Im going for a shower you can grab anything in my closet ”

I smile ”gladly ” and he retorts ” don start sniffing my clothes like a weirdo ” the hell its like he can read minds its that a power in the after life,

he walks out of the room and I take my shower in the bathroom in the room and I choose a hoodie I wear my jeans from yesterday I can let his jeans fall and reveal my virtue I really need clothes I walk out of the room skipping on the stairs I miss a step and fall down not in a graceful way when someone catches me

I look up to see Axel smirking down at me ”I didn know youve already fallen for me ” I get up from him ”only your wildest dreams ”he grabs my arm ” lets go ” and he shout ” Alessio where leaving hurry up ” and I see Alessio running in a skirt and tight shirt the **

Axel growls ”dude what are you wearing ” and alessio smiles awkwardly my girlfriend Burnt all my clothes ” axel says ”why ”

Alessio says ”cause I took a pic of her in the shower it was just a joke but she give me her clothes to borrow the bright side of it I have a reason to cross dress ”and I say ” why would you want to do that ”

he says ” to give the ladies a better view of me instead of leaving it to the imagination ” and Axel says ”stop the chit chat lets go ” I follow behind with Alessio following behind me and we head out the door


”where are we going my feet are killing me ” and Axel says ” we will soon reach there let me back you ” I agree reluctantly and Alessio says ” dude why don you back me like that ”

axel and I look at him strangely and keep on walking ignoring him and use axel backing me as a chance to see what he smells like and I sniff him my god he smells like strawberries and chocolate

Axel says ”George me backing you doesn mean you can rub snort on my hair ” I blush in embarrassment he caught me sniffing him ” guys Im going to run forward ” Alessio says and leaves us behind and I try making a conversation with axel ” so what do you do in protector stuff ”

he replies ” mostly train ,today wherw playing capture the flag to improve our teamwork ” and I say ” do you get to choose your team ” and he says ”nope it makes the game too easy if your used to your teammates ” we come in contact with a tall beautiful building thats made of gold literally

Axel says ”welcome to the protectors quarter ” I just stare at it in aww and axel says ” are you done gawking ” I not my head ”lets go ” we walk in to see someone giving a speech axel turns to me ”I told them yesterday you
e joining so you
e going to be playing with us ”

I gasped ” what if I wanted to be a healer ” and he says ” then it proves my point that you
e a loser ” I just ignore him and listen to what the man is saying they are 6 groups a to f group a Damon ,axel, Alexis group b Georgia, Michael, naomi group c Alessio Dustin William…… ”

after he finished calling all the names of every group member a very beautiful girl with dark hair and blue eyes srarrs shouting my name ”who the hell is Georgia show yourself to me ” I got up to meet her ”Im Georgia ” she looks me up and down and says ” ugly bitches be wasting my time ” wait did she just call me ugly and a bitch I know Im not Cinderella but Im far from Ugly

” excuse me ” and she says you heard me and I see a blond cute boy beside her ”hi Im Michael ” and I smile ”nice to meet you at least you care about first impressions unlike some people ” the girl who Im assuming is Naomi rolls her eyes ”lets go we need a strategy ” Michael tells us

while Naomi says ”we split up we need a minimum of three flags to win Georgia watch group a I will watch group c Michael watch group d lets split up ” she may be rude but she is smart I run of to group as base

since Naomi is holding our flag I have nothing to worry I reach group a and see their flag laying on the ground you I run to get it but I get caught in a trap how did these people have the time to build a trap

I hear a voice ”well well well isn it George ”I know that nickname anywhere axel ” put me down ” and he says ” no can do princess until you gave me your flag and ”

I reply ”I don have it ” he smirks wickedly sure do this the hard way and he starts throwing rotten tomatoes at me ” give up George ” and I say ”Im not with- ”

I get cut off by a tomato entering my mouth eww I spit it out ” axel when I come downfrom this thing you
e so dead start writing you will ” he laughs ” just give me the flag ”

I sign ” Im not with the flag ” he looks confused ”why didn you just tell me that before ” us this guy for real or is he that thick he comes to open the trap

I flung at him when Im out and start punching him and he starts laughing Im not that weak and I twist his nipple and knee him in the balls and he groans ”Jesus woman it may be the afterlife by still feel pain ”

I say ” it is not enough pain since Im not yet satisfied ”and he laughs at me in horror ”do you gain pleasure in my suffering ” I smile wickedly ”thats my only true happiness ” and Axel says lets ditch them and hang out by ourselves ”

I say ” and make Naomi to chop my head off no thank you ” he looks at me you
e working with Naomi ” i reply ”yes ”

he frowns ” I hate that bitch ” and I see him clenching his jaw in anger ” what did she do to you ”he says ”I rather not talk about it ”and reply i knowingly ” its fine ”

2 hours later

we are back at the quarters again to get the results group a won then group C and then group b I was tired and Axel comes to up to me and says ”you should call me Mister invincible

I ask ” why ” he smiles ”cause I cannot be defeated ” he leans down to my ear ” in anyway ”i retort ”your skill in romance is crap ” .

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