The Kadath Family wasn ’t considered too well-known in Norzin.

Their forebears and previous generations weren’t prominent.
And heading back further, it could even be said that they had been fortunate to obtain their nouveau riche status.
In a place like Norzin where status was important, even Rolle Resource’s Ji Family was frequently pointed out and criticized, it wasn’t hard to imagine what it was like for the Kadath Family that wasn’t really reputable.

In fact, the family only officially moved to the Central District in recent generations.

If not for the gradual purging of those nobles with no real power, they would probably have had to wait a few more years.

Even so, the Kadath Family was still among the upper class of Norzin and were an existence envied by many.

Susan, the head maid of the Kadath family, was in the hall of the duplex villa.
She looked up at the long spiral staircase leading to the top floor of the villa.

On the top floor was the eldest young miss ’s room.
Ever since she had returned from Lady Ji ’s birthday banquet, the young miss had hardly left the room, and even her food was being sent in to her.

Moreover, ever since the young miss returned, the entire house had gradually become deathly silent…

Susan wasn ’t too sure if she was imagining things, but she kept feeling flustered.
Everyone else seemed like lifeless robots, and she would occasionally catch hidden glances from the corners or hear strange whispers.

And when she went to investigate, all traces melted away like snow under the hot summer sun.
Everyone ’s smiling faces would return, leaving her at a loss.

Pursing her lips, Susan went up the spiral staircase.
Susan ’s heart felt increasingly uneasy the closer she got to the young miss ’ room.
Finally, she reached the heavy mahogany door and halted.

Susan took a few deep breaths.
It doesn ’t matter…
At least, the young miss is definitely fine!

She had been at the Kadath household ever since the young miss was a child of six.
The anxiousness in her heart eased slightly as she recalled how clever and adorable the young miss had been as a child.

The young miss ’ only hobby since young had been to pursue all things related to occult, which the old master only laughed off and treated it as a child ’s curiosity.

Perhaps… this was just all a prank of the young miss.

”Miss Charlotte? ” Susan called out softly, then knocked lightly on the door.
”You haven ’t eaten for a few days.
Madam has asked you to come downstairs for dinner. ”

There was a long silence behind the door, and Susan ’s heart pounded.

”Eat? ” The young lady ’s pleasant sounding voice came from the door.
Her tone was calm, yet her pitch was somewhat strange.
”…I ’m indeed a little hungry.
Susan, come on and help me change. ”

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